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“Legal” Theft Organization

10 April 2014, 7:35 am. 1 Comment. Filed under Opinion.

Being woken up before 6am, to chat with the kids before they went off on their adventures, was not exactly what I had in mind when I told ‘em to wake me before they left, but… here I am. I wouldn’t say I’m wide awake, cuz that won’t happen till tomorrow, and even then, it’s questionable. Spud to day care before 10? I think I can handle that….if I set my alarm, and turn the volume to MAX!

So, now, the house is quiet, the dogs are fed, and stretched out in their favorites spots on the couch. I figures it was time to see what I missed yesterday. I pull up Drudge, and find….yep! World is still going to hell in a hand basket!


Now, you know full well that the DoJ, with that jackass at the head, won’t do a damn thing to stop the corruption at the IRS, or anywhere else in the Obama administration. With the current resident of the White House stating that there’s not even a ‘smidgen’ of corruption in HIS IRS, with Holder’s puppet strings in his hands, the department that SHOULD deal with such actions won’t do a damn thing!  I mean seriously…does anyone believe for even a moment there is any LAW enforcement involved?  There is no law unless Obama says there is, and that’s only when it suits him, and his cronies.  So, will the House use the power they do have, and have the scum bucket behind bars, where she belongs?


No corruption, eh?  Well, I’m sorry, but the IRS is SUPPOSE to be non partisan, but when you read about the campaigning for Obama in 2012, you have to wonder just what type of people are they hiring?

I wonder if the socialists at Organizing for Action would hire Lerner?  I wouldn’t put her in charge of the decorations for a kids birthday party, but then again, I do have some sense, whereas they are lacking in any logic.  They CLAIM to be non profit, and non partisan.  …………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

If the Republicans don’t put their big boy pants on, and start acting like ‘representatives of the people’, then they might as well pack up and go home.  We’re pretty damn tired of all the wishy washy behavior.

There is no doubt in my mind that Elijah Cummings is corrupt, and should be kicked out of Congress.  A mouthpiece for the Obama administration, fighting tooth and nail, to stop the hearings on the IRS.  Could it be because HE was involved?  Quite possible.  Well, he is a democrat after all, and in my mind, the word corruption and democrat go hand in hand.

Targeting anyone who wants to stop the voter fraud has become a Democrat’s dream.  They apparently WANT fraud so they can win elections, gain more power, and have the ability to control everyone’s life!  Well, you do know that they believe you smart enough, right?  Giving one political party information on the opposition, through a federal entity, paid for by the very taxpayers who are being targeted REEKS of corruption.

It is way past time to repeal the 16th Amendment, and disband the government’s gestapo!

God Help Us!

28 March 2014, 9:18 am. 3 Comments. Filed under Barack Hussein Obama, Obama Administration.

Is this administration made up completely of freakin’ morons? I don’t know about you, but the picture below says everything I need to know about this administration.


We have become a laughing stock! I have NO doubt that my dad, all 8 of his brothers, my mom, her 3 brothers, and a number of other relatives who served this country proudly are spinning! That’s not ‘global warming’… that isn’t all that warm, or climate change, or whatever absurdness the PC crowd is throwing these days! That’s our forefathers losing their tempers!

This administration has ignored every threat to this nation, from the open borders to the muslims to the shirtless horse back rider, and turned its back on our allies.  I really wish someone could explain the logic of these actions, because I’m totally at a loss.  There is NO logic!  No common sense!  No leadership!  We are passengers on the Titanic, and the ‘captain’ is giving everyone a teaspoon.

The EU is going to see some mighty cold winters because one man believes himself to be Tzar.  The Europeans don’t have the strength to stand up against the bear, and the one country that has always had their back, even when they didn’t ask, has become a hatchling rather than the strong, majestic eagle.

Does anyone really believe that putting sanctions on Putin is going to keep the Ukrainians warm at night? Do they think that Europe will be able to do business as usual without the energy to run it? While Putin is amassing thousands of troops on the strip of land between Crimea and the rest of Ukraine, Obama is prancing around in his mom-jeans, begging that big ol’ bad Russian not to start a war.

I really hate to burst the administration’s bubble, but no one gives a happy crap that the U.S. ‘stands’ with Ukraine. How about some REAL leadership and stand BESIDE them?

