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Where Was Ol’ Broad?

11 August 2014, 12:12 pm. 3 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family, Travel.

Well, Ol’ Broad had a great view….

cabin view

Ya can’t deny, that’s one mighty fine view!

Read on…


10 August 2014, 3:04 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Blog Stuff, Travel.

Pictures and such to come later. I’m one tuckered ol’ broad! However, it appears I have many videos to post, sooooo….. :D

On Vacation!!

2 August 2014, 9:15 am. 1 Comment. Filed under Blog Stuff, Feckless Weasels, Travel.

vacation time
Seriously! We are on vacation!  Don’t go having a heart attack but we’re going somewhere where the internet is quite limited. If I’m able, I’ll upload a picture.  :D Not to worry, I will be back….eventually.  8-O Yes, I will survive without the internet, but I worry about the other 6 internet age folks. The toddler? He won’t care! Heh!


7 April 2014, 9:51 am. 4 Comments. Filed under Blog Stuff, Travel.

I guess you might have figured out I made it, basically in one piece. Got here about 4 yesterday afternoon, and didn’t drag the confuser out of my suitcase until this morning. My brain is still in motion, but sadly, it’s not all that functional, yet. :)

Whether or not I’ll be doing much posting while I’m down here is questionable. When you have a toddler and a teenager in the mix, it might be kind of difficult at times to have any rational thought. They tend to scramble any sane person’s brain, don’cha know. Heh.

I have yet to even unpack and put stuff away, so I guess I’ll be doing that today, plus a bit of cleaning in the bathroom. Sharing a bathroom with a tiny person isn’t ideal, but I’ll survive. I always do! I just wish I could find my step stool. :?

So anyways, that’s where we stand at the moment. Happy freakin’ Monday! :D


5 April 2014, 7:21 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Opinion, Travel.


I am definitely getting too old, and decrepit, for this!

Yes, I am on the road, heading to Texas to supervise Short Person and Wee Spud while Brat and Ick party hearty in Cabo san Lucas for a few days. The last couple of hours of today’s lap was driven by God, cuz He’s the only who could have made those 150, give or take, miles. This ol’ broad is plumb tuckered. I won’t mention the pain. :D

Thankfully, tomorrow is the short stretch, and going through Baton Rouge on Sunday isn’t so bad. :)

I have a serious request. All you brilliant scientists need to get to work on a teleporter! STAT!!!

It Was 63 Degrees!

5 January 2014, 6:47 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Travel.

Yep!  When we left Amite, LA, it was a whopping 63.  Unfortunately, the farther north we went, the darker and cooler it got.  This does not make me happy, of course.  Then…the rain!  And it was colder!  Well, of course, we couldn’t leave it at that!  Comes the “Low Tire Pressure” notice, and that little light that look like a tush between Tupelo and Corinth!  So, we find the closest gas station, and couldn’t figure out which tire was low.  They all looked the same to us.

Of course, there was the freezing rain issue, and we couldn’t find the dadburn tire gauge thingy that I KNOW was in the truck!  I KNOW IT WAS!!  grrrrr  So, we decided to pray, and try to make it home.  The good thing is, the air in the tires are heated from the previous 6 hours of driving, so it was expanded.  :D  Walking around the truck, looking at all the tires, trying to do some comparison, I noticed someone had hit the back end.  NOT a happy camper!  Broke the little light on the side of the license plate, and screwed up the metal.  It looks like someone actually HIT it with a crow bar or some such!  I wonder how much it’s gonna cost to get THAT fixed.  *insert VERY unladylike words here*

We made it home!  Sleet and all!  BLECH!  Oh yes, and a bit of snow thrown in, too.  sigh….  But it looks like it’s stopped, thankfully!

Yes, the cats were so happy to see us, after 15 minutes, they escaped into the garage.  I have no idea what is so interesting out there, but apparently, there’s something that attracts them.

And in a few weeks, I’m suppose to go to D.C.?  Hmmm…  Might have to rethink that!  LOL  I like my chair!  I like my bed!  Yep…gonna have to think about that!  :D  I’m tuckered!!

