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Not Just For Catholics

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Snagged from J.D. Longstreet post.

Natural Law – Part VII (Guest Commentary)

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Religion and Natural Law
Part VII
from The Bunker

Detractors of the Natural Law theory argue that it is a religious theory and therefore has no place in our secular society. It is true that Thomas Aquinas, a Catholic scholar, wrote on Natural Law. The founders quoted him during their discussions. However, Aristotle and Plato also wrote on Natural Law and no thinking person would argue that they were influenced by Christian morality. Naysayers also comment on the fact that in the Declaration, the founders used the word God to support their argument supporting Natural Law. They also used Laws of Nature, Creator, Powers of the Earth and Natures God. They were God fearing people as were the majority of the colonists. It was not a shocking use of language for the time. Let me provide a fictional example of Natural Rights to prove this is not a religious concept.

Meet Joe the professor!   Joe is a professor of political science at a major university. He has enough letters behind his name to become several government bureaucracies. Joe is also a devout atheist. He loves to talk about his atheism, he gives lectures, he formed a group of other atheist’s. Joe even has a Sunday morning local cable access television show called, “It’s Sunday do you know where your God is?” Joe firmly believes that he is his own God and that the universe is easily understood through scientific theory and method of discovery. Joe’s favorite lecture topic is; “America’s God of destruction.”

One Sunday morning before heading off to the studio for his television show, Joe is reading the New York Times while sipping on his favorite Starbucks Café Mocha cappuccino latte frappe and reads that by unanimous decision of both houses of congress and the president’s signature atheism is now banned in America. What do you suppose would be the first words out of Joe’s mouth, after he spits his ridiculously expensive drink all over his paper? You got it! “They can’t do that, I have a right!!” Joe would be absolutely correct. But if his right to be an atheist comes only from a government then it is completely at the mercy of that same government. Joe innately knows that there is something inside him that drives him to be an atheist, to talk about atheism, to associate with other atheists and it gives him pleasure. Do you think Joe would shut up about this new law banning atheism? Highly doubtful; but if he takes his fight to the streets what would his argument be? “Hey, I’m Joe and I have a right to be an atheist because…….” Now, if Joe finally decides that his right to be an atheist comes from the third toe of his left foot it doesn’t matter.

“The bird has an honor that man does not have.
Man lives in the traps of his abdicated laws and traditions;
but the birds live according to the natural law of God
who causes the earth to turn around the sun.”
Kahlil Gibran ~ 1883-1931

AlfonZo Rachel & Kira Davis – The Taboo Topic…

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….Faith and Politics


Just can’t make it any plainer than that!

How Much Do You Value Your Liberty?

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Back, a LONG time ago, even before I was born, there were a group of men who sat down, and created one of the greatest documents, next to the Holy Bible, that was ever written. Since that time, there have been groups of other men who have done their best to destroy BOTH instruments of law.

We have seen activist judges take a simple, quite clear portion of the Constitution, twisting it into something that would be totally unrecognizable to the authors. Even our own paternal fathers, and grandfathers, wouldn’t recognize what those ‘interpretations’ have brought about in our nation. We hear ‘this is not the country I grew up in’ quite often lately. It’s a very true statement. This is NOT the country that I was born in, so many years ago. Even before my birth, the courts destroyed and denied the liberties granted us by God, reinforced by the U.S. Constitution. There are liberties my parents had that I’ll never know.

When you go to vote tomorrow, remember that it is not just the President of the United States you are voting for as you mark your ballot. It is also all the appointees he will be making as well, which will most likely, include at least 2 Supreme Court justices, and a large number of lower court judges, who also enforce THEIR will on the people, even though it is contrary to the law, and the will of WE, The People.

When you vote tomorrow, vote as if your very life, and the lives of your children, depend on it! It very likely does!

The Next President and the Supreme Court
The Foundry

Every vote counts. And this year, it could count double. One vote could decide both the immediate election and the course of constitutional law for decades to come.

Just ask the senior federal officials responsible for our security immediately after 9/11 who were sued years later by Javaid Iqbal. During the investigation into the attacks, FBI officials identified Iqbal as a suspect of high interest and detained him in New York. He sued alleging that high government officials, including Attorney General John Ashcroft, personally ordered that he be discriminated against on the basis of religion, race, or national origin.

Iqbal provided no facts in support of his conspiracy theory. When his case finally reached the Supreme Court, five justices properly, but narrowly, rejected his speculative claims that would have cleared the way for plaintiffs’ lawyers to embark on fishing expeditions in hopes of winning windfall damages from current and former federal officials. Only a single vote in the high court kept Iqbal and countless others with no proof of any wrongdoing outside their own imagination from subjecting government officials to depositions and other harassing litigation tactics. Though the chance of hitting a punitive-damages jackpot is small, the prospect of such an award would have ensured a steady flow of rapacious court challenges.

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Daily Read – November 5

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Ezekiel 1:1-2:10

Psalm 119:153-160

Proverbs 28:12

Hebrews 1:1-14