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The Fake American President

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I, like many others, have watched the news in recent days, looking for leadership, in vain….as usual, from the current resident of the White House. There is something about this guy that doesn’t promote confidence. Could it be his lack of connection with the American people? Could it be his preference over our enemies over our once great allies? Could it be he would rather play golf and attend over priced fund raisers, than do the job he was elected to do?

There are many reasons this guy should have never been elected, no matter his skin tone, to the highest office in the United States. First and foremost, he hates America as it was founded, and the hard working Americans that made her great. That SHOULD have been the first clue, but alas, so many saw only his skin tone, and decided “that’s the guy for us”! Not just once, but twice!

Tuesday, an American journalist was brutally slaughtered by a ….. if there a right word to describe such a biped? He is supposedly a Brit, which is quite possible. The confirmation that the video of the murder came late Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning, was not a fake, and the young man had truly had hid head sawed off in such a manner, Americans are incapable of comprehending such brutality.

Wednesday, the current resident, took time off from his golf game, shows up on TV, while the parents of the murdered man were speaking to the press, interrupting their coverage, to give an emotionless 3 minute ‘speech’, tieless, and promptly returned to the golf course, all smiles.

smiler New York Daily News

This is the same guy who couldn’t be bothered to attend the funerals of numerous heroes, most recently, a 2 star general, assassinated by another one of Obama’s muslim buddies. The man doesn’t understand the concept of shame. I can pretty much bet he won’t show up to James Foley’s funeral either. He just doesn’t care!

We have terrorists sneaking across our Southern border, disguised as kids from Central America. Many of those kids are in cahoots with the terrorists, and can be considered terrorists as well, since the idea of terror is to create fear. Gang members like MS 13 do just that, don’t they? And he just doesn’t care!

Barack Hussein is not a president. He has no honor, he has no love of country. He is narcissist, and most likely, a sociopath. Sadly, we have two more years we have to put ourselves in danger because of him. How will we react when the beheadings begin in our own cities?

Barack Hussein Obama is a fake!

What If….

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A Disconnect? Or “The Plan”.

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I know it’s ok for people to disconnect from the real world now and then, just to regroup.  But for someone to be totally disconnected on a daily basis?  I’d say there is something seriously wrong with that person, and likely in need of some serious therapy!  Unfortunately, that’s what we have currently residing in the White House, a person so totally disconnected from reality, it is quite concerning.

Many people knew, prior to the 2008 election, that Barack Hussein Obama was a bad choice for America.  It wasn’t the color of his skin, it was the color of his politics, the arrogance, the complete lack of humility, the immaturity, and the lack of experience in the real world.  His mentors were not the same type of people you would want for your children if you believe in this Grand Experiment known as the United States of America.  They were, and are, the type of people most would consider anti-American.  They envision a different America, one not based on the Founders ideals of liberty, but one based on the collective.  As we know from history, the collective is always a massive failure, the people suffer while the elites, like Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, enjoy the fruits of other people’s labor.

I refuse to give up on this nation.  I know there are many who are so angry as we watch our country falls deeper and deeper into debt, our heroes/veterans are being treated like third class citizens while criminal invaders are being given preference over legal citizens, we turn our back on our closest allies, and reward our enemies.  BUT we are not finished yet!  So, I urge all those who are at the point of throwing up their hands, and moving to some private island…it’s time to fight back against the tyranny that has taken the best nation on this planet, turning it into a third world country.

It saddens me that our children have been so brainwashed, they actually believe socialism is the best for the country, sharing the wealth, income equality, paying the fair share, etc.  Slogans that will, no doubt, become the clarion call for future generations, IF we fail to educate our children in the reality of this evil.  College students have been turned into parrots, repeating what their feckless professors tell them, incapable of learning the truth for themselves.

This downfall didn’t start with Barack Hussein Obama, but unless we fight back, it will surely be the real end of the best, last hope of the world.  It began around 1964.  However, in the past 5 1/2 years, it has been accelerated, due to the disconnect of those in Washington, and most especially, the obvious disconnect of the current resident of the White House.

Is it really a disconnect, I wonder?  Or just that those in power just don’t care that our nation is in serious decline?  Our once strong allies do not trust us, and this disturbs me.  A crisis of Obama’s creation is overwhelming our system, and putting a serious strain on our resources…resources meant to deal with our citizens, not illegal invaders.  We see a rise in violence, worldwide, perpetrated by an evil cult, while the WH spokesass talks about tranquility.  We are watching what may become a second Cold War, while the CR plays golf and fund raises.  Is this all intentional?  Are we meant to believe the POTUS is completely incompetent, all the while his plans are taking root for the destruction of the nation?


