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S.S., D.D.

24 January 2014, 1:17 pm. 1 Comment. Filed under General News, Opinion.

So, I’ve been on this new med for 3 days.  I think 3 days of this crap is long enough, don’t you?  I’m in more pain than I’ve ever been previously, I’m dizzy, have shortness of breath, can’t sleep well due to excessive pain, and feel like a freakin’ zombie!  ENOUGH!

Yeah….yesterday was pretty wasted, so I didn’t post.  I was curled up in bed watching movies.  The Robe, The Bells of St. Mary’s, Rio Bravo, and half of Support Your Local Sheriff…  I’d say that was a great use of my time, wouldn’t you?  :D  Ok, so I didn’t get anything done, but hey, watching classic movies is a whole lot more entertaining than say…..doing laundry, right?

While I was being a vegetable, much happened that I wasn’t aware of until today.  Well, basically, it’s a S.S., D.D. scenario.  The liar in chief is still blaming everyone but himself for his failures.  Not only has his policies ruined the economy, he’s managed to lose the respect of many nations, friend and foe, for the U.S.  How’s that for a POTUS, eh?  Yes, he IS a caricature, and not a very good one, at that!

Once again, the administration’s minions are showing their bias!  When are they going to investigate the millions poured into campaigns by fraudulent means on THEIR side, eh?  What about all the voting fraud that went on in 2008, 2010, AND 2012!  I don’t think Obama truly won re-election.  I think the fraud put him back in so the the commies could continue their destruction.  But that’s just me!

Then, there’s John Boehner.  Ya know, I kind of liked him at first.  Now?  I wish the hell the GOPers would pull their heads out of their hinders and realize, this clown is no leader!!  Blaming his own party for the actions of the administration?  He claims to agree with the Tea Party 90% of the time?  Really?  Then why does he cave so often to the left?  What a total dipwad!  He needs to GO!

I really hope that every conservative who is able, you know the ones…pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-small government, pro-traditional marriage….the ‘extremists’ according to Cuomo, will leave the state of New York, and that worm infested apple of a city, and take their money with them.  Then, when the state, and city, go broke, we can tell ‘em to shove it where the sun don’t shine!

I dunno….maybe if McDonald’s brought back those extremely tasty french fries they use to have before they went PC, they might have a come back?   If I want bunny food, I don’t go to McDonald’s!

Justin Beiber got busted?  Well, here’s a great big….WHO GIVES A HAPPY CRAPPY!  Jiminy crickets!  Wall to wall coverage over a spoiled brat?  Give me a flippin’ break!  Send his sorry, arrogant ass back to Canada!  He’s damn lucky he didn’t kill someone!

Ok, that’s enough of that!  I’m gonna see if I can accomplish something productive, like finish watching that movie, and find a few more classics to occupy my time.  :D

A Few More Thoughts

21 January 2014, 9:28 pm. 3 Comments. Filed under General News, Opinion.

I’ve had an extremely busy day.  I don’t have many “good” days, so I take advantage of ‘em when they come around, no matter how freakin’ cold it is.  Ok, let’s be honest….if I wasn’t already out due to a doc’s appointment in Jackson, there ain’t NO way I would have gotten frisky and gotten so much done today….picked up some med, had a hair whack and fur rip, and spent an hour wandering around Wally World, picking up a WHOLE lot more than the five items I had on my list.  Over all, it would have been a good day if there hadn’t been 3 incidents with idiot drivers.  I won’t go into details, but one woman is lucky I didn’t shoot her!  UGH!  MORONS!!

So, needless to say, I haven’t paid much attention to the news all day.  I come home, start doing a little snooping on Drudge.  Guess what!  It’s snowing… the WINTER!  Jiminy crickets!  You’d think there had never been massive snows storms in the past.  Folks up in New York City are making some interesting claims against the new Commie mayor, de Blasio.  Ya know, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.  The hypocrisy of the left is mind boggling!

The U.S. was built on the hard work of many people.  It’s a sad day when ONE FIFTH of the households in this country receive food stamps.  Just why is that the case?  Well, the unemployment rate might have something to with that, don’t you think?  It’s time to stop the nonsense the federal government is pushing, and allow this country to get back on the RIGHT track, as it was intended!

