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Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 4/16/14

16 April 2014, 10:01 am. 4 Comments. Filed under General News, Opinion.

I don’t think anyone in D.C. should be getting a paycheck until they figure out how to get their spending absurdity under control, from the bottom to the top…..NO PAYCHECK!  And when ya get right down to it, none of those that hold those top offices really need a check.  They can live on what they already have in the bank, or the income from their investments, etc.  We’ve been shafted enough!  Holder is a criminal, and shouldn’t just be not paid….he should be returning every single dime, then shoved behind bars.

Now, you know there is something going right when a Dem leaning polling group finds the state AG in the lead, by double digits, over Abortion Barbie.  :D

I wouldn’t swear to it, but I’m of the opinion that the current resident of the White House has a whole lot more important things to deal with, like you know….the country sinking deeper in debt, borders leaking like a sieve, wars and rumors of wars, hanging on to what few ‘friends’ we have left in the world, and the like.  I don’t think it’s the job of the POTUS to give taxpayer money to a city that ran itself into the ground.  But hey…that’s just me!

Well, why the heck not!  She’s a failure at damn near everything else, might as well be a failure in the Senate, too, just like the rest of the Dems!  Assuming, of course, she can lie, cheat, and steal with the best of ‘em!

What kind of low life, scum sucking, SOB, would even think of doing something so callous?!  Apparently, an “artist”.  Well, I don’t consider a slap in the face to the families who lost loved ones, who were horribly injured, and no one whose life will never be the same, as “art”!  I would suggest, however, to leave that family alone.  They have enough to deal with without the vultures, aka media, breathing down their necks.

With so many issues facing Tennessee right now, THIS is what The Tennessean considers ‘breaking news’?
Give me a freakin’ break!

Taking economic pointers from a socialist, and rolling out the ‘red carpet’, says a hell of a lot about the Dems, and this administration.  If you want to know why the country is no longer a Republic, look no further than that commies SOBs occupying the White House, starting with that bigot, Woodrow Wilson!  Every time we start to move back towards the right track, the low/no information voters drag us right back down.

So, whose bright idea was it to stop spying on our enemies?  Anyone who doesn’t think they are our enemies are sadly delusional!

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 4/8/14

8 April 2014, 8:08 am. 2 Comments. Filed under General News, Opinion.

I don’t care what Boehner does….cry, whine, stomp his foot, threaten to withhold money, whatever….the DOJ, with one of the top criminal in the country in charge, is NOT going to do dick about another criminal that was in charge.  I mean, after all, this IS the Obama administration we’re talkin’ about here!  Just another name for the Chicago mob.

This is just priceless!  Coerced into bringing down some of the mob, which I don’t have a problem with, because of being wrapped up in a drug enterprise.  Yep.  Priceless.  I gotta ask the questions…how can a child be ordained as a minister?  And just what Bible does he follow, cuz it sure isn’t the same Bible I’ve read!  Reverend my left eyeball!

Looks like things are heating up in Ukraine.  No pun intended.

To be honest, I’m actually surprised the vote was unanimous!  Of course, common sense tells ya that you don’t knowingly allowed admitted terrorists from entering our country, but this is the Democrat controlled Senate, and usually common sense is never in play.  When ideology doesn’t get in the way, they can place nice.  Unfortunately, it’s a rare occurrence.

Then, there are the insane.  What type of person walks into a police station, and opens fire?  One that is hell bent on committing suicide in my opinion.  One officer was wounded, hit seven times, but is doing well.  Wishing him a very speedy recovery!

I don’t see the problem with donating to your boss’ campaign.  I do see a problem with the really NICE raises they got.  There may be no connections, but it does create some interesting questions.  If local governments are just as broke as the feds, how do they manage to pay their staffers such salaries?  Where does that money come from, and who says give out such hefty raises?

I seriously doubt this was an act of vigliantism.  A man stops to help a child he hit with his car, doing the right thing, and he’s attacked, beaten, his property stolen?  That’s not vigiliantism.  That is a criminal mob.  A group of young blacks beat the white driver, leave, and come back to beat him again.  This is information in related stories, so I’m not making assumptions.

I don’t think a kiss should be the undoing of a public official.  Let’s face it, even Christians sin.  Christians acknowledge their sin, ask for forgiveness, and try to repair the damage done by their sin.  It’s not hypocrisy, it’s human.  However, those who sin, and blow it off, while pointing fingers at others….THAT is hypocrisy.

Who is the mental midget that put this POS in charge of ANYTHING!  He, or she, should be fired, and this jackwagon either evicted, or put in prison.  Rudyard Kipling was right… “never the twain shall meet“.

Taking over, one step at a time, indoctrinating children first.  Rather like the commies in the U.S. DOE, don’t you think?

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 4/2/14

2 April 2014, 12:17 pm. 9 Comments. Filed under General News, Opinion.

When you fear for your safety, are being pelted by rocks of various size, which can kill (just ask Goliath), you defend yourself. Period.  ACLU be damned!

The arrogance of the current resident of the White House is astounding.  Daily, he reminds us of just how wonderful he is, and that we should all bow to his will.  “I won.  You lost.  The people WILL fall in line.”  WRONG!  So, who will step up among the number of ‘representatives’ of WE, The People?  Is there anyone in either the House or the Senate that is not afraid of this man/child?  We shall see.  All the while, the lapdog media are busy humping his leg.

Doesn’t the current version of the CIA get it’s marching orders from those higher up, like say…the Secretary of State, or perhaps the POTUS?  They are suppose to part of law enforcement, but it appears to me that they, like all other alphabets, have become political hacks.  Now, I know those in the field do a dangerous job, and know what’s what in a variety of situations.  So, why do those who sit behind desks, political appointees, not listen to those ‘on the ground’?  Are they instructed to ignore the truth?

Well, it looks like the U.S. Military is once again hitting the PC range.  Banning cigarette sales on the bases?  Do they not understand that a smoke can relieve stress, and if anyone is in a stressful position, it’s the men and women of our military.  I mean, after all, just look at who is the so called Commander in Chief.  Leave our soldiers alone!  If they smoke, they should be able to purchase their smokes on base, or any damn other place they please!  I’m not losing my respect for the troops, but I hate to say, I have lost a WHOLE lot of respect for those ‘in charge’.

