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7 Hours Down, 6 More To Go!

6 March 2013, 7:46 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Just Cuz, Travel.

Well, I made it to my first, and only, stop on my trip…Amite, LA. Same motel where I stay all the time. I stay so often, always making a reservation, they worry when I’m late. LOL

It was mostly an uneventful drive, other than the forest fire. There was smoke for 10 miles, and likely even farther, but since I stopped before the smoke cleared, I wouldn’t know. :D I couldn’t see how far back it went into the woods, but I know I didn’t see a single fire fighter in the vicinity, so maybe it was a “controlled fire”? If so, they weren’t noticing it was that close to the freeway.

I did notice an awful lot of U.S. flags waving on one particular stretch in Mississippi, and a couple of signs thanking the troops. I thought that was pretty cool!

Question: When did McDonald’s start putting the caloric content on every single thing on the menu??? Whose bright idea was that? Criminy! If there had been someplace else I could walk to, I would have, just to avoid that ugly reality! I don’t wanna know! I already know it’s more than I’ll eat in a regular day, shouting it at me isn’t going to help! I’m still gonna get what I want! Sheesh. I bet Moochelle had something to do with that, didn’t she! grrrrrrrr

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