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The Day After

It seems that the big predicted “American Spring” sprung a leak. Other than the usual violence and destruction on the left coast, the ‘revolution’ of the left fizzled.

While most of the days festivities apparently were rather peaceful, according to the majority of the lame stream, there were, naturally….incidents.

In Seattle (via Fox News)

A few ‘tools of the trade’ (via Gateway Pundit)
Of course, we must have the ever popular…crap bomb!

Seriously dude?  Is that a banana on your head?  (via The Daily Weekly)

Naturally, Oakland couldn’t be left out of the ‘fun’! (via San Fran local CBS)

Can you see the irony in this picture?  (via Chicago Tribune)
  The vast majority of my readers will see it.

You are in the U.S. Could you at least learn to protest in the language of the land?
“Papers for all”? Seriously? And out comes that “I-word”. ILLEGAL!

Naturally, a member of the Obama administration had to get into the act! (via Daily Caller)

A staffer for President Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security is praising the left-wing “May Day” protests.  (snip) Before joining the Obama administration, Snyder worked for the Service Employees International Union, and for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

My favorite take on the whole shebang is the Report Card from Breitbart’s Big Government:

Attendance : D+
Leftist Thuggery: A
Nationwide Strike : F
Media Exposure : D
Big Symbolic Events : D
Political Impact : F
Summary : FAIL

Will you go away now?  (emphasis mine)

Read the whole ‘analysis here.

Then, you have the aftermath.  Who is doing the clean up?  Well, you KNOW it’s not the ones who created the mess, because they are the types who believe it is someone else’s job to clean up after them.  I guess mommy does it at home?

In Oakland, it’s the taxpayers who had the good sense, and common decency, to go about their business, just trying to make ends meet.  Congratulations jack wagons!  Y’all have done to the supposed 99% you claim the 1% have done…..screwed them over!


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