What the blazes is going on over there in Jackson?!  Watching the news, I’m starting to think that Memphis has relocated.  The daily robberies, the shootings, and then there’s this?  Counterfeit checks don’t equal the murders, but it’s a symptom of the crime spree that has been increasing on a regular basis.   I’m starting to think we didn’t move far enough away from ‘civilization’.

Don’t think the Democrats are the party of death?  Think again!

The ‘religion of peace’ proves, once again, that there is a serious hatred of females.  Wanna talk about a “war on women“?  Look no further than the very ones who the left accommodates.

Does Lamar Alexander hate horses?  If not, why would he push a bill that protects the abusers, rather than the abused?  If we don’t get the clown out of the Senate, Tennessee is going to be extremely embarrassed….again!  How ’bout we replace him with Joe Carr, eh?

Is Russia, or one particular Russian, pushing for a renewal of pogroms?  Let’s get this straight!  The Jews did NOT kill Jesus.  Consider the fact He rose again, so He’s not dead.  It was the political Jews, in the Sanhedrin, who pushed for His death.  They didn’t want to lose their power, and this was their way, or so they thought, to keep it.  Read the dadburn Bible.  Sheesh!  Jesus was a practicing Jew.  All His original disciples were practicing Jews.  The first followers were practicing Jews.  Until Paul came along, ALL Christians were practicing Jews.  I often wonder, as practicing Christians, why don’t we celebrate the same holidays that Jesus celebrated?  Shouldn’t we celebrate Passover?  If it weren’t for a Jew, we wouldn’t be saved.  Think about it.

With 13 deaths directly attributed to General Motors, and the recall of 2.2 million vehicles…finally….just WHO made the decision to continue using faulty equipment in those vehicles.  They knew as far back as 2001, but did not to rectify the situation.  So, what I want to know….whose head is going to roll?

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 3/26/14

27 March 2014, 10:02 am. 7 Comments. Filed under General News, Opinion.

Is it just me, or is there something wrong with a society that puts the divorce of a fairly decent actress from a guy I’ve never heard of, in a band that can’t even ring a tiny bell, on the front page, in big headlines?  I’m real sorry they’re getting a divorce.  I’m sorry anyone gets a divorce.  It’s not suppose to happen that way, but it does, and we learn from experience.  Well, most of us do.  It took me a few tries, but then, I’m not the brightest bulb in the box.  SHADDUP!   :-P   Seriously, the world is falling apart around our ears, and for several days now, Paltrow’s tale of woe is ‘big news’.  Move on, for the love of Pete!

Speaking of falling apart, has anyone noticed that neither the media, nor the current resident of the White House, or his minions, have apologized to Mitt Romney?  Romney was right, and now, looking back on that clip from the debate, Obama looks like a raving fool.  Well, he does on a regular basis, but that particular time was a whopper.  20/20 hindsight, and all that.  Shoot, even I knew that Russia wasn’t going to stop at Georgia, and let’s face it, I’m no political genius.  Common sense SHOULD have been in play, but as with most liberals, it doesn’t exist.  I guess Obama thinks he can just ignore something, and it’ll go away?  Sorry, dude, that’s not how the real world works.  In the real world, sometimes, the bad guys win, and when the good guys are headed up by wishy washy, fops, they nearly ALWAYS do….at least for a while.  Then the good guys promote someone with testosterone, and voila!  Bad guy all gone!  Of course, it always helps in the nation has a serious dose as well, but that’s another issue.

Does anyone else see the irony here?  There are hypocrites on both sides, but I’ll be darned if the majority of ‘em are to the left of sanity.  Well, maybe now we know why Yee was so vehemently for gun control…it would have cut into his business if people were allowed to own protection through legal means, eh?  *snort*  California is just chock full of Democrat hypocrites, and eventually they will ALL have the spotlight shining on ‘em!

Wow.  Just…uh….wow.  I just don’t have the words.

When is someone in the government going to speak out against the persecution, and murder, of Christians around the world?  When a mother dies trying to protect her child, in church, shouldn’t someone notice?  Shouldn’t those useless morons in the so called United Nations at least write a resolution, since that’s about all they’re good for…something?  When is the persecution of Pastor Saeed going to end?  Words are great, but some folks don’t respond to words.  Serious action is called for, and should be taken against the animals who worship a false prophet that teaches them to slaughter innocents.  “But Ol’ Broad, isn’t that doing the same thing they are doing?”  NO!  It’s called self defense, and they are not innocent!

Is it any wonder that the country is so misinformed about issues when a supposed “news” paper print a ridiculous cartoon, a blatant LIE, on their website?

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 3/22/14

22 March 2014, 5:39 pm. Comments Off. Filed under General News, Opinion.

A female teacher (?), who is apparently an expert in pornography, has a moral right to steal a sign, and physically a minor, just because she doesn’t like the content of the sign?   Thankfully, the Santa Barbara County DA disagrees.

Why would a church leave $600K + credit card slips just laying around?  I’m no fan of Joel Olsteen, or any mega church, which I don’t really find all that gospelly, but that’s just my opinion.  Still, to steal from a church money that was given freely, for the purpose of keeping the Olsteens in the manner they have become accustomed to, and do a few good works, is just wrong.  That “Thou Shalt Not Steal” wasn’t a suggestion…it was a commandment!

I’m real glad some folks are getting health care coverage, and I don’t begrudge anyone who if finding Obamadontcare helpful, but wouldn’t it be nice if the powers that be could be honest?  Let’s face it, what a LOT of people are getting is Medicaid, and in this instance, MediCal…those unfunded liabilities that taxpayers are funding.  Boxer doesn’t know why it’s being vilified?  Perhaps she should get out in the real world, and talk to real people who have lost so much because of this bill that has nothing to do with care, or health!  Hours are being cut, jobs lost, less income, no income….this bill is a misery and it’s past time for that reality to smack Boxer, and those idiots like her, upside the head!  Personally, I’ve lost my medication coverage.  And if you had any idea how many meds I have to take….  So, there will be a few I won’t be taking anymore, because we can’t freakin’ afford them!  Shove THAT in your arrogant pipe Mzzzzzzzz Boxer, and shove it where the sun don’t shine!

