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Republicans & The Border (Guest Commentary)

18 July 2014, 9:15 am. 3 Comments. Filed under Borders, Illegals, Opinion, The Bunker.

The Bunker had some words in response to a post on Breitbart, GOP Establisment: Congress Should Give Obama ‘Blank Check’ to Address Border Crisis.

In my opinion only two events in this nations history have carried more significance, the revolution of 1776 and the Civil War. This is not just history we are witnessing it is the destruction of the American way of life.

The republicans will roll over on this crisis, not because of the supposed media backlash if they don’t, but because they agree with this agenda.

America’s economic model is broken, busted flat. Our debt will not sustain a middle class existence for the majority of our citizens. This is a twofer for the elite ruling class, bust the middle class wage base with cheap labor and break the mainly conservative middle class. Bingo, they stay in their cushy positions of power and wealth, handing out the goodies, and we are all reduced to low wage tax slaves.

I am sick of hearing about how the republicans are just naive frat boys, secluded behind the mythical walls of D.C., unaware of the hatred building in the hinterlands. That’s a load of bullcrap. These politicians are sneaking, conniving, power and money hungry bastards who just don’t care about the nation or the Constitution or anybody but themselves. They will do anything to stay in power, absolutely anything.

Do you know why this president can sit in a meeting with the governor of Texas and laugh in his face? Because he doesn’t give a shit. He has got this country by the balls and he and his cabal know it. Rick Perry was probably in on the gag. He and Obama probably had a good laugh together when they saw the pics after the phony “tense” meeting.

Hello, Goodbye (Guest Commentary)

13 July 2014, 9:01 am. Comments Off. Filed under Illegals, Opinion, Politics, The Bunker.

Hello, Goodbye
by The Bunker

Hello illegal immigrants.  Goodbye America.

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
~ Jim Morrison, 1967

The trains are still being loaded way south of the border. They have clear passage guaranteed by the conspiring governments and the drug lords. It is now just a numbers game, and we lose. 300,000, 500,000, a million immigrants, “What difference, at this point, does it make!” None, it’s too late. One word; Dependents, and there will be a lot of them. Multiplication is the name of this game.

“And the people of the land of Freedom had the spell of the flat screen broken and their eyes were forced into the searing light of reality and they were forlorn. Their leaders had betrayed them and they were without hope. Change was upon the land. Freedom was lost. The people lifted their voices to the heavens and cried out, “Why have you forsaken us, what is our sin?”~ The Bunker, 2014

No man survives when Freedom fails
The best men rot in filthy jails
And those who cry, appease, appease
Are hung by those they tried to please
~ Hiram Mann

We have become “appeasers” and allowed our Natural born Rights and Freedoms to be hijacked by political parties who are unworthy of our trust.

Even with all the treason being perpetrated on our land watch what happens this fall. Conservatives will continue to appease traitorous republicans by voting for them. Why? Because the voting booth is no longer a place of honor or principle, it’s just a place where we vote for our most valuable player.

How this nation is governed and who gets to govern it is not a two sided sporting event. Your vote is a sacred trust because you willingly turn over a small portion of your individual Natural Rights and Freedoms to another person, who with their words and deeds and sworn oath to the Constitution of the United States and to the Almighty Creator, promises to protect those principles.

Congressional Oath of Office:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

The illegal immigrant train is pulling the Freedom train over the cliff. This nation is in the process of being changed forever. America, as it was founded, will be lost.

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Survivor’s Manual (Guest Commentary)

6 July 2014, 8:46 am. 5 Comments. Filed under The Bunker, U.S. Constitution.

Survivor’s Manual
by The Bunker

What is going on is so hard for most people to comprehend. This is the kind of thing that only happens to other countries or maybe in previous centuries. A societal, cultural and governmental shift this massive is not supposed to happen in America, we are anchored in bedrock, and it’s called the Constitution!

I have called the Constitution an operator’s handbook because that’s what it really is. It is a set of instructions on how to run and maintain a Constitutional republic.

The Constitution does not provide all the answers. There are a set of principles that this nation was founded on and they are imbedded in the Declaration of Independence. If the principles aren’t understood then the diagrams and ideas of the Constitution lose their meaning. If the Constitution is a handbook then the Declaration would be survivors manual.