It is absolutely horrifying to think that more than 55 MILLION innocent human beings have been murdered in this country since 1973.  “Legally”!  Any woman who even considers having her child ripped to pieces is totally appalling!

If I wasn’t totally tuckered, I could point out a lot more of the doings in the world, but right now, I think I’ll become a vegetable.

Some People Are Seriously Pissing Me Off!

6 January 2014, 1:06 pm. 3 Comments. Filed under General News, Opinion.

Does anyone else think that Barack Hussein Obama is a blithering idiot?  A very dangerous one, but an idiot, none the less. Excessively HIGH temperatures?  Seriously?  I’m freezing my hind end off in southern Tennessee, and that jackwagon is talking about HIGH temperatures?  I wonder if any of these ‘global warming’ fools are aware that warmer temperatures would actually be GOOD for the planet, and its people?  More farming land, longer growing seasons, more plants producing oxygen, and the like.  Yep!  Total idiots!  Just what is that “Polar vortex” he’s ignoring, eh?

I use to like Peter King.  USE to.  Now, I’m finding him to be highly offensive to thinking Americans!  Yes, there are still a few of us our here in the REAL world.  I wasn’t aware that it was the NSA’s job to spy on American citizens.  If that’s what he believes, perhaps HE doesn’t belong in the U.S. Senate!

Zero and the kids return to D.C. leaving Queen Michelle in Hawaii, at our expense of course!  Of all the ‘first ladies’ we’ve had, I have to tell ya, this is the most offensive person to play that role.  Apparently, she believes herself way above the rest of us peons, spending our money lavishly, while many of us just try to make ends meet.  Honestly, I’d rather be stuck in a room with him, than her.  I might say something rude.  True, but rude.

I seriously wonder if Obama is even capable of telling the truth.  He’s so damn narcissistic, probably not.  Most likely, he actually believes his own lies.  Pray tell, what do student loans have to do with health care?  Not a damn thing.  Shoot!  To be perfectly honest, Obamacare (ObamaDONTcare) has nothing to do with health care either!

John Kerry is another blithering idiot!  He really, REALLY, needs to read the Bible!  I’m starting to think that there are quite a few in Israel who have forgotten what the Tanuch says as well.  Does anyone really believe that there is going to peace between idolaters and Israel?  God instructed Israel to never give away land that HE had given them, for the sake of peace, but what is this administration asking them to do?  Just what God said NOT to do.  Yeah, they’ve done it in the past, and look what happened!  NOT a good outcome!  How about we tell the invaders THEY need to give up land that doesn’t belong to them, and go back to their countries of origin.  Think that will go over well?  Exactly!  Inviting ANY other muzzie countries into the ‘talks’ is an absurd idea.  They want to DESTROY Israel, not have peace.  Criminy!

And they want to have chats with Iran?    Bring them into talks about Syria? This administration is full of lunatics!

PLEASE!  For the love of all that is holy, NO MORE CLINTONS!  No Bushes, no Obamas, none of ‘em!  Aren’t we already in enough trouble thanks to the socialists who still call themselves Democrats?

Do they test cops for mental stability?  I’m starting to wonder if they are letting some loony tunes through the cracks!  Most cops are hard working, decent folks, but some are getting way out of hand!  There was no need for this tragedy!  And I pray that cop is charged with murder!  He made a choice.  It was the WRONG choice!

Ok, getting TOO pissed off!  Gonna put on my mittens and pray the heating guys show up soon!

A Few Items

28 December 2013, 10:53 am. 2 Comments. Filed under General News, Opinion.

Well, apparently, not watching the news, or reading on the internet has been good for my sanity!  :D  It has also given me an overload this morning, when I decided I’d just check out a few news sites!  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  I take a few days off and the world is still going to hell in a hand basket!  Did I expect anything different?  No, not really, but I was hoping!  sigh…  Hey…we can all have fantasies now and then, right?

