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Destroy A Business? Get Rewarded!

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Union That Bankrupted Hostess to Receive Generous Government Subsidies

The union whose strike led to the bankruptcy of Hostess last year has just been awarded government benefits from a program few qualify for.

Last year, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union refused to accept concessions that would have kept Hostess in business. The company had tried to cut costs as it faced high labor expenses, rising ingredient costs, and decreasing sales. The Teamsters union accepted the concessions, but the Bakery union would not, choosing to strike. Unable to continue operating, Hostess filed for bankruptcy.

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So, in other words, this bunch of low life scum sucking commies are being REWARDED for destroying a business, and putting many out of work.  Yep.  That sounds like Obama’s America alright!  Is it any wonder why so many have turned on the unions?

Look For The Union Label (Some Updates)

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At the Right To Work rally in Michigan:

It’s what they do..just like communists! Destroy!!  Congratulations! You’ve proved you ARE thugs! Reckon no one has a right to a job but trash that thinks like you?

Swiped from Liberty News Network.

A few updates:

Steven Crowder attacked at rally by union thugs.

And how about this little gem:

Then we have the OH so peaceful Dimwit politician!

Biting The Hand That Feeds You

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I think it’s a pretty well known fact around here… I have NO use for unions! NONE! For a while, it was just public sector unions that royally chapped my hide. They shouldn’t exist in the first place. The intent of a public servant is to serve the people, NOT the other way around. I’m now at the point where even private sector unions are on my ‘list’.

Between the idiotic, and mostly USELESS, government regulations, and the union gimme gimme gimme mentality, is it any wonder that we’ve pretty much lost so much business to foreign countries? Hell, I wouldn’t even be stupid enough to start a business in this country the way things stand right now. If a well established business, Hostess for instance, is being pushed to the brink by unreasonable demands, what chance does a freshly starting out business have to succeed?

You dipwads want to get the public on your side?  You’re failing….MISERABLY!  There is no longer a need for any union in this country, and they should go the way of the dodo!

Can Hostess Save the Twinkies from the Union?
The Foundry

Taking down the Twinkie. Clogging Wal-Mart parking lots on Black Friday. Messing with a major airport on the day before Thanksgiving.

If unions are trying to be more popular with the American people, they’re doing it wrong.

Americans have gone crazy over the possible loss of Twinkies, Ho Ho’s, Ding Dongs, and Hostess CupCakes after the company said it was shutting down because its bakers’ union opted to walk off the job for a strike. People are already asking exorbitant prices on eBay for boxes of the packaged treats.

Hostess and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) have agreed to enter mediation with a bankruptcy judge, who said there are “serious questions as to the logic behind the decision to strike.” More than 18,000 jobs are at stake.

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“Is Obama the Next Henry Ford?” LOL…no

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Time For ‘Right To Work”

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I guess it’s no big shock to anyone if I say that I am none too fond of unions? Naw…didn’t think so! Nope…don’t have much use for organizations that FORCE people to pay for something they don’t want. Hey…kind of like ObamaCare!

Now, way back when, before I was a gleam in anybody’s eye, working conditions could get kind of bad for the employees. Ignorance of safety was a big part of why unions were needed. Now days, we have laws on the books that protect employees, and it time for the unions to go quietly into that good night! In other words, go the hell away! If you ever want to know why things cost more than they are worth? Look at the unions. Starting in the 1960s, when it was almost affordable to live, unions started making a big stink about just about everything. Companies (car) were forced to pay people MORE than a “living wage” plus every benefit you could possibly think of, the cost just to put food on your table rose dramatically. In comes the ‘great society’, and we started going to hell in a hand basket. Education also began it’s great decline, so now we have kids graduating from high school, going into college that have to take remedial classes just to be able to learn the basics?