Wouldn’t an attack on a Ukrainian air force base by the Russians be considered an act of war?  Perhaps I just don’t understand the whole issue, but it seems to me that the EU, and whoever else pledged support to the region should be kicking Russia back on their collective hind ends.  Putin knows there’s a bunch of whimpy weasels in position of power throughout the Western world, so he’s taken it upon himself to recreate the USSR and not a single person has the cajones to stand up to him.  Why does September of 1939 come to mind?  Pathetic.

Great Britain has a lot of problems.  Apparently, giving a man a hefty sentence for defending himself is okie dokie, but keeping REAL criminals behind bars where they belong, isn’t acceptable.  What the blazes is wrong with the legal system over there?  Have they ALL lost their freakin’ minds?

Speaking of losing minds…….seriously?  Come on people!  Reality snap!

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 3/19/14

19 March 2014, 10:28 am. 3 Comments. Filed under General News, Opinion.

This is what happens when a government refuses the people the right to defend themselvesThink Adolph Hitler, because that is exactly how Putin is acting.  While the military could have defended their position, apparently, many chose not to, and have allowed the Russians to steal their military facilities.

So, the ATF violated a court order, and stormed into a business, guns drawn, terrorizing women and children.  They stole computers, components, and now have a list of law abiding citizens.  Will the terrorists strike their homes as well?  Terrorize citizens while they sleep?  Who gave this alphabet the right to become the “Brown Shirts” in the U.S.?  Oh, that’s right!  The Department of Justice, headed by non other than Obama’s own version of Himmler, Eric Holder!

As more terrorists sneak over our Southern border, students overstay their visas, and Obama invites more “refugees” from Muslims countries, is it any surprise that there are calls for car bombs in the U.S.?  Political rallies, sporting events, holiday celebrations….anywhere large groups of people are gathered are perfect targets for the insane muslims.  “Crusader” countries?  I hate to break to these morons, but the U.S. wasn’t even around at the time of the Crusades, and they’ve been over for a VERY long time, the last being in the 13th century, if I’m not mistaken.  The self loathing of muslims reminds me a great deal of the self loathing of liberals, causing destruction and death.  Hate to break to ya bucky, but there aren’t any virgins waiting for ya, and it ain’t gonna be paradise where you’re going!

Closer to home, and a more positive note, students in Tennessee are going to be taught cursive!  I have to tell ya, I was pretty damn shocked when I gave something I wrote to my granddaughter, and was informed she couldn’t read cursive because they aren’t taught that in school.  Say whut?  I think even her parents were surprised.  We just assume they are being taught what we were, and boy, are we WRONG!

Another bright note in our neighborhood….a former councilwoman, and candidate for mayor of Boliver (two counties to the east) was found guilty, for a second time, of voter fraud.  I hear tell she’s got charge pending for shoplifting as well, but can’t be sure that’s a fact.  What a prize!  Wonder what party she belongs to?  Hmmm….

I’m rather curious about what new info Snowden is going to release.  Get on with it, and stop diddling around.  This is serious business.  We have a government totally out of control, and this guy is playing games?  Sheesh!  And I’m wondering why Yahoo said his first name is Robert?  I thought it was Edward.  Are there two Snowdens?  Well, let’s face it, Yahoo isn’t the most reliable news source.

robert(click to embiggen)  Don’t they have any proof readers over there?

Now, I don’t think someone breaking into a store, and stealing a large amount of jewelry is funny, however, when the suspect is described as a person who ‘walks like a penguin‘, ya gotta chuckle.

It looks like a former El-Al expert thinks shifting the focus on the pilots of the missing 777 is a mistake.  Apparently, the powers that be are dismissing those two Iranians with the stolen passports.  He seems to think that this incident has Irans fingerprints all over it, and ya know…he just might be right.  I don’t mean to be rude, but I think the Malaysians have screwed up this investigation from the beginning.

Do ya need another example of government incompetence?  Here ya go!

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 3/15/14

15 March 2014, 11:50 am. 6 Comments. Filed under General News, Opinion.

After all the speculation, the Malayians are thinking that the HUGE plane that disappeared a week ago, was stolen.  Ok, hijacked.  Maybe the pilot?  Possible, but why would the plane do so many dips and weaves if that’s the case?  Dropping to 25,000 feet, rising to a dangerous height of 40,000 feet, doesn’t sound like something a qualified pilot would do on his own….more like a struggle going on, if ya ask me.  With the technology at hand, it appears that the plane was still flying about 7 hours after it dropped off the radar.  How does something that big just disappear?  No wreckage has been found, but then, that’s a pretty big area.  They should be looking at terrorist controlled areas on land.  The search goes on.  Pray for the families.

It looks like Obama and minions are turning over more control of the U.S. by relinquishing control of the internet.  This guy is dangerous!  Obviously, he has no clue who will be taking control over our ability to communicate, do business, etc.  This is one more insane action by this administration.  Can the internet be totally shut down by someone who is having a hissy fit?  I’d rather have the U.S. in control of oversight, NSA and all, than have someone I don’t know, or trust in control.

It’s just mind boggling that any rational person would want to be under the thumb of Russia, but that’s apparently what some in the Crimea are pushing.  I don’t think they really know what it means to be the subjects of the KGB, and that’s exactly what Putin is, you know….KGB.  Supposedly, it was disbanded when the Soviet Union crumbled, but don’t kid yourself.  Putin want to bring it back, and his actions prove it, or should, to the world.  If you know your history, you’ll recognize the moves of Putin and find them comparable to those of Nazi Germany prior to World War II.