The big headline on Drudge: A&E CAVES: PHIL ROBERTSON BACK IN

Naturally, GLAAD, or GLADD, or whatever it is, is whining! Well, let them whine! They are a minority in this country, and too much of our society has gone in the crapper thanks to such minority organizations! I wonder if they even know what the man said? Doubtful. The man paraphrased scripture. It’s not something he made up out of the blue. And ya know, no where did I see that he praised Jim Crow laws, which, in case you didn’t know, was a DEMOCRAT LAW! Well, I’m not going to dwell. The idea that a few people who hate the word of God can force the rest of us to their way of thinking seriously chaps my hide!  Ya know, when the Robertson family’s contract is up with A&E, I’d advise them to find another network to air their show!  It’s my understanding that there have been quite a few offers, including The Blaze!  Folks WANT family values on the idjit box.  We’re pretty tired of the trash that is broadcasts…on ALL the networks!

Todd Starnes is just as outraged as the rest of us!  How dare the VA refuse CHRISTmas cards from schools kids for our wounded warriors!  HOW DARE THEY!

Does anyone else find it appalling that the invaders who call themselves Palestinians are wanting the U.S. to prevent Israelis from building anything in their own country?  First off, what business is it off the U.S. where and when Israelis build?  It’s THEIR country!  God gave it to them, and HE has the final authority!  Not that damn fool Kerry!  Not Abbas!  Not Obama!  NO ONE has the right to tell one country when or where they can build!  PERIOD!  If you want to get right down to, that tiny strip of land should be a LOT bigger on today’s maps, but I don’t see the Israelis trying to kick anyone out of Lebanon, or Egypt, or Jordon, etc.

Once again, “kids” are out of control, behaving like freakin’ animals, trashing a mall in Brooklyn.  Why do these kids not get their asses busted by either the cops or their parents?  Do their parents not give a damn what their kids do?  Apparently!  No race is mentioned, but from the blurry pictures, I think it’s a given.  Oh, and let’s not forget about the man in MN who had his iPhone stolen, then beaten by a couple of teenage girls with a billy club!

Just why is it that black kids are so out of control?  What is the reason they don’t want to live in peace with their fellow citizens?  When it’s black kids that are causing all the trouble, committing the crimes, it is NOT racism to arrest them!  White kids are committing crimes, and they are getting arrested, too!  But we don’t hear about it unless it is a white person committing the crime against a black person, getting charged with a ‘hate crime’.  Well, aren’t the black kids committing hate crimes?  Why aren’t they being charged as well?  My suspicion is the same as a lot of other folks!  We have a racist attorney general!

So, the king of the world didn’t go to church on Christmas! This is news?  Here’s a WHO CARES!  The dude isn’t a Christian, so is it so surprising that he didn’t go to church?  I am quite surprised his kids aren’t in Hawaii with them.  What’s up with that?  By the way, I am a Christian, but I didn’t go to church either.  I wanted to, but since I’ve yet to get rid of the crud, I figured it was best not to spread the germs any more than necessary.  Truth be told, I haven’t been to church in about a year.  Health and church aren’t a good combination!  BUT, I do read my Bible, and study, and pray.  Yep… I even pray for those fools in D.C.  Of course, some people wouldn’t consider “Oh Lord, please remove their heads from their hinders!” a real prayer!  Heh!

Oh hey….how come the ‘powers that be’ won’t admit they’ve found Noah’s Ark?  Again?  That Ark is proof that the Bible is not a ‘fairy tale’!  Sheesh!

Yes, there is a great deal going on, but since a tiny tornado is on the rampage, I guess I should go help out Ick and Short Person.  I love my family!  :D

A Few Thoughts

5 November 2013, 10:29 am. 2 Comments. Filed under General News, Opinion.

Voters across the country are going to the polls today to voice their opinion on a variety of issues.  I wouldn’t swear to it, but I think it’s going to be interesting to see which direction the country will be heading.  Some issues are completely local, others could have an impact on the entire country.  I’d like to be optimistic and say folks will use common sense in their choices, but I’m afraid my optimism has taken a serious hit in recent years.

Yesterday, the Senate voted on one of the more ridiculous bills in recent history.  Ok, they vote on a LOT of ridiculous bills, and most of them do more harm than good.  This one, however, speaks volumes about the Senate, and a handful of people who don’t want to live in the real world with the genes God gave them.  My question is this:  If transgender, cross-dresser, whatever, seriously sucks at the job, will employers be allowed to fire them without getting sued?  Probably not.  the person will scream discrimination, even if no discrimination was involved in the employer’s decision.  This will hurt every business who will have to deal with such actions by a handful of the population.  Well, when the time comes, Judgement is going to swift and irreversible.

