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A Sincere Message To Our Vets

11 November 2013, 12:45 pm. 3 Comments. Filed under Veterans, video.

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Our Undying Gratitutde!

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A Debt We Owe That Can Never Repay!

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thank you vets

Wild Bill – Kicking the Tiger

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More Bolt Cutters Needed!!

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Obama Wastes No Time Putting Barricades Back Up

During a weekend of protests in Washington, D.C., a number of veterans stood up to a vindictive federal government by removing barricades erected around outdoor war memorials. These heroes transported the iron obstacles to the White House in a show of defiance against an administration that dismisses and devalues their worldview.

When the rallies and marches were over, National Park Service employees worked feverishly Monday to reinstall the barricades, making sure no other visitors get to see the monuments.

Low life, scum sucking, son of a bitch!!  I am not going to even attempt to be a lady!  I could call him even worse, but I am to damn angry right now, to put it mildly!

My Favorite Pic

13 October 2013, 3:57 pm. 7 Comments. Filed under Heroes, Veterans.

I came across this picture on several sites, and had to post it. I LOVE this! A disabled vet doing what Obama should have done a long time ago. Hell, this vet should never had had to do this!! He is NOT a pawn in Obama’s game! I just want to HUG this guy! :D He makes my heart cry.


Posted on Twitter by Andrew Creech.

Untaught History

13 October 2013, 1:18 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under U.S. Military, Veterans, video.

Do we see history repeating itself? It does, you know, on a regular basis, and yet, we seldom learn the lessons of the past.


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Super-rally against president in works

Veterans first fought America’s wars, then they fought the National Park Service over White House-ordered closures of war memorials because of the partial shutdown of the federal government.

Now they’re developing a response to President Obama’s “war” against them: A rally.

The Million Vet March on the Memorials will be held Sunday, Oct. 13, at 9 a.m. Eastern at the World War II memorial on the National Mall, the location where rangers under orders from the White House tried, unsuccessfully, to prevent vets from visiting in recent days.

The announcement said the group Special Operations Speaks is organizing the rally because the Obama administration “is using the government shutdown as an excuse to keep our veterans from acknowledging the debt owed to them and their predecessors.”

“This is unforgivable. It is also unjustified, as no taxpayer funds are spent by keeping these shrines open. We will open them ourselves, if that’s what it takes,” said the group,  founded by former Navy SEAL Larry Bailey.

The behavior of the liar in chief, his lackey dimwits in Congress, and let’s not forget about his lapdogs in the media, has been, to say the least, abhorrent!  They’re playing with people’s lives, and not a one of them give a happy crap!



They paid the ultimate price serving their country — but their government can’t spare a cent to cover their funerals.

The stooges on Capitol Hill added insult to tragedy Tuesday when it was revealed that the families of four soldiers and a Marine who were killed in Afghanistan have not received a $100,000 “death gratuity” because of the government shutdown.

The cash is meant to cover interment, flights and other expenses tied to the servicemembers’ ultimate sacrifice. It is usually wired within three days.

So now, these families have to come up with the money that is OWED them by the government to take care of their loved ones transport and internment?  Are you FREAKIN’ kidding me?  Oh, but Obama has no problem keeping his golf course open!  Or paying EXTRA park police to shut down areas that are OWNED by the American people!

He blocks Honor Flight vets from seeing THEIR memorial, but allows damn criminal invaders to have a rally on the NATIONAL Mall, that is verboten to CITIZENS!

Yeah…I’m more than just a little pissed off!  I don’t wish ill on anyone, normally, but I pray God will give these pigs their just due!

If you can get to D.C. (I wish I could), stand with our vets!  Do not let the dictator win!!

TRIFECTA – Obama’s Shutdown Temper Tantrum…

…Did Obama Close the WWII Memorial to Hurt Veterans?

God Bless Our Heroes….

…and screw you Barack Hussein!!! You aren’t even worth the gum stuck to the bottom of their shoes!


Targeting Heroes!

4 October 2013, 11:08 am. Comments Off. Filed under Heroes, Veterans.

Wanna get pissed off? Take a gander at the information shared at the Weekly Standard!  Note the pictures!!

Some Stuff

It’s been quite a day, both personally, and politically.  I’m in Corinth, again, for another test very early in the morning.  It just makes more sense to already be close so I don’t have to wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning to drive an hour to get here in time.  Right?  Yep!  We all know how much I hate mornings.  Heh.  There’s some other stuff going on, but that’s enough of that!

And yes, it looks like it’s a video day, doesn’t it!  Hey!  Is it my fault that everyone I subscribe to posted videos today?  :D

Politically?  Well, I’m sure we’ve all noticed that the world didn’t stop spinning because Harry Reid is a dipwad, and shut down the non-essential government crap.  Ok, I’m going to ask the question others have asked, that is so obvious, it’s down right absurd….  If they are non-essential, why the hell have we been paying them to the tune of a $17 TRILLION deficit?  In case you are an idiot or a liberal, which in my opinion, are the same thing, non-essential means….NOT NEEDED!  Imagine how much money could have been saved it these areas had been shut down a LONG time ago!

