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Wild Bill – UN Showdown

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It’s not ‘climate change’.  Or ‘global warming’, or whatever they are calling it this week. It’s God, and He’s seriously pissed off.

FYI…. I have no intention of going to see the movie Noah.  I know the story.  I know God was pissed off then too, and there were some serious consequences for the people who didn’t get the message.

United Nations….Pond Scum

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Netanyahu slams UNESCO for scrapping Israel exhibit

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a scathing criticism of the UN’s cultural agency at his Cabinet meeting Sunday, for indefinitely postponing an exhibit on Jewish connections to the Holy Land.

UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) said last week it delayed the exhibition after Arab member states said it could disrupt Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

“It would not harm the negotiations,” Netanyahu said in a statement. “Negotiations are based on facts, on the truth, which is never harmful. But what does harm the negotiations is the automatic summoning of Israeli ambassadors in certain countries regarding matters of no substance, while significant violations by the Palestinian Authority pass without a response.

Have ya ever notice that the UN always backs the terrorists?  Have you ever wondered why?  Aiding and abetting the murder of innocents, turning a blind eye the rapes, embezzlement….hey…they are a criminal organization, and should be dissolved.  At the very least, they need to get the hell out of OUR country!

Ban Ban!

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Found in my spam email:

Your Compensation Grant.

Attention ;
How are you today? You may not understand why this mail came to you.
This email is to individuals who have suffered from the notorious Internet scams, the UN have agreed to compensate them with the sum of One Hundred and Fifty thousand United States Dollars each. This includes every foreign contractor that may have not received their contract sum,people that have had unfinished transactions or international Fund transfer that failed due to Government problems, Checks scams, etc.
Contact Jim Ovia, Head of Foreign Remittance of Zenith Bank Plc,for your Bank Draft of USD$150,000.00.This funds are in a Bank Draft for security purpose. So he will send it to you by Courier or Wire Transfer.Therefore, send him your Name, telephone number, mailing address.

Person to Contact : Jim Ovia
Making the world a better place!
Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General

DISCLAIMER:This message contains information which may be confidential and protected by law. Unless you are the addressee you may not use, copy or disclose to anyone the message or any information contained in the message. If you have received this message in error, please advise the sender by reply e-mail and delete the message. E-mail transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses.

Seriously?  Give me a freakin’ break!

Their Plans?

30 September 2013, 1:49 pm. 1 Comment. Filed under 2nd Amendment, U.S. Constitution, UN.

The Useless Numnuts really don’t understand Americans at all, nor, apparently, does this administration. Hmmm….

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What To Do?

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Perhaps Obama should have taken a stronger stand when the whole works hit the fan…a couple of years ago?  I wonder if Valerie wouldn’t let him, or advised him not to, or maybe she told him to stamp his foot, whine, and draw a line with his red crayon? 

What the people in this country need to realize is what the rest of the world already knows…we do NOT have a Commander in Chief.  We have, as Judge Jeanine put it, a ‘paper tiger’.  Shoot, I wouldn’t even call him a tiger, paper or otherwise.  What we have, ladies and gentlemen, is a major wuss, a pantywaiste, taking up space in the White House, spending money like a…tin pot dictator, and destroying what few liberties we had left.

Should we care that women and children are being killed?  Yes, we should, no matter the method, but it seems we are selective in our outrage.  How many died in Rwanda, and we did nothing?  How many died in the Sudan, and we did nothing?  How many women and children are being brutalized in EVERY muslim country, and we do NOTHING?  (Let’s not forget the MILLIONS of children that have been ripped apart in the most brutal manner right here in the U.S. of A.!)  Yet now, because there were supposedly (and I don’t doubt there were)  chemical weapons involved, Chicken Little wants to throw a few bombs at the country, and say, “See?  I’m a tough guy!”? 

The biggest problem I see is that we honestly do not know WHO used those weapons.  Reports confirm they were used, but the who is in dispute.  Of course, because the Useless Numnuts don’t like Asad, they say his forces did it.  Is he even in the country?  Hmmm…  Then there are other reports, obviously ignored by the administration, and ALL the media, with the exception of a few internet sources, that say the ‘rebels’ have WMDs stashed under a variety of houses in the area.  Why ignore this information, and not even take it into consideration?  Because this administration is actually on the side of the jihadists?  Well, that would be my first thought.  Honestly, I’m more inclined to believe Walid Shoebat over the UN and this feckless administration.

Perhaps this rebellion started with the hopes of getting the boot off the neck of the common folks, but it has since morphed into another islamists ‘Arab Spring’…summer….winter….fall.  They have no problem killing themselves, and any innocents, all in the name of some made up god.  They’ve said so!

