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We Aren’t Dead?

2 March 2013, 9:16 am. Comments Off. Filed under Economy, Feckless Weasels, Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder, Politics, Socialism, The ONE.

Obama signs order to begin $85B in spending cuts

President Obama signed an order authorizing the government to begin cutting $85 billion from federal accounts, officially enacting across-the-board spending reductions.

Obama acted Friday, the deadline for the president and Congress to avoid the steep, one-year cuts.

Despite all the doom and gloom, and dire predictions…..I woke up this morning. The sky hadn’t fallen….well, depending on what you call ‘fallen’, cuz there is white stuff coming out of the sky in Memphis…..and there are no children, disabled or otherwise, begging on the street corners.

The president placed blame squarely on Republican lawmakers at a Friday press conference for failing to stop automatic spending cuts that were to begin kicking in later in the day, calling the cuts “dumb, arbitrary.”

Republicans, for their part, said the fault was his, for insisting that increased taxes be part of the resolution

Well, of course it’s the R’s fault! Nothing is EVER his fault, even if it is his idea. Kind of tired of his petulant behavior. I doubt he’ll ever be ‘presidential’ though because he’s a spoiled brat, who should have been turned over someone’s knee a LONG time ago!

The president said the impact of the cuts won’t immediately be felt, but middle class families will begin to “have their lives disrupted in significant ways.” He said that as long as the cuts stay in effect, Americans will know that the economy could have been better had they been averted.

“The pain, though, will be real,” Obama said.

Bubba, the pain has been real since you took office the first time! You’ve destroyed what could have been a recovery with your socialism, and if we ever get anyone with an ounce of sense, or leadership skills, it will be DECADES before we see a true recovery from having to have YOU in the White House, and your minions running the show!

IF we had a Constitutional government, as was the intent, this would never have been an issue. As it is, there are many place where cuts could be made, but alas, we don’t have any common sense in D.C. so the areas where there should be NO cuts, are the very places where there will BE cuts.  They had, what….two years, to avoid all this faux panic?  Instead of doing his job, Obama was way too busy hobnobbing with the Hollyweird crowd, playing golf, and dunking baskets.  Let’s face a few facts here…we have NO president.  We have NO leadership, and those who work FOR us have forgotten the fact, THEY answer to US!  I really think it’s time to remind them.  ALL of them!

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