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It’s not ‘climate change’.  Or ‘global warming’, or whatever they are calling it this week. It’s God, and He’s seriously pissed off.

FYI…. I have no intention of going to see the movie Noah.  I know the story.  I know God was pissed off then too, and there were some serious consequences for the people who didn’t get the message.

More Secret Service Embarrassment

26 March 2014, 10:16 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Feckless Weasels, Massive Stupidity.

Do you ever get the impression that either the Secret Service don’t much care for the current resident of the White House, or, and I find it disturbing if this is the case, that the Secret Service are hiring incompetents to protect said current resident. I’ll be the first to admit I believe the resident himself is completely incompetent, but I sure as hell don’t want the man shot, or in any other way, injured, especially when he has so many men and women surrounding him to prevent such a scenario.

I realize that with any such stressful career/job, folks need to blow off steam. If they weren’t in the Secret Service, there would be no headlines to tantalize the masses. Alas, these are men and women tasked to protect ‘the most powerful (cough…snort….hack) man in the world’, and reading about any of them having to be sent home cuz they were ‘bad boys’ isn’t exactly the way I want to start my day. It’s embarrassing, and I don’t care what you think of Obama, these should be men and women of honor, whether they like their boss or not! This just won’t do at all!!

I did a bit of searching, and unless I overlooked something, I couldn’t find any reference to the Secret Service behaving badly during the Bushes tenure in the White House.  Does anyone know of such an incident?  I got the impression that the ones that worked with the Bushes were treated very well, and they enjoyed their time with them.

Well, it doesn’t matter.  When you are sent to do a job, you do it well, to the best of your ability!  You don’t go out partying, picking up hookers, getting pie-eyed, and making a complete ass of yourself so you have to be sent home in shame!   It’s bad enough that we have a POTUS announcing to the world he is stripping our military to nothing, while antagonists are building up theirs.  We don’t need even more embarrassment from the Secret Service!


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adjective - marked by an obvious lack of style or good taste

A few related words – graceless, inappropriate, incorrect, unbecoming, unseemly, unsuitable, wrong

Tacky is also defined as sticky, and this is an incident that will definitely stick!  You see, that’s the nicest word I could come up with when I heard about Malaysian Air’s text messages to the families, and could be repeated in polite company.

I’ve stayed away from this story because, well, to be honest, I think the media itself have done enough damage.  No facts, all speculation, and it got really old!  While I continue to pray for the families, I think we all know that plane is down, and the likelihood of finding any survivors?  Well, that would be a miracle, and yes, I do believe in miracles.

The fact that the airline has to defend it’s actions tells me they know they screwed up, and screwed up royally!

Malaysian Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said at a press conference that the company’s “sole motivation” for informing passengers’ family members of their findings through text message was to ensure “the families heard the tragic news before the world did.”

Most of the families are in the vicinity, waiting for word, is that not correct? Couldn’t they have taken those families into a private room and spoken with them? Couldn’t they have sent representatives to the homes of those not sitting vigil, to notify them? I find the idea of getting a text message to inform me that most likely my loved one is dead a whole lot more than tacky.

Yes, today’s technology makes life a little easier, and in some cases, a lot more convenient. But I question, has it also taken away our humanity?

Happy Monday!

17 March 2014, 9:44 am. Comments Off. Filed under Barack Hussein Obama, Communism, Massive Stupidity, Opinion.

Oh yeah… it’s St Patrick’s Day as well, isn’t it. Kind of puts a damper on those revelers that have to get up and go to work tomorrow, doesn’t it. :D Ever wonder just how many people know who St Patrick was, as they down their green jello shots? Well, anyway….

Apparently, the current resident of the White House has shown his wet noodle foreign policy, once again. Sanctions? Freezing assets? Seriously? Most Russians have already pulled their assets out of the U.S. I can just see Putin quakin’ in his boots. He knows there is no bite behind Obama’s bark, as does most of the world. The only people who haven’t figured it out yet are his drooling acolytes in the Dem party.

I certainly don’t want to see the U.S. get into a shootin’ match with the Russians. I don’t think anyone does! However, didn’t we give our word to several Eastern Europe countries that we would stick by them? Of course, we also promised to put in missile defense systems, a promise that Obama promptly broke. If the Ukrainians in Crimea want to be part of Russia, is it our business? Honestly, I don’t think the majority of them do, but that hasn’t stopped Putin from pushing the Ukrainians from ‘voting’ in his favor.

