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The Great Eight – Living La Vida Obama

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Wild Bill – Riot TV

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ZoNation – Was Michael Brown Innocent?

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Liberal Excuse-Making is Getting Kids Killed

The Fake American President

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I, like many others, have watched the news in recent days, looking for leadership, in vain….as usual, from the current resident of the White House. There is something about this guy that doesn’t promote confidence. Could it be his lack of connection with the American people? Could it be his preference over our enemies over our once great allies? Could it be he would rather play golf and attend over priced fund raisers, than do the job he was elected to do?

There are many reasons this guy should have never been elected, no matter his skin tone, to the highest office in the United States. First and foremost, he hates America as it was founded, and the hard working Americans that made her great. That SHOULD have been the first clue, but alas, so many saw only his skin tone, and decided “that’s the guy for us”! Not just once, but twice!

Tuesday, an American journalist was brutally slaughtered by a ….. if there a right word to describe such a biped? He is supposedly a Brit, which is quite possible. The confirmation that the video of the murder came late Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning, was not a fake, and the young man had truly had hid head sawed off in such a manner, Americans are incapable of comprehending such brutality.

Wednesday, the current resident, took time off from his golf game, shows up on TV, while the parents of the murdered man were speaking to the press, interrupting their coverage, to give an emotionless 3 minute ‘speech’, tieless, and promptly returned to the golf course, all smiles.

smiler New York Daily News

This is the same guy who couldn’t be bothered to attend the funerals of numerous heroes, most recently, a 2 star general, assassinated by another one of Obama’s muslim buddies. The man doesn’t understand the concept of shame. I can pretty much bet he won’t show up to James Foley’s funeral either. He just doesn’t care!

We have terrorists sneaking across our Southern border, disguised as kids from Central America. Many of those kids are in cahoots with the terrorists, and can be considered terrorists as well, since the idea of terror is to create fear. Gang members like MS 13 do just that, don’t they? And he just doesn’t care!

Barack Hussein is not a president. He has no honor, he has no love of country. He is narcissist, and most likely, a sociopath. Sadly, we have two more years we have to put ourselves in danger because of him. How will we react when the beheadings begin in our own cities?

Barack Hussein Obama is a fake!

Andrew Klavan – Democrats at War

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Wild Bill – The Gift of Gabby!

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TRIFECTA – Hillary Tour: Selling Socialism….

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at $250K a Pop and Doing It In Style

From Someone Who Knows

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I came across this column a couple of days ago, and debated on whether I should refer to it in a link, or just copy and paste what the man had to say. Obviously, I’ve gone with copy and paste. I couldn’t add much to what he has stated, and what has been stated here is the truth. He should know! It’s a shame that so many in the West have fallen for that “religion of peace” lie. There is nothing peaceful about this cult of death.  This column was posted before the brutal murder of James Foley.  Perhaps when Americans are being slaughtered in the town square, we MIGHT wake up to this evil reality.

ISIS IS True Islam
By Walid Shoebat (exclusive)

Reading the papers is reading authors of confusion. They say “Saudi top cleric blasts al-Qaida and ISIS as ‘enemy No. 1? of Islam” in a statement issued in Riyadh.

“The ideas of extremism, radicalism and terrorism … have nothing to do with Islam and (their proponents) are the enemy number one of Islam,” the kingdom’s top cleric said.

He cited jihadists from the Islamic State, which has declared a “caliphate” straddling parts of Iraq and Syria, and the global al-Qaida terror network. Really? ISIS and al-Qaida do not represent Islam? ISIS IS ISlam and ISlam is ISIS.

Muslims frequently say that we, the critics of Islam “know nothing about Islam”. They relentlessly exhaust us with this statement that ISIS terrorists do not understand true Islam.

I finally capitulate.

They are correct. The truth is that no one truly understands true Islam, neither Muslim scholars nor Muslims in general. Even the best of its secular critics don’t understand it. The only way to fully understand Islam is to be the devil himself.