So, do we bomb Syria?  NO.  Do we aid the ‘rebels’?  HELL NO.  The enemy of our enemy is still our enemy, especially when it comes that THAT part of the world.  Do we aid Asad?  Pfft!  Paleeeeze!  So, what do we do?  Not a damn thing!  Let them kill each other off!  I don’t see any Arab countries stepping up to the plate…they never do!  Nope.  It’s the Western countries that lose their young men and women attempting to ‘save’ a muzzie country from themselves.  No one in the region ever condemns the brutality of their fellow muslims.  Why would they?  They are just as brutal.  And hey, let’s not forget the push to brutalize young Christian girls…their imans says it’s okie dokie.

Ok, so what’s the answer?  Get what few Christians are left in the country OUT, and let the muzzies blow themselves up.  When evil fights evil…there is no right side.

What to Do in Syria
Amy Payne – The Foundry

Reports are rampant that the Obama Administration will call for U.S. missile strikes against the regime in Syria at any time now.

That country is embroiled in a civil war, with opposition forces fighting dictator Bashar al-Assad. The U.S. has interests to protect in the region, but becoming directly involved in this civil war isn’t the answer, Heritage experts say. And the question of what to do in the conflict isn’t as simple as giving aid to the Syrian people, because Islamist terrorist groups are blending with the opposition and jockeying for power.

Heritage Middle East expert James Phillips has called the Obama Administration’s policy on Syria “a strategic and moral failure.” Here, Phillips and Heritage’s E. W. Richardson Fellow, James Carafano, answer some key questions about the Obama Administration’s current decision point.

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They THINK They Can Tell US What To Do?

5 March 2013, 10:55 am. Comments Off. Filed under Feckless Weasels, Male Bovine Excrement, Socialism, U.S. Constitution, UN.

I don’t bloody well think so!!!

Relaxation of US cannabis laws ‘violates UN drug conventions’

Cannabis decriminalisation measures across the United States, including the medical use of marijuana in California, have been sharply criticised by the United Nations, which has warned Washington they violate the international drug conventions.

The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), which polices the drug treaties, has also warned about the growing public health threat from the “unprecedented surge” in “legal highs” and called for concerted global action to curb the growing trade.

Launching its annual report in London, Raymond Yans, the INCB president, said that the successful ballots in Colorado and Washington to legalise the use of cannabis for recreational purposes and the fact that Massachusetts had recently become the 18th state to allow the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes violate the international drug conventions.

“They also undermine the humanitarian aims of the drug control system and are a threat to public health and wellbeing,” said Yans. He claimed that so-called “medicinal use” initiatives were little more than “a back-door to legalisation for recreational use”.

The INCB has warned the US government that medical cannabis must be properly regulated. “In some US states they are being operated in a way that is completely inappropriate and outside of the conventions,” the report says.

I’ll be perfectly honest…. I don’t think legalizing pot is such a great idea, but if certain states do legalize it, then that’s going to be their problem.  I’m sure they’ll find out eventually perhaps they made a mistake.  That being said, I don’t recall ANYWHERE in the U.S. Constitution that a foreign body, aka the Useless Nations has any say in what we, and a sovereign nation do.  Nope.  Nowhere!

Now, if there are other countries who want to allow the UN to order them around, that’s their business.  Makes ‘em look stupid and incompetent to run their own countries, but hey…it’s still their own business.  WE, The People of the United States, on the other hand, do NOT wish a bunch of feckless, foreign, corrupt, weasels telling us what we can, and cannot, do.  We have enough of those already in D.C., thank you very much.

So, as far as I’m concerned, the Useless Numbuts can kiss my red, white, and blue hind end!!  Then they can shove it where the sun don’t shine!  They’d do well to remember what Yamamoto supposedly said, and likely did not, but true none the less: There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.


As The Climate Changes…

10 December 2012, 9:47 am. 4 Comments. Filed under Opinion, UN.

What a freakin’ joke! You’d think by now that people would realize that the United Nations is nothing more than a power hungry, money grubbing, useless scam! It has been for a very long time! Yet, morons in the administration, this and previous, keep dancing to their tune, instead of focusing on our own issues. Criminy!

Man cannot create more storms. He does not have control of their intensity, or where they hit landfall. He does not have the ability to stop volcanoes, or earthquakes, or anything that nature puts forth. There is only One who has that ability, and apparently, He’s pretty pissed off.

Stop Meeting with the U.N. on Climate Change
The Foundry

Two days ago, the 18th United Nations conference on climate change wrapped up. As they did at the previous 17 conferences, developing nations demanded that the United States and other developed countries pay them for the climate’s effects.

In short, the joke’s on us. And these U.N. conferences are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Poor nations, including small islands, are seeking a new “international mechanism” to have developed nations pay for storm damage to their countries. This is based on the assumption that global warming is causing stronger hurricanes, typhoons, and the like, which is still unproven.