Obama scraps out space exploration, and India sends a rocket to Mars.  Anyone see a problem here?  Of course, he’s also decimated out military, destroyed the economy, and has been a high ol’ time on our dime, but hey…he is, after all….the left’s messiah, so…..

I’m not of the conspiracy minded, but does anyone else think it’s pretty odd that a lot of crazy people are going on rampages, intent on killing, or being killed?  Is someone setting these people up so that some control freak can say “See?  We have to take your guns away!”

I don’t if you heard about this, but I gotta tell ya, it doesn’t surprise me at all.  A white Dem refuses to shake hands with a black Republican.  Hmmm…  Was it racism?  Was he afraid the color would rub off?  Or, was he just your typical arrogant Democrat who feels himself to be above shaking hands with his opponent, because, like most Democrats, he has no class.  Or perhaps, it was a bit of both!

When a child is taught to hate, he/she will learn to hate.

What is there to negotiate?  Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and should not, can not, be divided to appease a bunch of raving lunatics!  That’s it!  Period!  There is no such thing as Palestine!  Never has been, never will be!  Call it what you want, it is Israel!  And Mo was never there!  So why that particular spot in the Old City is so holy to the muzzies is beyond me!  Most Israelis are more than willing to live in peace with their muslim neighbors.  The opposite can not be said of the muslims.  Their intent is to destroy and murder.

Is there ANYONE in this administration with ANY common sense?  If a doctor cuts off the wrong leg, do you allow him to cut off the other too?  Well, that’s what this administration is doing with re-hiring the same company that screwed up the Obamacare website.  Excuse me….ARE YOU FREAKIN’ STOOPID???  The obvious answer would be …..  YES!  But since they are buddy buddy with Moochelle, that’s ok.

Now that I’m royally pissed off after reading more of the news than I had intended, I’m going to attempt to do a few of things I’ve been unable to do for the past few weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed!

A Few Items

I’ve gotten to the point where I hate reading the news, or watch it on the idjit box.  The world has gone totally insane, and I don’t want it to drag me along with it!  Sadly, news is an addiction, and I will watch it, and read it, and, of course, get royally pissed off once again.

I hear D’Bama blathered his BS again.  The Mr asked me if I wanted to watch it on the TV.  Thank goodness I knew he was kidding.  He KNOWS better.  I am tired of the lies spewed.  Obamacare, which has nothing to do with care, and all about Obama, aka Affordable Care Act, or ACA, is also not about care, and is damn sure not affordable.  Oh, it might help the very few, but those who actually work for a living, have, or had, insurance through their jobs, the cost can be astronomical.  There are a LOT of folks out there with stories of their shock.  Most states will see a substantial increase in the cost of insurance through Obamacare.  Why would anyone with an ounce of common sense want to give up all their personal information, and have to pay through the nose to have coverage?  It makes no sense.  The Rs say the battle to defund isn’t over.  We shall see.  It’s a shame Obama is so arrogant, he refuses to see the HUGE flaws in his plan, and is incapable of saying it was a BIG mistake to force people to buy something they don’t want.  I don’t give a flip what the SCOTUS says, it is unconstitutional.  And they are NOT the last word!  States have the right to nullify any unconstitutional laws.  Just ask P/H! If only we had some leadership within the states that had cajones! sigh…

Once again, there was a blatantly racist attack on two whites by a gang of blacks, and once again, the media is silent.  Do you ever wonder why this is happening?  If a white gang attack a black person, it would lead in the nightly news, but when it’s the opposite, they are mostly silent.  This has become almost an every day occurrence, yet the media apparently doesn’t see it as news.  Well, many DO believe it is newsworthy, and chide the media for their duplicity. When is the so called POTUS going to speak out, as he did about the Gates arrest, when he stated the police “acted stupidly”, or when he stated that if he had a son, he’d look just like Trayvon Martin. About that Martin thing…yeah… likely his son would be like him….a criminal in the making.