The Declaration is for us, for We the People. It tells us that in order to survive in a world full of would be tyrants and runaway governments we have to hold firm to our principles and our individual Natural born rights. Our rights are ours, given to us by our Creator and no one dare try and take them away. And if any man or government conspires to strip of us our rights it is our right and our duty to throw off the chains of oppression.

The craziness that is happening is not going to stop. It will only get worse. There is an agenda at work and the powers behind it are going to play it all the way out. Our individual right to free speech and defense have to be eliminated. These two rights, when they are in the process of being removed, will tip the balance and open even the foggiest of eyes to the Truth. This will be a dangerous time.

Learn to survive, learn the truth of our survivors manual, our Declaration of Independence. Understand what it really means to be a Free citizen, with individual Natural rights given to us by our Creator. When you truly understand what it means to a be a Freeman and Free-Woman, the agitated uproar over these Supreme Court decisions will seem ridiculous. Nine men and women dressed in black robes cannot grant you anything! Our Creator has already blessed us with all the rights we will ever need. It is our duty to understand this and make it known to the world and to the would be tyrants in our government.

Throughout history, and in our own history, whenever an oppressive government raises the whip of tyranny the only force that can truly oppose it is the collective force of the individual citizens.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

You see, it really is a survivor’s manual.

Never Again (Guest Commentary)

11 May 2014, 10:44 am. Comments Off. Filed under Opinion, The Bunker.

Never Again
by The Bunker

It looks like the cowboy’s in Nevada are going to have to circle the wagons again. It was reported that the FBI is conducting interviews with law enforcement personnel and federal agents who were at the Bundy ranch standoff. The local sheriff and members of the Las Vegas Metro Police have confirmed giving statements to the FBI. The local television station KLAS Las Vegas has posted a story on their website. Here are some quotes:

“Last week, the I-Team talked with Metro officers who intervened to protect the lives of federal employees from the 400 or so Bundy supporters and armed militia members. Officers told the I-Team they feared for their lives that day because of the assembled firepower, and because many in the crowd had pointed weapons at officers, taunted them, told them they should be ready to die.”

“Yes, there is definitely going to be consequences, definitely. That is unacceptable behavior. If we let it go, it would continue into the future,” (Assistant Sheriff) Lombardo said.

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I Tried Being an Atheist Once (Guest Commentary)

28 April 2014, 8:59 am. Comments Off. Filed under Faith, Opinion, The Bunker.

I Tried Being an Atheist Once
by The Bunker

I tried being an atheist once, but reality kept getting in the way.

How did a good German Lutheran boy from Wisconsin find himself taking a walk on the wild side? The normal route, arrogance fostered by education. But I don’t blame a university for my own weakness, it was much more.

I came back from my generation’s war wondering how God could damn so many people to lives of misery, poverty, turmoil and slaughter. I had learned my religious lessons well; God is Love and peace and through his Son, redemption. But that’s not the reality I had witnessed. I had taken pictures of towering Catholic churches with stone rectories compete with running water, electricity and air conditioning in the Philippines. These monuments to the Love of Christ were surrounded by parishioners grass huts and children living in poverty most westerners can’t comprehend. To me the contrast was as extreme as Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos’s Philippine Cultural Center in Manila. I had taken a picture of that too. In my picture, in the foreground, a man is digging through a trash pile for something to sell or eat.  At that point, to me, organized religion and governments walked the same path of hypocrisy.

I know we have readers of this blog who are members of the clergy. The last paragraph probably has them racing towards the comments section. I want to make this very clear; I respect all the worlds’ religions, except one, Islam. Any organization that can bring its members closer to the Truth and Love that is the Creator is needed now more than ever. Maybe my Lutheranism made me too extreme. I have a streak of anti authoritarianism running through my veins. When Martin Luther nailed his “Ninety – Five Theses” to the church door he pretty much told the Pope to… well, you get the picture. Of course, Martin Luther had a streak of anti-Semitism running through his veins so he’s not exactly in line for saint hood. One thing has always been clear to me. Christ’s church is the people.

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The Crazy Train (Guest Commentary)

8 April 2014, 7:48 pm. 1 Comment. Filed under Opinion, The Bunker.

Apologies to Bunker for taking SOOOO long!

