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Busy Afternoon

14 August 2014, 7:24 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Just Cuz, Opinion.

Yes indeed, I really do have a life away from the computer. I had two doc appointments today, one in Savannah, one down in Corinth. I thought I had plenty of time in between to hit the pharmacy for the Mr’s meds, make a quick run through Wally World, fill up the “cruck” and make it down to Corinth with time to spare. ……………… Pfft! Remind me not to think! There is no such thing as a “quick run” when Wally World is involved. I’d very much appreciate if they’d stop moving stuff around. No sooner than I know where everything I need is located, they move….. EVERYTHING! Ugh!

BUT….I made it! My appointment in Corinth was 3:45, and I walked through the doc’s door right on the nose! Sometimes, I impress myself! Heh. Naturally, it didn’t matter if I was early, right on time, or an hour late, I’d still have time to do a lot of reading…daily chapter of the Bible, a bit of non fiction…just enough to piss me off, and on to the semi mindless fiction so I can refrain from throwing chairs of some such.

So, I finally get in to see the doc. “Are you still having that pain?” “Yes, but it’s more like pressure. I noticed there were two spots circled on those pictures.” “Yes, those are the blockages.” “You only mentioned one.” “No, there are two. One is at 65%, and the larger is 70%.” “Well, why didn’t you fix them while you were poking around in there this last time?” “Because they should be 75% before we do that.” “Oh, fer Pete’s sake.” “I’m going to give you some samples of another medication to take for 2 weeks to see if that helps with the pain.” “Oh joy, another drug!” “If this doesn’t help, we’ll have to go in and fix those blockages.” I repeated, “Why didn’t you do that before, but hey…maybe if you have to poke in my chest again, my insurance might pay for something.”

So, we shall see. I guess she’ll put in stints if this drug doesn’t work? Or whatever they do when you have crap blocking heart function. :?

I made it home, in one piece, which is surprising considering I damn near got creamed by a semi, and then a SUV. Morons!

Just Stuff

20 February 2014, 2:17 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Just Cuz.

I’ve been rather busy the last 24 hours. First… I had to sleep. sigh… The one day I have literally NO pain, and I can’t stay awake? What the hell is up with that? Yeah yeah… fatigue is one those ‘symptoms’ I have with the other 40 or so symptoms attached to my ‘condition’. Oh yippee! Then, last night…we welcomed a new member of the family, which was rather exciting, and no, I won’t be posting pics of the little bundle cuz her parents said no. :( Sad. Such a cutie….naturally! :D

This morning, I overslept because of the weirdest nightmare I’ve had in a long time! Describing it to the Mr, it sounded kind of funny, but believe me, it wasn’t too funny when it woke me up shaking for an hour. Sweeping water from the second floor hallway, which we don’t have? A worm that kept growing bigger and bigger, to the point it had to put on leather pants? It seemed really friendly so my daughter named the dadburn thing. But I was having none of that, so I made her sweep it out the front door from a living room that I’d never seen before, and wanted to know what happened to our furniture. At least the TV was the same. :? There was something else in the middle of all that but I can’t remember. Then there were kids breaking into a back door in the lowest level of whatever house that was (looked kind of like the one I grew up in in Virginia, but not quite), and when I got my Kahr out, cocked it, the thing turned into a cartoon gun and kept melting. I’d put it back together, and it’d would come apart and melt again.

Yes, it does sound amusing now, but there was something going on in that dream that scared the bejabbers out of me. It’s been years since I’ve had a dream that scared me so bad I couldn’t go back to sleep for quite a while, and that was one of ‘em. Having the Sci-Fi channel and Cartoon Network take over my sleep does NOT make me happy! Weird! I don’t put much stock in dreams. I’m one of those “garbage in, garbage out” type of people. This was definitely a LOT of garbage going out! :D

Been kind of busy up until this point too. Yes, I actually do have a life outside of the computer! :P Now, my internal barometer, which causes quite a bit of pain, and the weather forecast, tells me we are expecting some nasty weather, so odds are, I’ll be shutting down my computer in the not too distant future. Last week were freezing our hind ends off. This week, we’ve had some “make me SO happy” weather. It’s 74 degrees. :D Gotta love the South!

I Woke Up…

13 February 2014, 8:59 am. 4 Comments. Filed under Just Cuz.

…way too early, and found nothing had changed for the better.  Hence… I’m just not in the mood!  Oh, there is much going on, but for right now, the outside world is just going to have to go on without me.

That fool up in D.C. is still in the White House, the Congress is still handing their power over to him and shafting the citizens, the states aren’t doing their job of preventing the continued deterioration, and I’m just fed up!  I actually have things to do around here, which have been delayed due to a number of reasons, so I might as well give it a shot!

Pain sucks, but then, that’s nothing new.  The sun is shining, and it’s warmer…a whopping 33 degrees at 9am.  It’s a veritable heat wave!  Pain still sucks!

But hey! The Russians won the gold in pairs, and quite a pair it is! Quite an impressive performance, if ya ask me. Yes, I like the figure skating stuff at the Olympics. Sue me! :P Although, I am rather disappointed the U.S. didn’t do so swuft, I do believe those two deserve that medal.

