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2A Forum – God, Guns and Government

17 February 2013, 11:08 am. Comments Off. Filed under 2nd Amendment, Conservative, Opinion, Tennessee, U.S. Constitution.

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of joining like minded Constitutional (and one leftard) Tennesseans at a forum on the 2nd Amendment. It was a packed house! :D

our rights

While looking for a parking place, I noticed a very large painting of Ronald Reagan on the side of a building. Trying not to run into anyone, after guessing it was the local Republican party’s headquarters, and of course, I was right. I didn’t get a picture of it (it was freakin’ COLD), but did find one in the Cookeville paper with the ad for the forum:

From left, are Cindy Schueman, secretary PCRP; Alan Rader, vice-chair PCRP;
Sheriff David Andrews and Rusty Welch, chairman PCRP.

Apparently, Putnam County is one of the lucky ones to have a permanent building for the HQ.

After arriving, I got to chat with a few folks. I was pickled tink to see Paula and Publius again after so long! ALWAYS a good time! And I finally did get to meet their spouses as well. LOL We often wonder if the other halfs actually DO exist. Now, I know. Now, if I can get the Mr to go to the shindig where P/H is speaking tomorrow evening….. Heh.

There were four speakers. P/H, Constitutional genius…and that is NOT an exaggeration,  PH

TN Rep Joe Carr – District 48 (wherever that is),  Rep Joe Carr

John Harris….executive director of  the Tennessee Firearms Association, TFA John Harris

and Putnam Country’s Sheriff David Andrews….president of the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association  sheriff David Andrews & PH.

I wish I had used what few brain cells I have left, and brought my video camera so I could record Publius’ speech. Unless you actually hear her speak, there are no words to describe her brilliance. All of the speakers were good, and mostly informative, but when a person gets an immediate standing ovation before she even finished the last syllable, you KNOW…this is one person who has it RIGHT!

Rep Carr spoke of a bill nullifying the potential federal gun grab, which yes, we ARE allowed to do! States have the ability to nullify any federal law that is unconstitutional. And let’s face it, Obama’s plans ARE unconstitutional.

John Harris (TFA) spoke about the bills that 2nd Amendment advocates have aided in pushing through the state legislation. Isn’t it amazing that many small donations from regular folks can unseat an incumbent with hundreds of thousands of dollars from big corporations? :D He also spoke of the history of how TN’s gun laws came into being, siting the racism of the DEMOCRATS after the Civil War. Fact, many gun laws came into being due to the fact that Democrats did not want freed slaves to possess a means to protect themselves from the terrorist arm of the party, the KKK.

Sheriff Clark shared where the Association stands on the issue of gun grabbing. The sheriffs of Tennessee will NOT violate their oath of office, which includes the phrase “to protect and defend” both the U.S. Constitution, and the Tennessee Constitution. I spoke to him briefly after the forum, to ask him if most county sheriffs are on board with upholding their oaths of office, including Hardin County, and he told me that to the best of his knowledge, ALL county sheriffs will not violate that oath.

Afterward, another evil smoker, Tom, Paula & Tom (and the back of Paula’s head) and I were standing outside, freezing our hinders off, and talking about the forum. It seems he brought the idea of a class, taught by Publius, for potential conservative candidates, and maybe those who are already holding office, on the Constitution. It’s quite obvious that many who are elected and hold office are absolutely clueless about that document, and what they do know, is so mangles, they tend to confuse what they THINK with what is reality. I think it’s an excellent idea!

Once we were able to drag P/H away from her HUGE fan club, we all went out to eat. There were two other ladies with us, but for the life of me, I can’t remember their names. For that, do apologize! Blame the meds! I always do! Heh. A most excellent time was had by all 8 of us…after we left Chili’s and went to Logan’s! Obviously, the conversation was quite lively, and politically centered. Good people. good eats, and good times! It’s a shame they all live way over here where it’s too flippin’ cold for these old bones! :P

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