Apparently, the jackwagons in D.C. think that the parks, etc. that WE pay for, were supposed to be closed down.  Well, some World War II veterans from Mississippi didn’t much care for that idea at all!

The brave men and women that have given their all are being given the shaft by the Democrats, led by none other than the Botox Queen herself, at the instruction of none other than the so called President of the United States! It’s ok to pay the current military, but our veterans aren’t important enough to Pelosi to allow a bill that would fund their needs. I have a five lettered word for her…and it’s not witch. I have a few words for him too, but since I”m a lady….


Twitchy has a few more examples here. Just think…men and women put their lives on the line, come home, bruised and broken, if they come home, and the pretender in chief refuses to sign a bill that would keep their benefits, which they EARNED, and this is how their own government treats them? Oh, I don’t FREAKIN’ think so!!! Don’t think these pigs are evil? Think again! Evil personified!!

Now, before I get even more ticked off, I’m going to relax, and hope I can get to sleep at a reasonable hour so I can wake up to get stabbed in the gut. If I drank…..

What Are They Fighting For??

24 May 2013, 5:02 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Heroes, Opinion, U.S. Military, Veterans.

Today, I had ANOTHER flippin’ appt down in Corinth, so, as usual for that time of day, I was listening to Wilkow on Sirius. I never did catch the name of the sub guy, he said it too fast, but he was talking to a couple of military history authors about, well, military history. DUH!

One guy was calling in from Normandy where he was giving some Wounded Warriors a tour of various beaches where our troops landed, and died. He happened to bring up WWI, talking about the farthest inland the Marines had ever been up to that time, in 1918…Paris. This is something I didn’t learn in school. :? It seems WWII wasn’t the first time we saved France’s bacon!

Anyway, they took a call from a young man who is back from his FOURTH TOUR…this time, in Afghanistan. As I listened to him, my heart broke. Why? Because what he was saying was very true! Our military is no longer fighting, and dying, to protect our freedoms. The man spoke the truth when he said the guys, and gals, really don’t know why they are fighting over there…to protect people who hate them, and want to kill them? For an administration, current, that doesn’t give a damn about them, and has no clear vision…like VICTORY against the enemy? He was very emotional when speaking about the reason they are giving themselves… They are fighting for each other, to protect their brothers in arms. This is a noble reason, but it shouldn’t be THE reason we are spending our greatest treasure on the other side of the world.

I believed in the mission, as it was, but seriously, what is their mission now? After more than a decade, what is the purpose? I support our men and women in the military, but for the love of all that’s holy, let them do their job! That job is to WIN!! Destroy the enemy!! Crush them into dust!! Anything else is a total waste of life! Stop humiliating them by sending them off to fight and die for NOTHING! Telling them this ‘mission’ may last another decade or two? The administration won’t have to decimate the military by cutting funds, etc. Our young men and women will stop joining, or re-upping, all on their own.

The U.S. Military, all branches, have a proud tradition. They have always been the BEST of the best. They still are! Let them be what they are, have always been…the strongest and bravest!

On this Memorial Day weekend (I hate Monday holidays), let’s remember who we are memorializing! It’s not our new grills, the cooler full of beer, or even the parades. We must ALWAYS remember those who have given their all….FOR US…and millions of others, around the world.


Our Veterans, Our Heroes

21 February 2013, 8:40 am. Comments Off. Filed under Heroes, Opinion, U.S. Military, Veterans, video.

Why a Car Commercial Can Make You Cry
The Foundry

Is there a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces in your life? If so, tears likely came to your eyes when you saw Jeep’s Super Bowl commercial. Oprah Winfrey’s voice-over was a moving tribute to those who fight for us: “In your home, in our hearts—you’ve been missed. You’ve been needed. You’ve been cried for, prayed for.”

For those of us who have had loved ones in harm’s way in Iraq, Afghanistan, or other overseas bases in the past few years, the ad acknowledged that desire above all others: to bring them home safely.

Read on…


15 November 2012, 8:54 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Heroes, Veterans.

At least 4 dead after train crashes into trailer during Texas veterans parade

A freight train slammed into a parade float carrying wounded veterans on Thursday, killing four people and injuring 17 others as the float a West Texas railroad crossing on its way to an honorary banquet, authorities said.

The eastbound train was sounding its horn before it hit the float around 4:40 p.m. in Midland, Union Pacific spokesman Tom Lange said. A preliminary investigation indicates the crossing gate and lights were working at the time, Lange said, though he didn’t know if the train crew saw the float approaching.

Two people died at the scene of the crash, while two others died at Midland Memorial Hospital, City of Midland spokesman Ryan Stout said. Ten of those injured are in critical condition, while the other seven are in stable condition, he said.

“There is going to be a very thorough investigation,” Lange said. “It’s obviously a very tragic incident.”

Photos of the float taken during the parade show about two dozen people seated in chairs set up on the back of a flatbed tractor-trailer decorated with American flags. A banner across the truck’s front bumper reads, “Heroes on Board.”

Many prayers going out to the families and friends. No words can express the sorrow.

Via My West Texas: Of the 17 injured, 10 are in critical condition and seven are in stable condition, officials said.