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Does It Mean I Can Break The Law, Too?

30 January 2013, 9:32 am. 3 Comments. Filed under Crime, Illegals.

We once were a nation of laws. Now? We’re nothing more than a nation left by the wayside on the whims of petty little men, and women, and their petty little minds, and their petty power grabs.

What is being put forth as “immigration reform” is nothing more than a political ploy, meant to increase a certain voter base. Even though, many of those who come here illegally are from Mexico, and central America, there are others who have managed to sneak in, quite easily, by way of our porous border to the south will ill intend for our nation and her citizens. No one seems to care!

I’m all for LEGAL immigration. We are a nation built of, and by, immigrants, and am proud of such heritage. But I am an American. I could hyphenate, like so many others do, but to what point? To separate me from my fellow citizens? Don’t we have enough separation as is, further promoted by this administration, AND Congress?

I’ve actually heard that we NEED these people who break the law and sneak into our country. Really? Why? To be a massive drain on what few resources we have left that SHOULD be spend on LEGAL residents and citizens? Where is the logic in that? They do the work Americans won’t do? Well, that fantasy was been put to rest by actual facts and statistics.

If such an “immigration reform bill” passes, it will do nothing more than open the flood gates, just as the similar type action did when Ronald Reagan was president. Then, we only had 3 million to contend with. Now? Well, they say the number is 11 million. It is probably a great deal higher. And if they know there are a certain number, then why is it that they haven’t been able to find them, and return them to their point of origin?

If our own government will not enforce the laws, already in place, meant to keep the citizens of this nation safe, then why the hell should I follow the law meant to keep other drivers safe by doing the posted speed limit. One is not the same as the other? Really? They are both laws that are on the books. If they don’t have to follow the law, then neither do I!

Heritage Statement on Immigration
The Foundry

The Heritage Foundation has released the following statement:

America’s heritage of immigration has fueled our nation’s strength and diversity, yet our immigration system has become so politicized and dysfunctional that it causes untold personal tragedies, strains the fiscal capacity of public services in many states, and prevents many from pursuing the American Dream. Complex, comprehensive legislation based on back-room deals never works, and the Senate immigration proposal announced this week and echoed yesterday by President Obama—to the extent that it repeats the mistakes of the past—will further polarize Americans, fail to solve the real policy problems, and make matters worse.

Immigrants come to our country for freedom and economic opportunity. We are concerned that many aspects of the framework for comprehensive reform will undermine the very foundations that make for America’s exceptional success. Policymakers should refrain from committing to such broad statements before the actual legislative language is available for public review. A proposal that would grant individuals who are in this country illegally a pathway to citizenship violates the rule of law and is unfair to those who have obeyed our immigration laws.

The Heritage Foundation believes that America’s immigration system must be reformed through an open and public step-by-step, problem-solving approach that unites Americans and creates a system that welcomes immigrants, protects our sovereignty, encourages assimilation, and expands opportunities for everyone. Once such common-sense reforms are in place and working, lawmakers can determine how to respond in a fair, compassionate, and constitutional way to those who have come to our country illegally.

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  1. Blueish. 30 January 2013, 11:11 am

    Hiya Ol’ Broad!

    The “Defender of the Faith” saith;

    Can the Mexican Government which overtly and covertly supports the violation of the territorial integrity of the United States, justify its actions on the ground that it seeks only to implement the principle of self-determination for all or a portion of the people of Mexico?

    We think not.

    To contend contrariwise is to adopt the thesis of Adolf Hitler, who contended, in support of the action of the Third Reich in incorporating Austria into Germany, that ‘It is obvious that an idea embracing the entire German people and arising from its depths cannot be stopped at the frontiers of a country.’

    AMNESTY ALERT: Call your Three Members of Congress and tell them ‘NO to Amnesty’

    Updated: Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 9:07 AM

    A Senate ‘Gang of Eight’ that includes Republicans Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Jeff Flake and Democrats Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Bob Menendez, and Michael Bennet have released details for a comprehensive immigration reform package that includes an amnesty for the nation’s 11 million illegal aliens. Pres. Obama will be speaking in Las Vegas on Tuesday with the details on his plan. CALL YOUR THREE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AT (202) 224-3121 AND TELL THEM “NO AMNESTY.”Call your Three Members of Congress and tell them that the new proposals are nothing but a rehash of the failed 2007 amnesty bills.

  2. TheBunker. 30 January 2013, 5:31 pm

    One word: OBAMACARE !! This amnesty has to be done quickly so all 20+ Million new citizens can get enrolled. It’s the Cloward/Piven strategy, crash the system. Health care providers have already started asking for a delay in implementing Obamacare because they aren’t ready. Obama’s answer? Too bad for you !! Get ready for a giant mess.

  3. olbroad. 30 January 2013, 8:55 pm

    Is it ‘lock and load’ time yet?