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Obama’s Drone War (Guest Commentary)

8 February 2013, 9:31 am. Comments Off. Filed under The Bunker, The ONE, U.S. Constitution.

Obama’s Drone War
from The Bunker

Finally, we are getting some honest transparency from the Obama administration. NBC news was given a Department of Justice White Paper that outlines the legality of using drone strikes on American citizens anywhere on the planet. Thank goodness we have cleared that up. I was preparing for a 4 AM no knock, warrantless search by masked Federal Agents who would machine gun my wife and me in our bed as we reached for our pistols resting comfortably on our Bibles. Now, all I have to plan for is a hellfire missile taking out myself, my wife, our three married sons and five grand sons as we sit around the campfire on a summer night.

You think this sounds ridiculous? Well, this is exactly what the U S government has been doing to people in other parts of the world. A story in the New York Times reported that since Obama took office there have been over 260 drone strikes that have killed 535 civilians. Nobody knows the exact number because these killings are “black op” CIA operations that are, “off budget.”

I do know this, people who live in Pakistan, Waziristan, Afghanistan or any other part of the world are not all terrorists. They are just poor people who are trying to survive in a world gone mad. They love their children and families just as much as we do. Do they really deserve to be blown to dime size bits of flesh and bone just because they had “crazy uncle Omar” over for a kids birthday party?

There is an historical reason why countries make declarations of war. It puts everyone on notice that they may become targets. Imagine yourself as someone living in Pakistan. You are pedaling your bike to the market just as some labeled terrorist drives by. You don’t know him, he doesn’t know you. Suddenly out of the blue a missile blows him and you to kingdom come. Our ruling elite call this, “bug splatter.” I call it terrorism.

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