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I Made It!

7 March 2013, 9:59 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family, Just Cuz, Travel.

Yep! Even though there were a few folks on the highway that did their best to keep me from my destination, I defied them all! There was a truck towing a trailer that apparently thought I was invisible, and attempted to go through me….twice! Jack wagon!! And why is it I get stuck behind some yahoo in the passing lane that can’t figure out what that peddle on the right is for? If the speed limit is 75, why do ya wanna go 60??? Then there was that truck from hell that I couldn’t see around, on a two lane highway! I finally passed it, doing 90, so I wouldn’t get creamed by the line of cars coming at me in the other lane. SHEESH! There were a LOT of idjits on the road today!

Spud was pretty grouchy when I got here, but that’s ok. He’s was pretty grumpy till he finally went to bed. I’m rather hoping he’ll get use to me, but alas…. I fear until he sees me on a regular basis, this will be his reaction when Granny leaves the room. Oh well!

I’ve been screeched at, slobbered on by one of the dogs, “claimed” by two, kneaded by one of the cats, and groped by my 14 year old granddaughter. This is going to be an interesting visit! Heh.

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  1. Gary K.. 8 March 2013, 10:17 am

    “If the speed limit is 75, why do ya wanna go 60??? ”

    Ohhhhh, have a heart.

    The speed limit is a maximum. not the ‘must do’ speed.

    Perhaps, the driver was a little ol’broad that felt best in control at that speed.

    Not all ol’ladies are Richard Pettys like you. :)

  2. olbroad. 8 March 2013, 11:08 am

    Pfft! in the passing lane? HUMPH! She was younger than me, and was driving a POS hybrid thingy. UGH! And I don’t speed! I just wanna get where I’m going before I die, don’cha know. :P