So, I’m actually going to do a few things I’ve been putting off, and maybe catch up on some of the crap we’ve got dvr’d!  Some real life, and some not so real.  Works for me!  :D Maybe I’ll be back later to rant about something or other. It’s been known to happen. :D

coffee (2)

Lose A Wrench?

13 December 2013, 1:23 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Just Cuz.

wrench1 A fella down under apparently found them.

He lives near Boort, Victoria, Australia and does it all by himself from a wheel chair.   wrench2

I think he makes better use of them than most folks.  :D (click pic to embiggen)



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On This Day In History…..

29 November 2013, 7:01 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family, Just Cuz, The Bunker.

….twas the day of……….THE BUNKER! Heh.


Yes…it’s late in the day, but still. Hey…I had some things to do, and got totally distracted. :D

Kind of Weird

25 November 2013, 8:01 pm. 5 Comments. Filed under Just Cuz.

So, one of my FB friends had a link to a different kind of quiz.  Aura?  Well, ok, so it’s not the typical type of thing I do, but since it’s a crappy day, everything aches, so why the heck not? What else does an ol’ broad have to do on a cold, sleety, blech day? Ok, so I did feed the cats, scooped the litter box, did a load of laundry, and even put them away, but other than that….

Just a few questions, and they think they’ve got ya pegged. This is the link, if ya wanna play along.  What is Your True Color Aura?

This is me? Hmmm…. Had to respond to this part, don’cha know.

Your Aura is Purple!


Purples hold themselves to sky high standards, and are always very graceful.  Pfft!  And I use to be…ballet will do that.  Now?  LMBO

Purple is envied, idolized, and copied without even realizing it.  I don’t flippin’ think so!

They are an icon for those who know you.  “They” what?  Huh?

While it is hard to be a perfectionist, rest assured it’s paying off!  ROFLMBO  Hardly!

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4 November 2013, 1:46 pm. 3 Comments. Filed under Blog Stuff, Just Cuz.

I had to have another procedure done on my back this morning. Yippee. Sadly, as with the last one, I am not feeling any relief. Maybe tomorrow?

I’m suppose to be putting ice on the injection site, which I am doing. However, always remember to pick it up off the chair so you can put it in the correct position after you sit down. If you don’t, MEGA cold hiney will result, and trust me, you do NOT wanna jerk up that fast after having a back procedure! :?

Posting any serious stuff right now is totally out of the realm of my abilities at the moment. I’m still a WEE bit drugged! :D

Had to Snag!

22 October 2013, 10:24 am. 9 Comments. Filed under Just Cuz.

I saw this on Facebook, and of course, I had to swipe it so I could post it here. I’m polite, up to a point, but….

don't play well

Just Cuz…

28 September 2013, 10:47 am. 3 Comments. Filed under Heroes, Just Cuz, video.

….I can!!!  Because the more I read the news, the more I get pissed off, so I decided to post something that ISN’T pissing me off!

Check THIS out! And if ya don’t have tears well up, then… well… you suck too! :P

H/T: Jayne via FB

Happy Monday!

23 September 2013, 6:22 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Just Cuz.

To bring a little joy into your life, without politics being involved….

Don’t EVEN think about it!!!

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Technology Deserted Me!

11 September 2013, 7:04 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Blog Stuff, Just Cuz, Opinion.

Well, today was an interesting day.  First, I had to battle with my computer, and then the electricity went off!  Everything!  After 3 hours of no A/C, it was starting to get a wee bit warm in here, but thankfully, it finally came back on, and I survived.

So, what does a person do with no idjit box, no internet, no computer, etc.?  Well, she decided to read her Kindle, of course!  Seems like a good idea, right?  Well, it would have been a brilliant idea if I had had a good charge on the sucker.  sigh…  But hey!  Guess who has a crank lantern that charges contraptions!!  ME!!  WHOO HOO!!  So, I crank the lantern, plug the cord in, and….nothing.  Hmmm…  Did you know you have to flip the switch to ON?  Well, now you do!!

Of course, I did what I normally do when I read for any length of time…. I fell asleep!  Well, unless I actually WANT to fall asleep, and then, it usually doesn’t work, but that’s beside the point.

There I was, happily snoozing, and my phone rings.  UGH!  I look at it and see it’s a call from Minnesota.  I don’t know anyone in Minnesota, so I didn’t answer.  Shock and surprise, there was a message.  So, I check the message, expecting it to be someone asking for money for one organization or another.  Nope!  What I got was some gawd awful noise that MIGHT have been a fax machine.  Kind of sounded like some kind of fire alarm to me, but hey, I was still semi asleep.  I looked up the number, and apparently, it’s a number that when called, states it’s no longer in service.  Hmmm…  How do ya annoy people from a number that’s disconnected?  Odd, don’cha think?

Apparently, while I was snoozing, D.C. called….again!  I’d really appreciate it they would stop.  I don’t have any money, and if I did, I sure wouldn’t be giving it to anyone in D.C.  Sheesh!  Give it a rest!  Minimum of one call a day from this number, and some days, I get up to 10 from it!  Jiminy crickets!

