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Once Upon A Time….

10 May 2013, 12:29 pm. Comments Off. Filed under 1st Amendment, Crime, Feckless Weasels, Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder, Opinion, video.

…there were REAL reporters, a REAL media, and a reasonably informed public.

Morning Shows Binge on Tabloid Criminal Trials: 56 Minutes vs. 7 for Benghazi Hearings

The network morning shows on Thursday went into tabloid overdrive for the Jodi Arias verdict and an abduction case in Ohio, offering a staggering 56 minutes of coverage.

In contrast, NBC, CBS and ABC allowed just under seven minutes combined to hearings on the 2012 terrorist murder of a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans in Libya. This is a disparity of eight-to-one.

More here.

Does anyone remember back when the news was just that….news?  Something happened, it got reported.  Not analyzed, but reported…with the who, what, when, where, and how.  We had investigative reporters, getting to the bottom of a story, “just the facts, ma’am”.  I vaguely remember that time.  Do you?  If not, you are younger than I am, and I feel bad you have nothing to compare with the current crop of talking heads.

Here’s a video of Beck discussing this issue:

If you rely strictly on one source for your information, you are depriving yourself of a lot of valid information! Jodi Arias murdered her boyfriend, found guilty. Ok. Happens a lot. 3 young ladies missing for over 10 years, found, reunited with families. Happy ending for a change. Four murdered Americans and an administration cover up? Not news worthy. Think we have our priorities just a wee bit skewed??

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