I have never understood why a person should be forced to join a union just to feed their family. Seems to me, that’s pretty unconstitutional. It also seems to me that quite a few of the union diehards are willfully ignorant. I could go into a long drawn out story about one conversation I had with a union member, how because the union said so, it was a ‘fact’, even though that FACT was completely the opposite of reality, but you already know the type, so I’ll refrain.

If you are unlucky enough to live in one of the 27 states that does not have a ‘right to work’ law, then I’m very sorry for you. Your future is tied to a small group of people who are making decisions for you, whether you agree with those decisions or not. If you are a grown up, don’t you think you should have a say in whether or not you join a union? And if you do, shouldn’t you have a say in how your dues are spent? In my understanding, the dues are suppose to be used for the worker, NOT the leaders political whims (and fancy resorts). It’s past time for those who want to work be able to stand on principal, and tell the weasels NO!

And there should NEVER be government unions!  EVER!  They work for us, but apparently, they forget this little tidbit.  It’s OUR money who pays their salaries and bloated benefits.  It’s called ‘public service’ for a reason.

Union Money in Elections
The Foundry

This election year, millions of Americans will donate to the political candidates and initiatives of their choice at the local, state, and federal levels. But for unionized workers, union dues come out of their paychecks and go to political causes—and they aren’t consulted on where that money will go.

In July, The Wall Street Journal’s Tom McGinty and Brody Mullins published an eye-opening report that “Organized labor spends about four times as much on politics and lobbying as generally thought.”

They broke down the unions’ political spending from 2005 to 2011: $1.1 billion “supporting federal candidates through their political-action committees, which are funded with voluntary contributions, and lobbying Washington, which is a cost borne by the unions’ own coffers.”

But that was only the beginning. Add to that another $3.3 billion for political activity from “polling fees, to money spent persuading union members to vote a certain way, to bratwursts to feed Wisconsin workers protesting at the state capitol last year.” Who pays for this? The workers, McGinty and Mullins report: “Much of this kind of spending comes not from members’ contributions to a PAC but directly from unions’ dues-funded coffers.”

Despite findings that 60 percent of union members object to their dues being spent on political causes, this practice continues. Why?

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How Do Ya Like ‘Em Now?

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Congratulations! If you are a union member, and you actually work hard, in hopes of getting ahead, you’ve just been given the shaft by your ‘bosses’! No matter what you do, how well you do your job, you are never going to advance any faster than the slug who sits on his/her ass, just collecting a paycheck, for doing nothing. I gotta tell ya….the fact that the SEIU is celebrating this fact speaks volumes about the average members lack of common sense, and a rather low IQ. :? Just how stupid do you have to be NOT to want to be rewarded for a job well done? So, lemme ask ya….do you, who do your job to the best of your ability, think you should get paid the exact same as the person who just floats by, because no matter what, will always be ‘equal to said slug, like the idea of being shafted by your union? Just askin’. Cuz if you think this is a good idea, then you are more ignorant that even those who have been portrayed on the idjit box! And please note…it was NOT the Democrats who want you to be rewarded. It is the democrats that don’t believe you should be rewarded for a job well done.

How Unions Just Shot Workers in the Foot
The Foundry

Union bosses are excited that they have prevented their members from getting raises.

It’s a bit mind-boggling, but that’s what happened. Last week, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) celebrated defeating a bill in the Senate that would have allowed raises, declaring that the legislation would have stripped workers’ “fundamental rights.” The union’s blog encouraged tweeting and sharing the “good news” on Facebook.

The RAISE (Rewarding Achievement and Incentivizing Successful Employees) Act, introduced this year by Senator Marco Rubio (R–FL), would lift the ceiling on unionized workers’ wages by allowing employers to pay individual workers more—but not less—than the union contract specifies. It was defeated in a 45-54 vote along party lines.

When you’re in a union, raises are usually all or nothing. They are not necessarily forbidden; the unions just have to sign off on them. Only about 20 percent of union contracts permit performance-based raises, less than half the rate in nonunion firms. This means 80 percent of workers can’t get an individual raise for doing good work—a raise must be negotiated for everyone. That certainly takes away the incentive to go above and beyond, because there are no performance-based bonuses or even merit increases.

