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20 May 2013, 8:58 am. Comments Off. Filed under Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder.

If you don’t get MRC‘s Cyber Alert via email, ya really should! It never ceases to amazes me that the media is so utterly clueless. The complete lack of common sense is astounding! Just a few examples here….

On the Today show last Thursday:

On Thursday’s NBC Today, in a desperate attempt to deflect from the scandals engulfing the Obama administration, co-host Savannah Guthrie wondered: “I read a headline yesterday that said Republicans see blood in the water. That they see a president who’s very vulnerable politically. Is there a danger that they will overreach?”

Chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd agreed with the slanted premise: “There is. I mean, that’s what happened to Republicans in 1998 with Bill Clinton. And if all of Congress is focusing on hearings to do scandals, the voters will punish them. They’ve done it in the past.”

Seriously? Todd appears to be older than 20, so maybe he’s forgotten that the voters got sick and tired of the freakin’ SPENDING! Kind of like they/we were sick of the SPENDING in 2006 when the Rs lost the majority. If you remember correctly, the Ds lost the House in 2010 because of the SPENDING, and should have lost the Senate as well. We have learned that there were several Ds in the Senate who told the IRS to investigate the CONSERVATIVE groups requesting non profit status. Then there were the “leaked” returns of PRIVATE information used against Mitt Romney. No Todd, we aren’t ticked at the Rs for investigating the scandals of this administration. We are ticked because the Dems can’t be bothered, and are still carrying water for the most corrupt administration I’ve ever seen! And I lived through Nixon and Watergate scandal!

Do people still watch CNN? No wonder there are so many misinformed people in this country!

“[T]he accusation is that the Obama administration in some way tried to change the talking points or water them down. And my question is, and I really – I’m being honest about this, what administration, Ana, doesn’t try to control the message no matter what it is?” Lemon asked. He also framed the accusations against the administration as “partisan,” ignoring whether or not they were also true.”

This administration flat out LIED to the American people!  The ‘message’ was changed ELEVEN TIMES, eliminating vital information.  No, not all administrations do that….although some will soften the blow with their talking points.  This one LIES!!  Repeatedly!!  Four Americans DIED, but that doesn’t matter to these weasels!!

Charlie Rose is on CBS? I thought he was a nob on PBS. Oh well… here’s his idiocy on Wednesday’s CBS This Morning acting as an apologist for Obama:

…former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld asserted that the second-term executive was avoiding responsibility for the recent spate of scandals surrounding his administration.

Rumsfeld snarked that “the only thing the President has really taken responsibility for is SEAL Team Six killing Osama bin Laden.” Rose interrupted his guest and replied, “Oh, that’s not true.”

The veteran journalist raised the scandals in a very general manner, and didn’t specifically mention the IRS’s targeting of right-leaning groups, the Justice Department’s investigation in the Associated Press’ phone records, or the ongoing political face-off over the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. facility in Benghazi.

They have the video, which I’m not going embed.  You can go to the link above to watch it.   Rose is another water carrier for Obama.  Instead of doing his job, reporting the truth, he is a wishy washy useless talking head, acting like an ostrich!

Then, we have MSNBC’s Melissa ‘your children are not yours‘ Harris Perron on the All In with Chris Hayes show (never heard of it or him) last Monday talking about the conservative “red” parts of her home state of Louisiana. Apparently, she has this odd notion that conservatives are…

“not thinking about or caring about the 10-year-old children in my neighborhood who are shot while walking down the street” as she and host Chris Hayes discussed a recent mass shooting at a parade in New Orleans and advocated more gun control.
And we recognize that we can pass laws that should protect us. The problem is our state legislature is, of course, dominated by the red parts of the state who are thinking of Louisiana as a sportsman’s paradise and not thinking about or caring about the 10-year-old children in my neighborhood who are shot while walking down the street.

Harris-Perry is another clueless Democrat>liberal>progressive>socialist>commie who believes an inanimate object is to blame for “gun violence”. How do you explain to such people that criminals don’t give a flying flip about ridiculous ‘gun control’ laws?  Mzzzz Harris-Perry doesn’t give a damn about children, in any area, including the womb, so how dare she accuse conservatives of not caring about children.  WE are the ones who want to protect children!!!  We are the ones who will shoot the bad guys who threaten the children.

There’s more, but you get the picture.  The lame stream media is as useless as teats on a boar and should be ignored!  There are plenty of places now to get the truth, but the MSM is not one of them!

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