What will we do? Well, nothing. We don’t have the strength, thanks to Obama’s decimating our military, and turning it into a fancy dance of political correctness. We also are pretty burnt out due to a couple of wars that PC has lost. I honestly don’t think that the country would stand behind a president who is more concerned with his golf game than with the state of the union, which is much less united under his non leadership. I don’t think he’s even noticed the growing threat of terror across the globe, coming not just from muslim extremists, but from power hungry dictators like Putin, or Maduro down in Venezuela, not to mention the lunatics over in Iran.

If anyone believes that Putin is going to stop in Crimea, they are sadly mistaken. When no one stood up against him as he took over Georgia, he got the idea that no one was ever going to stand up against him. Now, with China on his side, I guess he’s going to keep moving farther west, maybe even into the EU itself? Never underestimate a man with big dreams of ruling the world. Think Adolph Hitler.

Putin has shown his strength. Obama has proven his weakness. Who do you think is going to win this starting contest?

It Wasn’t Just Another Nightmare?


Don’t ya just hate it when that happens? I thought it was just another nightmare, but alas…. There he is, still shoveling his chit, and turning us into the 2nd world nation, well on our way to being a 3rd world. I really wish someone would take away his crayons so he’d stop drawing ‘red lines’. No one believes him, and the U.S. has lost respect, thanks to his inability to walk the walk. Well, I don’t know if he’s really not able, because he’s just a wuss in skinny jeans, riding a girls bike, and is too afraid to give anyone a smack down, for fear they might smack back. We’ve become a laughing stock, and this doesn’t sit well with me!

Now, his Secretary of Defense, who apparently doesn’t give a damn about defense, wants to decimate the military even more? Who put this assflake in charge? Oh, that’s right….Obama, and his minions in the Senate. Well, BO did say he was going to ‘fundamentally transform’ America, and by George, that’s one ‘promise’ he made that he is keeping.

No one wants war, especially those who have to fight them, but is there something in this administration’s DNA that pushes them to destroy the military? Is there some wire crossed in their brains? Being ready for war isn’t the same as wanting war. I can pretty much bet the pencil pushers, who have made sure we lose wars by changing the ROEs won’t be getting any pay cuts, or lose benefits, or have to apply for food stamps just to feed their families.

The standards for the military have already decreased. There was a time when, if you couldn’t make the grade, you washed out. They didn’t want people who weren’t mentally, or physically, unable to do the job.

Now? If you’re a girl, you aren’t required to do what the men do, but yet you want to be ‘equal’? Guess what, Buttercup! You ain’t! Women and men are different. Shoot, the government even paid for studies that proved it! Another waste of money that should have gone to pay for our military! All they had to do was ask a four year old boy if he was different from a girl! THEY know the answer! 

Even if we weren’t stuck in Afghanistan for the moment, we are still fighting a war on the home front….a war against drug cartels.  And just who do they think is fighting that war?  Well, it’s the Coast Guard, a branch of  U.S. Military!  With even more cuts, they will be unable to guard our coasts, as their name implies.

Why does Hagel want to shrink the military numbers to pre-WWII?  We all know what happened back then, we weren’t ready for such an attack on our main base in the Pacific, although, to give the men and women of the greatest generation credit, we damn sure got ready in a hurry, and whupped ass!  I’m afraid that we don’t have a greatest generation anymore, and if we are attacked again, there isn’t anyway, under the current so called leadership, that we would rally together and kick ass again.

Hagel is being praised for making tough decisions because Congress won’t.  Well, if the Democrats, Obama included, weren’t so attached to entitlements, there wouldn’t be any ‘tough’ decisions to make.  Let me think….would I rather have the government spend money to support a drug addict, or would I rather have my home safe?  Gee, there’s a tough one!  Is taxpayer money better spend on creating a tea pot museum, a walking trail, a shrimp on a treadmill, training Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly, and numerous examples of fraud in every area the U.S. government is involved, which included the entitlements that Congress refuses to address?  (Just why do they call welfare an entitlement?  It’s not, you know.  No one is entitled to make a living, and from the numbers I’ve seen, a damn good one, from other people’s worked for money.)  Or, like me, would our money be better spent on having an ever ready military, trained to be their very best, protecting the American people from enemies, both foreign AND domestic?  Honestly, it’s not that tough of a decision!

