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Mr. Un-Racist

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The Tolerant Left

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Change For The Better…NOT The Worse!

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To say that Obama’s “positive” campaign slogan of hope and change was way off the mark, would be an understatement. Well, he did bring us change, but I don’t think it’s the type of change that the majority of Americans was hoping for when they flocked to the polls 4 years ago. Most voted for him because of his color. Unfortunately, many will do the same this time around, not caring that his policies have made their lives worse, has killed the job market, and has made the U.S. a laughing stock.

Sad to say, both of my older sisters voted for Obama in ’08. “It was time!” was one of the excuses I heard from the next oldest. Time for what? Take a wild guess. :? The oldest, thankfully, has snapped out of her stupor, the other? Who knows. Instead of investigating the candidate, she just decided that his color was a good enough reason. Ok, so I happen to be the best informed…what can I say? :D Ok, not 100% true. My oldest sister, even though her ideas are a wee bit different, shall we say, than mine, she is one of the few rational liberals left on the planet. You know, the dying breed of “I don’t have to agree with you, and you don’t have to agree with me” that allows others to have opinions, will discuss them, calmly, and agree to disagree, with no shouting, or violence involved. Amazing huh!

Surprisingly, we’ll be watching the DNC’s convention, if nothing more than for entertainment value. I’d like to see if they have any answers, or if it going to be the same ol’ ‘blame Bush’ nonsense we’ve had to listen to for the last 4 years. I’ve no doubt they will repeat the false ‘fact checking’ of Ryan’s speech. Actually, I’m fairly certain they’ll attack anything they can think of, with no facts, and offer nothing of substance. And the crowd will roar and cheer over more empty promises, not actually using the few gray cells they have left to wonder…are we really better off now than we were four years ago? The obvious answer would be NO, but then, the obvious, common sense, has never been the left’s forte.

We Can Change America’s Course
The Foundry

Entering the final stretch of the presidential contest, Americans are facing a monumental choice. The American people will decide the direction of government and its role in their lives for the coming years.

The debate in Tampa this week raised a number of issues, including preserving the American dream of working hard to achieve success. The Heritage Foundation has extensive research and policy prescriptions on each of these issues:

Energy: America needs to end energy subsidies and restore a free market in the energy sector. We can and should develop our domestic energy sources in an environmentally responsible way. Go to Energy & Environment

School choice: America’s education focus should be our students. The best way to serve the needs of a diverse population is to give families the freedom to choose a school—public, private, charter, or home school—that best fits their children’s needs. See where your state stands

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NOT A Good Idea

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Apparently, the left has nothing.  So, what are they going to do?  Well, attack Mitt Romney’s faith, of course!  [And oh yeah…let’s not forget this little tidbit about his running mate, Paul Ryan, that was rolled out recently.  Do they really think we care?  Excuse me, but that is totally a NON issue, IMHO.  We don’t see color the same way the left does.  We see PEOPLE!  *shakes head*]

I reckon I’m what you might call an evangelical Christian (even though I have some issues with Paul).  I’m not really sure that is a totally accurate term.  You either ARE a Christian, or you aren’t.  If you follow the teachings of Christ, hold true to the Commandments, laid out in real simple terms, then, you are a Christian.  If you don’t, then you are not.  It’s really not all that complicated.  There are many different denominations, due mainly to the fact that one person has an issue with what someone said, and broke off from it’s original church.  Martin Luther was the ‘father’ of the protestant branch.  Unfortunately, there are many churches, of all denominations, (too much concern with the world, and not enough concern for the soul)  who have forgotten that very important Book that is the basis of our faith.

Mike Huckabee gave a rather impressive speech addressing the issue of evangelicals and Mitt Romney.  I highly recommend anyone with doubts listen to what he has to say as a very well known evangelical!

I can’t say that I know a lot about Mormonism, but what I do know tells me that they put their faith into practice.  They take the Commandments rather seriously, and put the teachings of Christ into their every day life.  Do we?  :?  Not as much as I would wish.  sigh…  I would suggest people, attacking the future president’s faith probably isn’t the brightest of ideas.  When you look back 4 years, and take a gander at Obama’s supposed faith, the one that is filled with hate, preached by one of his many ‘mentors’, it might be wiser to close the door on such attacks, pretend like the subject never came up.  They already have made complete fools of themselves with some of the lie attacks, do they really want to PROVE to the country they truly are ASSES?

Mitt Romney’s Acceptance Speech

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I will be the first to admit, I was none too enthusiastic about the ‘selection’ of Mitt Romney. If my memory serves, he wasn’t even my third choice. In 2008, I think he was second or third, but then again, look who they chose. :? However, after the last few days of watching the convention, learning more about the man, I can well see a POTUS. A REAL one too. Is he perfect? Pfft! You show me one who has been, D or R, and I’ll call you a liar! :P Some a WHOLE lot less perfect than others!

I think we just might have a chance to return to the America of our forefathers. The America that is prosperous, one WE can be proud of, once again. But it’s going to be a hard road, and there are going to be obstacles (I call them leftards) because there are going to HAVE to be tough and unpopular choices to make. I believe, if WE, all of us, can pull together, we CAN make the difference. Do we survive as the United States of America? Or will we allow those who would destroy the Dream to continue dragging us down the wrong path? For me, the choice is simple. I have a daughter, grandchildren, and a great grandson. It’s not my life that is important, but their future! I want them to know the America I grew up in. I want them to have the knowledge of where we came from, and carry that knowledge with them, so they can have a future of hope, not despair. I want YOUR children to have that hope of a brighter future too!

This IS the most important election of our lives.  Let’s make the right choices for future generations!