Do you ever wonder just how stupid people come to be? I blame the public education, so called institution of higher learning, and the lame stream media. Anyone who believes their lives would be so improved under an Nazi-style Orwelian police state is sadly mistaken! Apparently, they don’t teach REAL history anymore, and these fools would condemn themselves, and their fellows citizens, to repeat all the hell that previous nations have endured.  Do they not know what Mao Tse-Tung did in China?  Have they not heard of the Holocaust?  No Pol Pot lessons in their classes?  It’s a long list, and they would choose death over freedom?  I do not understand such a mindset, and I don’t want to!

Here’s one for ya:

But here’s a bright spot you won’t hear about in the anti Israel slanted news!  But if you see any news about the refugees from Syria and see purple bags, you’ll know where they came from, even though no one will actually say it!

Ok, that’s about all the garbage I can handle for the moment.  The new meds are playing havoc with me.  Oh yippee… I get to be semi drunk without ever drinking.  :?  Hopefully, it’s just a matter of adjusting to them, and I’ll be right as rain in no time!  But I ain’t holding my breath.  Heh!

A Few Sunday Contemplations

There are times when I actually feel like posting something, believe it or not.  I do a search of items of the day, and all I find is more and more…..well, garbage!  I can go look at Drudge, Brietbart, Fox, and even some of the alphabets, searching for something that strikes my interest, and I would have something positive to say about the story.  Well, I can’t find any upbeat messages these days.  All I see are stories about how wonderful a job Obama is doing (from MSLSD mostly).  Or, if I want to fry a few brain cells, and lose a few IQ points, I’ll check out HuffPo, or even (clutching my heart) The Daily Beast or…getting barf bag… The Daily Kos.  Ok, granted, it’s rare on those two, but when you are in the mood, finding something that strikes your interest becomes a mission.

To tell the truth, I do see many stories that I could comment on, but I’m a lady, and attempt to refrain from using such language, although it is getting more and more difficult, and I let slip the occasional four lettered word.  Blame the anger!

It really is getting more and more difficult to express the constant anger.  And I’m not an angry person.  In reality, I’m a very happy person.  I love looking out my window and seeing the Glory of God.  For those who are confused by that, I mean the trees, the hummingbirds, and even the rain that turns our front walk into a water fall when it rains.  All that we see was created by God, and I know He is in charge.  Oh sure, there are some folks who believe THEY are the big kahuna, but they couldn’t be more wrong!

That’s why I get so mad when I read about another fiasco caused by those in the current administration, or some absurd action by some brainless politician, or ‘activist’.  Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference!

How about an example or 10 of what gets me so angry, eh?

Here’s one.  Some moron, who calls himself an artist unveils a mural.  The intent of this piece of crap?  Well, in my mind, it has one purpose and one purpose only….to further divide an already divided nation.  Pushing this ‘we are all Trayvon Martin’ garbage is ludicrous!  No, we are NOT all Trayvon Martin.  I have no desire to be a drugged thug wannabe.  I don’t know anyone who would make that claim.  It’s time to let this go.  A kid was killed.  It was tragic.  Two families are destroyed.  Leave them in peace.  Kids, unfortunately, of every color, are killed every day.  No one is putting murals in state capitals to honor them!  And that’s another question I have.  Just who said it was ok for this guy to push his agenda of hatred in that capital?  They need to rethink their actions.  Jiminy crickets!

Read on…

Back To Normal?

8 August 2013, 5:58 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Blog Stuff, Chris From Racine, Friends & Family, General News.

Yeah…well, whatever constitutes normal around here, I guess we’re back to it.  The young’uns are back in Texas,  big boy Chris has returned to Yankeeland, Lynchberg lunch and I’m in my jammies.  Yep…that’s pretty normal…for me.

I’m quite aware that my blogging hasn’t been quite up to par in recent months, and there’s a darn good reason for that, too, even without the kids and friends, and travel, and….oh yes….let’s not forget this second bout with pee-moan-ya!  sigh….  Getting real tired of this, don’cha know!  My immune system sucks!

But, even though I have not been keeping up with posting my opinions on various subjects, that doesn’t mean I have been completely out of touch with what has been going on in the world.  Although, truth be told, not as much as I usually do, and it’s been a lot more peaceful in my brain without all the feckless weasels, aka politicians, taking up space.  :D

Yep, I’m aware the phony POTUS needs a geography lesson, and can’t be trusted to tell the truth about anything anyway.

