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For The Record – Was It, Or Wasn’t It?

12 January 2013, 7:31 am. 2 Comments. Filed under 2nd Amendment, Massive Stupidity, Opinion, Politics, video.

Nope! It wasn’t! Isn’t it a shame that we no longer have journalist? We could use a few good ones about now. You know the type…they dig for the truth, and report….GASP….facts!

H/T: Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

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  1. Gary K.. 12 January 2013, 11:13 am

    News you will never see.
    Friday, 55 million kids(K-12) went to school and none were killed by guns.
    Thurs 1 kid was killed by a gun in school; but, 54,999,999 were  not harmed.
    For every child that was killed in the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, there were 2,680,000 kids that were not harmed in school that day.
    There were 500 gun deaths in Chicago last year, that is a rate of 1.6/10,000 people.
    There were about 32,000 deaths last year from surgical error, that is a rate of about 20/10,000.
    Obviously, we need stricter laws about doctors handling sharp instraments.

  2. olbroad. 12 January 2013, 3:02 pm

    Oh, absolutely!  We need all kinds of bans….knives, hammers, pencils, etc.  Hmmm…  I have a MUCH better idea.  How ’bout we ban stupidity?  That would take care of ALL kinds of problems!