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The Alex Jones Rant (Guest Commentary)

9 January 2013, 1:10 pm. Comments Off. Filed under 2nd Amendment, Feckless Weasels, Massive Stupidity, Opinion, The Bunker, U.S. Constitution.

Ol’ Broad note: I’m not a big fan of Alex Jones, but sometimes, ya just gotta love it when a person gives a slap down where it is needed. Morgan, and his ilk, surely do need it!  One issue I have, Jones failed to answer the most simple questions, but knowing the type of “journalism” that is practiced by the Morgan types, perhaps it’s understandable. The video is here. I can’t post it cuz of the truther absurdity.  Sorry Bunker.  :D  Another video, talking about killing Jones, is here.  They find that amusing?  There is something really wrong with those people.  Hypocritical doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The Alex Jones Rant
from The Bunker

Oh, oh, Alex Jones was on Piers Morgan last Monday night talking about gun rights. For anyone not familiar with the Alex Jones rant it must have felt like falling into Lake Michigan in January, a real shocker. According to Jones, one of the CNN producers got so upset she started crying. His gruff voice, angry demeanor and threatening gestures must have left puddles beneath every camera person.

Jones was kicked out of the CNN studio’s avoiding a debate with the pointy headed collectivist lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Piers Morgan interviewed Dershowitz in a following segment who said, “He was an exhibit, like a piece of evidence. You just see him speaking and you say to yourself, ‘I don’t want that man to have a gun.’ I wouldn’t feel comfortable having an argument with him in his home where he had access to his 50 weapons….”

I am a Tea Party member who lives in Wisconsin. My wife and I have endured being called vile names, had drums and horns banged and blasted in our faces and have had to literally wipe the spittle off our clothes from unhinged union thugs. I guess anger is only reserved for kind, caring, compassionate collectivists who are on the correct side of the argument.

Today the elite are gathering at luncheons and fancy dinner parties laughing at the spectacle of the angry white man on CNN. Trust me; it’s a nervous laughter because for the first time they saw the face of someone who won’t be pushed around and they didn’t like it.

There is no doubt the whole drama was theater to gather ratings and media exposure for both participants. Jones is trying to gather more followers and Morgan needs viewers. They both got what they wanted.

The men in this country have been neutered. We are told it’s not polite to show anger or real emotion. The new man is supposed to speak quietly and engage in dignified discussion with an emphasis on compromise. How’s that working out for teary eyed Boehner or fancy pants Romney?

In a very recent post on this website Matt Bracken, a former Navy Seal laid out in stark detail what is in store for this country if enhanced gun control is enacted. The Marxist in the White House is threatening to by-pass Congress and use executive orders to get his way. If the men in this country who own guns and believe in the Second Amendment can’t get mad now, we are through as a free nation.

Obama is nothing more than a bully. Piers Morgan is an English twit who is such a pantywaist that his own countrymen don’t want him back. Sometimes it’s perfectly acceptable to get nose to nose with people like this and tell them in no uncertain terms to, “BACK OFF!”

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