The Crazy Train
by The Bunker

What; you don’t want to climb on the crazy train?

All Aboard!!!! Sorry, someone has already purchased a ticket for you and for me and for everyone on the planet.

I have read Mark Steyn’s two books on the end of America and I am familiar with Naomi Wolf and have watched a few of her speeches on YouTube.

There is one word that explains why I hold information back; the word is, DENIAL.

Denial is a mental self defense mechanism. When people are confronted with information or events that bombard their personal reality, they shut down. Many times they push back with anger. “That can’t be true, I don’t want it to be true, if that’s true I don’t want to think about it, it’s too negative and I only think about positive things!!!” On and on people will do anything, say anything, and believe anything just to avoid having their image of the world shaken by the Truth. Why? Because if people let the Truth settle in, then it scares the crap out them! No one wants to feel helpless and at the mercy of evil. Also, it would mean that strong and decisive protective action (self defense) would need to happen. It is a total disruption of a person’s illusion of safety and the ideals of our country and how far from those ideals we have fallen.

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Once Again, We Play a Dangerous Game – Part II

22 March 2014, 7:24 pm. 3 Comments. Filed under Communism, Opinion, Politics, The Bunker.

Part I

Once Again, We Play a Dangerous Game – Part II
by The Bunker

This nation is in no position to dictate to the Russians. The current batch of leaders on both sides of the aisle need to keep their mouths shut. If Putin wants to expand the empire to the English Channel and wave happily to Great Britain there is not a whole lot (outside of nuclear war) we can do about it.

China will back Russia, they already have. Think long and hard about that reality. If our leadership continues pushing, there will be a global shift in power. It won’t be in our favor.

The current leadership is not the whole problem. This started a long time ago. The situation we find ourselves in is our own fault. We let our political and elite class sell us down the river. Now we are about to pay for it.

Mao said, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” It’s a nasty quote but it’s true. A nation needs to be able to build that gun and all the other tools of war to wield political power.

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Once Again, We Play a Dangerous Game – Part I

22 March 2014, 7:11 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Communism, Opinion, The Bunker.

Once Again, We Play a Dangerous Game – Part I
by The Bunker

“Once more, we play our dangerous game, a game of chess against our old adversary – The American Navy. For forty years, your fathers before you and your older brothers played this game and played it well.
But today the game is different. We have the advantage.”
~ Captain Ramius ~
The Hunt for Red October, 1990

How soon we forget. But the Russian’s don’t forget, they will never forget. They enjoy the game, they live to play the game.

Talk radio and Fox news are struggling to stuff the current situation in the Ukraine and Crimea into the worn out republican vs. democrat cage match. Political mouthpieces are proclaiming that the Russians see weakness in our president and his administration. The old war horse, Dick Cheney said, “There’s no question Putin believes [Obama] is weak,” Cheney said. “We have created an image around the world, not just to the Russians, of weakness and indecisiveness. The Syrian situation is a classic. We got all ready to do something, a lot of the allies signed on, at the last minute Obama backed off.”

There is no doubt America’s foreign policy is a jumbled up mess. The current administration and this president are not up to the task of dealing with the Russian’s. Pictures do paint a thousand words.

P vs O

We are in trouble, big trouble. The risk of a third world war is very real. Two world wars started because of tensions in this part of the globe. There is no reason to believe it won’t happen again.

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Sandy Hook, Revisited (Guest Commentary)

9 March 2014, 9:44 am. 10 Comments. Filed under 2nd Amendment, Opinion, The Bunker.

Sandy Hook, Revisited
by The Bunker

This is not an easy post for me to do. I have been working on a separate post about denial and I find myself wanting to deny what I am about to lay out. But, something has come to my attention that needs to be put out into the greater public realm. This is about the Sandy Hook school shooting of December 14, 2012. There is an enormous amount of misinformation floating around on the internet. Much of it borders on scandalous.