Blog Backup, Visitor, and Stuff

1 August 2013, 11:21 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Chris From Racine, Just Cuz, Life, Travel.

Well, we tried! After 5 attempts to get the blog backed up, and updated, we have a situation on our hands. When even my guru can’t get it solved, ya know we have issues. :? Well, it doesn’t keep me from posting, when the mood strikes of course.

Why is it that when ya get sick, bad enough to go to the doc, get the load of meds, ya always feel worse AFTER you start the meds? Yesterday, I actually felt good enough to get most of the laundry done, pull a few weeds, and get my suitcases emptied and put away. Then today… UGH! Miserable! Worse than I did on the drive home, where dying would have been an improvement. Thankfully, I know in a few days, I’ll be almost normal? Whatever that is! Heh.

I’ve only got one more day to get stuff done before CFR flies into Nashville, where I hope I don’t get lost! I’ve never been to that airport. I THINK I know where it is, but…. Criminy! That means I have to actually get out of bed, and get moving by 9? UGH! Living in Podunk has a lot of pluses, having an airport nearby isn’t one of ‘em! Oh well, I’m fairly sure she’ll understand if I need a nap after we get back. I’m old, crotchety, AND sick! Well, maybe not. :D It’s only taken her SIX years to get her Yankee hind end down here! I’ve told her, the next trip, she BETTER get more time off so we can actually DO stuff… I mean other than visit the home of her favorite gentleman….Jack Daniels! LMBO Wonder if they ship purchases to WI? Cuz you KNOW she’s gonna find a few items she just can’t live without! Heh.

Well, that’s what’s going on. I’m still battling the pneumonia, the computer, and the house, but not to worry…this too shall pass. :D

Blog FYI

29 July 2013, 9:48 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family, Travel.

Nope…didn’t fall off the planet but I think I might have croaked a couple of days ago. :D Well, truth is, I left Podunk TX to head home on Saturday, arrived at my usual stopover in Louisiana, and proceeded to get sick as the proverbial dog! I swear, I have to be allergic to my daughter! If I had left on Tuesday or Wednesday, as I had planned, I might have avoided the typical death by family!

Since I proceeded to hack up a lung, and blow chunks, I figured, I was pretty sick, and stayed over an extra day, attempting to keep anything down, including those things I need to breathe! The last thing on my mind was posting anything! Shoot, I didn’t even turn my computer on for…hmmm…. more than 24 hours! Criminy! MUST be REALLY sick! Even though I am not feeling any better, and the temp has continued to rise, at least I made it home! Now, I can die in my own bed…after I see the doc tomorrow! :D

Ya know, I thought it would be kind of nice to have our house back to semi normal, and it is, BUT….it also seems a bit empty as well. :? Go figure! I miss the rug rats? What’s up with that??? LOL Hmmmm… I’m fairly sure I’ll get over it. Heh.

The Ol’ Broad’s Grand Aventure!

20 July 2013, 11:18 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family, Travel.

Today was the last leg of our drive to Texas.  We considered breaking today in half, and come in tomorrow, but since it was still early and had enough rattled nerves for an army, we arrived around 8.  Why did it take so long?  Well, as I’ve said previously, traveling with a moody teenager and grouchy toddler is HELL!  For some reason, they expect to be fed!  Go figure!  sigh…

So, we stopped to get gas and hit the Waffle House, where the wee Spud packed away 3/4 of a waffle.  Yep, the boy can pack it away!  Of course, when he decided he’d had enough of his food, he wanted to start on mine.  Good thing I was really hungry, otherwise there would have been more left, and I wouldn’t have had much for myself.  :D

Experience ONE I NEVER want to endure again: Our next stop was the Atchafalaya rest area. We got wee Spud’s diaper dealt with, and shockingly, Short Person decided she had to have a snack. Seriously? After scarfing down that BIG lunch? *shakes head* So, we’re standing there, looking at what was in the machine that Spud could munch that wouldn’t end up covering him in chocolate. I thought SP had his hand. I looked down. No Spud. Dear Lord. We’re in an enclosed place with the men’s restroom right next to where we were standing. UGH! Guess where Spud was, and guess where Short Person and were NOT going! Lucky for us, there was a family standing around waiting for one of their members to come out, with one young fellow. Unlucky for us, they did not speak English. Well, after 4 years of Spanish WAY back when, the only thing I could bring to the forefront was el nino. Sorry about the lack of tilde, my keyboard doesn’t speak Spanish either. Well, luckily, the mom understood what I was trying to ask of the young fella, and he went in to get him. WHEW! They came walking out, hand in hand. A MIRACLE! The Spud isn’t good with strangers. This was NOT a good experience! Do NOT want a repeat….EVAH!

