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ZoNation – Racists Have No Place in the Conservative Movement

21 March 2013, 11:53 am. Comments Off. Filed under Massive Stupidity, Opinion, Politics, Republican, video.

I am a white, Southern, female. With the exception of 10 years in Wisconsin, 2 years in California, and nearly a year in Thailand, I have lived in the South all my many long years. Am I ashamed of being Southern? Nope. What embarrasses me is those who would take being Southern to the ugly lows of the Democrat Party, which by the way, is, and was, the party of slavery.

I remember the separate water fountains, the segregated schools, segregated buses, the separate waiting rooms in train and bus stations. I remember hearing the grown ups talk about another black person found hanging in a tree. I was young, but I DO remember how ugly it was, the horror I felt as a young child. I knew, even then, that there was something VERY wrong, but I was too young to understand just how very wrong, or what to do about it.

When I see someone like this guy featured in Zo’s video, Terry whatshisname, I get so angry, I would likely have thrown a punch at him, had I been stupid enough to attend CPAC, which, in my opinion, no longer represents conservatism. This assclown is a prime example. Was he a plant? Well, maybe, maybe not, but he sure isn’t a true conservative. The Republican Party started going down hill with that ‘big tent’ crap. No, we don’t need a big freakin’ tent! We NEED true conservatives, those who believe in God, country, and self reliance, not gubmint, gimmes, and the ignorance of public education.

On behalf of white, Southern, conservatives, I’d like to apologize for the rudeness of this guy. He does NOT represent the majority of us!

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