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Losing My Mind?

12 April 2014, 9:25 pm. 6 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family.

slide2 strange


10 April 2014, 7:49 pm. No Comments. Filed under Friends & Family.

I’m not at all sure I’m going to survive this next few days.  :?

My Lil Dude!

12 March 2014, 8:00 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family.

bday boy

On This Day In History….

12 March 2014, 11:32 am. 1 Comment. Filed under Friends & Family.


My Wee Spud is a whole 2 years old today, and I’m not there. I’m quite depressed about this, but I have my reasons. Hey…. We can have a mini celebration when I get down there in a few weeks, and I don’t think Spud would mind having a second cake and more presents, do you? It’s not like he’s gonna remember I missed his real birthday, right? I hope!

Jamaica monlil dude 4 wheelin'


On This Day In History….

2 January 2014, 10:24 am. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family.

….a long, LONG, time ago, wee Brat made her appearance.  Quite painfully too, I might add!  The height of the disco era.  UGH!  Ok, it was 1975!

wee brat  Kind of looks like a stoned Churchill, doesn’t she!  Heh!  Wonder why most babies get that look?  :?

Weighing in at 7lbs, 6oz….I think! (Hey…it was a long time ago!)  21 inches long, with big feet!  She’s still got the big feet!  And uses my head as an arm rest.     She’s tall!  Then again, to me, EVERYBODY is tall!

39 cake

Family Insanity! :D

27 December 2013, 9:26 am. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!  Although, the last couple of days have been questionable.  Between wee Spud and I, we’ve hacked up at least one lung!  Joy!  And we were both doing quite well when the Mr and I arrived on Sunday, albeit a bit tired.  :?

Anyway, the ability to write anything has been a challenge, so I didn’t.  :D  If you live in a house with a small tornado, you’ll understand completely.  Concentration is at a premium, so why bother, right?  LOL

To say that Christmas morning was a riot, would be an understatement.  Between the toddler and the teenager, it was quite a sight.  Oh nooooo…there are NO spoiled kids in THIS house!  Heh.

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On This Day In History…..

29 November 2013, 7:01 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family, Just Cuz, The Bunker.

….twas the day of……….THE BUNKER! Heh.


Yes…it’s late in the day, but still. Hey…I had some things to do, and got totally distracted. :D

GG Bat’s Brief Spud Update

24 November 2013, 7:42 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family.

Well, since I don’t get enough pics sent to me, I have to snap a few while doing a bit of Facetime or snag them off Facebook. That’s ok. I’m sure I’ll get plenty at Christmas. :D

Spud cheetos  Are those Cheetos or carrots?  *cringe*

How can ya not love those dimples!! Spud 1

lil dude 4 wheelin' And there he goes! A friend’s kid has one. Should Ick and Brat get him one?

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GG Bat’s Wee Spud Update….Again

27 October 2013, 10:56 am. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family, Just Cuz.

Ok, y’all might not find pics of my family all that entertaining, or informative, but hey…this is for MY benefit! :P Besides, watching the wee one growing up in pictures let’s us know just how much older WE are getting. Heh!

baby belly Looks like the boy has been getting into Dada’s beer stash! Heh.

It’s going to take a while for him to fill those shoes, but eventually…. big shoes

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Happy Birfdaze!

18 October 2013, 10:47 am. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family.

Today is one of my OLDER sister’s birthday. I’m not gonna tell you her age, but I will say she has 3 years on me! Heh! Yep…got one coming up, too. It sucks.

Anyway, just wanted with wish her a grand day…even though she does have to work!


GG Bat/Big Mama’s Spud and SP Update

6 October 2013, 4:42 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family.

I’ll freely admit it…. I miss my family! Yes, even Brat and Ick! But don’t tell them! Heh! My wee Spud is growing so fast, pictures just aren’t enough. I share them for my benefit, so bear with me, ok? :) And the youngest granddaughter? Holy cow! She’ll be driving in a year? Oh no….this is just NOT right!

My daughter thinks she’s amusing, hence, the ‘bat brownies’. bat brownies

chewing the bat And then, of course, chomping ‘the bat’. Oh yeah…highly amusing. :?

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SP’s Day!

26 September 2013, 10:14 am. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family.

Today is my YOUNGEST granddaughter’s birthday.  When did she grow up?  That wasn’t suppose to happen!  Next year, she’ll be driving.

This is depressing!


I don’t care if she is getting taller than me (which isn’t that hard to do)…she’s will ALWAYS be Short Person! :P

He Sent Flowers??

23 September 2013, 12:57 pm. 3 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family.

He never sends flowers!  Why…well….we have four cats, and learned the hard way! 


Now, we put any and all flower items on top of the entertainment center. Just as well! I can see them from right here! :D

Lucky 13

23 September 2013, 10:05 am. 6 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family.

Yep!  Thirteen years ago today, I walked down that aisle….FOR THE LAST TIME…and it changed my life forever!

13th card   I married a guy with the patience of a saint!  :D  Who else would have put up with me?

Ya don’t often come across a guy that would, or could, deal with all the issues, and he knows what I mean.  Nope, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Well, maybe one or two.  Heh.

The day I married you was the luckiest day of my life!  You are my soul mate, my best friend, and I’m gonna keep ya!! Yep, you’re stuck with me for the duration!!

happy 13th

Overdue GG Bat’s Spud Update

14 September 2013, 12:55 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family, Just Cuz.

Yep, the lil’ dude is growing fast, and quite a character.  GranBrat has her hands full, that’s for sure!  Heh.

He obviously has a major hair issue. Ick says he looks like Peanut, the Jeff Dunham character.

peanut 2 jeff_dunham_peanut

Uh…yeah…dye his hair green, and we might have a match! sigh… I keep tellin’ ‘em…get some Brylcreem! “A little dab’ll do ya!” Do they even make that stuff anymore? I looked, and a matter of fact…they do! Heh. Maybe I should get some to put in his Christmas stocking.

Yep! Serious hair issues!! happy Spud

One thing that cracks me up is his reaction to that Geico commercial with the camel. The first time he saw the commercial I was down there, and he just cackled like a chicken. Every time after, it was a stop, watch, and cackle scene. Well, GG Bat being the GG Bat, I had to hunt down a camel, which is named…wait for it….. HUMP DAY!! Heh!

hump day

cam footballin' Since it’s now football season, Ick is training him early!

Of course, I don’t think he expected the SP to join the fun, with bubbles! bubbles The official ‘man cave’ has been invaded by rugrats!

He’s got a good start on the boo boo lip. the family lip With a little more practice…. :D

And don’cha know…it’s the oddest things can entertain a small child for quite a while!