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Heaven….We Have A Problem!

24 April 2012, 12:54 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Conservative, Faith, Israel.

Something I thought I’d never see…..

In a landmark decision, the Israeli branch of Conservative Judaism announced that its rabbinical school will begin to accept gay and lesbian candidates for ordination.

Now, it’s not up to me to judge anyone’s sexuality.  That’s not my job.  The job actually given to me, and others like me, is to spread the truth.  So, let me ask…  what are the gay and lesbian rabbis going to do when they come to the ‘abomination‘?  Will they skip over it?  Gloss it up to mean something different?  What?  How can a Jewish Rabbi teach the Torah, the Five Books of Moses….THE LAW, in other words, when they practice something that is expressly FORBIDDEN by that law?

Many churches in the U.S. have fallen down the rabbit hole of political correctness, forgetting completely what the Bible teaches.  Liberals have taken over many churches to the point they are no longer recognizable as churches.  They are social justice clubs, pushing an agenda.  The big problem is that agenda is also the one pushed by Satan.  So, are U.S. churches now tools of Satan?

Having such an issue on the ‘docket‘ of any denomination should never even be an issue. Yet, it is.  Evidently, a large number of those 70% who claim to be Christian, aren’t.

To read that the CONSERVATIVE branch of Judaism is falling down that same rabbit hole is more than a little distressing.  Have they not read Judges recently?  How many times will God come to their rescue after turning their backs on Him?  The same question could be asked of everyone….even in the U.S.  :?

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  2. olbroad. 1 May 2012, 5:21 pm

    Of all the people, they are the LAST I would have expected.  *shakes head*