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YOUR Money For THEIR Benefits!

13 June 2012, 11:31 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

Please….tell us something we didn’t already know! At least, those of us who were actually paying attention!

Auto Bailout Was Really Just a UAW Bailout
The Foundry

President Obama told the United Auto Workers (UAW) in February not to listen to critics of the auto bailout who said union members “made out like bandits—that saving the auto industry was just about paying back the unions.” “Really?” Obama said. “I mean, even by the standards of this town [Washington], that’s a load of you-know-what.”

New research from Heritage labor economist James Sherk proves that it was, in fact, a load of truth.

The Treasury Department estimates that taxpayers will lose $23 billion on the auto bailout. Sherk and co-author Todd Zywicki find that none of these losses came from saving jobs, but instead went to prop up the compensation of some of the most highly paid workers in America. They write:

We estimate that the Administration redistributed $26.5 billion more to the UAW than it would have received had it been treated as it usually would in bankruptcy proceedings. Taxpayers lost between $20 billion and $23 billion on the auto programs. Thus, the entire loss to the taxpayers from the auto bailout comes from the funds diverted to the UAW.

The Obama campaign is touting the bailout in Michigan this week, crowing about saved-or-created jobs. What the bailout actually saved was the UAW’s heavily padded compensation packages; what it created was a massive taxpayer loss.

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Fire Them!

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It’s no secret I have no fondness for unions. Yes, the unions did get a major smack down last week in Wisconsin, but with their mentality of “give me what I want, or I’ll destroy you”, this war against the thugs is far from over. The history of unions is long and bloody. Don’t believe me? Just “Google” it! Bing it! Whatever search engine you choose, you’ll come up with thousands upon thousands of pages of facts and figures. We no longer have a need for these brutes, and it’s past time for them to go. Take a good hard look at Detroit, and what was once a thriving city. Enter the unions to the car manufacturers, a constant of Democrat ‘leadership’ (they go hand in hand), and what you have today is the result. A third world country, smack dab in the middle of the United States. Was there ever a need for unions? Yeah, actually, there was. Was there a need for the violence that came with said unions? Not in my opinion, unless it was in self defense.

The worst are the very large national, and the government, unions.

What the late 19th, and all of the 20th, centuries brought us with the unions was loss of jobs in the U.S. Couple that with over burdening regulations of the government, and voila! Jobs in China, Mexico, Indonesia, etc. A trend that has been growing since the 1960s. If a company is paying out its profits to it’s employees, through the demands of the ever more greedy union bosses, that company will either go OUT of business, or move to where they can make a profit, and pay dividends to those who invest their own money in that company.

Enter Obama and his union thugs on the NLRB. Want to see more and more businesses closing their doors in the U.S.? Allow this unelected board of feckless weasels to continue undermining legitimate businesses. We no longer need such a board in this country. We have more than enough laws, passed through Congress (which isn’t their job by the way) to protect employees from ruthless ‘robber barons’. (Oh, and they weren’t really ‘robber barons’ either. Do your homework.) What we have here is corruption, in its purest form. Get rid of Obama…get rid of his minions. It’s just that simple!  Manufacturing is just one example where the unions have destroyed businesses.  Another example….public education.  The unions don’t give a hoot and a holler whether your child is educated or not!  Once upon a time, they really did.  I got a pretty good education.  Now days, ask any public educated high school graduate about something you learned in the fourth grade, and you get that deer in the headlights look.

Any honest business person supporting this regime deserves what he/she gets….run out of the country. And all you union members, whining about you need MORE? Be glad you even have a job! And grow up!  You are not entitled to DIDDLY!