I have to admit, this was, and wasn’t a surprise.  Megyn Kelly is one of my favorites, but what are they going to do with Sean?  I’ve no doubt he lost quite a few viewers, including me, when all he did was cover the Zimmerman/Trayvon disaster…nonstop!

Apparently, only black kids deserve the ‘race hustlers’ attention.  When a white kid has the crap beat out of him by 3 black kids, we hear crickets.  When a “white Hispanic” girl is stabbed 11 times by a black kid in a hoodie, we hear crickets.  Will we hear any outrage from them about the 12 year old white girl who was strangled by a black boy?  Lord knows, we won’t hear anything about the many black children murdered by other black kids, because, you know…that’s just a myth.

Wouldn’t you think that after they had been found out, the IRS would at least attempt to behave like they are a taxpayer funded entity?  Nope.  They’re still at it, and it just makes ya wonder…who is pulling the strings.  Well, Truman said ‘the buck stops here’, referring to the Oval office, so, I reckon, all those bucks are landing on the current occupant’s lap.  But that’s just a ‘phony scandal‘ don’cha know.   Problem is, what we have is a PHONY president!  :?

Well, like I said, I have been paying attention.  Whether or not I’ll do more posting is another issue.  It really all depends on how I feel, because at this point, that ain’t so swuft!  sigh…

Nope! Haven’t Fallen Off The Planet!

8 July 2013, 8:35 am. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family, General News, Just Cuz, Opinion.

Although, I have thought it might be the only way to get some time to myself!  Heh.  Having a teenager, with no off switch, and a toddler, with no volume control, is a bit trying, I’m finding it a whole lot more enjoyable than the current goings on in the world right now.  While I have managed to post videos, but haven’t watched m’self, which I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s a bit more difficult to actually THINK about what to say concerning the ‘hard news’ world when you have a tiny elephant running back and forth, rearranging the furniture, dumping out the DVDs, eating the cats’ food, and generally terrorizing the household, including the aforementioned felines. Although, to their credit, they have been amazingly patient with wee Spud, and then run like hell to escape under the bed, into a closet, or anywhere they can find to save their fur. :D

While my whole house is in an uproar, I’ve been attempting to keep up with the world in general.  For instance, I’m quite aware of the doings in Egypt.  And how does our illustrious Dear Leader react?  Well, apparently, even though he took sides during their so called Arab Spring against the previous dictator, he says he’s not taking sides, with or against the most recent dictator.  Now, why is that, I wonder?  Hmmm…  Could it be he is a closet Islamist?  Well, there are a lot of commonalities between Islamists and socialists, so it’s possible.  Just an example…both hate freedom, and don’t believe people should be able to make their own choices where their lives are concerned.  And let’s not forget, Hitter was a big fan of such Islamists, and visa versa.

Much to my chagrin, the George Zimmerman case is one of Sean Hannity’s obsessions, as it is with most of the Fox folks, during the day.  It’s not that I don’t care about the man, or that a 17 year old was shot, it’s just that over 1000 people have been shot in Chicago in 2013, so far, and 10 dead in just a 3 or 4 day period.  I wonder how many threats of violence have come with any trials being handled in Chicago there have been?  Hmmm…  None that I’m aware of, and if there were, we’d never know about them.  Do I think Zimmerman’s guilty?  Actually, the only thing I believe he’s guilty of is being “white”, which he isn’t.  Well, he is, in a way, as Hispanics are actually Caucasoid, but you know what I mean.  Why the threats?  Well, apparently, there is the entitlement class, divided from the rest of society by a very divisive POTUS.

Well, shoot, the rugrat is awake, and I must away!  I need Xanex!  :D  We’re going to take him to play with another rugrat down the road, and perhaps will have him so worn out, I’ll actually have a minute or two to myself later?  I’m not going to hold my breath.  sigh….

BP Rising

25 May 2013, 1:41 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under General News, Opinion.

I wish the hell they’d show me just WHERE in the Constitution it states there are “prohibitions against religious symbols on public property“.  WHERE???  They can’t, because it is NOT THERE!!  Never has been!  And these towns that cave to their lies are just as bad as they are with their demands!