Read on…

Bill Whittle – Ferguson & The Real Race War

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Andrew Klavan & Bill Whittle – What is Truth?

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Wild Bill – Battle Lines USA

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TRIFECTA – Gee, Officer Krupke…

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You’ve got Humvee, a Helo, a Drone and an M-16

ZoNation – It would be Insanity…

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… to Nominate Mitt Romney for President Again!

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 8/19/14

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A simple fact:  Hamas does not want peace.  As with most raving lunatics, and spoiled brats, they want what they want, and to hell with everyone else, no matter who it harms, as in using women and children as human shields.  Israel just wants to be able to live in peace without rockets being fired at them on a regular basis, by Hamas, or whoever else has decided they want to destroy Israel, which is the majority of the Muslim world.  Honestly, I don’t think they even know why they hate Jews so much, but it’s bred into them from birth, so that’s how they live…or don’t live, as the case may be.  If you aren’t a muslim, or if you aren’t the “right” kind of muslim, you must either adhere to “their” type of muslim, or die.  Gosh, makes so much sense, doesn’t it.  Nope.  the muslims in general, and Hamas in particular in this instance, do NOT want peace.  So, why are people wasting their time and energy?  Wipe out the scum, give Gaza back to the Israelis, so those muslims who do live there can have some peace in their lives, as they did before Israel handed that strip of land to the crazies.

Speaking of crazies, a Swedish woman, in her own country, was attacked by the lunatics for wearing a Star of David.  She’s Jewish.  Wearing a Star of David isn’t unusual.  I wear of Star of David, with a Cross in the middle.  No doubt, if I walked through that neighborhood, I’d be attacked as well.  Why?  For wearing the symbol that promotes the love of our Lord, and His statutes, of course.

And oh yes, let’s not forget that ISIS…ISIL….whatever the flock they call themselves, have threatened to drown Americans ‘in their own blood’ if the airstrikes kill anymore of the followers of their brand of crazy.  I have a better idea.  How about we carpet bomb the areas that this bunch of filthy pigs have invaded?  Yes, there would be collateral damage, but those that survive would no longer have to worry about being slaughtered by these scum suckers.  How many Yizizis and Christians have been slaughtered for their faith?  Does that current resident even give a ****?  Nope.  But he has to look like he’s doing something, so….we have a few bombs dropped, and all is suppose to be well.  Thousands are still starving and dying of thirst, even though humanitarian aid has been dropped on the top of that mountain, but even that won’t stop the barbarians from hunting them down to crucify, behead, and shoot them.  Carpet bomb!  Destroy the whole lot of them.  Obama left a vacuum in Iraq, ISIS filled it.  Now he needs to fix the problem he created!

Now THAT is funny!
grumpy jackson

Has anyone in the Senate noticed that Harry Reid is a blithering idiot?  If the Dems had any sense, which they don’t, they kick his sorry hind end to the back of the line, and put someone else in his place…at least until the Rs take over the Senate in November.  :D

All those thugs from New York, Chicago, and elsewhere need to be kicked out of Ferguson, and the Brown family needs to wait until ALL the facts are in from the investigation before squawking to the media, who, as is typical, gets the facts wrong.  Officer Wilson is being vindicated by eye witnesses, and all this destruction, ruining local businesses that employs local residents.  Jackson and Sharpton need to shut their pie holes, AFTER they tell the crowds to go home, and wait for the investigation to be concluded.  Threatening to riot until a man is arrested and convicted, without the facts, is just plain anarchy.  But then, I guess that’s what the professional rioters want?

While we’re on the subject of Ferguson, it’s been confirmed that the officer involved was injured by a blow to his head, fracturing his eye socket.  Thankfully, the officer has left the state of Missouri, likely for his safety, and the safety of his family, even though, in my opinion, he is NOT the culprit in this entire situation.  If a 295, 6’4″ bull is charging me, I’m going to shoot him as well.

Wild Bill – Stop Calling it Foreign Aid

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