Yes, as is typical for government, they do plan to keep spending money on a flawed project, the F-35.  Naturally!  If it doesn’t work properly, keep spending money on it!

Denying our military men and women the respect they have earned, and most definitely deserve, is ludicrous, not to mention dangerous!  The priorities of this administration are down right appalling!  They are playing politics with OUR safety!  Remember that in November!

Tough decisions?  No, I really don’t think so!

Government: The Biggest Job Killer

Should a burger flipper make more than a U.S. soldier? I think we can all agree the answer to that question should be no. However, with Obama’s grand proposal to lift up minimum wage workers, that’s exactly what will happen. Why are so many of our soldiers having to use food stamps to feel their families? Because they are not paid anywhere near enough for the job they do.

The rank and file member of Congress is paid $174K a year. Notice I don’t say earn, because to be honest, the majority of them don’t earn anything but our scorn. Yet, we continue to pay them, out of our pockets, to destroy what little is left of our Republic. Those who are trying their best to save it are treated with ridicule by their fellow members. Such shameful behavior reaps nothing but low poll ratings, and our disgust.

Considering that most of those in Congress, and especially the current resident of the White House, are so far removed from reality, I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that they have NO clue how the economy really works, but I’ll do my best to explain it to them.

You have two high school kids who has never worked in their lives. One was instilled with a work ethic at home by being taught to do chores, etc. The other? Playing videos games and hanging out. You agree to give these kids a chance, and hire them to put meat on a grill, and turn it over. Should these young guys, say 16, be paid more than a soldier? No, I didn’t think so.

One young fellow works hard, and learns even more tasks, and is promoted, with a raise, albeit a small one. The other kid goofs off, does his job, but that’s about it. He doesn’t get promoted, and no raise. That’s how it works. You work hard to advance, no matter the job. You don’t just get to start at the top.

Now, as to the minimum wage. The young man who worked hard, and got a bit of a raise is now earning the same as the kid who does nothing but flip the burgers. In what world would this seem fair? Do you keep the kid who is going nowhere? Not likely. You want those who will work hard to help make your business a success. One job lost, one young man working longer hours.

To top all this off, you have to raise the price of your burgers to cover the cost of the mandatory wage increase. The customers aren’t too happy. Service is likely to suffer as well, because you can’t hire enough people to cover the counters and build the burgers. Service is slowed down, and your customers walk out. You begin to lose money, and have to let that young,hard working fellow go because you just can’t afford to keep the long term, hard workers, and the up and comer, as well. Business continues to decline.

Eventually, you decide it’s just not worth it, and close the doors to your burger joint. All jobs lost, and one more empty building in a town of empty buildings, up for sale, that was once thriving.

Perhaps this is an overly ‘dramatic’ example, but there is truth in there. The higher the minimum wage goes, the fewer jobs available. Businesses aren’t charities. You open a business, if you can past all the government regulations, to make money. This country runs on small businesses, and in case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot less of them than there were 10 years ago.

If you are trying to support a family of four on minimum wage, then I’d say you have some serious issues. Minimum is entry level, and if you can’t work hard, learn news skills, and advance, then you don’t deserve either the wage increase, or…dare I say it…the damn job! Get out of the way, and let someone who is willing to put forth the effort in there!

One thing all those in favor of increasing the minimum wage should be aware of, but aren’t since they don’t have to look at the price of a can of beans, the cost of EVERYTHING goes up. That increase in wages now means nothing. You are right back where you started.

If you want a thriving economy, start with getting rid of 90% of the useless regulations. Second, get rid of the minimum wage nonsense. People will earn what they are worth. Third, shrink the government back to its original size, and get rid of all the equally useless alphabets, starting with the EPA. And, for the love of all that’s holy, stop wasting OUR money!!

Mark Dice – Bill of Rights Quiz FAIL

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This is more than just a little disturbing.

They should ALL be embarrassed. Institution of higher learner? Pfft!

A Day In The Life…. Part I

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I missed a lot yesterday, but I have several good reasons.  Called life.  :D

First, I spent a good bit of time on the phone with my insurance company.  They decided it would be a good idea if I switched my plan…through them!  After we got my rant out of the way about my thinking I was going to cancel the policy altogether due to the absurd rate increase, the young man, very patiently, explained a different policy that he thought I would like a lot better.  Of course, I asked the major question….is this in any way related to Obamadontcare, the government, or any other entity that would raise my ire once again.  “No ma’am,” he said, “this is completely through our company, and there are no governmental officials involved, including Obama and his dontcare.”