Unions Out to Divide and Conquer Workplaces
The Foundry

Unions suffered a resounding defeat in Wisconsin last week. They’re far from down and out, however. Unable to reverse their decline in membership under existing law, they are circumventing Congress and using the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to create an entirely new type of union. A new rule hatched by the Obama-appointed board, authorizes the creation of union cells—organizing a few employees within a company to gain a foothold—which will severely impact businesses.

Until recently, employees organized based on shared job characteristics—for example, all the hourly employees at a firm. The new practice allows micro-unions representing only a small minority of workers in a company. Instead of a grocery store’s employees having a union, the store could face separate unions for cashiers, shelf-stockers, and janitors.

The NLRB permitted this in its Specialty Healthcare decision last year, allowing organized labor to form unions by job title. A decision last month by one of the NLRB’s regional directors demonstrated just how harmful—and absurd—a policy this is. The regional director green-lit a union election at the Bergdorf Goodman department store. But most employees will not get to vote; only shoe salesmen will cast ballots. Not all shoe salesmen, however. Only those selling women’s shoes.

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BIG Day In Wisconsin!

Welp, today is a REALLY big day in the world of politics.  Yep…that’s right!  It’s Wisconsin’s day to decide if they want to be fiscally responsible, or kowtow to a bunch of socialist union thugs.  And yeah, it really IS that simple.

Do the citizens want to go back to the days when the unions ran the state into the ground, financially, to the point that property taxes are more than the property is worth (slight exaggeration), or would they like to see more businesses and jobs come in, and get its citizens back to work?  Now, to me, it’s a no brainer.  Sadly, there are some in Wisconsin, who have never bothered to look at the facts!  Cutting the deficit, adding jobs, about 33,000 (granted, not as many as he would have liked, but looking at the national economy, it’s not surprising), and getting Wisconsin’s fiscal health in order.

Most people with two brain cells to rub together understand what Governor Walker has been trying to do to save the state.  I’m afraid there is little sympathy for those who whined about having to pay a bit more for their own health care, and add more of their of their paycheck to their own pensions (out of their salaries, paid by the taxpayers).  If those who were destroying the capital, with clean up costs in the several million dollars range, cared anything about their state, and those who actually pay them to do the job they were hired to do, then this would never have been an issue.

Unfortunately, the previous administration handed the state over to the unions, and evidently, they felt entitled to the money that non government worker earned.  The ‘you owe me’ mentality’ is why the entire country is in the state it’s in now.  The Wisconsin unions mentality during this whole protest and recall election asininity is a glaring example of WHY we need to show restraint in government spending, in a LOT of areas.

Walker’s opponent, Tom Barrett, and his minions, have been busy spreading as many lies as possible, yet there are those in the state who will swallow anything that a Dem will tell them.  In this day and age, with the ability to check just about anything put out there, on the internet, you’d think there wouldn’t be so many gullible people…..who vote!  Then there was the latest line of caca de toro, proving that no matter what levels the democrats have to stoop, they’ll do it.  Lie…cheat…steal….assault!

While REAL Wisconsinites are heading to the polls, then off to their job, the crazies are at the capital again… having an ‘omm fest‘?  Seriously?  Don’t you people think it’s past time to grow the hell up, take responsibility for yourselves, and your actions, and be productive members of society, giving once in a while, instead of TAKE TAKE TAKE!

By the way….Walker is going to win, and you sh*t for brains, who started all this crap, should foot the bill, instead of the taxpayers having to contribute even more of their hard earned money for YOUR stupidity!

Pure Common Sense

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One thing the government unions in Wisconsin (any many other states) are sorely lacking! On the road to bankrupting the state, and crapping on the taxpayers, they also destroyed a great deal, if not ALL, of their credibility.

How Radical Were Wisconsin’s Reforms?
The Foundry

One year ago, the state of Wisconsin adopted sweeping reforms that curbed collective bargaining rights among government workers, brought the state’s pension system into line, and empowered those workers to choose whether or not to pay union dues. A firestorm of opposition erupted among public sector unions. But despite all the rhetoric, the reforms did not spell doomsday for government workers.

