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Another Murder In Podunk

13 March 2013, 10:40 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Crime, Pond Scum, Tennessee.

Savannah Chief Responds To Murder Arrests

Savannah Police investigators started their week off with an uncommon crime for their city. Peggy Alexander, 71, was found dead inside her some Sunday morning by her son.

“This not one of our most prevalent crimes we do have homicides we had one a year ago and one several years ago it’s not one we see weekly or monthly,” said Chief Donald Derr of the Savannah Police Department.

Our little corner of rural Tennessee isn’t exactly known for it’s murder rate. Yes, we have burglaries, and a lot of meth busts because of all the back roads and such, it’s easy to hide out, and the odor from the ingredients isn’t noticed by the neighbors due to the distance between the houses. But murder??  We have at the most, 2 in one year, but mostly it’s none.

Savannah Police with the help of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have arrested and charged Alexander’s son Christopher Knight, 32, and his wife Tonya Knight, 18. They each face a count of first degree murder.

According to the affidavit, the two killed Alexander, Sunday morning. Soon after, Christopher admitted to using her debit card to withdraw $60 from her account. Afterwards, he called police.

I just don’t understand people anymore. To murder your own mother takes a special kind of evil.  Why?  Just because she wanted to move out?  Or because he stole $60 from her?  Where’s the logic?  There is none!  I pray she rests in peace now that she is away from the evil that was her son.

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