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Brainwashing Your Children

15 March 2013, 8:15 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Education, Opinion.

The current incarnation of public education is mostly a failure. Actually, anything the federal government runs is a failure, just take a gander at the Post Office! They are in debt up to their eyeballs, mainly due to union contracts, and the ridiculous retirement packages they are obligated to pay. The same goes for public education. Yes, there are some school systems in the country that actually educate kids, but if you take a look at some of the biggest systems, there is NOTHING to recommend them. New York City is a real good example. When 80% of your graduates can barely read, or do basic math, you’ve got a MAJOR problem.  Los Angeles isn’t doing too well either.

Putting small children into classrooms is not a good idea! They don’t have the attention span of squirrel, yet Obama wants to get a hold of them, and use failed programs to indoctrinate your children. Using a 50 year old study that has never been replicated is not in the best interest of any child.  What is in the best interest of your child is really up to you.  In my personal opinion, children who stay home with their mothers do a lot better in life IF that parent takes the time to teach basic skills.  HOME SCHOOLING would be best, but I realize that not all parents can manage keeping their kids home for the duration, and teaching them what the public schools won’t.  Second choice….private schools!   It’s always rather disconcerting to know that what I learned in the 4th grade, most high school graduates have never learned.

Why We Don’t Need Universal Preschool
The Foundry

In his State of the Union address, President Obama said he wanted to “make high-quality preschool available to every child in America” and “make sure none of our children start the race of life already behind.”

So Heritage experts took a look at the President’s plan to see if it would actually help America’s needy children get ahead in the “race of life.”

Another government-controlled, top-down, one-size-fits-all program—what could go wrong?

Look at the government’s record. As Heritage’s Lindsey Burke, the Will Skillman Fellow in Education, and research associate Rachel Sheffield point out in their new paper, “Washington already has a poor track record for K–12 education, with federal spending nearly tripling over the past three decades while academic achievement and attainment languishes.”

Look at the government preschool we already have. There are already 45 government preschool programs run by numerous federal agencies, including the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, the Interior, and Housing and Urban Development. Burke and Sheffield note that these 45 programs “are estimated to cost taxpayers more than $20 billion annually. Many are duplicative and ineffective, failing to serve the needs of children from low-income families.”

Head Start, of course, has already shown us the ways government preschool can fail American children:

After nearly 50 years of operation, the federal Head Start program has failed to improve the educational outcomes and kindergarten readiness of participating children. Head Start should be eliminated, or at the very least it should be reformed, to allow states the flexibility to make their Head Start funds portable, allowing families to use their dollars to send their children to a private preschool of their choice.

The President’s new proposal wouldn’t help low-income children. Low-income families already have access to taxpayer-funded preschool through state programs and Head Start (which, if it continues to be funded, should be reformed to serve them better). President Obama’s proposal would subsidize middle-income and upper-income families—with no new benefit to low-income parents.

Three-quarters of four-year-olds are already in preschool. Many parents prefer to care for their young children at home. But for those who want preschool programs, there are a variety of programs available. There is no public demand for new, large-scale government spending in this area. Burke and Sheffield report that “An estimated 74 percent of four-year-old children are enrolled in preschool, public and private, across the country.”

Look at the academic evidence. Do these formal preschool programs really help kids in their academic careers? Our authors write: “Evaluations of preschool programs consistently find that any gains children make as a result of preschool quickly fade away in their early elementary years.” The Obama administration turns to a 50-year-old evaluation of a high-intervention preschool program with 58 at-risk children to make his case for taxpayer-funded, universal preschool. That means President Obama is making what researcher Russ Whitehurst calls “a prodigious leap of faith.” The outcomes of that program, known as the Perry Preschool Project, have never been replicated.

It is far more likely that the President’s proposal will produce outcomes akin to Head Start, which, according to the scientifically rigorous evaluations conducted by Health and Human Services, are abysmal.

Everyone wants children to have the best start in life. Large-scale government preschool programs are not the way to ensure that happens.


Universal Preschool’s Empty Promises


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  1. Gary K.. 15 March 2013, 9:36 am

    “It’s always rather disconcerting to know that what I learned in the 4th grade, most high school graduates have never learned.”

    Nation-wide, 30% of incoming freshman do not graduate and would have even less knowledge.

    It is little surprise that the print media is failing, an all too large part of the population can not comprehend what they read and don’t bother trying.

  2. olbroad. 15 March 2013, 11:13 am

    I had written a response and it vanished! I am having major problems with my site. The rest of the internet works just fine…so I’m thinking….

    Anyways, to sum up what I had said before DHS, or whoever, screwed me over again…. HOME SCHOOL!!!