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Glenn Beck – Man’s Law vs Nature’s Law

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Beck – Government Makes It Worse

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The Blaze – Imagining America

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The Blaze – History Repeating Itself

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VVS 2013 – Todd Starnes and Glenn Beck

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I’m not going to post all the videos of the rest of the speakers at the Value Voters Summit. I did post many of them Saturday.  If you want to see them all, they are on the FRCAction’s Channel.   Yes, I should have done this yesterday, but I was a bit preoccupied with our Vets in DC, wishing I could have been there too.  :?  Please take the time to watch as many of the videos as you can.  Beck should be at the top of your watching list!  :D

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The Sad State of Affairs

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The Blaze – Our Foundings…A History Lesson

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What happens without God?

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Is This Our Future?

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Democrat>liberal>progressive>socialist>commie policies have destroyed many of our larger, once productive, cities.  Detroit is just a symptom of what is to come in the entire country if we don’t change course NOW, and get back of the RIGHT track!

Here’s a few stats for you from

1) At this point, the city of Detroit owes money to more than 100,000 creditors.

2) Detroit is facing $20 billion in debt and unfunded liabilities.  That breaks down to more than $25,000 per resident.

3) Back in 1960, the city of Detroit actually had the highest per-capita income in the entire nation.

4) In 1950, there were about 296,000 manufacturing jobs in Detroit.  Today, there are less than 27,000.

5) Between December 2000 and December 2010, 48 percent of the manufacturing jobs in the state of Michigan were lost.

6) There are lots of houses available for sale in Detroit right now for $500 or less.

7) At this point, there are approximately 78,000 abandoned homes in the city.

8) About one-third of Detroit’s 140 square miles is either vacant or derelict.

9) An astounding 47 percent of the residents of the city of Detroit are functionally illiterate.

10) Less than half of the residents of Detroit over the age of 16 are working at this point.

11) If you can believe it, 60 percent of all children in the city of Detroit are living in poverty.

12) Detroit was once the fourth-largest city in the United States, but over the past 60 years the population of Detroit has fallen by 63 percent.

13) The city of Detroit is now very heavily dependent on the tax revenue it pulls in from the casinos in the city.  Right now, Detroit is bringing in about 11 million dollars a month in tax revenue from the casinos.

14) There are 70 “Superfund” hazardous waste sites in Detroit.

15) 40 percent of the street lights do not work.

16) Only about a third of the ambulances are running.

17) Some ambulances in the city of Detroit have been used for so long that they have more than 250,000 miles on them.

18) Two-thirds of the parks in the city of Detroit have been permanently closed down since 2008.

19) The size of the police force in Detroit has been cut by about 40 percent over the past decade.

20) When you call the police in Detroit, it takes them an average of 58 minutes to respond.

21) Due to budget cutbacks, most police stations in Detroit are now closed to the public for 16 hours a day.

22) The violent crime rate in Detroit is five times higher than the national average.

23) The murder rate in Detroit is 11 times higher than it is in New York City.

24) Today, police solve less than 10 percent of the crimes that are committed in Detroit.

25) Crime has gotten so bad in Detroit that even the police are telling people to “enter Detroit at your own risk“.

The only “Utopia” that has ever existed was Eden, and Adam and Eve screwed that up by not obeying God’s laws.  “Progressives” refuse to see the damage they are doing, and as usual blame the wrong people, instead of themselves.

Here’s a video from Glenn Beck, discussing the Progressive Utopia:

Is this what we want for our country? Not me! Many are capable of fighting against this destruction, but will they? Some will, yet way too many won’t. Our children’s future is more important than our wants today. We OWE them a better country, but we are destroying it, so that there will be nothing left for them. No liberty? No hope! Liberty, our RIGHTS, come from God. Progressive policies (man) takes them away.

Glenn Beck – Audit The IRS Rally (full speech)

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Obama’s Buddies

It occurred to me, if you aren’t on Facebook, you might not have seen this Glenn Beck video. It has been ‘shared’ quite a number of times, but without being a GBTV subscriber, or a FB zombie, you may have missed exactly who it is that the fool in chief wants to arm, with OUR weapons and money. Remember when we helped out Osama bin Laden against the Russians in Afghanistan? Yeah…that worked out real well. THIS stupidity will end the same way…there is NO doubt in my mind at all.

Thanks to Wayne, aka NewsNinja2012, for poking me in the eye. :D

World War III…The End? Or Just The Beginning….

About the rapture….well, I believe there will be a rapture, but not when most Christians preach. I’m inclined to put more stock in Luke’s version than Paul’s. I’m not a big fan of Paul’s. I have my reasons.

Glenn Beck – The Lies

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Glenn takes a look at just a few of the many lies that have come from this administration:

Joseph Goebbels

“The Poison Dwarf”

 goebbels speech

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

-Joseph Goebbels

Once Upon A Time….

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…there were REAL reporters, a REAL media, and a reasonably informed public.

Morning Shows Binge on Tabloid Criminal Trials: 56 Minutes vs. 7 for Benghazi Hearings

The network morning shows on Thursday went into tabloid overdrive for the Jodi Arias verdict and an abduction case in Ohio, offering a staggering 56 minutes of coverage.

In contrast, NBC, CBS and ABC allowed just under seven minutes combined to hearings on the 2012 terrorist murder of a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans in Libya. This is a disparity of eight-to-one.

More here.

Does anyone remember back when the news was just that….news?  Something happened, it got reported.  Not analyzed, but reported…with the who, what, when, where, and how.  We had investigative reporters, getting to the bottom of a story, “just the facts, ma’am”.  I vaguely remember that time.  Do you?  If not, you are younger than I am, and I feel bad you have nothing to compare with the current crop of talking heads.

Here’s a video of Beck discussing this issue:

If you rely strictly on one source for your information, you are depriving yourself of a lot of valid information! Jodi Arias murdered her boyfriend, found guilty. Ok. Happens a lot. 3 young ladies missing for over 10 years, found, reunited with families. Happy ending for a change. Four murdered Americans and an administration cover up? Not news worthy. Think we have our priorities just a wee bit skewed??

NRA – Glenn Beck

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Connecting The Dots?

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