Wait a minute!  I thought al qaeda was ‘on the run’!  Isn’t that what Obama assured us?  Then how come they are attacking the IDF?  How can that be?  Maybe Obama isn’t aware that no matter what they call themselves, they are ALL the same….evil!  Islamic State of Iraq?  This is what our young men and women died for, freeing them from one tyrant so they can bow to another, aka Islam?  Thank God the Israelis aren’t hiding their heads in the sand, are able, and quite willing, to fight back….unlike some in the U.S.

Contrary to what the lies the Obama administration keeps spewing about their baby, Obamadontcare still sucks!

It wasn’t just an explosion in New York, it was a destruction of many lives.  Eight people died, and one family in particular was torn apart.  Pray for the young man, fighting for his life, and his dad, who lost his wife and daughter, and all the families who have lost family members, and their family members.

Senator Ted Cruz scares the bejabbers out of the left wing loons.  Heh.

I’d really like to have a chat with those 39% who still think Obama is doing a good job.  Good job at what is up for discussion.  I’m trying really hard to think of one positive effect he’s had on the country, and honestly, I can think of one single thing.

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 3/10/14

10 March 2014, 11:50 am. Comments Off. Filed under General News, Opinion.

The mystery of the Malaysian airline deepens.  How does a huge 777 vanish?  Was it really turning around?  I haven’t heard a reasonable explanation about that comment made by somebody at the radar thingy.  If it was turning around, then it was turning around….not it MIGHT have been.  Seems to me they can tell on those contraptions what’s what.  Is there a Bermuda type triangle in that vicinity?  The oil slicks don’t belong to the plane?  Then who do they belong to?  What was that thing that looked like a plane door in the pictures I saw on the news last night?  I’d like to know who those thieves were that stole the Italian passports, and were reportedly on the plane.  Don’t they run passports through some computer thing to check it?  They always did with mine, so why didn’t they?  This disappearance is quite disturbing, and I pray for those who are waiting for word of their loved ones.

I came across an editorial in the Arab Times by a muslim in Kuwait that might put a different spin on a LOT of the garbage that is being spewed by many of his muslim brothers and sisters throughout the world.  Apparently, a Kuwaiti MP wanted to ban the selling of anything related to Christmas in that country.  The common sense stated by this young fellow should set many muslims back on their heels.  Unfortunately, their holy book calls for something quite different than the tolerance for other faiths this man is promoting.

Back in reality land, Obama’s buddies, those ‘rebels’ in Syria, better known as terrorists, murdered 7 innocents, including a 10 year old boy, despite his father’s please to spare his life.  Nice friends ya got there Barry!

Oh, and let’s not forget how women are treated under that oh so peaceful religion/cult!  20 lashes for holding hand with a cousin?  40 for wearing short sleeves?  Churches burned, Christians banned from practicing their faith, being taxed for being a Christian?  Ya know, I’m really starting to hope that Asaad kicks their collective asses, and bans THEM from speaking in public…ever….without a head!  Yep!  Barry’s buddies!

Isn’t it interesting that atheists act just like muslims?  Looking at a cross created from beams found after the horror of 9/11 gives them headaches.  Take a couple of freakin’ aspiring!  Get over yourselves.  You aren’t that important, and ya damn sure aren’t relevant!  You are selfish little pissants!  Quit whining!  Trust me, your judgement will come soon enough, and ya might not be too happy with the results!

A convicted murderer is awarded nearly a half million dollars?  Seriously?  Why is this piece of garbage even still alive?  One bullet, right between the eyes….problem solved.  Yet a jury thinks a broken face bone is worth a half mil?  What the hell is wrong with people? Not one dime!  That money should be divided between the victims of this scum, and the state for having to house this trash!  That POS lost any rights, civil or otherwise, when he decided to murder seven human beings!

I guess the Democrats really do believe they are God.  I don’t suppose that anyone has been able to point out that climate changes….on a regular basis, and that nothing we do will make one whit of difference?  Naw….didn’t think so.  Putting yourself above God is a real dangerous move, and I don’t advise doing such.  Y’all can talk till the cows come home, but all y’all are doing is blowing hot air.  Hey…stop that!  You’re causing global warming!  Heh!  They really should shut up, and stop making fools of themselves, but that’s like telling a baby to stop crapping it’s diapers.

And while they are bumping their gums, to no avail, perhaps they can explain how they wasted $120 billion on their ’cause’ dejour’ instead of using those funds for what we REALLY need….national security!

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 3/3/14

3 March 2014, 12:21 pm. Comments Off. Filed under General News, Opinion.

You’ll have to excuse me… I’ve had a few of ‘those’ days, and just haven’t felt much up to posting anything. Well, Saturday was a decent day, but we were out, being delegates for our district, and by the time we got home… Nope! Didn’t wanna post a thing! I was tuckered! Granted, it doesn’t take much to get to that tuckered point, but still. :D  It looks like we got 3 good candidates for the upcoming election in August.  I really like the guy who’s running for district attorney, Matt Stowe.  Of course, I liked the two ladies, Karma, running for Chancellor, and Vickie, running for judge.  Sadly, I can’t remember their last names, and couldn’t spell one of ‘em if I did remember.  The bad thing?  Karma has been our lawyer.  Heh.

Had a pretty decent meal at a place we have seen many times on our way to Nashville, but it was either closed, or we just wanted get to or from, so had never stopped. Cajun place called Meo Mio’s. Odd place to have a Cajun restaurant, in the middle of nowhere, but what the heck. They had fried gator, that I didn’t notice on the menu until after we had already ordered. sigh… Next time! I like fried gator! :D

So, apparently, much has been going on while I was ignoring the world, and naturally, none of it all that great, depending on your point of view. Personally, I don’t think having drag shows on military bases is a good idea, but then, I have this thing about the Bible, and what God wants for us, so I’m a bit…well, I suppose biased would be the word.  Call me old fashioned, or call me anything ya want, but I believe our military should be made up of manly men.  When they pull crap like this, it makes our military look like a joke, and it’s not!  Is it any wonder than the U.S. has lost respect around the world?  This is another of the Obama administration’s BS agenda policies that hurts America.