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The Difference Between A Community Organizer…..

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….a leader.

We Know On Which Side He Lands

I don’t even know where to start!  Three Jewish boys are murdered, presumably by Hamas associates(definitely by muslims) , and the so called palestinians celebrate.  A few crazy Jews murder a palestinian boy and Hamas pretty much declares war on Israel.  Does anyone else see the irony?  The hypocrisy?  Both acts were brutal, and unforgivable.  The Israelis arrests the Jews who committed the horrendous act, and WILL prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.  Do you think anyone in the Gaza strip will arrest the murderous thugs who killed the three Jewish boys?  Oh HELL no they won’t.  As I said, the palies celebrated their murder.

For the past few days, rockets have been raining down on the Israelis from Gaza.  Who does the Obama administration blame?  You got it!  The Israelis.  They don’t seem to be aware that the Israelis have tried to live in peace with the “disputed territories’, all of which is part of Israel.  The muslims in those areas refuse to live in peace!  They don’t want Jews or Christians, or anyone else to live….PERIOD!  We could learn a great deal from the Israelis about protecting our homeland, but to admit that the Israelis are better at something, actually a LOT of somethings, would go against Obama’s ‘religion’.

Do the Obamatrons not know the centuries of persecution of the Jewish people?  It didn’t matter what country to which they were forced to flee, they would always end up being persecuted, even the U.S., which touts a 1st Amendment right of the freedom to worship as one chooses.  Finally, after centuries of wandering from one country to another, they finally get their homeland back, and all hell breaks lose.  One tiny strip of land, only a fraction of the land that God gave them, and they are suppose to up and leave again?  After one of those most telling examples of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man, the Jews finally get to go home, and all hell breaks lose once again.  They have been fighting for their lives for centuries, does the Obama administration think that just because HE says so, the Israelis are going to open their arms to those who want to slaughter them?  Again?

There will be no living in peace with the muslims because the muslims do not want peace.  They want to murder.  They had the opportunity to make a garden of the desert, support themselves, have economic growth.  Instead, they chose to destroy everything that the Jewish people had built, and left in Gaza when the Israelis agreed to give up that land to the muslims.  They screwed themselves, and we’re suppose to feel sorry for them, and give them billions of dollars?  I don’t freakin’ think so.

Centuries of hatred perpetrated by the teachings of a murderous pedophile, who was snubbed by the Jews who refused to turn away from the one TRUE God and convert to his idol worship, will not vanish.  Obama knows this, and refuses to face reality.  Islam is a cult of hatred and death.

Barack Hussein Obama, and his lackeys, might stand with the lying, thieving, murdering muslims, but….


The BULL In Our China Shop

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The Humanitarian Crisis?

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you’re quite aware of the “humanitarian crisis” we are having along the southern border of these United States.  Nancy Pelosi, the botox queen, says “We are all Americans”.  Well, in that, she might be right.  The western hemisphere is called the Americas after all.  Here’s where we have a problem with her statement:  We might all be Americans, but we are not all U.S. citizens, any more than we are all Mexican citizens, or El Salvadoran citizens, or Honduras citizens, and…  Well, you get the picture.  We are separate countries with different cultures.

The U.S. was founded on certain principles that are not found in other cultures.  Over the past couple of centuries, many have escaped tyrannical governments to come here, live free from fear of the tyranny that rules their countries.  The majority came legally.  Many did not, but once upon a time, those who didn’t come through the proper channels assimilated into our culture, learned the language,  eventually becoming citizens, usually contributing to society in one way or another.

The argument I hear so often is that we are all immigrants.   Well, yes and no.  Our ancestors were immigrants.  We are citizens, born and bred, learning the history of our nation, and having a rich appreciation for the sacrifices of those who came before us.  Those who are invading our southern border now are not immigrants.  They are illegal invaders, and should be treated as such.  They are breaking the very laws that our illustrious current resident of the White House refuses to enforce, along with his criminal side kick, the U.S. Attorney General.  This is creating the crisis, and should be laid directly upon both their heads.

The introduction of diseases that have been eradicated for decades is going to cause a bigger problem than those who refuse to open their eyes understand.  We don’t have widespread chicken pox, measles, drug resistant TB, and any number of others diseases thanks to our once terrific health care system, vaccinations, and our penchant for good hygiene.  And let’s not forget about scabies.  Not only are these children, who I don’t blame, putting a serious strain on our limited resources, but they are bringing diseases with them.

