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Politicians – Blood Sucking Tics

19 February 2013, 8:01 am. Comments Off. Filed under Opinion.

Congress has known this was coming. The House has sent budget after budget after budget to the Senate. What does the Senate do? Not a damn thing. With Harry Reid as head honcho, what can they do? Even if the Dems in the Senate gave a happy crap, Harry Reid won’t even let the bills come up for discussion. Is Obama pulling his strings, telling him not to deal with the House? Is Harry Reid senile? Thinking America would like to know! We’d also like to know why there are so many really stupid Senators that insisted on keeping that damn useless piece of crap as Majority Leader. He is not doing the job, so why hasn’t he been removed? By force, if necessary!

The Democrats don’t want to cut spending. It’s just that simple. They don’t care if you are having a tough time of it, they want their hand out programs so they can get votes. This is not what America was based on when the Founders drew up those extremely, completely forgotten by the left, documents. Well, WE haven’t forgotten them, and we are getting more and more angry by the minute. This OUR money they are wasting! If you ran your household, or your business the way those damn fools in D.C. run the government, you’d be out on the street, wondering what the hell happened. Well, I think we need to do the same thing the the majority of Congress! Toss they sorry asses out on the street, let them wonder, and replace them with actual ‘citizen legislators’, NOT career politicians.

Raising taxes even more will NOT solve the country’s problems. Stop freaking spending! It’s NOT your money! If the Dems are so concerned about people paying their fair share, how about taxing all those people who pay NOTHING AT ALL? They are NOT paying their fair share, and they are the ones who are getting the benefit of someone else’s labor! I’m not talking about Social Security, or Medicare. I’m talking about the generations of ‘you owe me’s’! Cuz honestly, no one is owed a damn thing!

How about we start with Congress? Not with a pair of fingernail scissors! Not a one of them needs a salary! Travel expenses ONLY! And I mean COACH! Or let them drive to and from D.C. In their OWN vehicles. Wouldn’t THAT be a shock to their systems. Then, we cut their staffs, by half. Then, we cut all the benefits of the rest of the unionized government employees. Then we cut those stupid do nothing programs, most of which are redundant. But not “ONE DIME” will be cut from our men and women in uniform!

Spending Cuts Are Happening, One Way or Another
The Foundry

Federal budget cuts called “sequestration” are scheduled to hit in just 10 days. The sequestration cuts are not perfect—they’re a blunt instrument to cut spending, rather than a deliberative plan that sets priorities, trims entitlements, and cuts other spending. But they are law.

It would be better to replace them with smarter cuts, but the reality is that Washington has to start cutting spending now. Real program reforms and a balanced budget are the only way to solve our continuing fiscal crises. So it is critical that Congress keep its word and follow through on these spending cuts to prove it is serious about bringing our budget into balance over the next 10 years.

Now that the March 1 deadline is approaching, the President is urging Congress to offset the sequestration budget cuts with more tax increases.

That’s simply unacceptable, says Heritage’s Grover M. Hermann Senior Fellow in Federal Budgetary Affairs, Patrick Louis Knudsen: “President Obama has already pocketed a $618 billion tax increase, so simply holding the line against taxes is a given.”

Lawmakers shouldn’t be fooled by the President’s rhetoric on a “balanced” approach to sequestration or any other budget issue—that simply means he’s looking to raise taxes again.

Instead, they should be focusing on true balance—balancing the federal budget in the next 10 years. Producing a budget would be a start, but balancing that budget is the way to put the country back on track. Knudsen explains:

Government spending and debt are both too high, and this threatens all Americans with a weaker economy and a lower standard of living. Every opportunity to reduce spending and put the government on the path to a balanced budget must be taken. Anything less is a path to defeat.

We need spending cuts that are targeted to the programs that need reforms—the entitlements that are the major drivers of our growing deficit.

Sequestration leaves many programs like Social Security, welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid untouched, while having devastating effects on national security. Trying to use defense cuts to balance the out-of-control entitlement spending while we still face growing threats (Russia, China, Iran, and al-Qaeda affiliates) is a fool’s errand that will create a hollow military and do nothing to fix economic troubles.

But if Congress does not replace the sequestration cuts with smarter cuts—like eliminating Obamacare funding or other ineffective programs—then the sequestration cuts will be our first step toward getting serious about federal spending.

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