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Obama Lied! Period!

29 October 2013, 11:13 am. Comments Off. Filed under Opinion.

Are people who voted for this fool finally snapping out of their stupor?  Well, the ones who haven’t been living off the gubmint teat most likely are doing just that!  The media?  Well, it appears that a very few are getting wise, and hopefully realizing they have been used like an old dust rag to promote the worst president to ever come down the pike! 

We have a website that doesn’t work, set up by buddies of the Obamas.  What are the odds, eh?  People who have been very pleased with their insurance are being forced to purchase something they don’t want, and can’t afford, all while battling with a website that doesn’t work.  From the statistics I’ve seen, more than 80% of those who have been able to get the site to work for them are signing up for Medicaid.  In other words, they won’t be buying insurance, they’ll be getting taxpayer funded medical care.  Well, care is relative I guess. 

And just think, if you do get on the site, answer all their questions, and decide not to fall into their trap?  Well, too late!  They already have all your info, and you ARE in that trap. 

“If you like your insurance, you can keep it.”  What he failed to mention was that you may have it canceled because it just doesn’t meet HIS standards of what HE believes the standards should be.  Well, I don’t need maternity care, and I sure don’t need birth control, and I damn sure am not willing to pay for some hootchie’s abortion.  So, HIS standards are, in my opinion, immoral!

Oh, and one more thing….  If my insurance premiums rise….again… I’ll be one of those paying a fine because I am not going to be homeless just to satisfy HIS evil plan to destroy the economy!  He’s already done a pretty decent job of doing just that already, why add to his happiness and our misery?

Has Your Health Insurance Plan Been Canceled?
Amy Payne & Kelsey Harris – The Foundry

They liked their health care plans—but they couldn’t keep them.

That’s the situation facing nearly 1.5 million Americans right now under Obamacare, although that’s far from a final tally.

White House spokesman Jay Carney admitted yesterday that some Americans will not be able to keep their health care plans under Obamacare:

So it’s true there are existing health care plans on the individual market that do not meet those minimum standards and therefore do not qualify for the Affordable Care Act.

Dianne Barrette of Florida is one of those people. Last month, the 56-year-old received a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield informing her that her current plan will be canceled in January 2014. The new plan she’s being offered would cost her $591 a month—10 times more than the $54 premium she currently pays.

“What I have right now is what I am happy with and I just want to know why I can’t keep what I have,” Barrette told “CBS This Morning.” “Why do I have to be forced into something else?”

People all over the country are getting hit with cancellation notices from their health insurance companies detailing new, much more expensive plans that comply with Obamacare.

Californian Natalie Willis is another.

“Before, I had a plan that I had a $1,500 deductible,” she told CBS News. “I paid $199 a month. The most similar plan that I would have available to me would be $278 a month. My deductible would be $6,500, and all of my care after that point would only be covered 70 percent.”

The cancellations are still being announced in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Maryland. Over the next year, NBC News reports, between 50 percent and 75 percent of the 14 million consumers who buy insurance on the individual market could get cancellations.

It’s been five weeks since launched, and the website’s problems are still not fixed. But Obamacare’s problems—like kicking people off their current health insurance—cannot be fixed. It was designed to transform the health insurance system with its web of mandates and regulations.


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