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Obama: Bungler or Fox

There are a LOT of things Obama is quite confused about, and doesn’t understand.  Apparently, so is Heritage.  Since we are NOT a democracy, and were never intended to be one, our influence anywhere shouldn’t be towards founding one, since we unwashed masses have learned from history just how dangerous a democracy can be.  But perhaps, that’s for another post, or maybe a copy and paste from P/H:)

As the so called ‘Arab spring’ unfolded, we watched as rioters destroys pieces of history and assaulted correspondents.  That told me a great deal about those who had taken to the streets.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I know there were some who sincerely were looking for a change in the circumstances, and were hoping for the betterment of their country.  Less oppression, more freedom…that sort of thing that ALL human are entitled to.  With the supposed election of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi, people who pay attention KNEW that even more trouble was in the works.  Apparently, either Obama is a closet muzzie, is in the pocket of the muzzies, or is just plain ignorant.  Perhaps all three?

Unless ALL the citizens are allowed to vote, it’s not really a legitimate election.  Since Christians were threatened, and not allowed to vote, I’d have to say it was not a legitimate election.  Does anyone else find it odd that Obama speaks out in support of evil, but never lifts a finger to help the oppressed?  For someone who claims to be a Christian, which we all know, he isn’t, he could mask his disdain of us a bit better, don’t you think?  Shouldn’t he speak out against the slaughter of innocents, no matter where they live?  (Even in a womb.)  But no.  What this tells me is he is actually the first 2 of the 3 listed above.

When you watch the suppose ‘leader of the free world’ turn that free world into a third world, you have to question the motives.  We watch more and more of our freedoms dissolve on his watch, while observing his support of a muslim tyrant, supporting the murder of innocent men, women, and children, oppressing all others not in the inner circle, equally.

I’d say Mr Obama understands all too well what he is doing, when it comes to the Middle East, and the constant warring among the different factions of Islam.  He is aiding in the re-establishment of the Caliphate.

Hmmmm….  I wonder how his wife will take to wearing a burlap sack?  Has to be an improvement over some of the gaudy duds she sports around the world….on OUR dime.

Why Does Egypt’s Turmoil Matter to Us?
Amy Payne – The Foundry

Egypt has been rocked by protests that some say are the largest in history and has unseated its second leader in three years. It’s a bit difficult for us to imagine ousting a president in such a way—so what do the events in Egypt mean to Americans?

The Obama Administration has bungled the entire Egyptian revolution, Heritage experts say, and that will have lasting consequences.

President Obama backed the administration of Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, who was just ousted by the protesters and the military. As Heritage expert James Phillips noted, “Egyptian protesters have been carrying signs denouncing President Obama for supporting terrorism, because they are disappointed by Obama’s uncritical support for Morsi, whom they consider to be a terrorist.”

Heritage Distinguished Fellow Kim Holmes says there are two reasons why Obama has gone wrong in Egypt:

The first is he sincerely believes that too much American influence is a bad thing. Believing deeply that American power is a problem, he seems to think remaining aloof will prove that America is not an inveterate enemy of political Islam.

… The other reason? Obama is confused about what constitutes democracy. Even though he himself said democracy is “more than elections,” that is not the way he’s acted. He watched as the election process chose the worst of the political lot in Egypt, all the while claiming that the U.S. should not “interfere” with the democratic rights of the people. He talked a good game, but his passivity only legitimized the claims that the Brotherhood is a “true” democratic force in Egypt (which they decidedly are not).

The “Arab Spring” is a messy thing. Democracy is a goal, yes, but Egyptians desperately need economic freedom. As Heritage’s Charlotte Florance explains:

Egyptians need to see results, which they have been waiting for since 2011, when the army ousted Mubarak. The events of the Arab Spring in Egypt were triggered by legitimate economic grievances that, two years later, remain unanswered.

To bring back their economy, the Egyptian people will need a stable rule of law. The military has control of the country now, but it will have to hold elections soon to establish a government. Meanwhile, the U.S. is waiting—or should be waiting—to see how it goes before promising further aid to the country.

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