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Wild Bill – The Coolest Way to Support Israel

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Pat Condell – Hypocrisy Over Gaza

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Bunch of Wild Bill

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Now, most of us understand the meaning of the term ‘cease-fire’, but for those than don’t, like the thugs in the Middle East, most specifically in the area of Israel, known as Gaza, here is the simple definition from Merriam Webster’s online dictionary:

1: a military order to cease firing
2: a suspension of active hostilities

Or, in simpler terms:

an agreement to stop fighting a war for a period of time so that a permanent agreement can be made to end the war

Merriam Webster even provides a definition for children.  While most of those involved in this war are not in the age range of what one would consider a child,  it should clear up any confusion that Hamas has on what an agreed to cease-fire actually is:

a temporary stopping of warfare

When I heard it announced on the news that the UN and US had brokered a deal for a 72 hour cease-fire, my first thought was “yeah, that’ll last about as long as it takes for Hamas to reload”. Apparently, I, and anyone else with a working brain cell, was right.

cease fire

That’s some cease fire they’ve got going, and we KNOW who fired the first shot, don’t we!  An Israeli soldier has been kidnapped, and 2 more killed when Hamas carried out an attack in Rafah (Rafa) near Sinai, AFTER the cease fire supposedly went into effect.  Yesterday, Hamas fired 90 rockets into Israel.  As they had no intent of honoring the cease-fire, why make such a show of their firepower?  Which, by the way, is provided by their friends in Qatar, Syria, and any number of muslim countries, likely including Iran.

People whine about the blockade that Israel has set up around Gaza, but they don’t seem to understand just WHY such a blockade was necessary.  The residents of Gaza are not denied food or water, or any of the basic necessities of life.  What has been blockaded are building materials.  Here’s a visual I found on Facbook:

hamas  click to embiggen

Instead of using funds to build schools or clinics, promote agriculture to become self reliant, they use funds from countries like the U.S. to build tunnels to achieve their goal stated in their charter of destroy Israel.  Would you make an effort to stop aiding the destruction of your country?  I know I would.  So, Israel has built a fence around an area of what is their own land, handed over to the residents, in hopes they they would take advantage of all the equipment, including greenhouses.  Instead, it was all destroyed by the so called palestinians.

buldozed greenhousedestroyed greenhouse

In the schools, paid for by the U.S., and the UN, children are taught to hate.  In their children’s television shows, encouraging hatred of Israel and the Jews is in the forefront.  How do you fight against such evil?  By destroying it, plain and simple.

Israel wants to live in peace, go about their daily lives, creating and producing for the betterment of their citizens, and the world.  Hamas, as do most ‘radical’ muslims, wants to destroy anything, and anyone who is not ‘like them’.  If Israel believes, and rightly so, that these tunnels must be destroyed, then we must stand by them, and give them whatever aid is necessary to get this done, so they can have chance at living in peace.

If the people in Gaza want to live peacefully, then it would be in their best interest to oust Hamas, an offshoot of the muslim brotherhood.  It is they who are causing the death and misery that is being suffered in Gaza.  It is they who use women and children as human shields.  It is they who use schools, hospitals, and mosques to house their weapons of destruction, aimed at Israel.  It is they who refuse a peaceful resolution to the current war.  Is it they who refuse to allow the citizens to leave their homes after the Israelis give warning that an area is going to be bombed, through phone calls, text messages, and dud rockets.  Citizens are beaten, or even shot, if they attempt to leave the targeted area.  Hamas wants as many dead bodies as possible to promote their agenda through the media.

How do you win the war against a cult of death?  Such evil much be utterly destroyed!

Pay Attention!

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I had relatives who use to go to Beirut every year on vacation. Then, that beautiful city started to deteriorate, and became dangerous, especially for Christians. Why do you think my grandparents immigrated from Lebanon? Even in the late 1800s, the muslims were trying to eradicate anyone not muslim in that country. It did become more peaceful in the mid 1950s, so first generation Americans could go see the country their parents left, and where many relatives murdered.

So, watch this video, imagine what could have been, and remember, until there is complete destruction of the murderous thugs, there will be no peace….anywhere!

