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I’d Really Like An Explanation

21 August 2013, 1:16 pm. 1 Comment. Filed under Congress, Conservative, House of Representatives, Politics, Republican, Senate.

The ALL have my address!

On 16 June 2013, I posted the Heritage’s rankings of Tennessee’s so called representative, that you can see here.  I was disappointed that my Rep had dropped in the rankings, so you can imagine my distress when I learned that not only Marsha had dropped, but my two Senators dropped….significantly!

blackburn  Votes.  A drop of 3% in Heritage’s ‘conservative rankings.

alexander  Votes. A drop of 6%.

corker  Votes. And last, we have Corker, with quite a significant change of 13%.

Now, I’m not saying that Heritage is the final voice in conservatism, but they ARE a voice that addresses a great many issues that concern the majority of conservatives today.  When I see my so called representatives voting against issues that are important to me and mine, I just have to wonder….who, exactly, are they representing?

See how your reps stack up here.  Funny how Sen Ted Cruz of Texas, and Sen Mike Lee of Utah have a 100% ranking, isn’t it.  The guys the libs love to hate!  :D  They really should get a new hobby….like basket weaving or some such, don’cha know.

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