Recently one person has stepped forward who is not a kook or basement dwelling internet conspiracy theorist. Wolfgang W. Halbig is a legitimate expert. His credentials are meticulous. You can view them on his Facebook page. Here is just a brief outline:

Childrens Safety Institute, (cached biography), Wolfgang Halbig (entire site removed)

Wolfgang is a nationally recognized school safety and security professional who has done extensive work in researching and developing the “Standards for Safe Schools”. He is an expert witness in the field of school safety and security. He has testified before a Congressional Commission studying school safety and security. Wolfgang was the former Executive Director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety. Wolfgang was also appointed by the Florida Governor to serve on the State of Florida Safe Schools Commission.

Wolfgang is also the author of a book for educators and school bus drivers on aggressive behavior management and the use of reasonable force, as well as numerous magazine articles. His article on “Breaking the Code of Silence” was published in the March 2000 edition of the American School Board Journal. He has been a featured guest on many national news programs including Dateline NBC, Good Morning America, and MSNBC.

Wolfgang was the Director of Safety and Security for a large public school system in Florida and brings to the company a national reputation in school safety, education and law enforcement. He has experience with U.S. Customs and as a Florida State Trooper. After leaving law enforcement, he went into education as a teacher, administrative leader, and finally Director of Safety and Security. His 35 years of work experience is a major asset to any involvement with safety and security.

The reason this biography is from a cached version of the Children’s Safety Institute website is because the site has been pulled. This month Mr. Halbig lost his job with the institute. He has also been visited twice at his home in Florida by detectives from the Lake County Sheriff’s office who were on a mission for the Connecticut State Police. Mr. Halbig was informed that if he didn’t cease and desist with his Freedom of Information requests to various officials in Connecticut he would be arrested and charged with a felony.

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The Constitution, Ignored and Abused (Guest Commentary)

23 February 2014, 12:19 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Opinion, The Bunker, U.S. Constitution.

The Constitution, Ignored and Abused
by The Bunker

The Constitution of the United States of America is no longer a reliable document. To continually argue the constitutionality of the innumerable laws and regulations that have been written under the sanction of the Constitution is a moot point. The sections and clauses that make up this document and the supporting documentation as to its purpose are becoming historical anomalies. When the supreme law of the nation is continually broken, abused and ignored it no longer has continuing authority. When lawmakers contort themselves into illogical arguments to explain and justify their illegality and un-constitutional actions it debases the intent of the document. When politicians consider themselves and their political parties to be the legitimate owners of the United States of America and not the people, the republic is lost.

How many times does a law need to broken before it ceases to be effective? Let’s look at just one example, the 4th amendment.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Any mature individual who can read English understands what this means. Unless the government and its agents have probable cause and a legal warrant signed by a judge the people are to be left alone.

The Patriot Act (sic) completely destroys this amendment. The National Security Agency violates this law every day. The IRS ignores this guaranteed right of the people with complete immunity from prosecution. The Department of Homeland Security and the TSA disregard and break this law consistently. The FBI uses National Security Letters and warrantless search tactics to invade the citizen’s privacy. It is a joke that this amendment is even considered valid law.

Arbitrary enforcement of a law also makes it invalid. If it is illegal for someone to walk into their neighbor’s house and poke around, then it is also illegal for the government to do this without a warrant. Any person who understands the 4th amendment knows this. The politicians and law enforcement officers chose to ignore the law. These abuses occur every day. The people in power, who could stop this, just look the other way.

The size and scope of the federal government has exploded over the last 60 years. It now has the power to control every aspect of our lives and does so with complete disregard for the citizens Natural Rights. For some perspective on he enormity of the intrusion of this creature just spend a few short minutes at this entry at Wikipedia:

List of United States federal agencies

There is nothing in our daily lives that the federal government cannot control. It does this by two very sinister means, through the threatened theft of our property and the threat of violence to our persons.
Now, the federal government through the power of the Federal Communications Commission wants to install, “monitors” in local newsrooms and newspapers. The president by executive order has granted himself the power to turn off the internet and broadcast his message via our computers and cell phones.

Obama signs order outlining emergency Internet control

Historically, nations that have moved this far down the path of totalitarian control have not reversed course without a major upheaval. There is no strong, outspoken and powerful political balance to this abuse and it will only get worse. The next election cycle cannot change this. The beast is now roaming within our borders. Tyranny is here.

Individual Freedom and Liberty is not given by a politician, a political party or a government. Natural Rights cannot be obtained by asking for them. The citizens need to understand and accept the responsibility for their Rights. If not, then the Constitution and all it stands for will never be reborn.

