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Natural Law – Part III (Guest Commentary)

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Natural Law
Part III
from The Bunker

We are all human beings on a planet. We have five senses; sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. We use these senses to observe and interact with our natural environment. Our human spirit and cognitive brains interpret this input to form an observation of our universe. As we do this it becomes readily apparent that there are Natural Laws that control our surroundings and that they are self-evident. They can be studied, dissected and interpreted but they cannot be denied. An apple falls from a tree, water freezes at thirty two degrees, fire is hot, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, there is reproduction in every species, livings things form from a seed and grow, there is a natural cycle to all living things; birth, growth, maturation, decline and death. These are Natures Laws and are not disprovable. Whether they come from a God, a Creator or Nature makes no difference. A king or congress can pass a law declaring that tomorrow the sun and moon will change places! But, it will not happen. The greatest minds will tell us that a single cell crept from the ancient ooze and transformed into a human being. But that same genius cannot explain the spark of human life that ignited the brain cells to give us this theory. Nor can they re-create this spark or create a tree, rabbit or mountain. That is the purview of Nature, not humans.

This natural rhythm, the ebb and flow of life creates a balance. When this balance is corrupted there are natural consequences. Because Nature moves at Natures speed, not human life spans the imbalances are not always readily observable. Dinosaurs ruled the earth, but not any more. Mountains rise and crumble to dust. We as humans can study and observe these things but we cannot change this natural cycle, no more than we can create life itself.

We as humans are part of the natural way. Nature has given us a special role. We have brains that think, we can communicate between ourselves in many ways, we form communities, governments, we travel around the planet and we are different from any other species or life form. We also have an inner dialogue or voice. We have a soul. Do plants or animals have this soul or inner spirit? Perhaps, but as humans we have not yet found a provable way to communicate with other life forms on this planet. We only know what we know. This leads us to the next step in Natural Law.

NewsBusted 11/02/12

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Past Time For a REAL Change!

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Will Obama & Co. be touting 7.9% unemployment as an improvement like they did with the 7.8%? Well, neither one is an improvement, and it’s just more proof that Obama’s policies do not work!

When are they going to start counting the people who have just plain given up, and are now on some kind of government aid? They don’t count the ones who are barely working either…the part timers who did actually have a full time job at one time. From all accounts that actually puts the unemployment rate somewhere between 11% on the low end, to 17% on the high end. Those are not pretty numbers.

While doing a bit of snooping, I found that the higher the minimum wage goes, the higher the misery index increases. Interesting. There are also other issues that contribute to the number, but still, I thought it rather odd. Wasn’t the intent of all this minimum wage nonsense suppose to actually AID the low end, and unskilled worker? Doesn’t seem to help much. I also found that, under GWB, the unemployment rate began to rise when the Democrats took full control of Congress. Another interesting tidbit for ya! Chew on that for a bit. If all I had to go by was those numbers, I’d have to say that Democrats are bad for the economy. From January of 2007, the unemployment rate has been steadily climbing. Coincidence?

When Obama took office.  Click to embiggen.

Even Clinton had a better unemployment rate, but then, he was working with a Republican Congress!  Heritage has LOTS of charts if you want an even better picture of the “state of the union”.

Apparently, also under the U.S. ‘misery index’, people aren’t feeling so good about things under Obama. He doesn’t rank as the highest, but he’s right up there, in what looks to be second place. The only higher that I noticed, in recent years, was under Reagan’s first term, when he was trying to fix the mess that Carter created, but the unemployment rate was sure a LOT lower.

All in all, I’d have to come to the conclusion that Barack Obama isn’t capable of handling such a big job! It is time for someone who actually was pretty good in math, is capable of balancing a checkbook, has, in the real world, had a REAL job, and knows how the economy works.

Unemployment Rate Inches Back Up
The Foundry

The October jobs report essentially agrees with the rest of the current data on the economy—the economy is growing slowly, too slowly to bring down unemployment rapidly. In fact, the unemployment rate rose to 7.9 percent in October and the economy created about 171,000 jobs, roughly equal to the usual number of new workers in the labor force.

The October report partly reversed the mysterious drop in the unemployment rate in the September jobs report. At the time, J.D. Foster, Heritage’s Norman B. Ture Senior Fellow in the Economics of Fiscal Policy, predicted that September’s jobs report would be sorted out later:

The September household survey is one to set aside to wait for a more reliable report next month, which will almost certainly reverse the odd results from September. If it does, then we have both confirmation of the power of statistics and of the weakness in the economy.

With the jump back up in the unemployment rate in October to nearly 8 percent, we have at least the beginnings of an answer to the mystery.

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Daily Read – November 2

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Jeremiah 51:1-52:34

Psalm 119:129-136

Proverbs 28:7-8

Titus 2:1-15