Experience TWO I NEVER want to endure again: After a brief stop at Candyland to pick up some fudge for Brat…WITH NUTS…we were back on the road, and well on our way. We were about 13 miles from the Texas state line, and all of a sudden, Spud starts screeching like a banshee! Scared the bejabbers out of me, and didn’t make Short Person too happy either. Considering my brilliant daughter, aka Brat, insisted he would sleep most of the trip, and he did NOT, plus he was getting hungry…again…even though SP had been giving him reasonably healthy snacks, hoping to keep him happy until we made it to Podunk. Well, he had a bottle, he had a cookie, so his screech had to be something serious. Right? There’s the ol’ broad pulling across 2 lanes as fast as possible, pulling onto the shoulder, turning on the flashers, getting out of the truck as quick as traffic would let me. I get the door open, and… PEEEEEE UUUUUUUUU! Apparently, the screecher had the dirtiest diaper possible! YUCK! Well, there was only one thing to do….REMOVE IT! There was only one empty spot available to make the change, and that was on the road side of the truck! Have you ever changed a diaper standing a couple of feet from an interstate where people are whizzing by at a minimum of 70 miles an hour? Lemme tell ya…it is NOT advisable! It was either that, or lay him on the grass on the side of the shoulder, or on the shoulder itself. Also, not advisable! We could have attempted a standing up change job, or one of us holding him, but Short Person had already dropped him on his head yesterday when we stopped at Mossey Oak, and I didn’t want a repeat So, there I was doing my best to get the diaper changed as fast as I could and NOT get creamed by an eighteen wheeler! Nope! NEVER WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN!

We finally made it Liberty County and he starts getting fussy again. Out comes the bottle, the cookies, the breakfast bars, and anything else we could thing of, none of which did the trick. Short Person did get him laughing for a while. We get to the turn to head to the house, and WHAM! He did it again! The screeching started again! Oh HELL no! I was NOT going to be pulling ANYWHERE to fix the reek! The windows went down, and 15 minutes later, BRAT got one stinky baby back home!!! Heh!

So, for a few days, I am back in Texas with the family to regain my ‘strength’ before the return trip, and the Mr is recuperating from the last three weeks, attempting to unchild our house! I don’t think he, or the house, will ever be the same! LOL

On The Road…..Again!

19 July 2013, 10:42 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family, Travel.

Ok, we are on our way to Texas! Should I be joyous that the rug rats are going home? Heh! Well, I’m not really, but ya know…it’s really gonna be nice to go to the bathroom without an audience. I mean, other than the cats! sigh… I am of the mind that our house will never be the same, but we’ll do our best to get things back in almost order for when my bud FINALLY brings her cheese head, Bears watchin’ self down to Tennessee! :D

Hey! Ya think I might be able to do more than post videos? At least for a while? Hmmm… All depends, I reckon.

Lemme tell ya…when you get a really late start, load up half the house…well, baby stuff…the back end of my truc is totally full…. have to get gas, smokes, and a “quick” stop at Wally World, ya tend to find yourself wondering…are we INSANE? sigh… Traveling with a moody teenager and a grouchy baby, and the day gets a WHOLE lot longer. My nerves are shot, and we haven’t even gotten out of Mississippi!

Well, pray that we all survive! Hey…at least the moody teenager didn’t throw the grouchy toddler out the window, right?

sun is so bright

Yep, poor little dude got chewed up by skeeters last night when we went to see the neighbor’s dog. We weren’t outside that long, but dang! They were so attracted to that poor kid…he’s got a LOT of evidence he’s a ‘sweetie’. Ok…let me rethink that one! Heh!

