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Found This HIGHLY Amusing

30 January 2013, 11:34 am. Comments Off. Filed under Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder.

Comment left in spam by Beaver Dam nyp…..:  You are really one strange deranged person. You do need help. Turn off FoX nEwS.

Apparently, because I am capable of rational though, I use logic in my every day life, and have actually read, and understood the U.S. Constitution, I am strange. I don’t lap up D’Bama’s bullsh*t, so I am deranged. And on occasion, yes, I do watch Fox News, since that’s the only place you will actually hear all sides of the news on a semi regular basis, I need help. Got it.

Now, I’m curious. What would you consider someone who is incapable of rational thought? Who has no logic to present in their argument, and apparently is a big fan of the likes of Piers Morgan, Tingles Matthews, and Ed Schultz? Would you consider this a person who has all their eggs in their basket? Or would you, like me, believe that this is a person who is in dire need of psychological assistance due to their inability to think for themselves. But please, no meds, because we know what Democrat > progressive > socialist > communists do when put on such medications.

BD nyp…. if you want to be a sheep, please do not come crawling to those of us who refuse to follow your shepherd when the wolves come to devour you. You’ll find yourself in a WHOLE heap of trouble.

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