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A Mini Rant

3 August 2013, 6:46 am. 5 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

Just because I haven’t been posting, doesn’t mean I haven’t been paying attention.  Oh yes… I’ve noticed a great deal, and honestly, none of it is in a positive vein.  I, like many, have repeatedly asked the question….what the hell happened to my country???   There are many answers, all right, depending on your point of view.  We didn’t get to this ugly point overnight.  Nope!  This road took a while, and the only people we can truly blame are ourselves.

We allowed it when some evil woman decided, erroneously, that prayer in school was unconstitutional.  Well, it’s not, but that didn’t stop her, or the stupids, from destroying discipline, did it.  And that’s exactly what happened.  There is no discipline in the public schools, teachers are being attacked, kids are attacking kids, bullying is an every day occurrence, and we let it happen.

Then, some over zealous lawyer decided to take a case.  The deed had already been accomplished, yet I suppose in that person’s mind, it had to be taken all the way to the Supreme Court, so millions upon millions of innocent babies could be slaughtered.  Why?  Oh, for a variety of reasons, most of them extremely selfish.  But here we are, watching the decline of our civilization, and perhaps just one of those millions of children, who never had a chance, could have given us REAL hope for the future.  It’s more important to be a hootchie, and murder children, than to take personal responsibility for your actions.  Yes, I am aware there are cases of rape, incest, and the like, but is the child guilty?  What did that baby do to deserve to be murdered?  Killing babies is a big business.  And there is NOTHING moral about it!

The list is long, but when it comes down to it, who is truly to blame….churches.  Yep, I said it.  Our so called churches that aren’t really churches.  They are social justice indoctrination centers, just like public schools.  Guess what!  There is NO SUCH THING AS SOCIAL JUSTICE!  There is right…and there is wrong.  That simple.  No gray!  Dragging political correctness into the House of God has pretty much destroyed this country.  Allowing the evil a bigger foothold on a regular basis has taken this nation from God fearing, and prosperous, to verging on a third world dictatorship.  And some people are just fine with this?  Sanity is a rare commodity these days, isn’t it.

You wanna know what cracks me up? The very people who are so PC, so anti God, so lose with their morals, are the very people who are kowtowing to a cult of hatred, inviting them in, watching them take over our court system, and do nothing to stop it. God is the answer to the all encompassing question, yet, we have the anti God types who want to destroy what few liberties they have left with a false god. Where’s the logic?

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  1. Nancy Ratai. 4 August 2013, 10:29 am

    You are 100% correct and I couldn’t agree with you more. As a weekly churchgoer (RC), it is getting more and more depressing every week. Sometimes we just don’t know why we go. But I do voice my opinion to the priests and deacons when they really piss me off. Thanks for speaking the truth.

  2. olbroad. 4 August 2013, 10:45 am

    You are welcome. Sometimes, I just have to let lose, and politely as possible. LOL I was a regular church goer (SB) and after our NON pc pastor left, I started getting sick, and didn’t get to go. Well, not ONE person from the church has bothered to call, or come by to find out what is going on. It speaks volumes of the new pastor. :? From what I’ve heard, he’s not quite of the same quality of the previous one, who was pretty much run off for not kowtowing to certain people…the PC crowd.

    So, I’m churchless, but not Godless, and want so much to see our churches return to their purpose. So many have forgotten that it was the pastors who stood up against tyranny more than 200 years ago. We NEED those pastors and priests again!

  3. Mark Smith. 4 August 2013, 5:20 pm

    No enough space to type all my comment. So I’ll just comment about the schools. There are a lot of good teachers and good administrators and some bad ones, but there are a whole lot more bad parents. Parents just don’t care. Schools keeps the kids away for 8 hrs and that is all most parents want. Other parents hope their kids make it big in sports. Are parents thinking of the kids? No all they see (and kids) is fame and $$$$$$$. So what do we have? A bunch of parents and kids doing nothing but day dreaming!

  4. olbroad. 4 August 2013, 6:31 pm

    Well Mark, ya got it right about a lot of parents. And it is true that there are some good teachers, but the sad thing is, they keep losing the good ones because of politics. They WANT to teach, they want the kids to actually learn, but so many aren’t allowed to do what they were meant to do. Just chaps my hide!

    Those parents need to pull their head out of their hinders and realize that what is going to get their kids on a ‘higher level’ is an education, not a freakin’ ball of some sort! I’m appalled that even my granddaughter can’t read, or write, cursive. I am rather glad the girl, Jeanel (?), that testified in the Zimmerman trial has brought that to light. They aren’t teaching kids what they NEED to succeed!! Using calculators instead of their brains? UGH!

  5. olbroad. 4 August 2013, 6:31 pm

    Oh, and Mark, you can make more than one comment. :D