Dear Israel

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As you already know, a large number in the U.S. have decided that the leadership (or lack there of) of this country is about as useless as teats on a boar. The rest? Well, you’ll have to forgive them because of their lack of education. They haven’t been taught real history, and know little to nothing about the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, or what He has told the world what would happen if they turned their back on the Apple of His Eye.

I would apologize for the actions of those in the administration, but I’m afraid I just can’t. They are responsible for their own actions, and an apology from me would do nothing to remedy the situation. Just know that millions of Americans are thoroughly disgusted by their actions, and the treatment you have received at the hands of Lurch…er….John Kerry, supposed Secretary of State, and his boss, the current resident of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama. They either don’t understand the ramifications of their actions, or they don’t care. WE, on the other, DO care. A LOT!

As an individual who had the honor to visit your beautiful country, meet so many wonderful people, and believe in the same God, I will do all I can to educate those who would blame you for defending yourselves. I, unlike the current administration, understand that the pictures shown on the nightly news are nothing more than propaganda, meant to curry sympathy for a barbarous 7th century cult of death. I know this cult uses women and children as shields, proving their cowardice. I know they have no value for human life, life created by God Himself, but since they do NOT worship the same merciful God as you and I, they have no understanding how precious each live is to Him. They are quite reminiscent of the Baal worshipers of old, who sacrificed their children for their own personal gain. (Rather like abortionists of today.)

I pray daily, for your safety and well being. I pray that many eyes would be opened, to see the reality of what you deal with on a daily basis. I pray God will intervene on your behalf to destroy your enemies, as has was prophesied by many over the centuries past.

I want you to know that at least one American, if not millions, prays for Israel.



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Wild Bill – The Spirit of Israel

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A Must Read Op-Ed

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I had heard, and seen references to, a letter written by an Israeli citizen, but finally found an actual link to the op-ed in The Times of Israel. I am doing a copy and paste because I believe that as many people as possible should read it, and send it to their friends, relatives, and especially to anyone who has ever stated the repeated lies they have heard on the media, seen on the internet, etc. The propaganda of the anti-Israel thugs is rampant. To hear the mainstream media, from around the world, you’d think that Israel was the aggressor, but nothing could be further from the truth. Hamas forces civilians to remain in areas that the Israelis have warned will be shelled, attempting to save lives. Hamas wants as many dead civilians as possible. That’s a sickness I can’t even begin to understand.

Anyway, in full, the op-ed:

Shalom, motherf****r.
by Eitan Chitayat 7/23/14

I don’t know how to write this without sounding like the kind of person I’m about to sound like, but sometimes you’ve just got to write it like you feel it. And I feel this. I un-friended a ‘friend’ from Facebook the other day.

To be honest, he wasn’t really a friend. He was a professional aquaintance and one whose talent I respect. But that’s it.

I un-friended him because he crossed a line.

I don’t mind that he didn’t write to ask how we’re doing here in Israel. People have their lives and we’re not the center of the world.

No. He started posting videos and images that reek of anti-semitism and an anti-Israel bias the likes of which are posted by people who clearly hate my country.

And I saw these posts.

A video by an English elected official who spewed such anti-Israel rhetoric that it was borderline hatred.

And a post that Robert De Niro supposedly made claiming we’re an apartheid state. (He never said that at all. We’re not – and that post was another spreading of an untruth).

He crossed a line on a day – the other day – that 13 regular Israeli fathers, sons or brothers here were killed defending my country. Men drawn into a war they did not want to fight, but fought to protect their families, friends, and country – and to protect ME. A war others will continue to fight because to not fight it means we will perish. I don’t mean that we will lose our country, but as you can see by the turmoil around us in the Middle East (that has nothing to do with us) we will lose our lives. Read on…

So Simple….

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….even a “progressive” can understand! But probably not. You know so many have serious learning disabilities.

Shared by Jerry.

ZoNation – Israel! How Dare You Fight Back!

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The Atheist Antidote – Israel is 100% correct [FACTS]

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Wild Bill – Go Israel Go!

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Mike Huckabee – Hamas-Israel

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