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Poll after poll has told Congress that the MAJORITY of American citizens do not want Obamacare.  Obama shills state the opposite.  Now, who are you going to believe?  People like you…. hard working, tax paying, just trying to get by, or are you going to believe someone who is getting paid to tell you that you want something you don’t want?  It SHOULD be rather clear to any rational person, the shills lie.  And boy howdy, do they ever!!

Obama himself is running around the country, campaigning as usual, to try to convince folks they WANT the government up in their business.  They WANT their personal information spread all over the country, and anyone with a computer can access their information.  Yep, ol’ Obama has his droolers, cheering him on!  Reality is a whole ‘nuther story, and wouldn’t it be nice if he was actually on the same planet with the rest of us, and knew….WE DON’T WANT HIS CRAP! 

Congress knows.  We’ve told them, right from the git go…no Obamacare.  But ya know, I don’t think they actually give a damn!  Hmm…  Shocking, isn’t it!  The fact that we elect these people, we pay their ridiculous salaries (perks and bennies included), which 95% of them don’t need, and actually EXPECT them to do what we say.  Go figure.  A very few of them even bother to listen, or read the emails, and they go merrily along their way, doing what THEY want, or have been instructed to do by ‘his majesty’, and to hell with you.  See, they’ve been exempted, along with big businesses, unions, and a bunch of others, from having to be shoved into this socialist medical utopia because THEY know it doesn’t work!  YOU, on the other hand, are just a peon, and are expected to pay for their arrogance.

I’d like to believe that my elected representatives remember who they work for, but neither of my senators have the cajones to stand up against tyranny.  Marsha?  Well, she does try, but this is a BIG one, and even though I know she’s not for it, I think maybe she’s been there too long, and has become entrenched in the D.C. mindset.  Shoot, I think they ALL have.  They might come home now and then, read a few emails, talk to a few groups, but then they go right back up there, and forget the folks back home.  Of the 3, I’d keep Marsha, because, after all, she does have bigger ones than either Corker or Alexander!

Since it’s the House of Representatives that holds the purse strings, and there can be NO funding of any government program without their say so, you’d think defunding this fiasco would be quite simple.  Present the spending bill, fund the essentials, and leave off the garbage.  VERY simple!  If Obama won’t sign the bill, then it is HE who will be shutting down the government!  Oh, but here’s a reality that the droolers in the media and the left (but I repeat myself) fail to mention.  The government does NOT get shut down.  Nope!  The important parts, like the military, law enforcement, etc., don’t pack up and go home for a few days.  They are still on the job, and they still get paid the pittance this bunch of feckless weasels have allowed them.  Mention that to your Dem rep if ya happen to sacrifice a few hours to go to one of their ‘townhalls’.  Watch them turn all shades of purple, sputtering…but but but…  Heh.

Now is the time for Congress to stand up and DO THE RIGHT THING!  Stand up for WE, THE PEOPLE, and tell the elites to shove it where the sun don’t shine!!

Amy Payne – The Foundry

“We’re losing the country,” a Maryland man said at a town hall meeting. I want to see more defiance!

He wasn’t talking to local tea partiers; he was talking to his Republican Member of Congress.

It is time to take a stand against Obamacare. Heritage President Jim DeMint and Heritage Action for America CEO Michael Needham are echoing this grassroots call for defiance.

In The Wall Street Journal, they laid out the case for defunding Obamacare:

…despite all the grand speeches, votes and chest-pounding by Republicans promising to try to stop this destructive new law, none of this has required much courage so far—nor has it been effective. Obamacare can be stopped only if Congress denies funding for it in the next spending bill, which must be passed in September. That would immediately halt the implementation of Obamacare and fulfill a defining GOP promise to the American people. Voting for a spending bill that excludes Obamacare will take courage and integrity.

DeMint and Needham believe in this so much that they are going around the country to spread the word.

The debate will be bitter—both sides are already warring over the idea of an impasse and a government shutdown. But DeMint and Needham conclude:

President Obama, along with all the Democrats, will accuse Republicans of trying to shut down the government by giving the president a spending bill that he must veto. But there is no “must” about it. If the president opts to shut down all of government instead of just Obamacare, that will be his choice, not the wish of conservatives.

Your voice is important. Meet other conservatives in your area who care about the future of the country.

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