Obama has managed to lose every ‘war’ he became involved in since taking office. Enemy flags now fly over hard won areas of Iraq, bought and paid for with the blood of our youth, handed back by the pussy in the White House. His arrogance has turned allies into enemies. His administration has turned a strong fighting force, respected and yes, feared, into drag shows. The humiliation is painful.

This is not the America in which I was born and raised. This is not a nation united behind strong leadership. This is the ‘house divided’, and we will not stand. But then, that was the plan all along, wasn’t it.

Wild Bill – IRS Al Qaeda Surprise

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Time To Shut The Entry….

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….and show ‘em ALL the exit!

Now, some folks are going to say I’m being unfair to judge all by the actions of a few. Few? Really? When we have KNOWN terrorist training camps right here in the U.S. of A., I don’t think I’m being unfair at all!  (For a list of known locations, click here.)  Yes, there is even one outside of Dover, Tennessee (northeast of Nashville), although the media refuses to acknowledge that fact.

Once upon a time, folks came from all over the world to live the American Dream.  Now?  Even though many are still striving for that dream, many others are coming to change the U.S. into the hell holes they left behind, muslims being the worst of the lot.  They want to change our laws to suit their cult beliefs, and if we don’t comply, there are lawsuits, using our legal system against us.

I’m fairly sure not all muslim coming here want to destroy the U.S., and many do want to leave the evil behind.  Those wouldn’t really be considered true muslims, like those following the dictates of an evil pedophile murderous ‘prophet’.  But many are spreading their hate throughout the nation, and we, sadly, are allowing it to happen.

Let’s take, for example, a young fellow in Florida who wanted to blow up bridges, or perhaps law enforcement offices, or, better yet, blowing up a ‘party district’, then spraying the first responders with automatic fire.  Yes, indeedy, a true example of islam at its best!

Have you heard about the ‘cutting parties’?  Did you know that 150,000 to 200,000 young girls are taken to their country of origin to be sliced and diced?  They called it FGM, or female genital mutilation, and even though I’ve found no evidence of it be an actual part of islam, or mentioned in the quran, it is a practice in many muslim countries and cultures to mutilate women, this is just one of many ways that islam brutalizes women, and young girls.  Even though the quran does say that women have the same rights as men (2:228), it also states that men are superior to women.  What a load of hogwash!  In my opinion, these cultures that insist on female circumcision should also insist on male castration!  Fair is fair, right?  FGM is illegal in most rational Western countries, including the U.S., but it still is happening.  We close our eyes to such a ‘culturally sensitive’ issue.

After all the blood our young men and women spilled ousting one of the many barbarians in Iraq, murderer of his own people, the Iraqis threw away their chance for true freedom, and allowed the shi-ites to become their new dictators.  Pedophilia and rape is the name of the game.  Hussein was evil, but at least the women had the freedom to get an education, and decide their own course, unless, of course, they caught the eye of Saddam’s boys, then it was a whole ‘nuther ballgame.  Now, women in islamic areas of the country, which is pretty much the whole place, are subject to the same brutality that is shared by all muslim controlled countries.

Did you know there have been 70 mulim terrorist attacks in the U.S. since 1972?  Considering the penchant of muslim violence, that really doesn’t sound like a lot.  But that’s just on U.S. soil.  The attacks on U.S. interests around the world is MUCH highers, as is the body count.

There are several groups working in the U.S. to undermine our Constitution, most notably is the Muslim Brotherhood, and C.A.I.R.  Sadly, this administration embraces both organizations, and ignores the threat to our sovereignty.

One issue that has been largely ignored is the southern border.  Oh, yes, we do chat about the numerous illegals crossing the border, but this has been focused on the Mexicans and others from farther south.  Yes, this is a great concern.  However, do we ever consider the OTMs?  Sadly, no.  Channel 2 in Atlanta had an investigative report a few years ago that addressed this issue, but not one thing has ever been done to resolve this very serious problem.  The Obama Regime wants new Dem voters, so the border remains porous.  The safety of the United States citizens is not, and never has been, a priority.

The 1st Amendment grants citizens the right to freely practice their religion.  Islam is not a religion.  It is a cult, one that promotes murder.  Our laws do not permit such actions, therefore, it is not a violation of a muslim’s 1st Amendment right to prevent the practice of such evil.

Allah is NOT God!  Yes, it is way past time to slam the door in the face of islam.

TRIFECTA – Asylum for Terrorists?

