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A Day Trip

13 July 2013, 6:15 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family, Just Cuz.

I decided we needed to do something yesterday besides grocery shop, pick up diapers, and hit the flea market. So, Short Person and I loaded up wee Spud and headed off to the Tennessee Safari Park on the other side of Jackson. It was a pretty nice day to have such an outing since we had a cold (????) front pass through, and the high only hit 85. :D

We turned at the good size plastic giraffe onto a rather small road heading to the park.  So what is the first thing I see standing in the middle of the road?  A pea hen!  Now, if you’ve been around for a while, you will know how much I loath those birds (I don’t care how ‘beautiful’ they are), and why.  Being the nice person that I am, I didn’t run over the damn thing.  However, the moron that pulled in behind me evidently was in a big hurry and zoomed around me, missing said evil fowl by a smidgen!  Don’t you think being near such a large number of critters, someone MIGHT consider there was a darn good reason for a truck to be stopped in the road?  Idjit!

Once we paid our fee, got a couple of buckets of whatever that nasty stuff is you feed the critters, our first concern was “Where’s the closet restroom?”  Hey…it was a 2 hour drive, thanks to my inattention to turns!  Don’t forget there was a diaper issue involved!

Once the important issues were dealt with, we found the gift shop to get a bottle of water for the little one.  Then, it was a little exploring in the area.  First, we TRIED to get him to sit on the plastic zebra.  Wasn’t gonna happen!

He had been awake until about 15 minutes before we got there, so wasn’t quite with it yet.  fake zebra

goofy kids  He was going to hold onto that bottle for dear life.  Yes, he is doing the sippy cup thing, but not in MY truck, thankuverymuch!

Didn’t these things use to be a nickle?  Kermit  Didn’t think he was quite ready to be rocked around, so we passed on the 50 cent, 2 second ride.

camel 2  That’s one funny looking dog!

A bit more eye to eye.  goat 1  Wonder which one eats more?  goat 2

The first introduction to the only giraffe in the place.  giraffe 1

blonde bird 1  A white feathered, blue eyed bird?  No idea what it is, but there were a lot of ‘em running around.

He was a bit warm, hence the cold water, but was having a terrific time, chattering away.  happy dude

It’s no secret to folks who know me, I hate peacocks!    evil bird  But THESE evil fowl come a close second.  I have my reasons!  :P

We had about 3 or 4 of these guys blocking our way.  snoopy zebra  They FINALLY moved, and we were able to continue.  Nosy critter!

baby piggies There were a LOT of babies running around. baby piggies 2

Yep! Babies…even in the shell. eggs Anybody know what that thing is?

Then it was over. The camels were behind a fence, and everyone who had feed left, which there were many, had to stop and let them scarf it up. They’re very good at taking those bowls away. Yes, there were some buffalo, a few llama, many African deer looking things with spiked and curly horns, several of the evil ostrich creatures, and emus…. LOTS of emus. :?

I thought it would be a good idea to take another pit stop before driving home. Oh, and of course, there had to be a t-shirt for wee Spud, and a zebra thingy for SP. But this time, there would be some feeding to do.

Giraffes have blue tongues, and they slobber. blue tongue 1

Wee Spud had to get into the act.  blue tongue 2

Blech!   blue tongue 3  Since he’s a slobbering too, he didn’t seem to mind.  blue tongue 4

butt crack  Then, there were the goats, goat, and goat jr.  greedy goats 2

I wonder which one would win in a head butt contest?  goat & goat

taking off  And off he goes!  To yell at the birds?  *shakes head*  yelling at birds

He decided it was time to head home.  heading home  Short Person and I agreed, wholeheartedly!!

It was a nice day, for the most part, but driving home was a bit tense.  Two tired and hungry kids, and a tired, hurting, hungry ol’ broad makes for a rough ride home.  But no one killed anyone, and with a stop at Sonic, we made it home in one piece.

To be perfectly honest, I was seriously disappointed with the safari park.  I have been to a couple of others in Texas, and this one barely ranks.  The condition of the animals left a lot to be desired.  We saw three injured animals, kids hanging out of the sides of other vehicles, and not an employee anywhere to be seen.  :?  But hey, it was something for the kids to do, it was close by, more or less, and it gave the Mr some time off.  Heh.  Tonight, he and Short Person are out on a ‘date’.  They went to the movies, and for some reason, wee Spud fell asleep, so Ol’ Broad is getting a little free time herself.  Whew!!  :D

Whoops!  Spoke too soon!  Back to the GG Bat role!  sigh….

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