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28 November 2012, 8:57 am. 7 Comments. Filed under Opinion, UN.

And get that feckless bunch of weasels OUT of the U.S.! Honestly, I can’t think of one nice thing to say about the UN, other than they did, in the beginning, manage to “allow” Israel to re-establish herself. That’s pretty much it!

The more the UN interferes, the worse things get. It doesn’t matter which country we’re talking about, but take the Congo for example. Those UN “peace keepers” have quite a reputation for rape and corruption. Does anyone think they would handle the U.S. any better than her citizens. Just why is it that the UN wants to take control of the U.S.? And why is it that the clown who swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States is all to willing to hand over control to a bunch of foreign, murderous thugs?

Our Constitution trumps any foreign law, but yet it seems that this administration, and a few prior, have been handing over more and more of OUR God given rights into the hands of power hungry scum suckers, the biggest abusers of human rights since Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Mao.

It’s bad enough that the election was stolen through fraud and deceit, now we have to contend with a Senate who has obviously forgotten just whose side they are SUPPOSE to be on? I don’t bleepin’ think so! Handing our country over to a bunch of thieves like the UN is just one more nail in our coffin.

The tree of Liberty needs to be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
~ Thomas Jefferson ~

Disabilities Treaty Just Another U.N. Power Grab
The Foundry

International treaties sound like a good idea, especially when they claim to protect vulnerable people. The problem is, America already does more than any other country to ensure equal rights for its people—and the United Nations just wants the power to interfere in American law.

The Senate is now considering the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). President Obama signed this treaty in 2009, but the Senate has yet to agree to it. It needs a two-thirds majority of Senators to ratify it. In September, 36 Republican Senators signed a letter stating that they would oppose any treaties that came up for a vote during the lame-duck session of Congress. We will see now whether that promise holds.

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Three Weasels and a Leader

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The Apologizer in Chief. The Madman of Iran. The Muslim Brotherhood honcho.

And then, we have an actual leader…a man with a spine, who is not afraid to speak the truth. If only the Western world had more like him, perhaps, we wouldn’t find ourselves heading down the path to destruction.

The Madman of Iran

26 September 2012, 12:53 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Middle East, Pond Scum, Religion of Pieces, UN.

Why is this madman ever even allowed to land on our soil? Yeah…Mamoul Imadinnerjacket is here for that useless United Nations nonsense, but that is STILL part of our country, and he has no business here…or anywhere in the civilized world, for that matter. Come to think of it, a large number of those who come for this conference should be behind bars, or shot, or something.  But that’s another issue.

When the titular head of a country that claims to be ‘civilized’ encourages the murder of his own people, it’s pretty hard to actually consider such a being as civilized.  And yet, he tells us, it’s the U.S. and Israel that is uncivilized.  Riiiiiiight!  We don’t hang people for being gay.  We don’t stone women to death for the least infraction of some 7th century rule, and we don’t shoot innocent people protesting peacefully in the streets.  Who is uncivilized?

Apparently, they don’t teach real history in Iranian schools either.  To state that “Israel has no roots in the Middle East” is downright laughable.  Archaeological evidence proves otherwise.  While Mamoul’s ancestors were probably throwing their children into the fires of Baal, the Israelis were building their cities, worshiping HaShem in the land GIVEN to them (at least those who didn’t turn their backs to Him).  If the Israelis really wanted to push the issue, there would be a LOT of surrounding Arab countries losing quite a bit of land.  They should be happy that Israel is a civilized country!


26 September 2012, 10:19 am. 6 Comments. Filed under 1st Amendment, Male Bovine Excrement, Opinion, Religion of Pieces, The ONE, UN.

Ok, let’s face a few facts here. The guy that has been occupying the White House for nearly four years has been nothing but a disappointment since day one. He does not share American values, so the last place he should be is in the highest office in the land. He was not raised with the same values the majority of us were since he lived his formative years in a foreign country, and was mentored by communists and radicals. How do you value the Constitution of the United States when you’ve been taught to undermine it? And undermine it he has!

Mr Obama, I do not apologize for being an American. I do not apologize for being a Christian. I do not apologize to savages. I do not apologize for believing our Constitution trumps the United Nations, or any other entity or country or cult religion. And Mr Obama, if you are an American, NEITHER SHOULD YOU! YOU are an embarrassment to every liberty loving American. Your time is up! Come November 6, 2012, you WILL be fired!

5 Ways Obama Disappointed at the United Nations
The Foundry

President Obama spoke to the United Nations General Assembly in New York yesterday—and what a disappointing speech it was.

He actually scrapped his original speech outline to focus on the controversial YouTube video that many have suggested sparked recent anti-American attacks in the Middle East, including one in Libya that killed a U.S. Ambassador and other Americans. Making this video the focus of his speech was inappropriate. He should have used the international platform to make an unapologetic case for freedom. The President failed the American people—and America’s allies—in five major ways.