No, I don’t blame the kids.  They didn’t wake up one morning and decide to take a stroll through Mexico to get to the U.S.  I blame their parents, some who are already here illegally.  What kind of parent leaves their kids, and takes off to parts unknown?  What kind of parent sends their kids with criminals, hoping they’ll make it safely to a foreign country?  I consider this child abuse, and we have enough abusers of children in this country already.  We don’t need more!

Many seem to forget, it’s not just children who are flooding across the borders.  We also have OTMs (other than Mexican), which should be changed to OTA, Other Than American.  Those of Middle Eastern origin pass for Hispanic, using Hispanic names.  It’s quite obvious to anyone with a brain, they aren’t coming looking for the American Dream.  They are coming to promote the American Nightmare.

I blame, not only the drug cartels, who have made life a living hell in the border states, but the current resident.  He has failed in his duties as President of the United States, and should be treated accordingly.  HE has created, and encouraged, this humanitarian crisis.

spanish no entry

OUR Money, THEIR Wars

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Once again, our illustrious ‘leader’ show just how out of touch he truly is.  Now, he’s asking for $500 MILLION of OUR money to train Syrian rebels.  Seriously?  Does he not know who those Syrian rebels actually are?  Let’s face some facts here….Barack Hussein Obama is funding terrorists.  And that 500 MIL is just a small part of the 65.5 BILLION he wants for overseas operations.

We are broke.  The citizens of THIS country are hurting.  We are being overrun on the border by invaders from numerous countries and he wants to help “protect” foreigners.  Well, he sure is doing a great job of that….right here on our own soil.  He’s doing nothing to stem the flow of invaders, no matter their age, coming across, putting a huge strain on what few resources we have, bringing only God know how many diseases with them.

Our veterans are dying, not due to the lack of funding for the Veterans Administration, but due to the bungling of career government employees, who apparently, can’t be fired.  That’s not a real world scenarios.  That’s ‘just how the government works’.  Use that money for vouchers so every vet can go to a real health care facility to get the care they need, instead of dying, waiting months to see a doctor.

No, instead, the current resident of the White House will giver away OUR money to the very people who want to destroy us.  Who does he think are the ‘rebels’ in Syria?  His “overseas contingency package” funds terrorists.  Just about every country in the Middle East gets a piece of our pie, and honestly, if they all blown themselves up, the world would be better off.  Instead, this administration encourages the barbarians, with money and training.  I don’t think they need any training.  They do quite well at killing each other, and us.  Has no one seen the dead bodies piling up?

I know full well that Hosni Mubarek, Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gadhafi were corrupt, evil, and brutal dictators, but they kept the islamists in check.  Look at what has happened since their outing.  Once our troops left Iraq, long before they should have, chaos.  Slaughter.  Brutality.  Worse than when those dictators were in power.  And the CR wants the same to happen in Syria.  Besides, they don’t need our money, or training.  They get plenty from countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

We need that money here at home.  Money that could start small businesses.  Money that could make sure OUR children were fed and clothed.  Money that could secure the border, and prevent diseases from coming in with the invaders.

No, sorry Mr Obama.  You definitely do not live in the real world.  You are not the world’s savior.  You do more harm to those countries than good, while destroying what you claim to be your own country.  I have many doubts about you, but I have NO doubt your intent is to aid in the re-establishment in the caliph.

If he truly wants to help people in the Middle East, how about doing something to protect the Christians that are being run out of their homes, slaughtered by the hundreds, and imprisoned for their faith.  Instead of opening the door to those same terrorists, due to “persecution”, what about opening our doors to those who are actually being persecuted.

Your job, “sir”, is to protect THIS country, and her citizens, FIRST!  You are are not doing your job.

Failing To Do His Job

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The White House is totally disconnected from reality!  Yesterday, John Boehner announced he was considering filing a lawsuit against Barack Hussein Obama for failing in his duties as POTUS.  The White House says the suit is because BO is doing his job?  Well, ok, let’s take a look at a just one of those things he considers his job.  Laws.

Article I, Section 1 states: All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

A simple statement, meaning that the Congress writes the laws, and passes, or doesn’t pass them.  If they pass, both houses, then the bill goes to the POTUS, who either signs it, or vetoes.  Then, if he signs the bill, it becomes law, and he is required to enforce the law.  It’s really not all that complicated.

