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The Wedding

2 December 2012, 10:22 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family.

After the church waiting, and waiting and waiting….they FINALLY did it!  We had our first wedding in our little church yesterday, and it’s about time, too!  Now, I realize that smart people will wait awhile before jumping into marriage, so I guess that makes Tony and Sharon brilliant?  Four years, plus some.  Heh. But they, and WE, knew they’d get there eventually.  I think the church members were a little pushy about the “Ok, so when are y’all gonna get married?” and after the ring appeared, “So, have you set the date yet?”  That would be me included.  LOL  Yep!  Just like a real ‘family’!  :D

And then it begins!  Pastor Keith and Tony stroll in from the fellowship hall, and stand there waiting.  Yep…Tony is one TALL dude, alright.

Our church doesn’t have a middle aisle, so naturally, when Sharon came in on her dad’s arm, they were on the OTHER aisle.  sigh…  Never fails.

But they did go across the front to head up the steps on our side.  :D 

  The I do’s!  I asked Pastor if he was trying to hide.  Heh.  He did sing a beautiful song for ‘em, but with all the foliage, and two quite tall people, I’m just guessing it wasn’t recorded.  LOL

And there they go….  Mr & Mrs!  FINALLY! 

You’ll notice we’re a bit casual around here.  :D  That’s the way I like it!  The less I have to play dress up, with the sausage casing (pantyhose) and torture devices (anything resembling heels), the happier I am!

One interesting thing I noticed.  I just happened to glance around at the other attendees, and I’ll be darned if all the males within my line of sight didn’t have their arms crossed!

  Interesting body language, don’cha think?  Heh.  Now, I wonder why all the men folk did that, signally ‘uninviting or protective’?  So, naturally, I had to do a little more looking around.  Yep.  Every single one of ‘em.   LMBO  Perhaps they were all happy it wasn’t them up there, going through the same thing…again?

Under normal circumstance, I’m rather camera happy, taking pictures of everything, and everybody.  Unfortunately, yesterday wasn’t my norm.  Or perhaps fortunately?  :D  But, I did manage to be in the right place at the right time for the cake cutting!  Nice cakes too!  Nothing elaborate…no columns, big roses, big ribbons and such…. just a lovely cake!

  Uh oh!  She’s got that ‘look’ in her eye!

Yep!    And Tony ends up with cake up his nose! 

Nope!  That’s not straight bourbon!    It’s sweet tea!  Hey…we’re Southern Baptist y’know.  :P  Honestly, as tall as Tony is, I kept expecting hers to start dripping down the cleavage.  Heh.

You notice Sharon is sneaking off when it’s time for Tony to cut HIS cake! 

  I guess it wouldn’t do for him to give a bit of payback with that chocolate.  *snicker*

And FYI, those cakes were REALLY good!  Apparently, Wal-Mart makes some pretty tasty cakes!  Have to remember that!  :D

Finally got a shot of the new Mrs.    Never could catch ‘em both together.  :?  Can’t waddle fast enough I guess.

I know they are going to be happy, and wish them every good thing the Good Lord has set out for them.  1 December 2012…the start of a new life as one!

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  1. Father D. 2 December 2012, 1:33 pm

    I noticed the informality right away. I don’t think I have ever seen a wedding where the groom did not even wear a coat!! Wow!! And the father of the bride wears a polo! Wow again! I knew Southern Baptist were informal, but I thought that there were limits; I guess not!
    May God bless their union, giving them many happy years together.

  2. olbroad. 3 December 2012, 4:29 pm

    We’re talkin’ Podunk here Doc!  LOL