Look for these incidents to happen even more frequently.  Unless, or until, people take a stand against the animals, and send them back to their third world hellholes, no one is safe!

I’m just going to come right out and say it….  John Kerry is a moron!  But then, when it comes to Israel, and phony “peace process”, there are a LOT of morons in the U.S. government, and the Useless Numbnuts!  Wha’cha wanna bet not one of ‘em has EVER read the Bible?  Seems pretty clear to me!  No division.  No kowtowing to animals.  There is no such thing as a Palestinian!!!  Build wherever ya want… it IS your land!!!

The muzzies in the UK can shout death threats, assault whomever they please, murder soldiers, but what is the priority of the British gubmint?  Arresting an 85 year old woman for using her ‘freedom of speech’.  Spare no expense to protect murderous pigs, but heaven forbid if you get fed up and speak your mind!

But the war on terror’ is over.  Obama said so!  We’re just all one, big, happy family!

The so called president of the United States invites criminals for a sit down in the Oval Office?  What kind of BS is that?  Oh…wait a minute!  This is something he does on a regular basis.  Reckon the LAW means nothing to that man/child, eh?  Silly me!  Of course it doesn’t!  He’s ABOVE the law after all!

Yikes!  I almost forgot about this little tidbit!  This is a joke, right?  They aren’t really serious, are they?  A science project gets a kid arrested?  Well hell…reckon I should have been arrested, right along with my science teachers back when!

There is just too much going on!  Scandals, criminal governments, slaughter of innocents.  Something is so very wrong with the world, I can’t even begin to comprehend the evil that pervades on a daily basis.

Some Off The Wall News

17 May 2013, 9:24 am. Comments Off. Filed under General News, Opinion.

Well, ain’t that a pip!  Pussified males are more likely to be left wing, Obama voters.  Tell me something I didn’t know.  Heh.

It looks like Italy has a problem with criminal immigrants, and one group wants to put a stop to it.  I can understand their angst.  Whether they are illegal invaders, or not, those entering that country want to change it to the country they left.  Rather like what is happening here.  Of course, here, if you are an illegal, you can get away with all sorts of violent crimes, and be set free to roam the streets to offend again.

Milwaukee really had a ‘ban on bras’?  Honestly, it’s gotta be the water, polluted with the sewage from the Deep Tunnel!  Again.

Wow.  It’s hard to believe, sitting in my comfy recliner, in my centrally heated and a/c’d home, that there are still cultures in this world that believe the killing of children will remove ‘bad luck’.

O…..M…..G!!  Seriously??  They burned Barbie on a cross?

So, it’s NOT the Freemasons, it’s the Skull & Bones.  Got it!

Just a cotton pickin’ minute!  I KNOW Obama said al Qaeda is on the run, so how could we be at war with ‘em for the next 20 years?

Now, THAT is just plain WRONG!  The whole damn place should be bulldozed!

A Few Saturday Thoughts

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This has been quite an interesting week.  Personal and political.  I have actually avoided a lot of the “tabloid” news.  Most, I could give a flying flip.  We have been inundated with some stupid, crazy, broad that murdered her boyfriend.  Is it necessary to do more than 2 or 3 minutes on this trash?  Ok, we know she shot, stabbed, and darn near decapitated the poor guy.  She was found guilty of first degree murder (took ‘em long enough) and…she’d rather get the death penalty than spend the rest of her life in prison!  The lame stream media seems to believe this was so important, they spend way too much time covering the story when there were a LOT more important issues to address.

Like what you ask?  Well, there’s that Mengele wanna be in Philadelphia for one.  The prosecution presented a very compelling case, and the defense rested.  Nothing.  Rather odd, but hey…when you have that much to dispute, and you already several pleading guilty on the same charges, it’s kind of hard to defend someone who murdered babies and a ‘mother’.  He should have been charged with a lot more, but hey….if this will put a stop to his slaughter, ok!  The jury is STILL out on this one.  Strange that the lame stream didn’t even pick up the story for months.  Just recently they have been shamed into giving the story a bit of attention.  I could have given them a verdict in about 2 seconds, but since there are actually 227 charges, I guess it takes a while.

