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Only Five?

8 November 2012, 10:52 am. 3 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

I find this list from Heritage rather amusing, in a sick sort of way. Obama had four years to deal with some serious issues this country is facing, and all he ever did was campaign, play golf, and make what problems we had a WHOLE lot worse, including these five listed.

Massive tax increases? Well, excuse me, but that’s what the kid wants! He actually WANTS companies to go out of business. He WANTS those few citizens who will still have jobs to support his big socialist plans. He WANTS to bankrupt the nation as a whole. I’m surprised at Heritage. They have been in the forefront battling all of the children’s grand schemes. With the Bush tax ‘cuts’, which are NOT cuts, expiring, and the ObamaCare tax scheme, we are screwed. That’s just for starters. Those regulations he is insisting on with further damage any possibility of a ‘recovery’. Why can’t those 47% teat suckers understand this? It’s not that flippin’ complicated.

The child hates the military. His obvious scorn for our serving men and women has been apparent, so what the heck happened with THEIR vote? I have my suspicions. So, when out on the training field, or “in country”, they will be at greater risk than ever in the modern age. It’s also been suggested that if all 3 branches of the government got paid the way our military does, they’d be snapping out of their arrogant stupor REAL quick.

The Middle East and terrorism? Criminy! It’s the same damn thing. The ONLY country in the area that doesn’t want to destroy, the only ally we had, is being thrown under the bus. Note I said ‘had’. I don’t think Israel is too fond of us anymore. I’m none too fond of us anymore either. Any country that would re-elect an anti-Semite that is constantly kissing the ass of our enemies, opening the door, and inviting them in, doesn’t deserve the friendship of any liberty loving nation.

Barack Hussein Obama has one more problem to overcome that isn’t listed, and I haven’t heard addressed anywhere.  The utter disdain that a majority of the grownups feel for this incompetent POS!  Just sayin’.  Maybe if he behaved like a president, and a leader, those of us out here that live in the real world wouldn’t be so disgusted with the kid?

The President’s Top 5 Immediate Problems
The Foundry

Now that President Obama will never face re-election again, it is time for the campaigning to end. Perpetual political rhetoric and promises do not matter any more. Action—and leadership—are sorely needed on pressing issues that threaten the United States. America’s people are under threats to their livelihoods, their protection, and their freedom. For some of these, deadlines for action have already come and gone, making them more dire than ever.

Here are the top five problems that require the President’s immediate attention.

1. Massive Tax Increases Scheduled

When the chairman of the Federal Reserve says the nation is headed over a cliff, the President should take notice. A total of nearly $500 billion in tax increases—old tax policies expiring and new ones taking effect—is scheduled to hit on January 1. This “Taxmageddon” fiscal-end-of-days scenario will hit individuals and their families, struggling small businesses and investors alike. So much for creating jobs. The Congressional Budget Office, which does not normally forecast recessions, has said that without some action to change our direction, the country is heading straight for another recession in 2013. As Heritage’s J.D. Foster wrote, “If a slowdown or even a recession unfolds as CBO predicts, the blame will lie with President Obama.”

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Daily Read – November 8

8 November 2012, 6:00 am. Comments Off. Filed under Faith.

Ezekiel 7:1-8:18

Psalm 120:1-7

Proverbs 28:15

Hebrews 4:1-16