Snowden Interview

14 February 2014, 9:54 pm. Comments Off. Filed under The Bunker, video.

Shared by The Bunker.

Shade Tree Mechanics Need Not Apply (Guest Commentary)

3 February 2014, 12:52 pm. 5 Comments. Filed under Opinion, The Bunker, U.S. Constitution.

Shade Tree Mechanics Need Not Apply
by The Bunker

What a sorry state of affairs. It has been said that America is a nation that has tens of thousands of rules and regulations to enforce ten simple laws.

The controllers in government have taken a beautiful machine that was designed to carry the human race along the path of Freedom and attached so many rules, regulations, warning stickers and restrictions that the machine no longer moves.
These mechanics then stand around and bicker over whether to add more devices or remove a label in hopes the machine will operate again. Everyone ignores the reason the machine was built in the first place!

The riders of the machine have no true understanding of where the vehicle is suppose to take them. The citizen is told that in America they have Freedom and with this Freedom they have Rights. The people parrot the controller’s words and chant, “USA, USA!” while armored vehicles roll through their neighborhoods and men with machine guns force them from their homes (Boston, 2013).

This juvenile understanding of what Freedom means is analogous to a father telling his son that to be a Christian the child only needs to say the word, “Jesus” twice a day!

The American machine of Freedom came with an operator’s manual; it is called the U S Constitution. It lays out in simple detail how the machine is supposed to be used and maintained. Shade tree mechanics have tossed the handbook into the burn barrel and now stand around and scratch their heads.

The mechanic’s who ruined our Freedom machine tell us to, “Trust them” that they can fix the machine. If we just let them, “add this to that, turn here and scribble there, insert this and remove that” everything will be alright and the machine will be as good as new.

The True knowledge of individual Freedom and Liberty empowers the citizen to stand up and proclaim in the loudest voice, “NO, you have done enough damage already! Go away leave us alone. We the People have copies of the operator’s manual and will fix the machine OURSELVES!”

The American machine of Freedom was designed to be operated by the people. No shade tree mechanics needed. To keep the machine running, the people through knowledge of Freedom and Liberty and Natural human Rights can ride the machine in the Pursuit of Happiness.

The operator’s Knowledge can only be attained by studying the reason the machine was created. The Truth is the fuel that started the machine running in 1776.

The people need to refill their personal tanks with this Truth. The spirit of individual Freedom created a nation of Freemen who overflowed with enthusiasm for Liberty.

The shade tree mechanic’s do not want you to know the Truth. They want us ignorant so the bill keeps get larger and larger until they own us and our machine.

There are no easy fixes. There will be pain and suffering, scratches and sore muscles. We might even go bust before the machine is restored. The machine was not designed to provide an easy ride.

There is one Truth that cannot be denied. The machine of Freedom was built to be operated by the People. Shade tree mechanics need not apply.

Regaining Freedom – Part I (Guest Commentary)

26 January 2014, 10:02 am. Comments Off. Filed under Opinion, The Bunker.

Regaining The Spirit Of Freedom – Part I
by The Bunker

“We’re not going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that
we’re providing Americans with the kind of help they need,”
and that “where Congress isn’t acting, I’ll act on my own.”
Barack Obama, January 2014

I am going to ask you one simple question:  “In America where do your rights come from?”

I am fairly certain that the majority of you answered, “From God.”   How certain are you? Absolutely 100%, no doubt in your mind, your rights come from the almighty Creator?

I agree, you are correct!

Here’s the scenario:

You come home from work. You enter your house through the back door and toss your car keys on the kitchen counter. You here a noise upstairs, you are certain that there should be no one else in the house. You know this because you just talked to your spouse on the phone and they have the kids with them at the store. As a good American, you have a weapon. You place the weapon in your hand and slowly make your way to the stairs. Just as you enter the hallway, the noise gets louder; someone is racing down the stairs. You and the intruder reach the front door at the same time. You shout, “Stop I have a gun!” The intruder is fumbling with the door handle. Suddenly, the intruder turns to face you. You fire your weapon, the victim slumps to the floor.