When we had had enough of the road, we decided to find a motel. I usually make a reservation down in LA, but since it was already getting late, and we were hungry, there was no way we were going to survive another 3 hours. :? After finding that the place I usually stay outside of Jackson had closed, we checked with 3 motels before we found a room. Yes, it’s Friday, and yes, I know people travel on Fridays, but still… Did you know that Jackson motels don’t provide baby beds anymore? Weird. Good thing we didn’t make it that far, I would have been PISSED!

So, we check into the Best Western, and find the most helpful person I’ve ever come across in my many travels. She gave us a ground floor room because wee Spud and climbing stairs (no, no elevator), she came and set up the bed for Spud, and later, came to make up the sleeper for Short Person. She was amazing! The woman needs a RAISE! Anyone who can put up with all the requests that came from this room should be the boss! :D

While we were attempting to get settled in, wee Spud found many things to keep himself occupied…NONE of with which he should have been occupied….trying to yank the ironing board off the hook, opening every drawer in the place, unzipping the various travel bags, pulling out a variety of items, which, of course, annoyed Short Person to no end! Then, he found the luggage rack! Oh my…what a wondrous toy!

Naturally, once he figured out how to get in and out of the rack, he had to move it to every area of the room. It’s not that big of a room. Some how, he managed to push and pull it from one side to the other, getting extremely annoyed when anything….like the bed…got in his way. :?

We decided it was too much work to go hunt down food, so found that there is a Chinese place that delivers. Dang! I should have just shared a kid’s meal with Spud! We ended up with enough food to feed about 6 people, with no one walking away hungry! We ended up giving it to the terrific lady at the desk! I hate throwing away food, and there was NO way I could finish all that. Even the kids had leftovers. Kid’s meal fer pete’s sake!!

Now, it’s nearly 11:30, and we’re still trying to get the rug rat to settle down. He’s been over there jabbering for the last hour and a half! NO idea what he’s talking about, or even who he’s talking to, but he’s having a great conversation!

We SHOULD make it to Podunk, Texas by tomorrow evening, but to tell ya the truth, I just don’t know. It’s really hard on the kids, and I’m not in such great shape for it m’self! Short Person asked me how I made this drive every six months. Well, I told her, it use to be a lot easier. Then she asked me why I did it! Really? I told her it was because of my family. Then, logical kid that she never is, she asked why they didn’t do the drive to Tennessee, instead of making me drive all the way to Texas. Hmmm… Darn good question! sigh… Well, I know…it really is easier for me, and when the Mr goes, to make the trip cuz we don’t have a time table. Her parents work, and it’s not so easy for them to get the time off, although… Ok, I’ll behave, but in the not too distant future, they will have to make the trip. :P

Jiminy crickets, I am TUCKERED! But unfortunately, still a bit wound up, so I guess I’ll post a few more videos! :D

Blog FYI

27 June 2013, 9:15 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family, Travel.

I am on the road with a toddler and a teenager. I need a drink. Wait… I don’t drink. :? Ok, how about a double dose of Xanex?? Sheesh! I’m exhausted!

heading out 2

Ready to go!

Piece of advice. Don’t expect to get to where you’re going in the normal time it takes. Always add at least 3 hours to said trip when traveling with a very small person. AND, do NOT attempt said trip on 3 hours of sleep. This is not wise! But doable. Just don’t expect to retain what little sanity you had when you started out.

blue teeth 2

The blue toothed teenager!

Oh, and stopping at Candyland in Rayne, LA isn’t the best of ideas either.  Did you know that Rayne is the Frog capital?  Of the world?  Yeah, me neither.  Learn something new everyday, don’cha.

The wee Spud didn’t sleep much the whole drive. 15 minutes here and there. It’s after 10 now, and he’s still awake. I have no idea what he is saying, but he’s talking about something. Having one heck of a conversation.

That chirpy thing they tell me he needs to go to sleep is driving me buggy! Someone shoot me….now!

Made It!

