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It Can Happen Again (Guest Commentary)

It Can Happen Again
from The Bunker

I firmly believe that the republicans and conservatives in this nation do not fully understand what this recent election really means.  Obama is following an age old timeline that has worked for centuries.  The current scandal and the sacking of the military’s leadership is a consolidation of power. He is striking fear into the hearts of any dissenters. With the NSA’s massive data collection he has the goods on everybody.  Step out of line and you get whacked. Obama no longer has to convince anybody of anything.

The incredible voter fraud and the cult of personality that is forming around him means democrat control of the presidency and senate for a very long time. As I have stated before Obama is the culmination of over 100 years of collectivist planning. He is of mixed race, handsome, a great orator and with the correct pedigree of education. Look at the faces of his adoring followers whenever he speaks at large gatherings. We have seen those faces before.

It is glaringly obvious when the chants of “Obama, Obama” ring out. All that is left is a national enemy. He is forcing the economy into a depression to expose the villains of all the nations problems. I don’t think I have to explain to you who that will be, we will be the new Jew’s, the destroyers of economies. It is even quite likely that a “False Flag” event may take place. Just like the Reichstag fire, another Oklahoma city bombing would be the needed crisis. This is the endgame. The underlying hate that exists in the liberal left is more than frightening, you have seen it yourself in the comments section.

During the last four years while the republicans played politics and refused to call Obama out, a police state has been built over our heads. When the enemies of the state are defined it will fall on us with a quickening vengeance. Remember his final call, vote for revenge!

As I listen to talk radio or hear Senator’s like McCain and Graham, they don’t get it. The old style of politics is over. Investigative committees and hearings mean nothing anymore. Obama followers only believe John Stewart or MSNBC. What the republicans think or stand for no longer matters.

As a side note. one of my Grandfathers fought for the Kaiser, the other was an American Doughboy in WWI. I do feel a certain rush when I hear the Fuhrer speak. It must be genetic. For me it is not hard to understand how Germany fell the way it did. It can happen again.

Evil Rears It’s Ugly Head

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Drudge links to the story at BBC, but since they see to be just a wee bit slanted…..

Two rockets land outside Jerusalem following 2 fired at TA

Two rockets landed outside of Jerusalem Friday evening as sirens rang out, causing no injuries or damage. Police reported that there was “no indication” that rockets landed in the city, stating that “most likely, the rockets landed in an open area outside of Jerusalem.”

Hamas took credit for the attack, claiming to have shot “an improved Kassam,” which it called an M-75, towards Jerusalem. The launch represents the first Hamas rocket attack aimed at Jerusalem.

The Mr and I have decided, if Hamas wanted to target Jerusalem, we have the PERFECT target for them!

Just think how many problems that would solve? :D It wouldn’t be the Israelis that destroyed it, even though they’d get the blame, but hey….aren’t they already getting the blame for this whole disaster already, even though it was HAMAS in Gaza that started it.

Don’t ya wonder just where they got the long range missiles? Cuz ya know, they haven’t had them previously, and the best they could do was pound the southern most part of Israel, on a regular basis. Let’s see…would it Egypt who is supplying said rockets, who new president is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, parent company of Hamas? Or, perhaps Iran, who we know has been testing missiles for a long range attack for quite some time.

I will bless those who bless you,
And I will curse him who curses you;
And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.
Genesis 12:3

And They Just Don’t Care!

16 November 2012, 10:13 am. 5 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

If the ‘temporary’ residents of Washington, D.C. want to go flying over that fiscal cliff, hey… they go right ahead. But they forget, there is a very LARGE country to north, south, and west of them, that do not want to go with them. Oh yeah…elections have consequences alright, and it is those out in here in the…supposed real world that always end up suffering them. Attempt to explain why a person who voted for Obama, or ANY dhimmicrat, is extremely uninformed, there will be the deer in the headlights, and THEN you get called a variety of names. Never fails, does it.

We could quite easily have avoided the upcoming Taxmageddon, but only if we had more voters actually give a damn, and did their homework. The Right should have easily gained seats in the Senate, to help take away that assumed limitless credit card the left seems to think exist. They spend the money, WE pay for their sprees. Unfortunately, we have become a lazy, self centered nation full of government indoctrinated sheep who seem to believe that only ‘Big Brother’ can save them. (I have ONE Shepard, and it ain’t Obama, or the Senate, or the House, or any alphabet bureaucratic organization.) I, for one, have NO doubt this election was stolen out from under the noses of the GOP, and being the nice polite people (read cowards), no one will even make the attempt to get to the bottom of it. Well, except for Allen West, who seems to be the only R with the cajones who refuses to kowtow to the lying, cheating, thieves.

The economy is a big part of our national security. We are far from economically secure due to the fecklessness of Washington, which has left us wide open for the downfall of a once great nation. People use to fight to gain freedom. Now, we just hand it over to the biggest fools on the planet!  It seems we’ve told ‘em “Go ahead, mortgage our children’s future, as long as “I” get my stuff.  It doesn’t matter if you gut the military and turn it into a social experiment.  It’s ok if you leave the borders wide open to allow criminals and terrorists free passage into cities.  It doesn’t matter that I can’t get my sick child desperately needed medical help because so many hospitals have had to shut down.  It doesn’t matter if the company I’ve worked for for 25 years shuts down, and I can’t put food on the table, and keep a roof over ours heads.  It just doesn’t matter.  Just give me my damn Obama phone!”

The Fiscal Cliff and Beyond
The Foundry

In Washington, there is one issue on everyone’s minds: the “fiscal cliff.”

With time running out before a massive tax hike strikes on January 1, and wide-ranging budget cuts scheduled to hit at the same time, the economy is bracing for another storm.

Today, five public policy organizations including The Heritage Foundation are presenting their plans to first slam on the brakes before driving off the cliff, and then to reverse course and tackle our massive spending challenges as the federal government moves ever closer to the debt limit.

In 2011, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation launched the Solutions Initiative, giving grants to six organizations spanning the ideological spectrum so that they could develop plans for long-term American sustainability. With the fiscal cliff looming, Peterson’s Fiscal Solutions Initiative II called for updates to address “2012 Post-Election: The Fiscal Cliff and Beyond.”

Read on…

Daily Read – November 16

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Ezekiel 23:1-24:27

Psalm 127:1-5

Proverbs 28:24

Hebrews 11:1-16