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It’s About Time For Darwin (Guest Commentary)

17 January 2014, 10:56 pm. 5 Comments. Filed under Opinion, The Bunker.

It’s About Time For Darwin
by The Bunker

I have been under female scrutiny for my lack of due diligence in providing material to this digital playground. (Ol’ Broad: “HUMPH!”)  In my progression to old age, the squeals of estrogen, and then menopause, have left me with considerable hearing loss. If I’m lucky, the good Lord will someday hear my pleas for total deafness. Now if I could only forget how to operate my email. (Ol’ Broad repeats: “HUMPH!”)  Just kidding, the truth is, I’m just lazy.

Let’s get started!

Our sons gave my wife and me a fine present for Christmas, a one year subscription to Netflix. I guess they figured Ma and Pa would spend more time together in the same room. It worked! Now all we need are bandages and antiseptic for wounds suffered during the remote control cage matches.

I did win one battle royale and got to watch, “Stargate” the movie with Kurt Russell. Great movie; however, because of my superior skills at reading symbolism I solved the puzzle of the seventh symbol in the first five minutes. Other than that, it was a fine historical documentary.

Today a flatlander with Illinois plates whizzed past my 18 wheels of boredom and I noticed this symbol on the back of his electric shoebox on wheels.


The battery powered contraption had just vanished into the snowy Wisconsin haze when my male intellect provided the answer. Jesus had feet! Fantastic! But, a few miles later I realized that couldn’t be right. So I let my left brain shake hands with my right brain and hypothesized that this symbol was part of an incomplete sentence. Here’s how it should have been displayed:

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More Proof Of Who We Are (Guest Commentary)

5 December 2013, 5:37 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Opinion, Science, The Bunker.

More Proof Of Who We Are
by The Bunker

Mr. Pye goes in several different directions trying to cover so much in such a short time. I would disagree with him on some things but the DNA conclusions he reaches in the last 1/3 of his presentation fits exactly with Dr. Steven C Meyers of the Center for Science and Culture and the Discovery Institute. Dr. Meyers is a proponent of Intelligent Design.

The recent passing of the Comet ISON folds together with the Sumerian description of how our solar system started. The comet was reportedly on a 4 billion year orbit. This coincides with the Sumerian timetable of planet collision which created the asteroid belt and the icy objects that we know as comets.

Another recent discovery of DNA from 400,000 year old bones is another clue. In the article on this discovery it was not reported how many strands of chromosomes this DNA contained. Was it 46 or 48 strands? 48 strands would be pre-human like the primates. 46 strands would be human, or genetically modified.

All the discoveries in DNA research are going to eventually put the final nail in Darwin’s coffin. Real science will be used to end this stupid theory of evolution. I have read some of the Genetic research journals and while I may not understand the complexities of the research it is clear that the researchers are having a hard time holding on to Darwin’s outdated ideas.

The Sumerian culture is the least taught of all the ancient societies. Why is that? Everything always begins with the Babylonians who were Sumerian descendents. Mr. Pye and Zachiara Stichens make some astounding claims on who the Sumerians were and where they came from. But, applying common sense and simple logic based on what we all see around us their claims are not that strange.

Ancient aliens coming to earth to mine for gold, that’s crazy talk!! Why? Why is it that humans have this weird fetish over gold? It’s just another mineral, hard to find, but so is platinum or silver or even uranium. Why is gold the one metal we obsess over? In Genesis Chapter 2 verse 11 and 12 gold is mentioned. Why? Why would they care about gold or any mineral?

I got interested in archeology during the 1960′s when the Aswan Damn was constructed in Egypt. The stories appeared in either Life or Look magazine. I remember the pictures of the huge cranes lifting the statues at the Ramses Temple. The statues had to be cut in sections to lift and move. I remember thinking, “Now, wait a minute, just how in the heck did the Egyptians put these statues in place when we can’t even move them in one piece?!” That’s when I started to think we were all being lied to. The same thing happened when I first heard about Darwin’s dumb theory. These things just didn’t make any sense. Yup, I was really smart for my age!!

For me it doesn’t really matter if we came from some alien genetic experiment. Everything and everyone, alien or human had to be created somewhere by some force greater than us all. It’s a mystery we will never have an answer to until we meet our Maker. I just wish the eggheads would quit all the lying and open the lid of the box they are in and look around.