Oddly enough, I didn’t really miss not having the computer functional.  Lately, I’ve been thinking I have “blogger burnout”.  LOL  Hey….it could happen!  :P

Liberal Paradise

11 August 2013, 10:52 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Just Cuz, Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder.

perfect for libs

Shared by Father Sam.

A Day Trip

13 July 2013, 6:15 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family, Just Cuz.

I decided we needed to do something yesterday besides grocery shop, pick up diapers, and hit the flea market. So, Short Person and I loaded up wee Spud and headed off to the Tennessee Safari Park on the other side of Jackson. It was a pretty nice day to have such an outing since we had a cold (????) front pass through, and the high only hit 85. :D

We turned at the good size plastic giraffe onto a rather small road heading to the park.  So what is the first thing I see standing in the middle of the road?  A pea hen!  Now, if you’ve been around for a while, you will know how much I loath those birds (I don’t care how ‘beautiful’ they are), and why.  Being the nice person that I am, I didn’t run over the damn thing.  However, the moron that pulled in behind me evidently was in a big hurry and zoomed around me, missing said evil fowl by a smidgen!  Don’t you think being near such a large number of critters, someone MIGHT consider there was a darn good reason for a truck to be stopped in the road?  Idjit!

Once we paid our fee, got a couple of buckets of whatever that nasty stuff is you feed the critters, our first concern was “Where’s the closet restroom?”  Hey…it was a 2 hour drive, thanks to my inattention to turns!  Don’t forget there was a diaper issue involved!

Once the important issues were dealt with, we found the gift shop to get a bottle of water for the little one.  Then, it was a little exploring in the area.  First, we TRIED to get him to sit on the plastic zebra.  Wasn’t gonna happen!

He had been awake until about 15 minutes before we got there, so wasn’t quite with it yet.  fake zebra

goofy kids  He was going to hold onto that bottle for dear life.  Yes, he is doing the sippy cup thing, but not in MY truck, thankuverymuch!

Didn’t these things use to be a nickle?  Kermit  Didn’t think he was quite ready to be rocked around, so we passed on the 50 cent, 2 second ride.

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Nope! Haven’t Fallen Off The Planet!

8 July 2013, 8:35 am. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family, General News, Just Cuz, Opinion.

Although, I have thought it might be the only way to get some time to myself!  Heh.  Having a teenager, with no off switch, and a toddler, with no volume control, is a bit trying, I’m finding it a whole lot more enjoyable than the current goings on in the world right now.  While I have managed to post videos, but haven’t watched m’self, which I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s a bit more difficult to actually THINK about what to say concerning the ‘hard news’ world when you have a tiny elephant running back and forth, rearranging the furniture, dumping out the DVDs, eating the cats’ food, and generally terrorizing the household, including the aforementioned felines. Although, to their credit, they have been amazingly patient with wee Spud, and then run like hell to escape under the bed, into a closet, or anywhere they can find to save their fur. :D

While my whole house is in an uproar, I’ve been attempting to keep up with the world in general.  For instance, I’m quite aware of the doings in Egypt.  And how does our illustrious Dear Leader react?  Well, apparently, even though he took sides during their so called Arab Spring against the previous dictator, he says he’s not taking sides, with or against the most recent dictator.  Now, why is that, I wonder?  Hmmm…  Could it be he is a closet Islamist?  Well, there are a lot of commonalities between Islamists and socialists, so it’s possible.  Just an example…both hate freedom, and don’t believe people should be able to make their own choices where their lives are concerned.  And let’s not forget, Hitter was a big fan of such Islamists, and visa versa.

Much to my chagrin, the George Zimmerman case is one of Sean Hannity’s obsessions, as it is with most of the Fox folks, during the day.  It’s not that I don’t care about the man, or that a 17 year old was shot, it’s just that over 1000 people have been shot in Chicago in 2013, so far, and 10 dead in just a 3 or 4 day period.  I wonder how many threats of violence have come with any trials being handled in Chicago there have been?  Hmmm…  None that I’m aware of, and if there were, we’d never know about them.  Do I think Zimmerman’s guilty?  Actually, the only thing I believe he’s guilty of is being “white”, which he isn’t.  Well, he is, in a way, as Hispanics are actually Caucasoid, but you know what I mean.  Why the threats?  Well, apparently, there is the entitlement class, divided from the rest of society by a very divisive POTUS.

Well, shoot, the rugrat is awake, and I must away!  I need Xanex!  :D  We’re going to take him to play with another rugrat down the road, and perhaps will have him so worn out, I’ll actually have a minute or two to myself later?  I’m not going to hold my breath.  sigh….

Made It!

15 June 2013, 8:25 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Just Cuz, Travel.

Yep, after not waking up till almost 10, and finally getting on the road at noon…had to get gas and such y’know….I finally got here in one piece. Well, sorta one piece. Left a bit of brain on the road after listening to some ‘best of’ a variety of talk shows on the Patriot channel. Yep…my head exploded!

I’m about as worn out as I can be, so it might take a month or so to get caught up. Heh. Just kidding. :D