In a new paper, The Heritage Foundation’s Jason Richwine and the American Enterprise Institute’s Andrew Biggs analyzed Wisconsin’s reforms and their impacts on the state’s government workers. They found that even after requiring them to make larger contributions to their pensions and health benefits, Wisconsin government workers are still overpaid when compared to private-sector workers with similar levels of education and experience. Richwine explains:

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Bringing Back Sanity

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Obviously, not everyone is Wisconsin is a complete and utter moron. Only those who subscribe to the ‘gimmee now’ mentality of the far left loons, aka the Madison and Milwaukee areas, seem to think bringing back jobs to the states, and asking public UNION employees to contribute to their own health care and retirement, have a major problem with a man who is working in the best interest of the ENTIRE state, instead of just the unionistas. :?  They should probably move out to California, since that state apparently has the whole progressive/socialist/commie thing down pat, and is sinking farther and farther into debt because of their compliance with the stupid, and selfish.  Just sayin’.

Classy Leftards…..AGAIN!

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Scott Walker signs burned in Wisconsin

Things are heating up in Wisconsin, as campaign signs for Gov. Scott Walker reportedly have been burned in two towns.

At least eight signs for the Republican governor, who faces a recall election on June 8 against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, were set on fire in Fox Point and Oak Creek, according to WTMJ-TV and WTMJ-AM.

Ya know, I realize there are idiots on both sides of the issue.  Stealing someone’s yard signs is one thing….burning them in someone’s yard, which could quite easily get out of hand, and do major harm to people and property? Well, that’s a whole ‘nuther kettle of fish!

If I had to venture a guess, I’d say these arsonists were on the side of the unionistas who are annoyed that their “free ride” is over!  Pretty pathetic, don’cha think?  But then again, those who believe that society owes them anything are extremely pathetic beings.  I’d say it was way past time for these anti-Walker types to grow up, and take a real good look in the mirror.  THEY are the problem, not Walker.

Oh Goody! A Fan!

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Apparently, someone in Middleton, New Jersey doesn’t much like me.  Why?  I have no idea.  I’m a rather nice person, love animals, and treat people as well as I can, even when they don’t deserve it.  I believe in God, Jesus is my Savior, and I love my country, my family, and my friends.  So, when I get a comment to moderate, and read what it says, I was quite surprised.  Evidently, my ‘fan’ was Googling “scott walker is lying moron” and came across my little corner of the blog world.

It seems instead of attempting to find someone who agrees with his/her point of view, he/she felt it necessary to share his/her view of…..not Scott Walker, on this post….but of me, personally.


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Big Primary Day In Wisconsin

Today is primary day in Wisconsin to see which moronic, lying, cheating, self centered Democrat (but I repeat myself) will be Scott Walker’s opponent in the ridiculous, and totally union thug run recall election.  Will it be Tom Barrett, who lost to Walker in 2010 by a 52-47 margin?  He seems to be leading in the polls.  Possibly Kathleen Falk, another hack that has, apparently, never lived in the real world, residing in the Land of Oz, aka Madison, running it into the ground as county executive.

Isn’t it odd that since Walker has been in office, the unemployment rate has dropped?  What happened to all those morons shouting at the Capital about how people were going to lose their jobs? From 7.6 to 6.8 (Mar ’11-Mar ’12).  It helps if your state has a business friendly atmosphere, which Walker has been trying to create.  Many school systems have been able to actually SAVE money through Gov. Walker’s budget reforms.  Unfortunately, the BIG union districts failed miserably.  Many teachers ended up losing their jobs.Why?  Well, let’s just say that selfish union thugs don’t give a damn about what’s best for the kids that they are entrusted to ‘educate’.  Wait a minute!  Isn’t that what the morons who banged drums and behaved like animals in the Capital said Walker’s budget would do?  Cost teachers their jobs?  It appears they are just as stupid as they appeared on the idjit box.