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New U.S. Immigration Policy Welcomes Terrorists

UPDATE: The German family has since been given an indefinite extension so they will be able to stay. Apparently, the outrage from WE, The People got a few folks nervous up there in the so called Justice Department.

Time To School….

…those yahoos up in D.C.!  I really do wish they’d have Publius teach them their duties according to the U.S. Constitution.  Apparently, they are utterly clueless!

Here ya go…a simple .pdf “flow chart”!  Makes it quite easy, don’cha think?

H/T:  Paula

An Obvious Pattern

25 January 2014, 1:16 pm. 1 Comment. Filed under Barack Hussein Obama, Crime, Obama Administration, Politics.

A total copy & paste from PJ Tattler:

Reader Joe sent this list in. It’s in response to this Ann Althouse post on the indictment of Dinesh D’Souza.

I am not a rocket scientist, but there seems to be some kind of pattern here…maybe you can tell me what it is… (includes items from Ace’s co-blogger Maetenloch)

1.  IRS Targets Conservative groups - IRS auditor reaffirms that conservatives, not liberals, were targeted

2.  IRS Scandal – FBI Closes Case - Obama FBI Closed Case on IRS Targeting Scandal Before Interviewing Single One of 292 Targeted Groups (Video)

3.  IRS Harassed Sarah Palin’s Dad - Revealed: Obama’s IRS Harassed Sarah Palin’s Dad Six Times Since 2008

4.  Federal Court Indicts Director of Anti-Obama Film –  It Begins… Director of Anti-Obama Film “2016: Obama’s America” Indicted by Federal Court

5.  New York Governor’s Dept of Labor Subpoenas James O’Keefe, Project Veritas - NY Governor Cuomo Subpoenas Conservative Activist James O’Keefe

6.  IRS Harasses Secret Hollywood Conservative Group – Demands List of Members

7.  Latina Actress Fired After Appearing in Ad for Tea Party Candidate (Video)

8.  Silencing the Tea Party With New IRS Rules

9.  IRS Targets Veterans, Demands Private Records Of American Legion

10. VIDEO>>> Chuck Schumer Calls on IRS to Target Tea Party Activities

11. Obama Blames FOX News, Rush Limbaugh for His Failures …(Too Much Free Speech)

12. NYC Mayor De Blasio Agrees With Cuomo: Conservatives Need to Get Out (Audio)

This is starting to make Nixon look like a walk in the park…

A pattern indeed, that stretches back to 2010 and the IRS abuse, or 2009 if you include Obama’s joke that he would use the IRS against his opponents.

Here is one more fact. In 2012, Obama’s campaign deliberately disabled safeguards on its website, allowing it to collect illegal foreign donations. It did accept illegal foreign donations; to what extent is unknown. Those donations, and the campaign staff who disabled the safeguards, were never investigated or prosecuted. The media never showed much interest in investigating, either.

Four Americans Are Still Dead

16 January 2014, 11:21 am. 1 Comment. Filed under Crime.

Deadly Benghazi attack in 2012 was preventable, Senate Intelligence Committee declares

Both highly critical and bipartisan, a Senate report declared Wednesday that the deadly assault on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, could have been prevented. The account spreads blame among the State Department, the military and U.S. intelligence for missing what now seem like obvious warning signs.


Will anyone suffer the consequence? Of course not! I can hear the “we were only following orders” defense resonating! No one will be held responsible because no Democrat, or their appointees are ever responsible for their own actions!

NO Apology Was Needed!

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MK Hotovely: Ya’alon Shouldn’t Have Apologized to Kerry

Deputy Transportation Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) fired back at US pressure Wednesday, maintaining that there should have been no need for Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to apologize for his harsh criticism of US Secretary of State John Kerry, in which Ya’alon referred to Kerry as “obsessive and messianic” in his quest to force a deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

I agree with her!  One should NEVER apologize for speaking the truth!!

“I congratulate the Defense Minister on his courage; what he said was right.” Hotovely stated, in an interview with Arutz Sheva. “The American stance is disconnected from the reality of the situation in the Middle East. They are trying to force a solution on us which is unacceptable to most members of the [ruling party] Likud.”

Indeed, he was right!  This administration is either willfully ignorant, or as Obama stated in his phony book, he’s taking a stand with the terrorists….er….Muslims.  Well, as far as I’m concerned, they are the same thing.  Interchangeable words, IMHO.