After some discussion, and question, I decided to go with the new policy, which, on one hand, raised my deductible to $6,000.  On the other, it cuts out the OTHER $5,000 of out of pocket expenses.  I don’t know why they don’t just call the whole damn thing a $10,000 deductible, cuz that’s what it is if YOU are paying it!  Sheesh!  My old policy was about $13,000 a year, plus another $10K, so basically, I was paying $23,000 a year for a catastrophic policy, that only paid 50% after all that other cash was thrown out.  Hence, the thought of canceling, and paying the freakin’ fine.  Or, I could go to jail, and get 3 squares, a cot, and all the medical care I needed.  Tough decision!

Why had my insurance become a annual income of some people?  One word….OBAMADONTCARE!  And the insurance company told me that!!  We just can NOT afford that anymore, thanks to Obama!  Yeah, we were comfortable, and could have lived out our lives in said comfort.  Not anymore!  I’ve been poor, I can adapt.   But THIS?  What has been thrust upon this country by a socialistic government is an abomination!

Whew!  Got that off my chest!

Now, with this new plan, I will be paying the $6K deductible, BUT after that is met, which for me, ain’t too difficult, everything is covered 100%.  Now why the hell didn’t my other policy do that?  Oh, that’s right…because I had no need for maternity care!  Now how absurd is that!  Well, I have it now!  And let me tell ya…if I get preggers?  Light the candles, strike up the band, bring out the champagne….cuz THAT would be a miracle of the greatest magnitude!  Mary had the equipment….I don’t!

Read on…

When A “Farm Bill” Has Little To Do With Farms

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What the hell is the Food for Peace Act??? How about Food for Progress Act of 1985?  Then there’s the Horn of Africa Food Resilience Program!  I thought this bill was suppose to be about American farms, concerning the safety of food consumed by Americans.  I thought wrong, didn’t I.  Wouldn’t be the first time!  What it looks like is a lot of rules and regulations, but hey…what do I know, right?

Are the Mariana Islands a U.S. territory?

After those little tidbits, we get to Title IV, aka Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, aka Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act of 2013, aka food stamps!

I’ll be honest…from what I’ve read of this bill, it’s a lot of ‘striking’ this, and ‘adding’ that, and it really doesn’t say anything at all! Did anyone in the House read this? Do they even know what’s in it? Do they not care they are spending OUR money? Jiminy crickets! What a lot of gobbledegook!

Well, they did disqualify lottery or gambling winners from receiving aid. Reckon that’s a plus, eh? Well, at least until they spend all their winnings, and are once again in column B, or whatever it is!

Ok, now we have Sec. 4015 – MANDATING STATE IMMIGRATION VERIFICATION.  Say whut? 

Anyway, it looks like the learning skills and work program, as a pilot program, is back in, but not really.  One thing I’ve always believe, even when I was the recipient of such aid…people should have to learn a skill so they could become gainfully employed, and the need for any such aid would diminish.  There were few such programs back when I was in California, and I did try, but since I was very rusty on my typing, even though I passed the other tests with flying colors, they wouldn’t accept me into the program.  It was demoralizing.  And I’ve no doubt that for many, having to accept aid for doing nothing, is the same.  Yes, there are way too many who would rather live off what other earn, but not all.  They should be given the opportunities to pull themselves up. 

Ok, I can’t take it anymore!  No wonder so many Congress critters are clueless about the bills one which they cast votes!  Apparently, you’d have to go back and read all the bills that have previously passed through Congress to get a partial picture of what this bill is authorizing, since that’s what it mostly refers to in the bizarre language they use!

Read the bill.  Make up your own mind.  The Farm Bill should NOT be combined with the food aid programs, especially those for foreign countries!  From what I’ve read, there are, so far, 3 separate bills, all rolled into one.  That is just wrong, and if the Congress is too lazy, or incompetent, to see the need for the separation, then perhaps we need a brand new Congress, made up of REAL citizens, who have lived in the real world, and understand how it works!