Conservatives, like me, are fed up with the Dem Lite branch of the Republican Party, which might be why we refuse to give them a dime.  Decent folks don’t compromise their principles, and apparently, the old guard of the party aren’t decent folks, cuz they are constantly compromising with the devil.  If we are ever going to turn this country around, we have GOT to boot them out, and replace them with those who will NOT compromise, especially on the really important issues, like smaller government!  People like McCain, Alexander…oh hell…too many to name… have GOT TO GO!

Russia invades Crimea, which is part of Ukraine, demands surrender, and we have a pussy in the White House.  What could possibly go wrong?  I really wonder if what Bush saw when he looked into Putin’s eyes was a black hole?

FYI, I don’t give a damn about the Oscars, so ya won’t find any comments here….other than I don’t give a damn about the Oscars.  :D

You’ll have to excuse me if I must ask….why the hell are the U.S. taxpayers providing ‘pregnancy services’ for criminal invaders?  If they want such services, they can go the hell home!  Enough with being the ‘good neighbor’.  There should be a little tit for tat, but you don’t see other countries bending over backwards to provide aid for Americans who sneak into THEIR countries.  Now, we have criminal invaders enrolled in Obamacare?   The whole fiasco sucks, and that includes the crappy websites that are about as useless as teats on a boar!

I wonder if algore wants to stop by and tell all those folks that were stuck on a 65 mile stretch of I-45, south of Dallas, that this is all caused by ‘global warming’.  Shoot, tell me about it as I look out my window and see snow and ice.  This ol broad wasn’t planning on leaving the house anyway!  Even rescheduled a doc’s appointment.  I ain’t stoopid, y’know!

Is Obama the betrayer spoken of in Isaiah?  We know he doesn’t like Jews, or Israel, so it’s quite possible.  The clown has made MANY ‘mistakes’, but this?  This would be the whopper that condemns the U.S.  Note to Israel:  Obama does NOT speak for the majority of Americans!  He speaks for himself, and his muzzie brotherhood buddies.  Note to Obama:  Shut the **** up!  You are an ignorant piece of crap who has done more damage than Jimmy Carter ever dreamed of!

Of all the cases for the Supreme Court to deny to hear, I figured this would be the last.  I often put hope in people that don’t deserve the positions they hold.  Then, I must remember, this is the same court that said that the unconstitutional Obamacare IS constitutional.  For the SC to side with the criminal Department of (non) Justice in the case of the German home schoolers is appalling!  The German law denies them of the God given right to raise their children in the manner God intended.  Apparently, the U.S. has followed this destructive path as well.

Did you know our tax dollars, via so called Homeland Security to the tune of $425K a year, are going to an airline, partnered with American Airlines, to allow their passengers to clear through customs more quickly than other folks?  Yep.  Etihad Airways, owned by United Arab Emirates, get our money.  They don’t, however, allow Israeli citizens to fly on their airline.  They’ve also removed Israel from their flight maps.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I would have to stop all payments to this airline, and sever any association with them, plus, cancel any of their incoming flights.  All citizens of Abu Dabai will have to find somewhere else to go…if I had my druthers!

Apparently, the Brits have lost all common sense.  

I’ve got things to do.  After that last one, I don’t know if I can take much more of the insanity the pervades the entire world!  Sheesh!

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 2/15/14

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Wow.  How could 51% of the voters get it SO wrong?  Lack of accurate information perhaps?  Because they voted for the black guy, just because….well….he’s black?  But he’s suppose to give us all the goodies, right?  What happened?  “Why am paying more for premiums and meds than ever before?”  Wait…what?  People are paying MORE under Obamadontcare?  People with pre-existing conditions were suppose to be covered, and yet…even though some are, many more are seeing astronomical increases in their premiums, deductibles, out of pocket, and life saving medications.  This fiasco must end!  A bunch of people, who know nothing about medicine, about the needs of individuals, got together and decided some people will live, and some will die, even before the law was signed.  Signed?  Law?  Pfft!  With the stroke of his pen, Obama has spit in the eye of the American people, and is destroying a large portion of the economy.  Death Panels?  They laughed at Sarah Palin, but golly gee whiz!  It turns out…..she was right!  Even without some far off bureaucrat making life and death decisions, many will be condemned because they can’t afford the premiums, or the medications, or drive 200 miles to see a doctor.

It looks like the folks over there in Chattanooga don’t want their lovely little city in the mountains to turn into Detroit!  Wise move!  The employees at the VW plant over there told UAW to shove it where the sun don’t shine!  :D  Good on them!  Unions don’t work for anyone but the union, not the worker.  The UAW’s response is down right funny in a way, considering they are one of the many unions that has interfered in elections.

I very rarely go to the movies.  I tend to wait until I can watch it free on the idjit box, streaming through Prime, or my daughter rents it, and I get to watch.  However, there are a couple of movies that have peaked my interest.  One is Noah.  From what the director says, he stuck pretty close to the Biblical story.  He’s right, the story of Noah has become this nice little children’s tale, when in reality, it was a rough go.  The other is Son Of God.  I have yet to find any information, or reaction, about the movie.  Will it be accurate?  Well, when you cram so much into a 2 hour ( + or – ) movie, it’s hard to get all the details, but sometimes, those details are extremely important.  For the most part, I enjoyed The Bible mini series, but even I, not being a Biblical scholar, noticed some major errors.  Now, it seems NBC has decided to do a sequel?  How the heck …. ???  Anyway, I just MIGHT go to an actual theater to see one or both of these movies.  Then again, ya can’t put ‘em on pause, so I’ll likely do what I usually do…..wait.  :D

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there is cause for celebration in the 100th anniversary since the beginning of WWI, or the 75th of WWII.  Seems quite creepy if ya ask me.  But anniversaries they are, with the black eyes coming with revisionist history and all.  Was Hitler really influenced by the Russian atrocities?  If so, why did he sign a pact with them?  Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it.  Word is, the Brits are considering leaving the Holocaust out of their school books, because it might offend some of the perpetrators, so we shouldn’t be surprised that a German might take a few liberties with the truth, should we?

