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Government Wasting OUR Money

6 March 2013, 9:54 am. Comments Off. Filed under Congress, Opinion, Taxes, U.S. Constitution.

For two years, the Democrats knew it was coming.  Obama knew it was coming.  How did they prepare?  By spending MORE money.  Instead of using common sense, and cutting back, this administration, and it’s lackeys, went on a spending spree with OUR money.  Do you think it was necessary for a bunch of government employees to go on a wine tasting tour, claiming it was a conference?  No, I don’t think so either.  But apparently, someone in a position of power thought it was important, so spent an outrageous sum for this little outing.  Yes, our employees spent $340 MILLION dollars to eat, drink, and be merry on a variety of “conferences”.

The Obamas, together or separately, went on SIXTEEN vacations in 2012 alone!  What was the cost of those vacations?  Well, we know it was quite a tidy sum.  The cost of running Air Force One is nearly $200,000 AN HOUR.  When they take separate flights, going to the same place, it’s an additional 100 grand.  Should this matter?  Well, yes, of course it should!  WE are paying for their fun time.  If the Obamas paid for their own vacations, I really wouldn’t have a problem.  If we had a leader, he, or she, would need a little down time now and then.  He’s not a leader, in any way, shape, or form.  However, since they are on a spending spree with our money, I think we have the DUTY to call them out.  Don’t they have a house in Chicago they could use for down time, instead of renting “palaces” in Hawaii and foreign countries?

Did you take a vacation last year?  Did it run into the millions, if you did?  We didn’t get one.  As a matter of fact, we haven’t taken a vacation since the second year of Obama’s first term.  We couldn’t afford it!  Oh sure, we run down to Texas, but we stay with my daughter.  The cost is gas, and a couple of nights in an inexpensive motel while on the road, and even THAT is more than we can afford these days.

And let’s not forget those over priced, butt ugly clothes the First “Lady” wears!  $5000 for a dress that was worn for a few minutes?  Seriously?  Dear Lord!  Well, at least it wasn’t as ugly as what she usually dons.

Congressional spending on wasteful, non-essentials is just mind boggling.  No where in the Constitution does it authorize spending for anything other than defense, the post office, and post roads.  Promoting ‘science and USEFUL arts’ doesn’t mean paying for Piss Christ!  I also don’t think that our Founders would have thought paying to watch a shrimp on a treadmill would be beneficial to the American people. I also have never seen any reference to giving our enemies money, especially in the sums that we have seen going to countries that would rather see us dead.  I don’t consider that a ‘lawful debt‘!

The waste, and yes, fraud, we have in the federal government, including Medicare and Medicaid, would pay for any cuts necessary, and then some, without jeopardizing the safety and security of our nation.  It would also be a good idea to stop supporting ILLEGAL invaders, through health benefits, education, and food stamps!

It is the Constitutional DUTY of the federal government to secure our borders, which is ‘providing for the general welfare’, yet we see DHS spending money on new ‘uniforms’ instead of hiring agents, and building a fence to prevent invasion.  Instead of working WITH House leaders, Obama spends time, and our money, playing golf with Tiger Woods down in Florida.

The list of wasteful spending is long and varied, from all areas of government.  The budgets of unconstitutional alphabet organizations, mostly with an agenda of destroying the American economy, are extreme.  Thinking Americans are fed up with both parties’ disregard for their duties, violations of their oath of office, and corruption.  It is the thinking American that is paying for it, and there is a limit to what thinking Americans will put up with from the government.  That point is not as far away as many might think.

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