Hotovely notes what many Israelis feel: that it is inconceivable that one sovereign state should be subject to the whims of another state.

It’s not just the Israelis who feel this way. A lot of Americans are in agreement, and you can include me in that number!

Ya’alon was quoted as saying that “Secretary of State John Kerry – who came here very determined, and operates based upon an unfathomable obsession and a messianic feeling – cannot teach me anything about the Palestinians.”

“I live and breathe the conflict with the Palestinians, I know what they think, what they want and what they really mean,” he continued. “The American security plan that was presented to us is not worth the paper it was written on.””

Nothing that bunch in D.C. does is worth the paper it is written on! It’s not just Kerry who is ‘messianic’. The whole damn administration suffers under the delusion they are the ‘saviors’ of the world, and have all the answers to life’s questions! Pfft!

The US responded with shock Tuesday, calling the remarks “offensive” and “inappropriate.” Ya’alon responded Tuesday to the US with more criticism, stating that the US knows that the source of instability in the Middle East is not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Shock? Seriously? Well, that just tells ya just how little they know about the issues that face Israel on a day to day basis. If the so called Palestinians occupying Israel’s land weren’t getting money and arms from muslim countries, there would be little to no ‘conflict’. They’d curl up and die since they are incapable of doing anything to support themselves. Instead of teaching their children to make the desert bloom, as the Israelis have done, they teach them to hate, and blame everyone else, Jews AND Christians, for their plight. Damn! Sounds like Obama, doesn’t it…blaming everyone but himself. Hmmm….

He called on Israel “not to panic and give in to these [statements] and other intimidation, because this (standing up for oneself) is the only way to protect the security of Israel.”

Israel has a RIGHT to defend herself. The U.S. has NO RIGHT to demand a damn thing!

Ya’alon later apologized for the remarks, stating that he had no intention of “offending” Kerry. The apology itself has garnered a backlash, as many see the statements as yet another bow to US pressure.

I hate to say it, but that apology makes Ya’alon sound weak. Israelis are not weak. They, basically, are the strongest people I’ve ever met, facing insurmountable odds, creating a paradise out of a dung heap. Amazing!

And who cares if Kerry is offended? Not me! What this (and yes, previous) administration is doing is offensive!  Just imagine the backlash if a foreign power came over here and told US what we can, and cannot, do….where we could build our homes, etc.  Imagine, every day, you have to fight for your very existence.  Imagine being surrounded by animals who want to shove you into the ocean, wipe you off the map, murder your family, destroy your home.  Just think about it!

Kerry is offended?  Kerry is offensive!


What Did They Know….

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…and when did they know it? This is the question that needs to be answered.

Lying to Congress, and the American people, started impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon. The man was paranoid, and attempted to cover up, not his involvement in Watergate, but a number of other issues that his political enemies, on both sides of the aisle found appalling. The abuse of power was overwhelming, and while Nixon may not have had knowledge of the act itself, his attempt to cover up a minor action by his staff was, by anyone’s standards, a SERIOUS abuse of executive power. Nixon had the decency to resign. His resignation showed a greater concern for the nation than for himself, and quite a bit of class if ya ask me.

So, now we have a sitting president who has done nothing but lie on a regular basis, yet no one does a damn thing? Excuse me, but what country is this? Is it the one that was based on Judeo-Christian values, and LAWS? Or, is it a poor copy of a socialist nation, where the dictator can do what he damn well pleases, where the legislative and judicial branches turn a blind eye?

Of all the scandals, the lies, the abuse of power, that has been prevalent in this administration, in my opinion, the death of four Americans should be at the top of the list for impeachment proceedings. Our civil liberties are being whittled away, but there are still dead Americans we must never forget!

A few days ago, Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC) talked to Greta van Susteren:

After 16 months of waiting for the truth, we are getting dribs and drabs. What we DO know is that the president, and his minions, blamed an Egyptian Copt who made a video depicting the pedophile prophet as….well…a murderous pedophile prophet. It was a poorly made video, and no one would have ever even heard of it if it hadn’t been for this administration. We now have a few transcripts of previously classified hearings, which you can find here.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of being lied to. I’m not so blind, unlike the droolers, that I can’t see male bovine excrement when it’s right in front of me! Everyone with half a brain KNEW this was a terrorist attack…a PLANNED terrorist attack. And yes, I do blame the religion that spawns such evil, just the same as I blame the Church for the Inquisition! The difference being, the Bible does not tell us to murder in the name of God, whereas the Quran states that murder in the name of allah is just honky dory!