Congress is doing a great disservice to the American people.  It’s rather interesting that more Rs than Ds voted for this bill, but thankfully, Marsha wasn’t one of them. I guess the Ds were mad cuz there was a 1% cut in food stamps? Well, it wasn’t really a cut. They just are spending 1% less than the increase was going to be. Don’t know how they get away with calling that a ‘cut’.


What Congress Did While You Were Talking About the State of the Union
Amy Payne – The Foundry

Congress is very fond of two things: throwing a bunch of stuff into one bill and rushing bills through while Americans are focused on other news. While people were talking about the State of the Union, they’ve done it again with the $1 trillion farm bill.

Read on…

Lie Witness News – State of the Union Edition

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Seriously?? Do these people vote? Is it any wonder our country is in such a mess?

Swiped from Clash Daily.

H/T: Billy

Same Enemy, Different Tactics

Mr Bucci says the enemy is harder to pin down now than it was previously.  I beg to differ.  The enemy is the same.  Islam.  Islam is the enemy of freedom the world over.  Wipe out Islam, this particular war is over.  It’s just that simple.

I doubt the victims and their families don’t give a flying flip whether it was the “A” team, or the JVs who murdered and injured.  Mr Obama needs to pull his head out of his hinder, and face reality.  He might have enjoyed that caterwauling as a kid, but it’s the ones doing the caterwauling that are murdering innocent people!

These Words from Obama Are Frightening — and Revealing
Steven Bucci – The Foundry

It’s less than comforting to hear the President make light of terrorist threats.

In a recent interview with The New Yorker, President Obama referred to today’s al-Qaeda fighters as the “jayvee” team.

“The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” he said.

This shows that the Administration’s wishful thinking about al-Qaeda isn’t over. Obama and his fellow officials seem to think if you say something enough times, it will become true.

Read on…

NO Apology Was Needed!

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MK Hotovely: Ya’alon Shouldn’t Have Apologized to Kerry

Deputy Transportation Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) fired back at US pressure Wednesday, maintaining that there should have been no need for Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to apologize for his harsh criticism of US Secretary of State John Kerry, in which Ya’alon referred to Kerry as “obsessive and messianic” in his quest to force a deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

I agree with her!  One should NEVER apologize for speaking the truth!!

“I congratulate the Defense Minister on his courage; what he said was right.” Hotovely stated, in an interview with Arutz Sheva. “The American stance is disconnected from the reality of the situation in the Middle East. They are trying to force a solution on us which is unacceptable to most members of the [ruling party] Likud.”

Indeed, he was right!  This administration is either willfully ignorant, or as Obama stated in his phony book, he’s taking a stand with the terrorists….er….Muslims.  Well, as far as I’m concerned, they are the same thing.  Interchangeable words, IMHO.

Hotovely notes what many Israelis feel: that it is inconceivable that one sovereign state should be subject to the whims of another state.

It’s not just the Israelis who feel this way. A lot of Americans are in agreement, and you can include me in that number!

Ya’alon was quoted as saying that “Secretary of State John Kerry – who came here very determined, and operates based upon an unfathomable obsession and a messianic feeling – cannot teach me anything about the Palestinians.”

“I live and breathe the conflict with the Palestinians, I know what they think, what they want and what they really mean,” he continued. “The American security plan that was presented to us is not worth the paper it was written on.””

Nothing that bunch in D.C. does is worth the paper it is written on! It’s not just Kerry who is ‘messianic’. The whole damn administration suffers under the delusion they are the ‘saviors’ of the world, and have all the answers to life’s questions! Pfft!

The US responded with shock Tuesday, calling the remarks “offensive” and “inappropriate.” Ya’alon responded Tuesday to the US with more criticism, stating that the US knows that the source of instability in the Middle East is not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Shock? Seriously? Well, that just tells ya just how little they know about the issues that face Israel on a day to day basis. If the so called Palestinians occupying Israel’s land weren’t getting money and arms from muslim countries, there would be little to no ‘conflict’. They’d curl up and die since they are incapable of doing anything to support themselves. Instead of teaching their children to make the desert bloom, as the Israelis have done, they teach them to hate, and blame everyone else, Jews AND Christians, for their plight. Damn! Sounds like Obama, doesn’t it…blaming everyone but himself. Hmmm….

He called on Israel “not to panic and give in to these [statements] and other intimidation, because this (standing up for oneself) is the only way to protect the security of Israel.”

Israel has a RIGHT to defend herself. The U.S. has NO RIGHT to demand a damn thing!

