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NewsBusted 7/25/14

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Andrew Klavan – Country Without Borders

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I Voted!!

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Whoo hoo! Yep, got my shower, put on semi grown up clothes, went to get my shot (B12), picked up 3 more meds to add to my trunk full, got my peaches, went to Wally World (spent too much money for stuff for our trip), and stopped by the courthouse to do my early voting. Aren’t y’all proud? Yes, I’m plum worn out, and in some pain, but hey…. I DID IT! :D


I honestly believe it’s time to start giving people who go to vote a competency test! An elderly lady held up the line, insisting she always voted Democrat, but wanted to vote in the Republican primary for governor. The clerk was amazingly patient! She repeatedly explained that you could vote in either primary, but not both.  Believe me, it was really hard to keep from laughing at the poor lady.  I had to hide my face.  The woman behind me in line was hidden already, so she did plenty of cackling for both of us…quietly, of course.   I’m thinking all primaries should be held on the same day, especially in states like say…. Mississippi! Needless to say, the lady wasn’t too happy, and finally….FINALLY…decided she would vote in the Republican primary. Reckon she doesn’t ALWAYS vote Democrat, eh? *snort*

Another thing that bugs me. Another lady asked who is running. If you don’t know who is running for what, why are you wasting a vote? I mean, it’s a duty, a serious responsibility, to vote, but it’s always helpful to know just who is running, and for what! Sheesh!

I honestly had no idea that Haslam was up for re-election, but I couldn’t, in good conscience, cast my vote for him! So, what did I do? I voted for the guy who is running cuz he wants his raccoon back.  Naw, he won’t win, but at least I didn’t vote for a guy I can’t believe in, right?  Besides, the guy should get his critter back!

Now, I’m gonna put my feet up, take some meds, and pretend like I don’t have anything to do…which is caca, cuz I have a TON of stuff that needs to be done, but….  I don’t wanna!  At least, not today, or even tomorrow!  Maybe Saturday?  :D

Wild Bill – Moderate? Or Just Silent?

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TRIFECTA – Evil in the Name of Good:

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Long-Lost Book Shows Threat from Government

The Atheist Antidote – Israel is 100% correct [FACTS]

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Bill Whittle – The Case For Israel

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Open Doors

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open doors

Wild Bill – UN Showdown

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NewsBusted 7/22/14

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Wild Bill – Go Israel Go!

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Pushing Agendas

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What is a good employee? What makes a person loyal to the company? Is it their religious beliefs? Is it their sexual orientation?

In my personal opinion, a person sexual orientation does not make a better employee than a person of faith, or vice versa. What makes a person a good employee is their work ethic, whether it is flipping burgers at the local burger joint, or the CEO of a large corporation.

So, I wish someone would explain to me why there are companies that are invading the personal privacy of their employees? And why, for the love of all that’s holy, is such a small percentage (less than 2%) of the population making such a huge issue of THEIR orientation?

Here’s a reality factoid for ya… doesn’t matter what church you attend, or if you don’t attend church at all.  It doesn’t matter if you have an attraction for someone of the opposite gender, or one of the same as yourself.  If your work ethic sucks, you are a bad employee and do not deserve to keep job that someone else with a strong work ethic would gladly step in and do the job, making other employees, and customers, feel comfortable with, increasing the business of choice.

I’m not sure why the few are commanding the attention of the many.  Who decided it was ok for a small number of people to insert themselves in all areas of life, including the entertainment industry.  It’s not just the gay community that is doing the invading.  Have you noticed that even commercials make the male figure look like a blithering idiot?  The feminazis have taken over what we see watch on television as well.

So, between the gay agenda, and the feminazis, we don’t watch much network television.  Unfortunately, we can’t escape the commercials on the cable networks.  Anything based on faith is vilified, while obnoxiously “strong women” are deified.

I saw a commercial over the weekend, advertising some hotel site, with two males wanting to get away from a crying baby.  One mentioned sleep, while the other made a different type of innuendo.  It was obvious these were not just friends going on a weekend get away.  Was that necessary?

On one level or another, the majority of commercials are insulting.  Directv’s campaign of puppets on strings, supposedly the wife and son, make me want to throw something at the idjit box.  If there were anyway to fast forward through commercials in real time, I most definitely would.

What was the purpose of Chase’s “anonymous” survey, that was not so anonymous?  Are they planning on firing people of faith?  Promoting those who claim homosexuality?  Just what was the purpose?  Will they give the list of believers to the government so they can know who to round up when the persecutions start?

If you are gay, fine.  Just don’t shove your lifestyle down my throat, and I won’t shove my heterosexuality down yours. That issue is between you and God, and believe me the time will come when we all will have to answer for our choice during this life.

The only reason I can see for such a survey, by any company, is to use against the employee, no matter their work ethic.  Hopefully, the boycotts that are coming will make any other company think twice before implementing a similar “anonymous” survey.  Or maybe they just don’t care about their employees privacy?

R.I.P. – One Of My All Time Favorites

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April 07, 1928 – Jul 19, 2014

Judge Jeanine – At The Table & On The Sideline

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Mike Huckabee – Hamas-Israel

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