Obama has neither the decency, nor the class, to resign.


Casualties of Wartime Political Correctness: 1Lt. Michael Behenna and Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley

In May, 2008, 1Lt. Michael Behenna found himself in Afghanistan interrogating a terrorist who had killed two of his soldiers. Suddenly, the terrorist lunged for Lt. Behenna’s pistol. Fortunately Lt. Behenna’s reflexes were faster than the terrorist’s and he was able to fire a bullet into his chest and head, killing him. By any measure it was good shooting.

When someone attacks you, you have the right…nay…the DUTY to protect yourself!

But Lt. Behenna was charged by the Army with premeditated murder and found guilty of doing what he had been trained to do – kill terrorists. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. The seven men who found him guilty are non-infantry officers. That means their combat experience is limited and they haven’t had to stare death in the face where the fastest and most accurate shooter lives.

No one who has never served in combat, especially in today’s combat, should EVER be allowed the actions of such a hero! EVER!! Those seven men are guilty of more than just stupidity!

There is no such thing as being guilty of the premeditated murder of an Islamic terrorist. The deaths of all terrorists merit premeditation. And Lt. Behenna merits a presidential pardon, but that won’t happen. Writing in his memoire, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says that President Obama is distrustful of America’s military officers so he would have no reason to believe that Lt. Behenna acted appropriately.

Terrorist constantly murder innocents, and it’s ALWAYS premeditated. They PLAN the murders. How can anyone say otherwise? All should be lined up and shot. No trial needed. Guilt is already proven by their actions!

Similarly, Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley, a highly decorated combat commander, was reassigned from Afghanistan back to the US to teach a course entitled “Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism” at the US Joint Forces Staff College. The curriculum Lt. Col. Dooley was assigned to teach was approved many years ago, but for some reason did not come to the attention of Muslim special interest groups until Lt. Col. Dooley arrived. Fifty-Seven Muslim organizations signed a letter to the Department of Defense demanding that training materials offensive to them be purged and instructors disciplined.

Muslims don’t like the truth. They lie on a regular basis, and whine when their lies are not believed. I don’t give a rat’s ass if they are offended by the truth. Perhaps it’s time to eject them from our nation, and screw the PC BS!

Sun Tzu said to know your enemy.  Well, we know him.  He’s a brutal animal, with no conscience.  You fight a war to win.  Screw the hearts and minds.  Demand respect!  With a commander in chief that sides with the enemy, no war will ever be won.  Persecuting those who fight the wars will lose the warriors.  But that’s his intent, isn’t it.  To totally decimate the military?  Perhaps he should remember, not all warriors are in uniform.

When Is A Scandal Not A Scandal?

When the media, that is suppose to investigate and report the TRUTH, is the lapdog of the administration!

Lawyer says FBI has contacted few Tea Party groups, 8 months into IRS scandal

A lawyer representing dozens of Tea Party groups said Friday that only a few of his clients have been approached by federal investigators over the IRS targeting scandal, in the latest complaint about the slow pace of the probe eight months after the original admission.

Concerns continue to mount that the government is slow-walking its investigation into unfair practices by the IRS. The latest complaint comes a day after lawmakers revealed that the individual leading the Justice Department probe is a political supporter of President Obama.

Is anyone surprised? Does anyone actually believe anything will be done to resolved this issue? I sure don’t! As long as Obama is in office, the abuse of power, and our citizens will continue!

Benghazi, and the death of four Americans, the NSA, Fast & Furious, the IRS, the lavish spending…these are just a few of the many scandals that have plagued our nation during the reign of King Barack. Does the media investigate these stories? NO! Of course not! And that is also a scandal!

Just when are the people of this country going to shout “ENOUGH!”, become quite furious and very fast in taking our nation back?  When are our elected officials, those we put into office, going to put a stop to the abuse of American citizens?  This is not a left or right issue.  This is about right and wrong!

The Lack of Trust

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Poll: Israelis Want to Reduce Dependence on US

Most Israelis view America as a diminishing ally for two reasons:

  1. The Obama Administration is viewed as overtly hostile toward the Jewish state, a perception only enhanced by Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent remarks that Israeli concerns over Iran’s nuclear deal were secondary to America’s agenda; and
  2. Washington’s failure to correctly gauge the “Arab Spring,” punish the Assad regime for using chemical weapons against Syrians, and leverage economic sanctions to bring an actual end to Iran’s nuclear program make America look weak in the Middle East.

