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Judge Suggests Cutting Four Commandments in Religious Display Case

A judge in the latest ACLU-generated Ten Commandments display case has suggested that the targeted high school cull out four commandments that refer to God in order to avoid a full-blown lawsuit. As reported by the Associated Press, the ACLU of Virginia has filed a complaint against the Narrows, Virginia, high school on behalf of an unnamed student who claimed the display, which is part of a larger exhibit of historically significant documents, makes him feel like an outsider because he is an atheist.

When I first heard about this last week, I thought it was a joke.  Due to issues beyond my control, I didn’t get around to ‘investigating’ further.  But here it is…in black and white.  Exactly WHICH of the Ten Commandments would this judge suggest be removed?  (Torah – 20:1-13)  In the NKJV, there are 5 that don’t mention the Name, so which one would the judge leave in?  Or maybe he hasn’t read them in a while?

The ACLU is arguing that the display violates the First Amendment’s supposed separation clause, while the Giles County School Board, represented by the conservative legal advocacy group Liberty Counsel, insists that the Ten Commandments represent a crucial part of America’s historic foundation, and should be included with the other documents and illustrations in the display.

Actually, the ACLU is wrong, as usual, when it comes to the 1st Amendment.  They really need to do better in depth study on the subject.  Unfortunately, there are a WHOLE lot of officials that are totally clueless, and just take the word of organization like the ACLU and that bunch out of Wisconsin, Freedom from Religion.  I find it beyond rational that a minority can dictate to the majority, and the courts let them.  In the meantime, the country has gone down the tubes!  Perhaps if we return the Laws back into prominence in our classrooms, courts, and all public areas, the message would sink in?  Just a thought.

“Filing this lawsuit has not been easy, and I would not have done it if I were not genuinely disturbed by the Ten Commandments in the school,” the student in the case, referred to as “Doe 1,” said in a court document filed April 30. “I have had to go against school officials who have influence over my life and future.”

I’d like to know who hired this…kid (?)…to push their agenda.  And seriously, if this kid has such an issue with some basic, common sense Laws, then perhaps he/she has issues with ALL laws, rules, and regulations?  I don’t mean to sound, well, old fashioned might be the term, but perhaps the parents of this student have gone out of their way to spoil the little darlin’, giving in to him/her, whatever their empty heart desired?  It’s apparent to me there is an empty place inside this kid, but I’m sure there will those who would argue that point.  Argue away….won’t change my mind.

The school board is asking U.S. District Judge Michael Urbanski in Roanoke to rule that the Ten Commandments can stay, explaining that a private citizen had paid to put up the exhibit of historic documents and illustrations. The board insisted that the exhibit isn’t intended to be an endorsement of Judeo-Christian faith, but is an effort to show students some of the documents that were important to America’s founding.

Now, there’s an understatement! Where do these faith haters think we got our original laws? Perhaps they fell out of those rainbow farting unicorns?  I’m guessing Nature’s Law is as alien to the ACLU and Freedom from Religion bunch as integrity is foreign to a Dem politician.  :?  Ok, a private citizen paid for the display, hoping to aid in helping students actually LEARN the history of this country.  And the problem is?  Oh, that’s right….those bozos don’t WANT kids to learn the truth.

The Giles County School District has a lengthy record of contention over Ten Commandments displays. “The county’s two high schools and three elementary/middle schools had posted the Ten Commandments for more than a decade,” reported the AP. “The Freedom From Religion Foundation, the ACLU’s co-counsel in the lawsuit, objected to the displays in 2010 and requested their removal. School officials replaced them with the Declaration of Independence.”

Another issue…do the citizens of the community not pay property taxes which, in turn, pay for the schools?  Shouldn’t the citizens who actually have a say in whether or not the display stays or not?  What right does the ACLU and FFR have that they can come into a community and tell these taxpayers what they can have in the schools THEY pay for, huh?  I’d really like to know!

At a hearing on the case Urbanski, who hoped to resolve the issue without a costly and lengthy trial, explained the reasoning behind his suggestion of cutting out some of the commandments. “If indeed this issue is not about God,” Urbanski wondered, “why wouldn’t it make sense for Giles County to say, ‘Let’s go back and just post the bottom six?’ But if it’s really about God, then they wouldn’t be willing to do that.”

This entire country, at it’s founding, was ‘about God’, and the liberties HE provided for us!  And I repeat the question….just which six would he ‘allow’ the school to post?  ALL of them are vital to the nation.  Just because a large number of people have forgotten, doesn’t mean that God has forgotten.  In man’s arrogance, he’s forgotten just WHO is really in charge!

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  1. Roberta Ogilvie-Fye. 17 May 2012, 8:18 am

    AMEN!!  &   AMEN!!!!!    I feel as you do.  They have taken God out of too many institutions!  I actually believe that this is the very reason that there has been so much VIOLENCE in schools!  If  ‘some’ fools, who don’t believe are offended, I say….MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY, you idiot!!  LOL!  God is watching all of this, and the time is getting much closer than any of us realize, when he will pass judgement on the non-believers!!  I can hardly wait!!!!  How you ole broad????  Hehehehe.

  2. Roberta Ogilvie-Fye. 17 May 2012, 8:19 am

    Whooops………..there at the last sentence, it came out wrong.  Fingers got ahead of themselves, as usual!

    I meant to say “How about you ole broad”   Sighhh.  :o(  

  3. Roberta Ogilvie-Fye. 17 May 2012, 8:21 am

    Ohhh………and btw,   I am an ole broad myself!   Will be 63  in July.   Of course, that is if God is willing to let me get to July!!!!  LOL!

  4. olbroad. 17 May 2012, 6:24 pm

    Well, when we turned away from God, God turned away from us, and we’ve been going downhill since.  :? 

    I’ll put it this way….Eisenhower was starting his first term.  LOL