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What The NSA Will Find On My Phone!

7 June 2013, 1:26 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family.

Along with many other pictures of family, plus text messages between said family members, and a friend or two. Let’s see… Yep…that’s about it! Now on here…that’s a whole ‘nuther story! :evil:

Poor Wee Spud!  Mullet boy?  Lord help us!  mullet Spud Someday, he might have real hair.

Yes, that is blood in the background.  It looks like Granny is having a rough time of it.  Wee Spud is cutting four new teeth, all at the same time, for a total of TWELVE!  The boy is gonna have more teeth than an alligator!  Heh.

See? Teefus! :D Wouldn’t it be nice if Brat could figure out how to AIM the camera? Yeah…I thought so too! :?

Ok, give the kid a break! He has allergies, and has yet to learn how to blow his snout! sigh… Of course, it would be nice if Granny would buy some more snot wipers, after running out of the ones I bought! *glare*

He’s going to need those teefus so he can munch the healthy stuff! healthy

messy Spud And make a mess!

unhappy Spud 1  Of course, he’s a bit grumpy, and tries to hide from his pain.  unhappy Spud 2

There is the time honored, family tradition of how to deal with excessively grouchy, teething babies. I’ve no doubt it’s a tradition in MANY families! :D

With the same results! sleeping Spud Blessed silence!

And then, it starts all over again.  GG Bat is gonna have her hands full!  (Really hope the NSA enjoys this one!)

Yep…. He’s a strange boy….strange boy ….but he’s all boy! Spud and 4 wheeler I think we’ll keep him! :D

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