Ya’alon later apologized for the remarks, stating that he had no intention of “offending” Kerry. The apology itself has garnered a backlash, as many see the statements as yet another bow to US pressure.

I hate to say it, but that apology makes Ya’alon sound weak. Israelis are not weak. They, basically, are the strongest people I’ve ever met, facing insurmountable odds, creating a paradise out of a dung heap. Amazing!

And who cares if Kerry is offended? Not me! What this (and yes, previous) administration is doing is offensive!  Just imagine the backlash if a foreign power came over here and told US what we can, and cannot, do….where we could build our homes, etc.  Imagine, every day, you have to fight for your very existence.  Imagine being surrounded by animals who want to shove you into the ocean, wipe you off the map, murder your family, destroy your home.  Just think about it!

Kerry is offended?  Kerry is offensive!


The Spoiled Children In Congress

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Has anyone even read any of this monstrosity?  Just the first section, Div A, Title I, which apparently covers a number of offices, is nearly $45 million.  And I do mean offices, as in departments.  Titled for Agriculture but includes the Department of Homeland Security, along with a number of other non related departments.  Now, I really wish what agriculture…you know, corn, cows, and the like, has to do with DHS.  Can someone please explain that one?  And just why do all these departments need so much in operating costs?  Advertisements?  Yep….that’s in there too! 

This bill covers costs until 12/31/16, which they had to amend since apparently, they just took the last wasteful spending bill, and had to slap a new date on it!  Think about that.  No one bothers to remove the programs, or at least to reduce the monies allocated for them, that are complete failures!

Anyway, it gets even better.  Did you know we have a Department of Economics?  Why?  These yahoos in D.C. are incapable of adding 2+2?  I’m sure we can provide them with calculators, since the ability to do simple math with a pencil and their own brain seems completely beyond their capabilities.  I pray none of them ever get near my checkbook!  I always have a surplus, and I’d really hate to see them blow it, and then some!

Office of Ethics?  Seriously?  Think about that!  Ethics….politicians. 

I haven’t finished the whole bill, since…well, hells bells, the sucker is 1500+ pages, and I’m a slow reader, not to mention, contrary to what I say on a regular basis, I DO actually have a life outside of the computer, y’know!

Honestly, there is really no excuse for the continuous failures of Congress to reign in THEIR spending.  First, they need to look at the Constitution, and find out exactly where, and on what, they are authorized to spend OUR money.  None of what I have seen in this piece, and elsewhere, including their ‘bill’ is covered in that document. 

Bills are those things that come in the mail, and you have to pay them.  Well, Congress writes bills, and guess who has to pay for them?  WE do.  They are very careless with OUR money.  I’d call that inconsiderate and irresponsible.  Rather like a spoiled kid with daddy’s credit card.  The kid thinks he can do what he damn well pleases with that card and daddy will pay the bill, smile, and let the kid continue to abuse the privilege, even though daddy has told the kid, time and time again, to be responsible, that the card is only for necessities, and there will be consequences if said kid refuses to listen.  Well, ‘daddy’ is getting royally pissed off, and is about to cut up that card.  The spoiled kid has learned nothing, just like Congress!

If the members of Congress want to continue to fund failed programs, they can damn well use their own money.  Ours belongs to OUR security and OUR roads.  If they stopped their foolish behavior, we would not be seeing our military and veterans getting that shaft!

Time for Congress to get a spanking!  Time for them to GROW THE HELL UP!  Enough with the spoiled children spending OUR money on foolishness!

Government Failures Congress Wants You to Fund This Year
Amy Payne – The Foundry

Wasteful, ineffective, failed.

Those are all ways Heritage experts have described government programs Congress is funding—with your hard-earned money—in its new trillion-dollar omnibus spending bill.

Here are a few big failures that need to be eliminated or seriously reformed—but instead are getting millions (or billions) of dollars.

Read on…

Read The Damn Bills!!

10 January 2014, 10:28 am. 1 Comment. Filed under Congress, Economy, Massive Stupidity, Opinion, Politics, U.S. Constitution.

If you’re like me, you often don’t click on some of the links that are inserted in a column.  I know, I know!  It can be a distraction, unless it’s the actual story, or some such.  But one of the links in this column is quite important.  So important, that I’m going to copy and paste part of what is in the link!