Daily Read – August 31

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Ecclesiastes 11:1-12:14

Psalm 103:15-22

Proverbs 24:13-14

1 Corinthians 11:1-16

Marco Rubio Speech at the Convention

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The Not So Mystery Speaker!

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Some folks thought he was just rambling. No…he was having a conversation with the ‘empty suit’…aka that chair. :D


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Gotta love A.F. Branco! :D

Required GG Bat’s Spud Update

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Unfortunately, my daughter, aka Brat, who I depend on to send as many pictures as is feasible of the little guy, is falling down on the job. Rotten kid. You’d think she was BUSY or some such. Pfft!

A time when ALL kids are angels….. SLEEPING!

Occasionally, they do try to escape! Or play ostrich. :D

You’ll notice the look on both faces is similar? Heh.

Yippee! We now have TWO nubs! Wonder if Brat is still letting him chew on her toes? Heh.

Apparently, he enjoys ‘face time’ with himself on Brat’s iPhone.

The New ‘Civility’

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Has there ever been a time in my life such hatred, as we see now, was front and center?  Actually, yes.  There was such a time.  It was when the Republicans marched for civil rights in the South, and the Democrat run KKK murdered a number of people, both black and white.  The hatred was visible.  The dogs, the water hose, the hangings, the church bombings.  Very visible.

Now, we have a new way to learn of the hatred of the Democrats.  It’s called social media, and is all too apparent on sites like Twitter, where the left is free to hide behind a screen name, and call for the death of the wife of the Republican candidate for president.  I actually did a search, “right wing calls for death of Michelle Obama”, and do you know…not ONE example cropped up. Oh, there were some links, but none…not ONE example of the right EVER calling for the death of the wife of the current White House occupant.  The links were all to left wing sites, spouting one thing or another, with no basis in fact.

Was this the new civility that Obama was calling for?  I guess we should face facts…not only is the left full of extreme hatred, they are flat out insane.  When any of them be investigated by the FBI?  Secret Service? DHS?  Highly unlikely.  But let someone on our side say anything critical of Obama’s policies, and they may find their door being kicked down within a matter of hours.  THIS is the new America Obama and his ilk have brought us.  When they stand before the Judgement Seat, will they be surprised at the ‘ruling’?

There really is a ‘war on women’, but it’s not coming from where the media insists.  It’s coming from them…the media, the left, the democrats, the insane…..  but I repeat myself.

ZoNation – RNC Snoozer

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Why Is GOP Holding a Boring Convention?

I have to admit…some of the speakers the RNC has had were serious snoozers. People no one has ever heard of, and really didn’t have anything to add to the conversation. Thankfully, I missed John Boehner’s speech. I don’t think I’m the only one who is more than disappointed with his performance as Speaker. And was it really necessary to have the 2nd and 3rd most boring senators speak? The 1st most boring would be Harry Reid. I think I’ve posted the best of the speeches. If I missed any, let me know, K? But honestly, what they’ve made of what use to be an exciting event, way back when, is now, pretty much…a snooze fest! :?

Oh, and that line that Mr Rachel showed from the DNC website? Yep…pure fabrication!!  Naw…let’s call it what it is….a complete LIE!

More Rainbow Farting Unicorns

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Do you ever wonder what motivates a serial killer to do what he, or she, does? Sometimes, there is found something in their past that triggers such evil behavior. Then, there are some, who are just plain evil, and enjoy the action of torturing and murdering, their victims. We, the U.S., have been the victims of a ‘serial killer’. A killer of jobs, a killer of business, and yes, responsible for the deaths of our citizens. We know the motivations of this one, told to us in his very own words, yet no one has had the decency to stop the killer, blindly following down the path to destruction.

If the Germans knew what Hitler was getting them into, the evil he would perpetrate, do you think they’d have been so eager to welcome him? Yes, many would, but some tried to stop him, and were ridiculed, and killed. If the Russians had known the outcome of their ‘revolution’, the millions slaughtered, do you think they’d have been so anxious to get rid of the Czar? Maybe. What about China’s ‘cultural revolution’?

Odd. We knew what was coming. We can see some of the results already, yet too many are still turning a blind eye. Right now, we are fighting for our survival in the political arena. How long will it be before we are literally fighting for our lives in our own neighborhoods? Gutting the military leaves us vulnerable to attacks from those who want to murder men, women, and children. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. We were the last great hope of the world. Now, we are a sad shadow of what once was. All accomplished in less than four years.

Defending America Takes More Than “Hope”
The Foundry

Speaking to veterans at the American Legion conference this week, President Obama said, “Today, every American can be proud that the United States is safer, stronger and more respected in the world.”

That’s quite a statement from a President who has granted legitimacy to extremist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and promised the Russians he would be “flexible” toward their demands on missile defense, while slighting American allies like Poland and the Czech Republic.

Heritage defense experts call Obama’s defense strategy “a strategy of hope“: “a hope that big wars are a thing of the past; a hope that America’s allies will do more; and a hope that fewer resources do not jeopardize the lives of American soldiers.”

These are flimsy hopes in the face of hostile nations and terrorist groups that want nothing more than the destruction of America.

If we do not reverse course—strengthening our military instead of gutting it, providing true security for our allies, and getting real about the groups that want us dead—the cost will be American lives.

Read on…

Paul Ryan Speech at the Convention

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…and does nothing but tell the truth!

I’ve got to add something here. Read some of the comments that have been made under the videos, YouTube site, and you’ll see why we need a major overhaul. It’s still amazing to me that with all the resources we have, literally at our fingertips, there are still so many who prefer to remain ignorant.

Daily Read – August 30

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Ecclesiastes 8:1-10:20

Psalm 103:6-14

Proverbs 24:10-12

1 Corinthians 10:18-33