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21 January 2013, 6:20 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Just Cuz.

So, today I had another appointment with the pain doc….major back pain (stenosis, arthritis, and other stuff), if ya don’t recall. I had that shot thingy before Christmas, which, sad to say, did not work as well as had hoped…as in “Hey…that sucked! Let’s do it again, plus other stabs in the back!” Right, so there I am, listening to the doc…

Doc: Jabber jabber jabber….big Latin words….jabber jabber jabber…more big Latin words… and on and on…

Me: English, please!

Nurse: *chuckling*

Doc: *mild glare at nurse*

Nurse: *snicker*

Doc: Ok, ok, I’ll speak in English. *smile*

Apparently, speaking the layman’s language is a wee bit difficult for some docs, eh? And I’m guessing it’s not often a patient will demand ‘em to speak in just plain language. Ok, so who said I had to be like everyone else? Heh.

Well, at any rate, first thing next Monday morning, they are going to jab an IV somewhere in my arm, put a few shots of lidocaine or some such thing in the area, and stab me SIX times with a large needle…3 on each side of my lumbar region. Yay me! sigh….

Then, to top THAT off, he’s starting me on a new med.  First will be like a test pack (a few days worth), just to find out if it has an adverse affect on my overly sensitive system, to the tune of $200.  Excuse me while I go ahead, dig the hole, and jump in!

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  1. Armed and Larry. 22 January 2013, 12:04 am

    Etiam, nobis medicae populus diligimus latin.
    (Yes, us medical people love our latin.)

  2. olbroad. 22 January 2013, 5:40 pm

    HUMPH!  Ya are just evil!  LMBO