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I’ve been having some computer issues.  I seriously doubt the Mr would appreciate me throwing it across the room, and I KNOW Ick wouldn’t be too happy if I hit his over sized idjit box.  Unless I can keep this contraption from completely sending me over the deep end, I should probably walk away for a while.  Wha’cha think?  Safest action?  :D

For Gary K

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1 yr Dallas 2muff

Happy now?  LMBO

A Democrat?

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Yep! Those on the right shouldn’t be surprised. Those on the left are going to make excuses.

The 73-year-old suspect, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacist candidate for political office, has a long history of anti-Semitic violence and hate crimes, including involvement in at least one other murder.

Miller, who also goes by the alias Fraiser Glenn Cross Jr., founded the North Carolina-based White Patriot Party, an offshoot of the Ku Klux Klan, in 1980. In 1984 he ran in North Carolina’s Democratic primary for the governorship, garnering 5,790 votes – 0.61% of the total votes cast. He later attempted in 1986 to run in the North Carolina Republic primary for a Senate seat. (emphasis mine)

This is, well, I won’t call him an animal because that would be an insult to animals….a snake, with so much hatred in him, he can’t even be rational. Most Democrats have that problem.

Wild Bill – Twofer

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I Don’t Understand

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How can people be so full of hate

I honestly have never understood the hatred towards any particular group of people, whether it was Jews, blacks, Hispanics, or whites, hatred toward a people who are maybe a little different from you, is evil….pure and simple!  Such hatred is of Satan, and in no way reflects the love of God, or any true believer.

May their memory be a blessing.


Psalm 100 (GNV)

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1 Sing ye loud unto the Lord, all the earth.

2 Serve the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyfulness.

3 Know ye that even the Lord is God; he hath made us, and not we ourselves: we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

4 Enter into his gates with praise, and into his courts with rejoicing: praise him and bless his Name.

5 For the Lord is good: his mercy is everlasting, and his truth is from generation to generation.

Losing My Mind?

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slide2 strange

News From Marsha 4/12/14

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I want to jump right in and let you know the House passed the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Resolution- The Path to Prosperity – yesterday. I went to the House floor to speak in support of this common sense budget resolution. As a member of the Budget Committee, strong conservative, mom and a grandmother, and American citizen worried about our future, it is important to me to present a budget that makes Washington live within its means.

The Ryan Budget will put America back on a path to prosperity by making $5.1 trillion in actual spending cuts, balancing the budget within ten years, strengthening programs such as Medicare, simplifying the tax code, and replacing Obamacare with common sense, patient centered health care reform. This week I joined on C-SPAN and Varney & Company to talk about this issue. It’s time for an intellectually honest conversation about the economy, the budget, and our $17 trillion debt.

Many of you saw yesterday’s news of Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius’ resignation. This has been a long time coming after a litany of failures and total mismanagement. The American people deserve better and I’m not going to ease up on fighting on your behalf.

I want to share another Conservative victory with you. This week, Energy and Commerce’s Communications and Technology Subcommittee passed the DOTCOM Act. Many of you know I’ve been working on this with Representative Shimkus to protect the United States oversight role of the Domain Name System. I went to the House floor to continue this fight. This might not seem like a fight worth having, but the control of the Internet is up for grabs and I think it’s vital to America’s interest to make sure we do not cede that control. I look forward to the DOTCOM Act coming to full Committee then to the House floor. Keep up to date through Facebook and Twitter.

Representing the Tennessee 7th Congressional District is a great honor for many reasons. This week I had the privilege of testifying before the House Armed Services Committee and talk about the brave men and women of Ft. Campbell. I asked the Committee to once again pay close attention to restoring the ArmyFlying Hours Program to its full capacity in Fiscal Year 2015.  For aviation units like the 101st Airborne, this training is not only vital to mission success but to the safety of our soldiers.

Finally, I want to tell you about today. Today was a terrific day; one my staff and I have worked on for months. It was a great honor to welcome 150 high school student leaders to Columbia State Community College for the inaugural Congressional Leadership Summit. It’s important to me to recognize these outstanding young leaders and help give them the skills to continue to grow in their leadership potential. Rudy Kalis and Cordia Harrington joined us and charged these young leaders to excellence. See the conversation on social media by following #LEADTN7.

The Great Eight – How Obama Defines “Equal”

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Wild Bill – Nevada Showdown Sanity

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ZoNation – Liberals Won? Part Three

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It’s the Republicans Fault That Democrats Oppress You

Bill Whittle – Disarming the Warriors

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Was He, or Wasn’t He?

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I love history.  I love American history, I love ancient history, I especially love archaeology.  I find Biblical history/archaeology fascinating.  Reckon that’s why I bugged the Mr to take me to Israel a few years ago?  Heh.

So, I read this morning that there was a tiny piece of papyrus, that is likely authentic from the 8th or 9th century, written in Coptic, that says: “Jesus said to them, “My wife … she is able to be my disciple…”

Well, obviously, the person who wrote it wasn’t around in the 1st century, BUT….the gospels have been copied over and over, translated from one language to another, over the years, so maybe this was a copy of an original, told by someone who was there? It’s possible.  Shoot, anything is possible!  So many texts, that didn’t fit an agenda, were left out of the final version of the Bible, who’s to say there were a few items that were very accurate but didn’t mesh with the androcentrism that was so prevalent at the time?

Now, the issue, which some folks will get their knickers in a twist over…was Jesus actually married? Lots of folks have written books, both fiction and non-fiction, discussing this matter.  Here’s a question for ya….  Does it really matter?  I mean seriously, is our faith so fragile that we couldn’t imagine a world where Jesus was married?  Or that a woman couldn’t be a disciple?  If so, that’s pretty flippin’ pathetic.

So, was He or wasn’t He.  I don’t care.  He was in human form, and if He married, that’s all right by me!  My faith in Him as my Savior won’t change!

NewsBusted 4/11/14

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Nothing To Cheer About!

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I honestly don’t know why the Obama administration is celebrating 7 million sign ups. This whole thing was rolled out back in October. 7 million in six months doesn’t sound like much of a reason to celebrate, especially when there are still just as many uninsured as there were before this whole fiasco started.

The serious questions: How many have actually PAID? How many signed up for Medicare, and won’t be paying a dime? How many are actually young and healthy? You know the ones that are suppose to be picking up the slack. How many are sick, and will cause premiums to go up even higher than they are already? Just how many will be getting subsidies? How much money will the taxpayers have to cough up to cover these folks? How many were previously uninsured? How many had insurance that was canceled, and had no choice but to get shafted by the administration with their crappy, over priced website? How much will the taxpayer be on the hook to the insurance companies with THEIR ‘bailouts’, which we all know is coming.

Take control of people’s health care, and you have control of the people.

The Charts Obama Doesn’t Want You to See
Amy Payne – The Foundry

Talking about Obamacare’s effects is one thing; seeing hard data is another.

Heritage’s newly updated Obamacare in Pictures has 15 charts that show the law’s effects on Americans—from canceled insurance policies to new taxes, Medicare cuts, reduced choice for plans, and more.

Here’s a quick look at just three of these charts and how Obamacare is hitting three groups.


Obamacare in Pictures 2014: Premiums Age 27

Read on…