Why do people ignore the evidence that those so called palestinians do not want peace?  If you had people….well…more like animals trying to kill you on a regular basis, and destroy everything that you’ve built, would you want to reach out to them?  Nope.  Me neither.  Considering every time that hand has reached out, it’s gotten hit by a viper, peace doesn’t really seem realistic.  I’m still annoyed that we weren’t able to go to Ashkelon during our trip to Israel, and lost money by the way, because those oh so abused, yet peaceful, folks were firing rockets into the area.

Well DUH!  Was this suppose to be a shocker?  It honestly surprises me that these ‘public figures’, actors and athletes, really think anyone gives a happy crappy about their sexuality.  Seriously, I don’t give a flip, just stop shoving it down my throat.  It’s your business, keep it to yourself.  Here’s a news flash for ya…  I’m coming out….as STRAIGHT!  And another thing, I’m really getting tired of certain groups co-opting perfectly good words and changing the meaning.  Gay is happy, joyous, and the like.  If you are pickled tink, you ain’t ‘gay’.  Sheesh!

On a brighter note, the U.S. beat the Russians….again….in hockey at the Olympics.  I don’t know where this puts them in the ‘go for the gold’ category, but hey…they won this one, right?   It’s just a shame that the Olympic athletes aren’t amateurs anymore.  I don’t know why they changed the rules, but it kind of skewed the outcome in a lot of the events, winter and summer.

Please explain to me why people get all gaga over what the classless ‘first lady’ wears?  Most of what she dons is butt ugly, and does nothing for her.  And then to pay $12K for something like THAT?  I hope it came out her spouse’s salary, and we didn’t foot the bill.  Dear Lord, she needs a refund!  AND she needs to donate that money to feed those hungry children she’s always complaining about!

Why is this administration silent on the persecution of Christians?  Come to think of it, I don’t remember Bush 2 speaking out either, or Clinton, or Bush 1.  Such persecutions have been going on for 1400 years, but they seem to have increased in recent years, and I’m thinking it is because no one is doing anything to put a stop to them.  We all know that Obama stated he’d side with the muslims, so why should we expect him to do anything to aid those the most in need of our help?

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 2/9/14

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We aren’t watching the Olympics.  Why?  Well, we’ll catch a little bit now and then, but the thrill just isn’t there anymore.  Growing up, it was a big deal to watch the different countries AMATEUR athletes compete.  Not sure if it’s because they have become so damn political, or the fact that they seemed rigged, or because there are professionals taking it all over, and that just ain’t right.  But when I read about the stink about this ice skater’s costume, I wanna see!  Well, at least that certain pairs performance.   :-D   I do like watching the ice skaters…they’re so dadburn amazing!

On the same topic, the head honcho of the House security bunch is thinking there may be an attack outside the the Sochi olympic compound.  Well, I pray, like him, he’s wrong, but honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit.  I pray all those over there will be safe, but we are dealing with the insane, aka muzzies.

Just how the why the hell is Obama letting the crazies in Iran send ships anywhere near our maritime borders?  Is he gonna just sit back and say “I didn’t know…no one told me”…..again?  He’s suppose to be the CiC, but he’s more like a petulant child, imho.  We put ships in areas that need watching.  We don’t need ships from foreign countries watching us, with the ability to strike our shores.  Do your damn job Barack!  Pull your head out of your ass, and show some freakin’ back bone for a change!  These are not people you with whom you can sit down for tea and crumpets!  Get over your Islamic upbringing, and start thinking about the safety of the American people!  Their threats are real, unlike that paper tiger in D.C.

Once again, this administration proves that the security of the American people is NOT their top priority!  Allowing anyone associated with know the ones who are all of a certain cult/religion…is pure insanity, but there ya go!  Sucking up to evil is what evil does best.

If you want to know why the ‘lawmakers’ at the federal level ignores the law, look no further than any local level elected officials.  Which way is it….does it start at the local level, and they take it with them if the move to higher office, or, is it because those at the federal level don’t have to obey the law on the book, that those at lower levels don’t believe they have to either?  Quite a conundrum, isn’t it.  Needless to say, there is lawlessness at every level, which needs to be dealt with….ASAP!

Once again, a member of this administration has over stepped his bounds.  Instead of prosecuting criminals that threaten the security of the nation, those who threaten the voting rights of folks who are the ‘wrong’ color, etc., he has unilaterally decided to spit in God’s Eye.  As best I can figure out, this is not part of his job description.  No, I’m not ‘homophobic’.  I’m pro God, and I take Him at His Word!

I’d like to note, our recent house guest has apparently found her way home.  She went outside yesterday afternoon, after sleeping about 24 hours straight…with definite potty trips…and never came back.  I’m not sure if I’m sad, or glad.  The cats are definitely relieved.  Heh.

On a totally different note….yeah yeah yeah…the Brits invaded 50 years ago.  Guess what!  I don’t care!  Enough already!  Yes, I did, and still do like most of the Beatles music, but for the love of pete, they didn’t cure cancer, childhood diabetes, walk on the moon, invent any safety items.  I don’t see the news and talk shows going all gaga over Beethoven.  I repeat….ENOUGH!

And from two of my favorite political ‘toonists, Branco and Ramirez….

O-ded-590-LI  drugs

Now…go enjoy your day of rest! I should be at church, and so should you! Unless you’re Jewish. :-D

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 2/8/14

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Hey algore!  Your ‘global warming’ has got 92% of Lake Superior frozen!  Oh…ooops.  My bad!  It’s not global warming anymore….it’s climate change.  Yep.  It does that.  Happens to change on a regular basis, and it has been doing it for a real long time….like even before recorded history and when ya invented the internet!

Apparently, since the U.S. doesn’t fight wars to win anymore, civilians deaths in Afghanistan increased by a large number last year.   Now, I’ve never been in the military, but I grew up surrounded by soldiers, sailors, and even some marines.  And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, ya don’t let politicians…which includes the Pentagon….fight a war.  You let those with boots on the ground do it, and with extreme prejudice.  And ya don’t prosecute those who DO their job! It’s not that complicated, but the PC, whining SOBS have allowed the evil to grow, instead of crushing it where it stands!