1. Cut Pet-Shampoo and Similar Projects, Save $3.1 billion
2. Stop Bankrolling the Common Core, Save $2 billion
3. Cut a Program That Hurts Youth, Save $1.6 billion
4. Cut Unnecessary Red Tape, Save $1.5 billion
5. Cut Pork-Barrel Projects, Save $800 million
6. Cut Private Landowner Beautification, Save $730 million
7. Cut Government Handouts, Save $200 million
8. Cut Corporate Welfare, Save $120 million
9. Cut Crony Capitalism, Save $100 million
10. Cut Funding for Overseas Abortions, Save $35 million

Now, you’re going to have to click the link to get the details. :)  These are just a few of the ways OUR government is spending OUR money!  Do you think we should be paying for abortions in foreign countries?  How about a pet shampoo company?  Does the government beautify YOUR lawn?  I know I’ve never gotten a dime from them to plant daisies out front!

The news that the Ryan-Murry bill made cuts for our veterans (Title IV-Sec. 403) put the country in a tail spin.  Well, most of us anyway  Have they resolved that issue?  I honestly don’t know.  We don’t seem to get good news that Congress actually does something right for a change.  We only hear the small tidbits the infamous “they” want us to know.  Have you read this bill?  Dear Lord!  I’m fairly sure those we send to Congress to represent US hasn’t either!

If we all ran our households like Congress runs this country, we’d all be filing for bankruptcy.  Such spending practices have put this nation into debt at levels never seen in our history.  When Pelosi stated, “The cupboard is bare. There’s no cuts to make.”, I do believe she intentionally lied.  Either that, or she is delusional, the botox has warped her brain, or perhaps she has Alzheimer’s?   She’s no spring chicken, y’know. There are ALWAYS ways to make cuts in an over bloated government.

I honestly don’t understand why Congress can’t follow a very simple document called the U.S. Constitution!  Seriously, it would make their jobs so much simpler if they did, and their approval rating would sky rocket!  They have enumerated powers, a limit on what they are allowed to do, yet we allow them to go merrily on their way, doing whatever they damn well please, acting like kids in a candy store, spending our children’s children into debtors ‘prison’.

12 separate bills, read them first, and no more ‘omnibus‘!

Members of Congress Won’t Read This Bill
Amy Payne – The Foundry

Passing bills to find out what’s in them… that was so 2010, right?

Sadly, no.

Any day now, Congress is likely to release the trillion-dollar Trojan horse that is the spending bill for 2014. It’s going to be big, and it’s going to be rushed. And few members of Congress (if any) are going to read it all.

Government budgeting isn’t supposed to be done this way.

Read on…

Are They Serious?

This is the picture on Drudge right now:

Christie  click to embiggen

Has everyone lost their freakin’ minds?  THIS is what they call a crisis?  Yeah…traffic gets backed up, but for the love of all that is holy, this is NOT a crisis!  Benghazi, IRS, NSA, the economy, and many more issues….THESE are REAL crisis!  Some petty aide to Christie creates a traffic disaster, and the left goes ballistic? How about putting that energy into finding out who is responsible for the murder of four Americans? What about the man, sitting in a Pakistani prison, who help their messiah get bin Laden? Do any of them give a thought to him? What about the American pastor imprisoned in Iran?  Are there any tears shed for him, or his family?  Oh HELL no!  They make a HUGE issue over a freakin’ bridge.  Yeah, totally inconvenient, but I haven’t heard of anyone dying, or being tortured.  How about we focus our attention on REAL issues, eh?

Christie Stunned By ‘Abject Stupidity,’ Fires Aide For GWB Traffic Jams

Gov. Chris Christie apologized for lane closures leading to the George Washington Bridge, apparently ordered by his aides as political retribution, and said he had “no knowledge or involvement” in what happened.

Christie, who had previously assured the public his staff wasn’t involved in the road closings, said Thursday he had fired Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly “because she lied to me.”

He said he was “blindsided” and stunned by the “abject stupidity that was shown.”

Abject stupidity is an understatement! I wonder…was this aide really a Democrat? The reason I ask is because this is the type of stunt THEY would pull. I really pray our side isn’t stooping to their levels now. Attack? With the truth? Yes! Pulling a childish stunt should have more consequences than just being fired! But that’s just me.

I am not a big Chris Christie fan, for several reasons, but this ‘feeding frenzy’ is just as petty as the act itself!  Get flippin’ grip!