What SHOULD have been the lead story for EVERY media outlet was the hearings on Benghazi!  But no…it wasn’t even important enough to trump the tabloid media’s coverage of the bimbo from hell!  FINALLY, yesterday, the lame stream took notice, and pounded Obama’s mouthpiece.  If you saw any of the press conference‘that was delayed for 3 hours because of a “private meeting“, you would have been impressed.  Naturally, the White House’s very own Bagdad Bob, Carney blamed the Republicans.  You’d think someone would step up, but no, this is the Obama administration is incapable of taking responsibility for ANYTHING!  Kind of reminds me of a 4 year old that broke the cookie jar.  People wouldn’t be so up in arms if, just for once, they’d tell the freakin’ truth!  That’s all we’re asking!

Then we had the IRS.  Yes, that ‘non-partison’, government run, money stealing bunch literally TARGETED the Tea Parties, and anyone who is associated with any of the Tea Party groups, even a former candidate for the House!  Oh, they apologized, but that ain’t cuttin’ it!  I wonder if the small issue we had was related?  Naw…couldn’t be!  ……  :|  Let’s not forget that this is the same IRS that will be ‘in charge’ of all the Obamacare “it’s not a tax” taxes.

As for the personal part of the week…. I’ve spent a lot of time with doctors.  Next week, and the week after….same thing.  I now have general, bone, heart, snout, blood, and skin doc.  Jiminy crickets!  So, blogging will just as light, or maybe even non existent, on most days.  I’ve also got a lot on my mind, as you can imagine.  sigh…  I still think it would be cheaper if the Mr just got that young fella to bring over his backhoe, dig a 6×4, and toss me in!  Sheesh!

Remember West, Texas

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Bodies of firefighters, residents pulled from West blast rubble

Day breaks here on a ghastly sight: A little town until now known for kolaches, polka and good times swarms with rescue workers pulling bodies from the rubble of a fertilizer plant and nearby apartment complex.

Thursday evening authorities began removing the bodies of what are expected to be 12 firefighters from the smoldering crater that was West Fertilizer Co. and more bodies of residents in the complex, said longtime West Justice of the Peace David Pareya.


The removal of the dead began in the evening with a private ceremony out of view of the media or public where other firefighters lined up as the bodies were brought out, Pareya said.

Authorities also found two bodies in the apartment complex, a man and woman whose names are being withheld pending notification of relatives. Rescuers haven’t yet been able to search the second floor of the complex, but expect to find two to three more bodies there, Pareya said.

With so much going on today, let’s not forget to pray for the victims of the disaster in West, and their families.

Disaster In West

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Powerful Explosion Rocks Fertilizer Plant in West

As many as 75 buildings confirmed to have serious damage

A massive explosion at a fertilizer plant ripped through a small Texas town Wednesday night, creating a powerful shockwave that flattened homes, smashed out windows and could be felt as far as 80 miles away. The blast may have killed as many as 15 people and injured 160, officials said.

“Just fire everywhere,” said Sammy Chavez, who witnessed the explosion. “Bodies on the ground, bloody bodies, people in panic. Firemen, fire trucks, police cars filled the town.”

I pray for those injured, many quite seriously. I pray for the families and friends of those killed. I will not speculate what caused this explosion.

NBCDFW has live coverage (as of 11am CST), talking to members of the community.

A Swarm For Passover

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With Passover Approaching, a Plague of Locusts Descends Upon Egypt

As if we hadn’t already seen enough Biblical events this year, a plague of over 30 million locusts swarmed over Egypt’s cities and farms just three weeks before Passover begins. But put your apocalyptic fears to rest. This happens every year as part of the locusts’ natural migration pattern, though this year’s swarm is especially large. That doesn’t mean Egyptians aren’t freaked the heck out by millions of nasty bugs buzzing through the air at all hours of day and night, possibly descending upon the agriculture fields where they’re known to destroy entire crops, just like in the actual Passover story.

Just how do they know that God didn’t send a few extra locusts to make a point? Well, I guess we just don’t know, but considering that the government of Egypt is anti-God, I guess there is that possibility.


A comment left by Paolo Roberto on the article: Egypt has locusts, America has Obama and the congress, both destroy everything they touch.

Well, now, I don’t think I could put it any better. Yep, we have our own locusts. They are called Socialist Democrats.