It occurs to me that if we didn’t have to send so much money to the jackwagons in D.C., then the states would be able to maintain a lot of issues in their own areas.  Yes, we’d still be paying taxes, but the money would be used for the benefit of the individual, and collective states, where there is need.  Having to beg back money that should never have left the state from a federal entity to give back the money is rather demeaning, if ya ask me.  And ya know, in this instance, where there are several states involved, I’m thinking the companies that use the lakes, locks, and other various water related areas, should be inclined to pay fees to help maintain those vital areas.  Kind of makes sense.

Do you ever wonder just how a country like Saudi Arabia can even exist?  I’m surprised there are even any women left considering the absurd ‘rules’ they have in place!  A woman student dies because the male medics aren’t allowed in the female section of the campus?  Does Saudi have female medics?  Or is that verboten as well?  Remember the 15 girls that were sent back into a burning building, to die, because the ‘morality police’ wouldn’t allow them out?  Their head weren’t covered.  What’s moral about intentionally MURDERING those girls?  The whole damn region is barbaric, following a barbaric cult they call a religion.  Sometimes, I think it’s a damn shame those misguided Crusaders didn’t wipe out the whole lot of ‘em.  Could have saved a LOT of lives in the past 1000 years!

It seems the Toronto mayor does have his limits!  So, I get that the gay community is a tad taken aback by Putin’s aversion to gay, I find it a bit odd myself.  Why target a small percentage of the population?  And if we going to be honest here, a lot of the figure skaters have alternative lifestyles.  I don’t think the term fits, but I’ll use it anyway.  But the infamous mayor does have a point.  This is the Olympics.  Contrary to Putin’s ‘crack down’, these games aren’t about the choices certain people make in their lives, and “pride” flag in front of city hall is NOT promoting unity with anyone.  What ever happened to being proud of WHO you are, not WHAT you are?

It’s looks like California is getting some relief, but definitely not enough to break the drought.  I wish there was some way to send some of the precipitation we’ve been getting here out there way.  Is there a plane that could scoop up all that snow that has accumulated in the north and drop it on the dry spots?  If the lakes are low…dump it in the lakes!  Seriously, there is plenty of that wet stuff that could ease the pain they’re experiencing.  Load up a bunch of dump trucks, and send ‘em that way!  Oh, wait a minute.  Neither idea would do.  They’d rather have a drought than have all those stinky polluting planes and trucks.  Never mind.

I’d like to know how Israel is benefiting from the ‘sterilizing’ of the so called Arab Spring?  Are all Iranians insane?  This clown sure is, no doubt!  If you’re going to attend a ‘celebration’ of another country’s new constitution, ya don’t start spewing your garbage, and blaming the U.S. and Israel because the people of the country being celebrated reject your brand of evil.

It looks like any gains made for Afghan women after the Taliban was defeated has taken a major about face.  Another barbaric country in that region that should be, to use Ahmadinnerjacket’s words, in a much different context, wiped off the map!  Honestly, I think those women over there should take up arms, and start slaughtering the very animals who perpetrate such crimes against them, relative or not!  Those so called men are nothing but pigs, and should be treated as such!

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 2/4/14

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I wonder just where these non-burial pyramids are on the map.  It’s a shame they had to be pillaged for building materials, but then, if they are just standing there, doing nothing, I guess it makes sense to those who do the pillaging, right?  Yes, history, ancient and not so ancient are an interest of mine.  What of it?  :P

There are very few quality shows on the idjit box.  It’s rather disturbing when we catch the tail end of some so called sit com and see either 2, or even 3, people laying in bed, of varying genders, or the conversation is about sex.  We don’t watch those shows, and I find it odd that even with low ratings, they are kept on the air.  I’d suggest that NBC and ABC follow CBS’s example, and find something that can appeal to the REAL America, and not those few who make up limited segments of the population.

It’s rather ironic that Politico writer, Jake Sherman, and a couple of others, would use a phrase in their piece like “It sometimes seems like House Republicans are in their own universe when it comes to rewriting the nation’s immigration laws.”  Seriously?  Rewriting?  How about saying something like ‘It sometimes seems like House DEMOCRATS are in their own universe when they REFUSE to enforce the immigration laws, and want to rewrite our entire history”?  Either way, I’m none too thrilled with Paul Ryan these days, but Trey Gowdy, too?  Say it ain’t so!  Schumer is an Obama hack with socialist leanings, and is no friend to the American citizens.   You want immigration reform?  Here’s some reform for ya….enforce the laws on the books, build the damn fence, allow people who WANT to become Americans, will learn our language, will contribute and assimilate, and cut down the BS red tape so they can enter legally!  Not that freakin’ complicated!

It looks like even Israel has a problem with illegal migrants.  Isn’t it interesting that when you get a lot of illegals in one area, the crime rate increases substantially?  Could there be a connection?  If the EU can deport 70% of them, why the blazes can’t we?

In his state of the state address, our illustrious governor says Tennessee, named ‘State of the Year”, is in the red by $80 million in the red, after discussing two of the biggest fund munchers, and failures, TennCare and public education, he wants to make community colleges ‘free’?  Who is going to pay for that??  Well, at least he knows that cutting taxes is actually an income generator!  Maybe he’s learning from Scott Walker?  Heh.  I’m not a big fan of Haslam, but he does manage to do a few things right now and then.  :D

It’s a real shame we have someone in the White House who can’t learn from folks like Walker.  The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.  In Obama’s case, it’s the country that has the problem, and he is the cause!  His Obamadontcare so called ‘health care plan’, which has NOTHING to do with health care, is killing jobs!  Well, we already knew it was a job killer, but the extent to which it kills them is even more than what was previously thought.

The ever present government is killing kid’s entrepreneurial spirit.  The complete lack of common sense is become the norm, rather than the exception.  We want our kids to learn the value of hard work, then turn around and fine them for making the attempt?  Who comes up with this crap?  Ok, make sure the kids are using clean water when they make their lemonade, then get the hell out of their way!!  Jeeeez!

