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Sweden: Fifth Night Of Rioting In Stockholm

Rioters took to the streets of Sweden for the fifth night in a row on Thursday, torching cars, shops, schools and a police station.

Firefighters were dispatched to 70 different location across Stockholm in response to blazes started by groups of youths.

Two schools, including a Montessori school, were set on fire in two suburbs of the Swedish capital and up to 15 car fires were reported at locations across the city and beyond.

The unrest began on Sunday night after the fatal shooting of a 69-year-old man in an area with a high population of immigrants.

The man was said to have been wielding a machete and was shot by police who claimed they were acting in self defence.

Local activists claimed the incident sparked anger among local mostly immigrant youths who say they suffer police brutality.

No where in this entire piece did they ONCE call a spade a spade!  I guess you are suppose to draw your own conclusions from a sentence, waaaaaaay down at the bottom:  “In the past decade Sweden has welcomed hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and the Balkans, among others.”  Now, you are suppose to scratch your head and wonder what they ALL have in common, right?

In the RT piece, there’s a bit more honesty, AFTER the Swedish PM claimed it was ‘hooligans’ causing all the trouble:

Young Muslims who enjoy tolerance, social institutions and welfare while living in Sweden nevertheless refuse to integrate into the West, Gerolf Annemans told RT. Annemans is the parliamentary leader of Vlaams Belang (‘Flemish Interest’), a Belgian far-right nationalist political party.

“They [Muslim youths] have always sought excuse to show that they are not agreeing with the basic values of Western society,” Annemans said, pointing to the recent cases of the Boston Marathon bombing in the US and yesterday’s beheading of a British soldier in the UK.

“It’s always the same problem. There is a massive refusal by Muslim youngsters of the basics of Western society… and they take any excuse whatsoever to show that with violence – that is where the problem is,” he said.  (emphasis mine)

Of course, it took the author to get to this reality 3/4s of the way through his/her piece.  Finally, in the last sentence a REAL truth, that should be taken to heart of EVERY country that allows these animals entry:

“These riots in the country that are spreading and continuing for a long time that the [multiculturalism] success was a fiction, they never succeeded,” Hedegaard said.

And THERE you have the crux of the bigger problem. Multiculturalism does NOT work! Either you integrate with with country you are immigrating to, or you go the back to whatever third world hell hole you emerged from! Stop expecting the host nation to kowtow to YOUR whims!

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