In the long run, this whole recall BS isn’t about ‘children suffering’, or job loss.  It’s about union power.  Plain and simple.  The years of Dopey Jim Doyle put the state into a financial disaster that only a person of strong character, and TRUE concern for the state could pull it out of, yet the unions have spend a fortune spreading the most absurd lies about the man.  And unfortunately for Wisconsin, the ill informed have bought into the crap being spewed.  You hear utter nonsense about how the Koch brothers bought Scott Walker.  Excuse me while I clean off my monitor.  Spewing coffee from laughter y’know.  Who is buying whom?  Well, let’s look, shall we?

Yep!  You Wisconsin union members are getting the shaft!  Is this why you pay your dues, voluntarily or forced?  I always thought those unions dues were for the members benefit, NOT the top echelon who want more and more power. But don’t forget, they also use the money you work for, and pay into as dues, for resorts trips (and let’s not forget the resort that was/is? owned by the fattest union of all)….not for you, who actually earned the money, but for those who having been sucking the life out of the U.S. economy for decades. Think Detroit.

Your head honchos are living high off the hog from your money, and yet, you continue to get out there and make total jackasses of yourselves…for THEIR benefit, NOT yours!  Please note the area where your dues is being spent.  Politics.  To say that the Koch’s are pouring money into politics is down right laughable.  More than half a BILLION dollars compared to 12 million over the course of, what….23 years?  In one state?  Come on people, snap out of it!  I know you can’t all be that damn ignorant!  Or, maybe you can.  I’ve seen some of the comments made by the leftard union thugs.  Logic does NOT enter into the conversation….only talking points and hysteria.  My goodness.  Grow up!

If Wisconsinites really love their state, as so many claim, then why on earth would you want to destroy it by electing another Dopey Doyle (totally owned by unions, especially WEAC).  Is it so much to ask for teachers, and other government employees, to actually contribute their own money, instead of the taxpayers, to their own health care and retirement?  Government employees work for the people.  The people spoke when they elected Scott Walker.  Get over it!  Stop throwing 2 year old tantrums!  If you aren’t happy with something, then go about it in the proper manner, instead making asses of yourselves, and showing the entire world just how totally ignorant, selfish, and childish Americans are…..especially UNION states.  Get over your gimme mentality…it is NOT all about YOU!  And you are NOT entitled to diddly!  Especially not OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY!  But then, that’s the way of the communists, isn’t it.

This election isn’t just about the survival of Wisconsin.  No, this election is about the survival of the United States.  Governor Walker has brought Wisconsin back from the brink, and the rest of the country needs to follow in his footsteps…not the footsteps of Lenin and Stalin!  Scott Walker is the best thing to happen to Wisconsin in a VERY long time!  Use YOUR brain, not the union/commies’!

A MUST Read – “Educators” Attack On Jada

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When I first heard about this young lady, it was extremely difficult to contain my anger. It is a fact that government run schools do NOT educate anymore. If a student has the audacity to speak the truth which conflicts with the indoctrinators ‘faith’, then that student can, has and WILL be punished. This isn’t an isolated incident. It is a symptom of what the left has done to our schools, that WE pay for, and to our children.  Where are the race baitors, Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama coming to the defense of this young lady?

Black Teen Run Off the Liberal Plantation
By Matthew May

Do you know the name Jada Williams?

You probably know the name Sandra Fluke.  She received a phone call from the incumbent president after the mean old white man on the radio called her a name.  You probably know the name Trayvon Martin.  The incumbent president answered a planted question from a White House reporter to indicate that Trayvon, slain by an individual representing the heretofore unknown demographic of white Hispanic, looked like he could be the president’s son.

Jada Williams is a 13-year-old student from Rochester, New York.  Earlier this school year, she was given a copy of the book The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, written by the great patriot Frederick Douglass.  Her assignment was to read the book and write an essay about her impressions.  Her essay was to be entered in a contest.  Jada Williams happens to be black.  Many of her teachers are white.

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