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Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 1/29/14

29 January 2014, 12:05 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under General News, Opinion.

Sometimes, you come across a story that makes you question the sanity of humans.  Two crimes in one small bundle!

I often think of ‘reporters as vultures.  Why?  Because, well, they often behave like vultures, especially when there’s been a murder, and they flock to the scene, badgering the family and friends.  Things like that.  When a reporter actually asks a legitimate question of an elected official, you’d kind of hope said official would show some class, and respond in a rational manner.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often.  Either the official will ignore the question, dance around it, or…as this guy did, be offended and threaten said reporter.  This isn’t a good response, but hey…he did apologize.  That has to count for something, right?  Well, it does for the OTHER side!

He was best man at Barack and Michelle’s wedding.  He is the head of the BHO Foundation.  So, apparently, there is a close relationship between Malik Obama and his brother, the President of the United States.  Riddle me this, Obamaman….why is your brother wearing a scarf that says ‘Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING!’ and includes a map of “palestine” with the caption “From the river to the sea!”.  Walid Shoebat has more info.  I’ve been mostly inclined to say that Obama is an atheist, but more and more, since it’s ok for muzzie to lie to promote their agenda, I’m seriously wondering….  And heaven knows, if there’s one thing Obama does well, it’s LIE!

Well, ain’t that a pip!  The Obama administration backed Morsi in Egypt 100%.  Is it any surprise that their buddy was in contact with al-Qaeda?  No, it’s not.  Is it any surprise that the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization that put Morsi in power, was being instructed to slaughter Christians?  Nope.  Not a bit.  Is it any wonder that I suspect Obama of being a closet muzzie?  Not really.

The media’s hero worship of Obama never stops!  It’s rather pathetic!  The media is suppose to be the voice FOR the people.  Instead, it’s turned into a joke, a lapdog for the worst POTUS this nation has ever seen!

Baby, it’s COLD outside!!  Bring back global warming!  Sheesh!

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  1. Gary K.. 29 January 2014, 12:59 pm

    Warming is the cause of your cooling and if it gets warmer it will just get cooler.
    From yesterday.

    This morn the temp was -12 and the windchill felt like -18.

    This noon the temp is 1 above and the windchill feels like -25.

    This ‘proves’ that warming causes cooling. :)


  2. olbroad. 29 January 2014, 5:54 pm

    Ya just gotta love liberal loon logic! Heh.

    We had a veritable heat wave today! Got up to 32! Ok…I won’t rub it in! That’s fairly chilly for these parts on the average. The last few days….dayyum! Schools have been closed! Hills and ice don’t mix, don’cha know.