While we’re looking at government abuse, let’s NEVER forget the abuse that was Kelo v City of New London!  Even the most clueless, when made aware of the facts at hand, knew this was a complete abuse of power, and a violation of the 5th Amendment.  In typical liberal think, the government is allowed to enrich itself over the rights of the citizen.  Has that city been enriched?  Umm…that would be a HELL NO!  All those homes demolished, and their whole plan when bust!  I guess this is one of those ‘it serves them right’ scenarios. Meanwhile, the residents lost their homes to the greed of the local government, and the ignorance of the Supreme Court!

Ya know, it would be in their best interest for the establishment GOPers to take the Tea Party seriously.  You see, the Tea Party is made up of WE, The People, and WE are getting pretty doggone tired of their ‘this is the way we do it’ blather.  They’ve got it wrong!  The U.S. Constitution is the way WE do it, and they should really listen.  We aren’t the enemy.  We are the people who expect THEM to honor their oaths of office, and work to keep this country safe.  They haven’t been doing a very good job of it in recent years.  WE are fed up!  Now, if they want to go against us, then have at it.  Keep picking people like RINO John McCain, that didn’t have a snowball’s chance of winning, to run against smooth liars like Obama.  It’s time to fight fire with fire!  If they aren’t willing to do it, then we can damn sure find people who will!  Like Ted Cruz!

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 1/30/14

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How many gun and ammo manufacturers have left states that are trying to deny its citizens their God given right to defend themselves, taking jobs with them?  Well, this time, it’s bad news for Maryland, but great news for Tennessee!  Come on down!!  :D

To say that Paul Ryan has become a serious disappointment, would be an understatement.  Instead of enforcing the laws on the books, he’s pushing to give criminals ‘legal status’, and that just doesn’t fly!  Has it ever occurred to anyone up there in D.C. that people are dying out here, thanks to many of the criminals?  Encouraging more criminals to flock over the border is just plain ignorant!  Load the buses, head to the border, dump ‘em out, and tell them if they want to come to the U.S., and assimilate into OUR culture, then they can do it the LEGAL way, or not at all!

It’s difficult to decides just which of our Congress critters is the most ignorant of the bunch, but there is no doubt in my mind that Shelia Jackson-Lee is definitely in the top 5!  Apparently, the voters in her district are just as ignorant as she is, since they keep voting the broad back into office!

The Pope wants folks to smile.  He specified Catholics, but I guess it’s ok for all Christians to smile, showing the inner joy that our faith gives us.  I’ve got the wrinkles to prove it!  :D

Well now, it looks like the TN senate says it’s okie dokie for grocery stores to start selling wine in 2016.  Why wait that long?  Ya order the wine, and stock it.  Well, maybe there’s a little more to it than that, but still.  I don’t know what the big deal was, since they started selling beer, even on Sundays…after 12 noon of course!  Why not just roll the two into the same bill back when?  Oh, that’s right…this is the buckle of the Bible belt!  Heh.  Actually, since I don’t drink, it doesn’t bother me one way or the other.  On the extreme occasion when I cook, I’ve been known to use wine in the recipe, soooo….maybe I’ll cook more?  Naw!  Ain’t gonna happen!  Heh!

Eli Manning, and the NY Giants, passed off phony gear as the real stuff cuz he wanted to keep the jerseys and helmets for himself, and now there’s a law suit.  Well, don’t claim something is the real deal, and ya won’t get sued.  DUH!

Is this woman insane?  I don’t care if a woman is walking down the middle of a street, stark ass naked, there is NO reason a male shouldn’t have some self control, and leave the woman alone!  The girl who died of her injuries after being gang raped had every right to go to a movie any time she damn well wanted!  Giving males an excuse, as this woman is doing, to behave like barbarians is unconscionable!

Is John Kerry really an anti-Semite?  Well, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit.  I doubt he’s had much contact with the Bible in recent years, and hasn’t a clue how damaging it would be, not only to Israel, but to the U.S., if he has his/Obama’s way.  Being ‘good friends’ with an anti-Israel leader of a country doesn’t speak well of his ideals where Israel is concerned.

It’s rather curious that the FDA would approve giving our food source a large number of drugs that could very well lead to a pandemic, don’t you think?  The more antibiotics you take, the more resistant bacteria becomes, so why would the FDA want us to ingest more antibiotics.  Extremely curious.

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 1/29/14

29 January 2014, 12:05 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under General News, Opinion.

Sometimes, you come across a story that makes you question the sanity of humans.  Two crimes in one small bundle!

I often think of ‘reporters as vultures.  Why?  Because, well, they often behave like vultures, especially when there’s been a murder, and they flock to the scene, badgering the family and friends.  Things like that.  When a reporter actually asks a legitimate question of an elected official, you’d kind of hope said official would show some class, and respond in a rational manner.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often.  Either the official will ignore the question, dance around it, or…as this guy did, be offended and threaten said reporter.  This isn’t a good response, but hey…he did apologize.  That has to count for something, right?  Well, it does for the OTHER side!

He was best man at Barack and Michelle’s wedding.  He is the head of the BHO Foundation.  So, apparently, there is a close relationship between Malik Obama and his brother, the President of the United States.  Riddle me this, Obamaman….why is your brother wearing a scarf that says ‘Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING!’ and includes a map of “palestine” with the caption “From the river to the sea!”.  Walid Shoebat has more info.  I’ve been mostly inclined to say that Obama is an atheist, but more and more, since it’s ok for muzzie to lie to promote their agenda, I’m seriously wondering….  And heaven knows, if there’s one thing Obama does well, it’s LIE!

Well, ain’t that a pip!  The Obama administration backed Morsi in Egypt 100%.  Is it any surprise that their buddy was in contact with al-Qaeda?  No, it’s not.  Is it any surprise that the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization that put Morsi in power, was being instructed to slaughter Christians?  Nope.  Not a bit.  Is it any wonder that I suspect Obama of being a closet muzzie?  Not really.

The media’s hero worship of Obama never stops!  It’s rather pathetic!  The media is suppose to be the voice FOR the people.  Instead, it’s turned into a joke, a lapdog for the worst POTUS this nation has ever seen!

Baby, it’s COLD outside!!  Bring back global warming!  Sheesh!