The problem arises when the POTUS decides which laws he likes, and which ones he doesn’t like, and refuses to enforce the ones he doesn’t like, like securing the border.  This has been an issue long before the current resident, but has become an even greater problem due to the fact he flatly REFUSES to secure the border, and created an open door policy for illegal invaders.  Just look at the mess he created down on the border with the hundreds of children swarming in, carry God knows what diseases, like infectious TB, scabies, measles, etc.  Some diseases that we eradicated are making a comeback due to the lack of security on our borders.  I won’t even get into the terrorists who are making the trek across the deserts to enter our country to do harm.

States pass laws to protect themselves from the invasion, and this administration’s ‘top cop’ sues them…for doing what the federal government SHOULD be doing…securing our borders, evicting the invaders, and protecting the LEGAL citizens of their state.  The administration decided he doesn’t like the law requiring the feds to keep the citizens safe, so he ignores it.

What about that so called Affordable Care Act?  Well, there’s nothing affordable about it, and everything the CR said was a lie.  Some of his buddies didn’t like part of it, so he changed it to appease them.  He is not allowed to do that.  Once a law is signed, only Congress can make changes, and it has to go through the process of committees, both houses agree, then it gets signed or vetoed again.  The President of the United States does not have the power, or the legal authority to changes laws.

Doing his job?  No, I think not.  He is doing everyone’s job but his own, and getting in a lot of golf in between.

There has been a lot of blather about the number of executive orders each of the most recent presidents have signed.  Must I remind people it’s not the number of the orders, it’s the CONTENT?

Barack Hussein Obama has failed miserably.  He has violated his oath of office repeatedly, and, if he had any integrity, he would resign.  But then, he has none, so it’s not surprising that he keeps his heads in the clouds with his rainbow farting unicorns.

Back in March, Trey Gowdy put it quite well.

H/T to Chris for the video.

King Wishy-Washy

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Down The Drain

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A.F. Branco


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golf clubs

Turning Tail

I usually avoid the news on Sundays. Not much on FB either, so I don’t see a lot of what’s happened in those 24 hours or so. I wake up this morning to check Drudge, and what do I see? Years of treasure down the drain.

Another town falls...
Photos said to show jihadists executing troops...
Vets watch as insurgents undo sacrifices...
'Died for nothing'...
BLAIR: 'It would be worse if we hadn't invaded'....
Iraqi soldier who fought with Americans says decision to flee left him feeling ashamed...
Kerry hints at seeking help from Iran...


Well, we all know al Malaki screwed up when he dismissed so many from the Army, and other positions, because they weren’t the ‘right’ kind of muzzie. Yeah, that was brilliant.

But we also know that Barack Hussein Obama is no Commander in Chief. He never looks at the BIG picture, never considers the consequences of his actions. Basically, he’s like a four year old with lots of fancy toys, and a fat salary.

There is also something else those of us in the west don’t understand.  We can NOT expect a country that is run by religious fanatics, even if they claim to be secular, to become a democracy!  Their cult of death and anything resembling a democracy just don’t mesh, and people are being slaughtered.

What is more disgusting is that those who poured over the border with Syria are the same ones that Obama and crew were arming.  There’s been a rumor flying around that the reason Chris Stevens was in Benghazi that night meeting with the guy from Turkey was that they were talking arms deals.  The animals in Libya then got a hold of all those weapons that weren’t secured in that country, and since then, all hell has been breaking lose in a number of countries.

Now, I honestly don’t give a damn if the sunnis kill the shias, or the shias kill the sunnis, or the wahabi yahoos kills themselves, or whatever.  What I DO care about is that this insanity could spread to the borders of Israel and our illustrious leader will do what he always does…..think about it, and play golf.

BHO has brought shame to this country.  He has brought shame to the greatest fighting force on the planet.  He has done enough damage.  It’s past time for him to go!

While The World Burns…..

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There was quite the firestorm after CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller put out this tweet.  Gosh, I guess Obama is totally tuckered after all the flying around, at our expense, going from fundraiser to fundraiser, with a stump speech thrown in here and there at various locations.  Or maybe his head hurts so much from trying to think?  Naw….first, ya gotta have a brain to have the ability to think.

But hey, Obama shouldn’t concern himself with the thousands being slaughtered in Iraq, or the Americans that are trapped (will they be Benghazi’d), Iran is on the job!

Oh, and hey, let’s not forget that while Obama is playing golf, again, ISIS is busy cutting off the heads of Iraqis.