15 June 2013, 8:25 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Just Cuz, Travel.

Yep, after not waking up till almost 10, and finally getting on the road at noon…had to get gas and such y’know….I finally got here in one piece. Well, sorta one piece. Left a bit of brain on the road after listening to some ‘best of’ a variety of talk shows on the Patriot channel. Yep…my head exploded!

I’m about as worn out as I can be, so it might take a month or so to get caught up. Heh. Just kidding. :D


14 June 2013, 9:16 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Just Cuz, Travel.

Just an FYI, I’m halfway to Texas, and I’m exhausted. If I had a brain cell left, I could say a lot, but as I said…TUCKERED!  I’m very close to where the explosion occurred yesterday, and a second one today.  Folks are a bit shaken cuz it rattled the windows.  Rather glad I didn’t leave yesterday.  :(

However, I wanted to share a show I listened to this evening of my favorite talk guy, Mark Levin. Brilliant dude! I wish we had more like him….IN OFFICE! I tried to upload the show, but naturally, it was too big, so WordPress wouldn’t let me do it, and I have no idea how to cut it in half, or whatever, or load like some folks do. SO…. I would encourage y’all to go to this link, click on today’s show (14 June) and give a listen. The man scares the Ds, and quite a few Rs as well, which makes him a hero to me. But especially listen to the first guest, the lady from….ah shoot, can’t remember her name or the organization, but I’ve hear of her. One smart cookie. She’s in the first hour, but the whole show is VERY worth listening to!!!  Download it, put it on your iPod, but LISTEN.  Please?  :D

Heather McDonald!  Manhattan Institute!  I remembered!  WHOO HOO!

And, on that note, I’m going to take my meds, get comfy, and pretend I’m a zucchini until I have to get up, gulp coffee, and do it all over again, until I reach my destination. :D

I Made It!

7 March 2013, 9:59 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family, Just Cuz, Travel.

Yep! Even though there were a few folks on the highway that did their best to keep me from my destination, I defied them all! There was a truck towing a trailer that apparently thought I was invisible, and attempted to go through me….twice! Jack wagon!! And why is it I get stuck behind some yahoo in the passing lane that can’t figure out what that peddle on the right is for? If the speed limit is 75, why do ya wanna go 60??? Then there was that truck from hell that I couldn’t see around, on a two lane highway! I finally passed it, doing 90, so I wouldn’t get creamed by the line of cars coming at me in the other lane. SHEESH! There were a LOT of idjits on the road today!

Spud was pretty grouchy when I got here, but that’s ok. He’s was pretty grumpy till he finally went to bed. I’m rather hoping he’ll get use to me, but alas…. I fear until he sees me on a regular basis, this will be his reaction when Granny leaves the room. Oh well!

I’ve been screeched at, slobbered on by one of the dogs, “claimed” by two, kneaded by one of the cats, and groped by my 14 year old granddaughter. This is going to be an interesting visit! Heh.

7 Hours Down, 6 More To Go!

6 March 2013, 7:46 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Just Cuz, Travel.

Well, I made it to my first, and only, stop on my trip…Amite, LA. Same motel where I stay all the time. I stay so often, always making a reservation, they worry when I’m late. LOL

It was mostly an uneventful drive, other than the forest fire. There was smoke for 10 miles, and likely even farther, but since I stopped before the smoke cleared, I wouldn’t know. :D I couldn’t see how far back it went into the woods, but I know I didn’t see a single fire fighter in the vicinity, so maybe it was a “controlled fire”? If so, they weren’t noticing it was that close to the freeway.

I did notice an awful lot of U.S. flags waving on one particular stretch in Mississippi, and a couple of signs thanking the troops. I thought that was pretty cool!

Question: When did McDonald’s start putting the caloric content on every single thing on the menu??? Whose bright idea was that? Criminy! If there had been someplace else I could walk to, I would have, just to avoid that ugly reality! I don’t wanna know! I already know it’s more than I’ll eat in a regular day, shouting it at me isn’t going to help! I’m still gonna get what I want! Sheesh. I bet Moochelle had something to do with that, didn’t she! grrrrrrrr