1. He failed to give a robust defense of free speech.

In tripping over the YouTube video that was offensive to Muslims, the President seemed to validate other countries’ disregard for freedom of speech:

I know that not all countries in this body share this particular understanding of the protection of free speech. We recognize that. But in 2012, at a time when anyone with a cell phone can spread offensive views around the world with the click of a button, the notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete. The question, then, is how we respond.

He also admonished people for offending others, saying, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Yet to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see when the image of Jesus Christ is desecrated, churches are destroyed, or the Holocaust is denied.”

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Coalition troops now armed at all times on Afghan bases in wake of ‘insider’ shootings

U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan are being ordered to carry loaded weapons at all times while on base, in response to a rash of Afghan soldiers and policemen turning their weapons on coalition forces.

The directive, confirmed by Fox News, was issued by International Security Assistance Force Commander Gen. John Allen. It says that troops should no longer simply keep ammunition magazines close by — instead, those magazines should be loaded in the weapons.

When I first heard about this, I was shocked! Who would be stupid enough to order soldiers, IN A WAR ZONE, to carry UNLOADED weapons???????????  These animals are NOT our friends.  They will NEVER be our friends!  What do you do with rabid animals?  YOU F***ING SHOOT THEM!  Since there are so many in such a large area, I’d suggest something along the lines of….get the hell out of there, and nuke the sons of bitches!  Problem solved.

Two Americans were killed Friday when a local village policeman opened fire in Farah province in the west. Two more Americans were shot and wounded in a separate incident in the southern province of Kandahar.

Thirty-nine NATO service members, mostly Americans, have been killed in these types of attacks so far this year. In one horrifying scene earlier this year, an Afghan soldier shot and killed an American while he was playing volleyball on base.

The attacks are up significantly — from 11 deaths in 2011. There were four such deaths in all of 2007 and 2008.

I wonder what changed between 2008 and now?  /snark I am disgusted with the lack of leadership.  I am revolted by the uncaring attitude.  There will be no peace in that area….ever.  Making nice with animals is getting civilized men and women killed.  You don’t fight a war to make friends.  You fight a war to freakin’ WIN!  Destroy the enemy….COMPLETELY! Yet we have opened the door to such people, allowed them free reign in our country, and have to play nice, on our own soil, to those who would destroy us. The world has gone totally mad!

My heart breaks for the families of these men and women, who have sacrificed all.

Liberal Wimps of the World

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Lose L.O.S.T…..Permanently!

17 July 2012, 8:51 am. Comments Off. Filed under Opinion, UN.

If you check the link, you’ll see that neither senator from Tennessee signed the letter in opposition to this treaty. Why is that? Well, Lamar Alexander is practically a Democrat for one thing, and he’s not running for re-election. He’s actually stated he won’t run again. I’m going to hold him to that!

Now, Bob Corker, on the other hand, IS running this year, so why would he be so stupid as to not oppose a treaty that erodes U.S. sovereignty? Damn good question. My husband had sent him a letter, asking him not to support this treaty, and what he got back? You guessed…a form letter! In said form letter, Mr Corker said he didn’t know enough about the treaty to make an informed decision. *chin drop* Seriously? I’ve known about this piece of crap for a couple of decades now, and that was even before I was paying close attention to what was going on in the rest of the world. And here, we have a United States Senator who is unfamiliar with the U.N. treaty? Hey! Mr Corker! You can rest assured I’ll be voting for Zach in the primary. Early voting going on right now, y’know!

In all honestly, the only treaty I want the U.S. to sign with the Useless Numnuts is the one that says THEY will be leaving our shores, never to darken our doors again! And that WE will no longer be footing the bills for their upkeep, including the financing for every other useless plan they come up with! THAT is the ‘treaty’ I want, and the U.S. NEEDS!

Harmful U.N. Sea Treaty Stalls in Senate
The Foundry

A United Nations threat to U.S. sovereignty has been halted. The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), a pet project of Senator John Kerry (D-MA), ran aground yesterday when opposition reached critical mass.

A total of 34 Senators, led by Jim DeMint (R-SC) and James Inhofe (R-OK), have now expressed opposition—enough to kill the treaty if it comes up for a vote.

As Heritage Action for America CEO Michael Needham said:

America had little to gain through accession to the Law of the Sea Treaty—but much to lose. Rather than affirming existing practices, it would have instituted a radically new, international legal regime. The demise of the Law of the Sea Treaty not only represents a victory for American sovereignty, but also the American people.

One of the most vocal and effective spokesmen against LOST has been Heritage Foundation expert Steven Groves. He testified in June before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by Senator Kerry.

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