Over the past year, Israel has been seen cozying up to Russia, which has been all too happy to fill the void left by America, not only in Israel, but around the region.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t trust the government of the U.S. either, so I can’t say as I blame the Israelis, however, turning to a country that was famous for it’s progroms is a little disturbing.

I would hope that the Israelis know that just because that jackwagon in D.C. and his minions appear extremely anti-Israel, the majority of U.S. citizens are VERY PRO-Israel!


Bowing To Terrorists

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You can read the entire text of the ‘deal’ on Joel Roseburg’s blog. Pastor Saeed was never even mentioned in the ‘negotiations’. Why? Because American lives mean nothing to this administration. They proved that in Benghazi, when Americans were begging for help, and were denied. The doctor who provided the information that got bin Laden is languishing in a Pakistani prison on trumped up charges, and this administration does nothing. So, is it any wonder that this administration sells out our ONLY ally in the Middle East to a terrorist regime?


More Evidence Against The Barbarians

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They brutalize and murder our brothers and sisters, and that POS taking up space and wasting oxygen is arming them to do so.  We can ask why, but I think we know the reason.  He is not a Christian, and does not have any Christian values.

I pray for those who did not cave into the forced conversions, and are now with our Lord.  I also pray for those who perpetrate these heinous acts, and those who aid and abet them…that they may stand before the Throne and answer for their barbarism.  Are such acts  becoming so common place that no one notices?  Or is that the administration has ordered such events not to be covered by the media?

Do they really condone the attempted rape and murder of a 5 year old girl?  Can they really accept as normal the forced enslavement of little girls. called marriage, to vile old men?  Do they consider the torture and murder of women, the rape of little girls by so called clerics to just be ‘the culture’?  Where is the outrage when a woman is beaten to death or burned for some imagined slight, in the name of ‘family honor’?

I wonder if the so called atheist groups, calling for an end to any Christian symbols of faith in the public square, or even Christmas songs sung in the public school, in direct violation of the 1st Amendment, are aiding in the fast take over of the U.S. by the same brutal jihadists that are slaughtering innocents around the world?  If they were truly atheists, it wouldn’t matter that children sang songs about Jesus’ birth, but alas, they are followers of satan, doing his bidding, as are those same murderous 7th century thugs who practice bestiality.

This is not acceptable in ANY civilized culture, but if we continue to allow this administration, and yes, even Congress, to continue to support this behavior through American tax dollars and weapons, then we are no better than those who pull the trigger, or wield the sword, or strap on the bomb.

Please educated yourself on this murderous, pedophile following cult.  It is not a religion in the truest sense of the word, and peace has no part in its teachings.  It is a cult of hatred and death, admired by Adolph Hitler, At least Hitler came up with the ‘people’s car’, also known as the Volkswagen.  The muslims have contributed NOTHING in 1200 years!

The misnamed ‘knock out game’ is no longer limited to roving bands of black youths/terrorists.  Perhaps, since both the media, supposed leaders, and the administration have been silent, it was deemed ok for a muslim to join in the fun?  After all, those they consider an ‘authority‘ has stated “For Jews, we do not have but the sword and by extension we need to hold an all-out war against them and not talk with them.

It’s down right embarrassing when the Secretary of State has become a verb, betraying the one real ally we have, or should I say had, in the region. This is our administration.  The same administration that provides weapons to ‘rebels’. Are we just going to accept the murder of thousands more through the ‘negotiations’ of weak willed administration?

As Bonhoeffer said, “The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.  Is this the world we want to leave to our children?  Or will we say NO MORE, and eradicate the problem?

There are already areas in France, Great Britain, and yes, even in the United states, (to the point that even the prisons are kowtowing to their cult) that have been taken over by the muslims, imposing THEIR will, contrary to civilized law.  Do we dare call ourselves ‘civilized’ if we allow this to continue?  Are we so weak that we are unable to put a stop to the slow, but steady, take over of our nation by barbarians?  Remember ancient Rome?  They embraced barbarians too, and the result wasn’t pretty. England is already heading in that direction.  Is the entire Western world, considered civilized, heading in the same direction?  When governments continue to bow to towards Mecca, the answer is unequivocally…..YES!

no islam